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What is Bangladesh study?

An O level subject to let the students to know about their own country,Bangladesh .In o level it is known as 'Bangladesh studies'.It consists of two paper.In first paper you w (MORE)

When did Bangladesh discovered?

Well based on the archaeological evidences Bengali civilization is more than 4000 years old. It's a fairly ancient region some people even say that Adam landed over Sri Lanka. (MORE)

Where is Bangladesh?

It is located between southeastern India and Myanmar. Most of the country is in a pocket surrounded by India. It was formerly known as East Pakistan, part of historic Bengal (MORE)

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What is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh (The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) was once known as East Pakistan, which was a region controlled by (and politically and economically bullied by) West Pakistan. (MORE)

Where is Bangladesh located?

When the british gave the Indian Subcontinent independence the area was divided into India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan. What we call Bangladesh is the former East Pakist (MORE)

Who did Bangladesh get its independence from?

Pakistan. Prior to 1971, Pakistan consisted of two separate  regions. The part now known simply as Pakistan was called West  Pakistan while the area now called Bangladesh wa (MORE)

When was Bangladesh founded?

Constitutionally, Bangladesh was founded on 26 March, 1971 after it had been a part of Pakistan for 24 years. On 25 March, 1971, Pakistan invaded the then East Pakistan (Bangl (MORE)