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Who is the President of Mongolia?

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj is the President of Mongolia. He became the President of Mongolia on 2009 June 18 after winning the 2009 presidential election. He was also the Prime Mi (MORE)

Sports in Mongolia?

  Traditionally Wrestling, Archery, and Horseback Riding are the most popular sports in Mongolia, but in recent times Basketball and Volleyball have become more important. (MORE)

What was invented in Mongolia?

  of coure the ger, which is their mobile-round-tent.   There is also the felting processm which is needed to cover the ger, for insulation.
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What was the pax Mongolia?

  it was the time period referring to the peace and prosperity of Mongolia. The word "Pax" means peace.
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How hot is it in Mongolia?

it usually isn't hot because they have short summers and it rains for most of the summer that they have so if you believe you have a better way to put it please make your own (MORE)