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Where is Mongolia?

Mongolia is between Russia and China in Eurasia. It is a landlocked country situated in East and Central Asia. It borders from Russia to the north and the People's Republic of ( Full Answer )
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How did Mongolia get its name?

There are three probabilities 1)Name of an land or river related to Mongolia 2)The name of great leader 3)Borjgin blood aimag name "Mon"(this is the most reliable answer) ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered Mongolia?

Mongolia was discovered by Ghengis Khann. I'm not sure when tho, ill put it in when i find out!!
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What is in Mongolia?

Horses, sheep, goats, cattle, yaks, marmots, people, cars, buses, motorcycles, trains, dairy food, mountains, rivers, deserts, trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers, fruit, and a whol ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Mongolia?

\n If you're coming from the US, the best way to do it is to fly to Beijing, spend a night at the Holiday Inn Lido near the airport ... it's conveniently located, and has the ( Full Answer )
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What are the seasons in Mongolia?

Urmmm Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer? If you mean how is the climate then the spring would be a fairly cool time and the summer would be around 70 degrees to 80 at the most. ( Full Answer )
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Is Mongolia stable?

I think that Mongolia is not a stable country because of the fact that everyone is after their money and after fighting with the Mongolian's.
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Why is Mongolia called outer Mongolia?

We call them in that way because by the time the Mongolia divided into Chinese inner Mongolia(colon of China) and Republic of Mongolia(independent) the one Mongolia was innerl ( Full Answer )
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Who is famous in Mongolia?

Quiza. The great rapper Genghis khan. the most famous worrier. Genghis khans dad, they hero of mongolia. Bold. Singer.
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Is Korea in Mongolia?

No, Korea is a peninsula to the East of Mongolia, Mongolia is its own country and North and South Korea are independent countries