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This category really is for the birds. Class Aves in the animal kingdom, birds are bipedal, warm-blooded, winged vertebrate animals that lay eggs. With approximately 10,000 species worldwide, there is no end to the questions and answers you will find here. Fly in and flitter around.
The bald eagle was choosen because of it's association withauthoridy and statehood in fact, the eagle has been used forgovermental power since the Roman times.
Yes, if they have a steady food source.
No, a road runner is warmblooded animal because it is a type of bird.
The name for a barn loft is hay loft.
Depending on the breed, it should take around 5 to 6 months for achicken to become fully grown.
It looks as any liver would. It is reddish brown depending on howhealthy the goose was. It would have lines, folds and bloodstreamstravelling inside and out.
when they want food veggies
First, you need to check your city ordinences. They are not allowedin city limits in all areas. When they are, there are usuallylimits on the types of chickens, and how many per square feet ofopen yard. It is best if you have your own fenced off yard. Youwould need to build a small coup that is...
It's kind of like a cat or a dog shedding. Parakeets pull out their feathers because of climate change.
The Grey Owl is the largest Owl in the World.
Air: seabirds Sea: seals
You do not need a license for Bobwhite Quail.
The hen breed determines the type of egg it will lay (white, brown,multi, etc. A hen will lay eggs without a rooster, you only need arooster if you want to have baby chicks.
they are migrating to a certain place. (next time find outyourself)
Looking at an adult duck's plumage can help you decide.Female ducks generally sit on the nest, usually on the ground.Nature, very sensibly, gives female ducks camouflage to protectthem, and their nests from predators. Their feathers are generallya nondescript brown or grey, so that they and their...
Answer . No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs. . Answer . No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs. .
Pelicans are rare on the Virginia coast. There are too many migrantand resident species to list here.
they need ice because they're bodies are warmer then most ofanimals, and would heat up to non- usual temperatures, and wouldget very sick.
no, they are omnivores-they eat plants and meat
The difference is a chicken rooster are only male. Peafowl is thebreed name for both male and female, a male is called peacock, afemale is called peahen, their babies are referred to aspea-chicks.
It can fly up to about 102 mph
Why are you asking this question?
when they are around 6months I believe... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To other contributers: I think this is right if it is not plz edit thanx, Ms.USA
Predators of Eastern Blue Birds include owls, hawks,climbing snakes, raccoons, and squirrels.
bush turkeys can only fly for a limited amount of time
Yes, though it is much less severe than turkeys. There is a 10%chance for a chicken to die of blackhead disease.
no thats fine its just its fur growing. do not worry!
like many other birds and other species, they take care of theiryoung... and they also protect their young from predators
Yes Feb 2000 had 29 days and the year 2000 was a leap year.
An adult purple finch weighs about 1.2 ounces (34 grams).
The similarities of an elf owl and a snowy owl are there likingsof enjoying the night life. They both hunt small mammals, smallinsects and other birds. Their talons are similar by helping themcatch prey. Hope this helped!!
In Club Penguin, a daddy penguin is "Waddy"
About 5 to 7 years in the wild.
When the first president was here.
omnivore . :) hoped that answered your question
Some owls are known for killing other birds, like chickens, andeating only the head. But I also had a hawk rip the head of mychicken off before just flying away, not even interested in eatingany of it.
There is no official name.
Chickens can freeze to death, yes. I have chickens of my own andone winter a hen of mine refused to go into the coop. Therefore shefroze to death.
Emperor penguins are serially monogamous. They will have one matefor a season, but the next year they might find a new mate.
There're favorite food is large fish
Cardinals are not the "symbol of death," the bird you must bethinking of is a Crow, or Raven. Cardinals are the state bird forIndiana, not a sign of death
No, penguins don't go to school, unless they're cartoons.
its a day for penguins to ware dresses
Usambiro Barbet, Grey-breasted Francolin and Rufous-tailed Weaver
Usambiro Barbet, Grey-breasted Francolin and Rufous-tailed Weaver
Blue jays lay their eggs in nests which are usually in Trees.
