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Dodge is a brand of automobiles, sport utility vehicles and minivans in the US, manufactured and marketed by Chrysler Group LLC in over 60 countries and territories around the world.
Rear shocks: You will need 15 and 18 mm sockets or wrenches, but combinationwrenches will work as well. First, place your vehicle on jackstands and also support the side you are doing with a jack. (If youremove the spare tire it will give you a lot more room to work.)Second, coat the bull pens ...
it uses a special type with hoat in it ,if you use anything else init ,it may cause problems ,go to any auto zone and they got thisstuff setting on the shelf's,its best to use what they call for inthem,good luck.
You can add a high performance air intake to give it morehorsepower
Look for detent marking on camshaft sprockets and align them withtiming marks on cylinder head, should be visable markings andensure that engine is at TDC on compression stroke, and timingmarks should all line up
Possible bad torque converter, low fluid level, bad clutch packs
A vac leak simply means you have a hose somewhere with a hole in itthat needs replaced. An engine generates vacuum so unmetered airwill enter any hole where its not supposed to and lean out themixture. The vacum is used to operate some things like brakebooster etc but those hoses must be airtight
At the base of the engine you will find the starter.
If I had to just go from memory, and I haven't seen a neon in years... I would say 19mm for the lug nuts, 6mm or 7mm Allen for caliper bolts, flat screwdriver to aid in caliper removal and use your preferred method of pushing the caliper back ie C-clamp, channel locks, caliper depressing tool etc
Could be torque converter going bad or cylinoid in a certain gear is burning up and going bad.
It should be located under the drivers side of the dash and looks like a plug f
You could try searching for instructions on YouTube.
Take the door panels screw the screws out the speaker pull the plug off the speaker put the new one redoing everything you did to take it out
The Ram Forum has this advice: 6.75 or 6.5 fit the front and back doors. 6x9 front (reason why smaller fits) and 5.25 rear. However, you canmake any size fit any door if you are willing to cut metal and makespacers. Dash speakers 3.5.
Inside the fuel tank attached to the fuel pump assembly. To replaceit you replace the entire fuel pump.
It's either a rotor (disc brake) or drum (Drum brake) either wayyou have to remove the wheel for both, for drum it takes a firm rapwith a dead blow around the side of the drum and then should pulloff. For Disc Brakes you remove the caliper and pads the the samegoes for the rotor gentle tapping on...
Grab a Chilton service manual from your local auto shop
You need to remove all screws including those that may be behind caps. Then use a stiff putty knife or something similar to pry gently on the panel. It will pop off
(1) Remove door trim panel and inner belt weatherstrip . (2) Lower the window to 50 mm (2 ins.) from bottom of travel. (3) Loosen bolts attaching rear lower run channel to inner door panel (Fig. 47). (4) Remove rear run channel from door. (5) Loosen screws attaching window regulator ...
Bleed the fuel lines at the injectors, driver's side of the head,by cracking them open and turning the motor. Video in the link.
if you are facing the engine, its on the bottom left side of thethe engine. Close to radiator.
Check all of the fuses and relays, if they are good, chances are that the blower motor is bad, but once you get it out try to get electricity to it both +and- if it works then, the switch is bad.... This is what I would do...
Check it for power when you hit the horn button and if it's got power replace the horn. If you don't have power than you need to test the fuse and relay. If they both don't get power it may be in the clock spring or button on the steering wheel.
To remove the sliding door panel on a Dodge Grand Caravan begin by removing the top plastic panel. Then remove the bottom piece after unscrewing a few screws located on the bottom half of the vans door panel.
you need 13mm spanner,undo the lower slider bolt,rotate the cliper upwards,remove the resevoir cap,push the position back,swap the pads and refit. no more than 30min. ;)
You will have to remove the transmission pan, and then the valve body. The solenoid back is under all that. The valve body has about 17 bolts holding it in.. This can all be done with the transmission in the car still, but I suggest doing it on a lift.. You will have to remove the transmission pan,...
You need a special socket that has a cut out so you can slide it over the sensor. The socket can be bought or borrowed from the auto parts store. I believe I borrowed mine from Advance auto. They make you pay for it and return your money when you bring the socket back in one piece. However, yours is...
Low battery (bad battery or alternator) or bad starter, mostlikely.
check and replace tires and tie rod ends as neccassary
A Dodge Stratus does not have a reset switch.
235 - 325 HP @ 2,900 rpm 460 - 610 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm
that question is a joke right?, the charger is faster hands down.
Check:,, Reduce by the amount of $ required to repair
yes the dodge neon have fuel injection
Answer . Remove belt and tensioner complete should be able to be unbolted from engine (Left-hand thread)
not normally, unless it was somehow getting the coilpacks/distributer (don't know your year) wet and shorting them out.
Answer . Larger hose from a/c compressor may be near the drier on the passenger side firewall
The water pump is driven by the pulley and serpentine belt on theleft side of the engine. You'll need to remove the water pumppulley to access the water pump housing bolts. You may need toremove other pulleys to access the bolts. Replace the water pumpgasket to prevent leaks.
