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Coca Cola is the universal soft drink and one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. The recipe of this soft drink is locked in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Coca-Cola does not have any effect on latex.
Fanta is orange and coke 12 is orange
In the United States it costs one dollar for a 16 ounce bottle as of January 2010.
The cola will fizz a little bit but that is it. There is no danger. It just makes your mouth feel funny. For more fun, add mentos to a 2-liter bottle of cola!
they use caramel colour :)-which is basically burnt sugar, it canbe used in a powdered form or liquid. Caramels are used extensively as versatile brown colours, becausethey can be custom blended to produce exactly the right shade for aspecific food or drink..
Mostly because the Mentos provide nucleation sites for thedissolved carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke to escape as a gas. Otheractive ingredients in the cascade-effect reaction include aspartame(artificial sweetener), potassium benzoate (preservative), andcaffeine in the Diet Coke; and gum arabic and...
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500 ml. is one half of 1 liter . Therefore, you will have 500 mlleft.
It was first produced on the 8th of may 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia.Dr John S Pemberton invented Coca‑Cola, He tried it out oncustomers at his local chemist, Jacobs' Pharmacy, where it provedso popular it immediately went on sale at five cents a glass.
No, but the glass bottles it came in were.
A glass bottle of coke would cost 45 cents.
The price of 2 litres coca-cola is RM3.94 in Malaysia.
Totally around the world 1.9 billion coca-cola company products aregetting served every day.
You don't, diet anything is giving you a sugar replacement which isbad for you, Did you know your liver lives off of sugar and water,drinking diet coke is actually worse for you and your teeth andgums, just stick with coke, coke zero is fine it still has realsugar in it
They have similar carbonation and sugar content. They are about the same on your teeth.
There are 39calories in 100 ml of Cola Soft Drink. Calorie breakdown: 0% fat, 99% carbs, 1% protein.
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Because of the extra ingredient, aspertame. I saw this after I did an experiment, and Diet Coke exploded the most with the Mentos. After i chicked the ingredients, i saw that only Diet Coke has this ingredient.
The kola nut comes from trees that are native to west Africa.
The carbon dioxide forcefully bound to the drink is what causes thefizz, as it slowly seeps out. The warmer soda has more activelymoving molecules, meaning the release of the carbon dioxide is spedup.
yes if you are addicted to it
Because it's delicious. and the people who first made it wanted to make the world a better place. Coca-Cola =
Drink coke is the first came phrase.
Abraham Darby invented Coke in the industrial revolution.
The very first coca-cola was served in Atlanta, Georgia.
common noun- Soda proper noun- Coca Cola
You can drink at the most 2 bottles a week.
Orange Juice. Orange Juice does not have enough acids to make theegg explode =, so therefore, orangejuice.
Yep it is truee of course!
the chemical of the soda makes the nail rusty and makes the soda smell like rust. Sometime after a couple of days the nail will begin to disappear.
The top 10 highest paid executives are not listed in the businessmagazines, but I can tell you the CEO of Coca Cola was verywell-paid: in 2012, the Coca-Cola company gave Chairman and CEOMuhtar Kent a pay package worth $21.6 million.
500g of sugar in run and 400g in coke
In 1945 a bottle of Coca Cola cost 5 cents.
Spain declared war on Great Britain in 1779
As far as i know it doesn't have any.
the strongest fizz would probably be mountain dew the longest lasting fizz would be diet pepsi. i have open a can of it, drank a couple sips and left it for a week open witout putting it in the fridge and i drank it again and it had a strong fizz still
Diet coke was first invented in United States.
No it was not ever green that is just a myth
It turns chunky and a weird color. Almost the same reaction will occur if you try out mixing redbull and milk. Hope this was helpful:)
The word coca has been derived from the Aymara Language.
1.2 billion cans of coke are drunk each day
John Pemberton: Coca-Cola, 1886
The Coca-cola 600 race was conducted on May 24, 2015.
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Following is the coca cola company address in USA such as: The coca-cola company, P.O. Box no:1734, Atlanta, GA-30301, USA.
Coca cola is sold in many different countries around the world and imported from different countries to different countries.
Decision making concerning crucial activities of the three major companies ( is not centralized to their respective subsidiaries.
You end your chances at another date with the person you are with, or you blow chunks 30 feet into the air. Or both
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Coca cola will eat a way at the meat like a parasite Write on my message board if you have any questions!
The pharmacist, John Smith Pemberton did.
he invted coca a cola which is very popular these days he did pretty young and is a ledgend.
Yes if you look at the can or bottle it will say Glucose and glucose is another name for sugar to trick you
Coca-Cola keeps in mind that price should complement demand of thepublic for the product. The company should receive the maximumamount of revenue possible for the product. Price should be neithertoo high nor too low in comparison to their competitors. Price mustreflect the viewpoint of their target...
Yes Colas were originally blends of extracts of the coca leaf and the cola nut, mixed with sugar water. The coca leaf is no longer used, but the cola nut remains in the recipes that are public, and reportedly is also still in the secret Coca-Cola recipe. The cola nut comes from the Ivory Coast in...
What? Metses coca cola sign?? Are you line and sinker delirious?! Who metses coca cola sign nowadays?!
Yes, coke does kill plants because the ingredients in coke rot the plant killing it.
i believe it is through a process in witch they combine the water with carbon dioxide and then they put the syrup in and then you have soda
I was a very religious water drinker. I enjoyed the zero calorie liquid. Then, I discovered Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Cherry Coke. And since then have drank them by the liter for the taste and calorie lack. But for some reason, as the days rolled onwards, I find my dreams becoming more vivid. As...
The ingredients in original Coke are: . carbonated water . sugar (type depends of country of manufacture) . caffeine . phosphoric acid . caramel color . natural flavorings (the secret formula known only to a few Coke executives)
Mainly the type of coke being used. The sulfur, ash and carbon content are different.
Is Bryan Dyson a former Coca cola CEO?
No. No distilled hard alcohol has carbs, including rum, vodka,tequila. And diet soda doesn't have carbs. However, all alcohol hascalories. A shot of Bacardi has about 100 - 125 calories, so withthe diet coke, that's what you're getting.
they are a well know comapny for their great fizzy taste... isn't that enough?
In the 1980s coca cola was just now a soft drink. back then `coca cola was a medicine that could cure headaches in seconds. But in the 1980s coke was the most popular drink in the U.S.
Asa Candler gave or donate some of his massive wealth with his brother John S. Candler.
Because it tastes good.
the coca cola company owns the copyright
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