George W. Bush

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George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States, and he served two terms. He is the son of the 41st president, George H. W. Bush. Some events during George W. Bush's terms were the September 11th attacks, the beginning of the global War on Terrorism, and Hurricane Katrina.
His biggest mistake was either promising not to raising taxes (if you're a Democrat) or breaking the promise (if you're a Republican)
George W graduated from Yale University (BA) class of 1968 and later from and Harvard (MBA). 1975. For college, he got a BA degree at Yale University .
That answer is subject to opinion.
He wasn't, as his father George H W Bush was president from 1989 to 1993.
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did george h. w. bush have sisters or brothers and if he did what was his sister's or brother's names?
Because of the No Child Left Behind Act , the largest unfunded Federal Mandate in the history of the United States, he could go down in history. Like most other presidents, some are remembered. However, he maybe could be one that is not remembered (such as William H. Harrison, Martin Van Buren, etc...
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Critics charged that bush had exaggerated evidence of WMD in Iraq and had misled americans in his effort to win support for the war
he was in the iraq war
No. Bill Clinton was the 42nd President, since we are countingGrover Cleveland twice. George W. Bush was the 43rd US President, and the 42nd individualto be President.
Showing integrity would be the elected leaders responding to the voice of the people instead of turning a deaf ear to it.
President Bush has a English Springer Spaniel.
President and Mrs Bush use to have a English Springer Spaniel - however, that dog passed away about 8 years ago. They presently have a Scottish Terrier.
what did george hw bush do before being a president?
Dan Quayle was the Vice president under President George Bush from1989-1993.
The most important & significant fact of former US President, George W. Bush was that he was a successful governor of a large complicated US State. That being the State of Texas.
He took steps to increase homeland security and to attack terrorism in the world at large. Most people liked the Iraqi War at first, but it dragged on and on.
Former United States Presidents are paid a pension. As of 2012, theamount of the pension was 199,700 per year. This doesn't includepayment for any other projects a former public official may pursue,such as writing books or doing speaking engagements.
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Yes that is true to some extent. But what es even more important is to have the press behind you and the ability to pay for it.
This president is Ulysses S. Grant!!!
noo i think osama bin laden did
Clinton's surplus. The congress approved and funded the spending. Including the Democrats.
his hair color is gray and black but mostly gray
He's still alive as of October, 2013 and lives in Texas with hiswife. He is still alive in 2014.
No, he did not play an instrument.
he likes to play with puppies
Neither, but you are probably thinking of Mary Cheney, daughter ofDick Cheney, who was Bush's vice president.
The Iraqi War started on March 20, 2003.
he has 2 dogs and 1 snake yes I know weird right a president has a snake , did not see that coming!
George W. Bush has four younger siblings - three brothers and one sister. His brothers are Jeb, Neil and Marvin. His sister is Dorothy.
Although it is too soon to make an accurate historical judgment about the Bush presidency, I doubt that very many historians will rank him as the very best ever.
George W. Bush I S still alive
Yes, he was in the Texas Air National Guard. He started in May 1968 and got honorably discharged on November 21, 1974
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It is extremely unlikely, despite the many mostly unsupportedconspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.
The elder George Bush (George H W Bush) was an airplane pilot during the war. He was shot down in combat but survived by parachuting out. The younger George Bush (George W Bush) was not born until after the war ended.
Because he is awesome like that.
George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas from January 17, 1995 to December 21, 2000, and he was the President of the United States from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009.
The 1st President of the United States was George Washington from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797
=== Because he's a Christian, patriot, and conservative! ===
Yes he have!) I think he have a lot of cats.
He lived a life of privilege. His grandfather was a US Senator and his father was the first the Vice-president and then the president.
Neither. He was a Congressman and the Director of the CIA
I say he was famous for being such a historically bad president!
George W. Bush has several hobbies including reading, baseball, andpainting. George W. Bush was the 43rd United States President.
No she doesn't have any child of her own.
If your definition of 'corruption' is: "number of members of the administration indicted", then the answer is - Ronald Reagan.
$11154515115. When Bush left office we owed this to china.
George H WBush had 6 children with his wife BARBARA PIERCE they were: W.bush 2.pauline robinson"robin"bush 3.john ellis"jeb" bush 4.neil mallon bush 5.marvin pierce bush 6.dorothy walker bush
Yes, he had two named barney and miss beastly MORE. Barney just died. Both dogs were Scottie's . The first Scottie's since FDR's Scotty.
be more specific. Other presidents before Bush did much more than Bush ever did, mainly because much less was happening between 2000 and 2008
They lived in Dallas
George W. Bush was 54 years old when he was elected 43rdPresident of the United States on 2000 November 8. George W. Bush was born on 1946 July 6.
George Bush'es kids were born in brittan
And I'm the one who will not raise taxes. My opponent now says he'll raise them as a last resort, or a third resort. But when a politician talks like that, you know that's one resort he'll be checking into. My opponent, my opponent won't rule out raising taxes. But I will. And the Congress will push...
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Elihu Yale donated money for it
- A recession - Bush's infamous campaign promise of "Read my lips: No new taxes !". After the recession broke out, Bush agreed to raise taxes.
41st President George H. W. Bush was 64 when he was elected US President in 1988 and when he took office in January, 1989. He was 56 when he was elected US Vice President in 1980. 43rd President George W. Bush was 54 years old when he was elected President (2000) and inaugurated (2001).
Yes, he co-owned the Texas Rangers
The Bush family are all Americans. Neither the son nor the father could be president if they weren't Americans.
he was tired of his old life and wanted anew life.
I think they're all hideous :/
For years the Bush family has done business with the Bin-Laden family. If you dig into this you'll find that during Desert Storm ( which took place during seniors term in office) America trained who is current day Al-Quida to aid in the war. At the time they weren't enemies. Later on Senior uses his...
He was good at his Military job. And being a good president.
President George W. Bush (served 2001-2009) was in office during the September 11 attacks.
Jeb, Neil, and Marvin and two sisters Dorthy and Robin
Being the son of a president and being a president .
No member of the current day family known as the Bush family tookpart in the Continental Congress.
"why the hell do you need to know tht u dont " don't expect to get anything but nasty answers from some of these people. I believe it is yellow because of his daughter. Not sure. You could write and ask him. He loved the American people.There's a good chance you would hear from him. I also...