NGK V-Power Spark Plugs are a great fit for the 1970 Dart 340, so Iwould definitely recommend those. Hope this helps -Rich
turn the key on, engine off, press the gas pedal to the floor three times. cycle key and light should be off.just sit
Can you give us some details? What's wrong with the sliding doors? Are they power sliding doors, or manual? power side doors and back lift gate are power. power sliding door not align
Freon is the trade name for R12. Your car contains R134 or R134a which is not Freon.
Answer . Resevoir against firewall at driver's side
yes. Chargers take turbos and superchargers very well.
It is under the front of the passenger side cylinder head.
no idea all i can find is people looking for the same answer maybe incorporated into computer
An overheating engine could be caused by a number of things. None of these things have to do with the make/model/type of vehicle. These things are true for all gas/diesel automobiles. 1) Low coolant or no coolant (antifreeze) levels in radiator. This could be caused by a leak, either from the...
best bet, bet the oem number off of the carb that is on the vechile. Your local parts store should be able to locate the correct replacement with this number. The number should be on a metal tag on the carb, or stamped in the side of the carb. Mike.C. Says; Make sure the carb is the one from the...
It's at the front, drivers side corner of the engine, between the engine and the battery.. It's under a cover and on the bottom of the throttle body..
Check the vin number there should be a "z" in the 8th spot on the vin number
drain coolant from radiator;about a couple of litres and follow upper rad hose to thermostat housing.Remove the two bolts and take out the thermostat.Clean the two mating surfaces and install thermostat and new gasket.Tighten two bolts and fill cooling system and run vehicle to remove any air locks.
You may be able to reset it after you repair the problem that set the light in the first place, by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. That may not work on your 1996. If not, you will need an OBD scan tool to reset the light.
If you are talking about suspension springs then your vehicle will sag depending on which side and the ride height will be lower than normal if it is an engine or brakes spring it depends on what spring it is i.e. (Valve spring, Throttle Body spring, Carburetor, Drive belt tensioner spring, Timing...
The biggest indicator of a faulty oxygen sensor is a noticeable decrease in fuel economy, along with a rich mixture. Now, this does not automatically indicate that the sensor has failed. Be sure to check all vacuum hoses for leaks as well as the ignition system, check the plugs, (are they fouled?)...
The position of the selector rod in the valve body of the transmission, as selected by the gear lever in the cab. Also the PCM reads numerous sensors to control governor pressure, OD and TCC solenoids.
Moisture can seep in between the sheets of glass along the glue of laminated glass. Not likely. The smog or film on the inside of the windshield is primarily comprised of outgassed silicones used to preserve the interiors of cars. You can use cleaners to soften, spread, and clean towels to remove...
Currently, The USS Intrepid CV-11 is an Essex class aircraft carrier located at the USS INTRIPID MUSEUM on the Hudson River in New York City at approximently 49th street. Numerous previous ships had that name back to the American Revolution.
Answer . Most are self-adjusting. Try backing up and stopping vehicle using the parking brake 3-4 times
Take the screws out CAREFULLY as well as the blade and swap them.
The 2001 Dodge Neon standard radio is grounded to the radioretaining screws. When you install the radio simply attached theground wire to the radio retaining screws.
I would recommend checking the dist.cap and rotor .It could be carbonized which quite possibly could be the problem. Also check all of the spark plugs and wires while your at it.
It is under the housing that the upper radiator hose hooks to.
If you have a true Extended Warranty, then you have several options, but these are rare. You probably only have an "Extended Service Contract" -- these are much more common, and they do not cover lemons. Assuming you have one of the better ESC's, you have the right to have the covered parts repaired...
use small pin to depress ball valve in bottom of tensioner. using fingers compress tensioner. this is to keep the tenioner from exerting too much pressure on the timing chain.
Answer . \nDear Sir,\nThe problem is most likely the switch on the passenger side has gone bad.. Answer . \nYou might want to be sure that your WINDOW LOCK button is not on. It is on the driver's side control panel located on the door.. Answer . \ni have to go for the switch as well.. Answer ...
The transmission pan is carefully loosened and the front dropped so as to drain out the fluid. Filter and fluid should be changed. The rear band adjustment (if vehicle is used in severe service, as most ARE!) is located under the filter and should only be tinkered with by a professional.
dont run it so hard. dont run it so hard
It might of went out, Fuel Pumps go out with no warning sometimes. When you don't hear that little BUZZ sound that they make when you turn the car on, then it probably went out... get a DVM or a test light and hook it to the wires that goes to the pump to test the wires to make sure that they are...
Answer . Check for a sticky throttle. Sometime just spraying the exterior spring mechanism with WD-40 will loosen up the throttle. Othertimes, remove the ducting from the air cleaner to access the butterfly valve. Wipe the valve clean with WD-40 or your favorite solvent. Wear nitrile gloves or...
Answer . Try the lower rear end of the engine. Follow the + battery cable
Turn ignition on, engine off. Press gas pedal to the floor three times in ten seconds.
I'm assuming that you are talking about the front lower ball joint as they are the most common. You remove the tire then remove the axle nut in the center of the rotor it is a should be a 32mm socket. removw the lower ball joint nut, it is a 17mm socket then with a ball hammer hit the metal casing...
Answer . \ntheres a micro switch like hinge in the sterring colum that make it do that. replace and move on