Well, if you want your female to be tame, I suggest spending more time with it, or giving it up for adoption at a rescue or shelter that takes birds (DON'T send it to a pound, it will be euthanized within a week or less). If you don't have any time for it, buy another bird to accompany it. Make sure...
The snowy owl has adapted by blending in with the snow. Thus thename Snowy Owl.
Well not aladdin's parrot but now it is. It used to be Jafar's sidekick and his name was lago.
The snowy owl lives in the tundra biome. Which consists of lowtemperatures and along with that comes snow ....hints the name"snowy owl".
Before the party put the plates in the microwave for a little while. Then when the party starts put them on the table. Use "Heat Retentive Plates" which get very hot by preheating them only one minute in the MW oven but you can handle them by the rim with the bare hands:
It pumps blood into the veins of the animal
Parakeets need toys, a cage, food, perch, ladder, and food andwater containers.
The average life span for a blue jay would be about 7 years. Butthere are some blue jays that have lived up to be older.
Hello, usually it means there is something wrong with its bladder.It could have really hurt itself. Check with your closest vet.Believe me I am an expert. It sounds like a bladder issue.
They eat carrions because they are scavengers and carrions are decomposers.
i don't know. but you can use an encyclopedia though.
Nuestro propósito es facilitarle al turista la elección ycontratación del alojamiento que necesita. Brindando informaciónconfiable y anuncios de calidad ♥
Yes, there are 10 gauge bolt action mossbergs that were designed to be reliable, powerful goose killers. There were also something called a punt gun, which actually was filled with black powder and glass, which is now illegal because of its effectiveness.
If you mean during the time in which she is trying to hatch chicks,then the maximum amount in which she can leave her eggs for a quickbreak is about 1-5 hours at most, depending upon the temperatureand surroundings where the eggs are. The easiest way to judge is byletting your chicken have a break...
No bird stays underground the whole time, but many nest there,including puffins, manx shearwaters, and some other seabirds, andthe oilbird of South America.
you can teach specific birds like parrots parakeets cockatiels totalk like you. but trust me, its takes a while to train them totalk like humans
This depends upon what the turkey is doing. Turkeys eat seeds and insects, which requires them to walk on the ground. However, if a predator threatens them, their main defense is to fly away.
BUNNY! (\__/) (= "=) (")_(") or BUNNY SLEEPY (\(\ ( -.-) 0_(")(") Shark: (^^^) Frog: (O)(O) ( __ ) ( UU ) Others: Stick figure: O /|\ /\ Fish: < Owl: {O.O} |)__) -"-"- Heart #1:
No. It is listed as least concern.
Elf owls are in no danger of extinction now.
how do subtract 50%from 800 dollars
We have many birds in Washington Utah here are some to name a few; . Ducks . Sparrows (many different types) . Thrashers . Roadrunners (Desert areas) . Hawks . Swans . Fench
They are fiercely territorial, and, though rare, fights do breakout if one strays onto another pair's territory, but dominantdisplays of aggression will normally see off the interloper.
the answer is yes finches can live out doors if you are talking about the british finch but it still neds a little cover from draughts and frost.
Flamingos can live in a variety of inhabitants. Most live insubtropical areas that are warm, while other can live in high snowymountains.
What is the executive branch of the government
The youngest that most budgie breeders accept as safe is a fullyear. Many feel that 18 months is even better. It's better to giveyour birds all the time they need before they start on a nest. Female budgies mostly breed when they are between 1 - 3 years old.When it comes to male budgies, this can be...
No, chicken ovules don't recognise rabbit sperm cells as beingcompatible.
Birds take care of their eggs by staying near the nest. They buildtheir nests up high and keep watch. The mother and father takeshifts of keeping watch on the eggs. Also they will attack anythingthat comes near the nest/eggs.
The trumpeter swanis the largest extant species of waterfowl. Adults usually measure138-165 cm (4 ft 6 in-5 ft 5 in) long, though large males canexceed 180 cm (71 in) in total length. [2] [4] [5] [6] The weight of adult birds is typically 7-13.6 kg (15-30 lb).Possible due to seasonal...