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What is humanism?

A system of thought that center on humans and their value, capacities and worth.A secular study of the classics A nonreligious study of Greek and Roman texts A nonreligiou ( Full Answer )
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What are humans?

Humans are people. The noun 'human' (plural 'humans') is a word fora member of the species Homo sapiens; a bipedal primate mammaldistinguished by a greatly developed brain wit ( Full Answer )
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What is humanity?

People say humanity is being able to feel compassion, sympathy,empathy and being able to love other. They say it is being able toignore your first instinct and help others bef ( Full Answer )
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What if there were no humans?

If there were no humans, then the planet Earth would just be another planet in our solar system, because we are the only (known) evolved creatures in this galaxy. For any othe ( Full Answer )
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What is it to be a human?

A human is being someone that knows they are there, they have five senses taste, touch, smell, seeing, and hearing. they know what they need and if they are in poverty they kn ( Full Answer )
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What is a human?

A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species H. sapiens. . Humans are mammals. Humans evolved from primates.
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Where did the human from?

Some theorize we evolved, some say we were created by a higher power. There is no concrete proof of exact source.
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What is humanization?

Humanization-- Fusing the constant and variable framework region of one or more human immunoglobulins with the binding region of an animal immunoglobulin, done to reduce human ( Full Answer )
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What is human will?

The human will is a faculty of human mind by which we conceive ofourselves as deciding upon and initiating action.
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What am i human?

No. I'm a sociopath demonic geek who likes to read. No, that's notme. Only two things in that sentence were real. I am a geek. I dolike to read. I'm not demonic and a sociopat ( Full Answer )