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Why do humans imitate other humans?

usually to stay in with the "crowd" or to be accepted. Dont you copy off of fashion you see? Sometimes we even do it without realizing it! Like when we drive, or walk. Someti (MORE)

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When does a human become a human?

There are many opinions about this topic. Some of them are: · At conception, when the first human cell is created · Within a week after conception, when the conceptus is imp (MORE)
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What if there were no humans?

If there were no humans, then the planet Earth would just be another planet in our solar system, because we are the only (known) evolved creatures in this galaxy. For any othe (MORE)

Has a human ever eaten a human?

Yes it is called Cannibalism. One famous example would be the siege of Leningrad during World War Two. Reports from survivors in the city included stories of cannibalism once (MORE)

Can roundworms be passed human to human?

Round worms do not transfer from human to human directly. The female round worm passes thousands of ova in the stool of host, after fertilization. The ova get conditioned in t (MORE)

What is humanity?

People say humanity is being able to feel compassion, sympathy,  empathy and being able to love other. They say it is being able to  ignore your first instinct and help othe (MORE)

Are there non-humans that are in human form?

Yes: Witches, wizards, time lords, zombies, Angels, cyborgs, vampires and veila. Also werewolves but only when the moon isn't full and perhaps a Bogart as well, if humans/cr (MORE)

Why are humans called humans?

The term human comes from the old French humain, derived from the Latin hūmānus, which is the adjective of homō meaning "man" or "being from earth". It's possible that this (MORE)