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Maine is the easternmost state in the United States and is known for its coastal scenery and seafood.


Maine is the 23rd state to be entered into the union, whichhappened in 1820. It is the northernmost state on the East coast.
MapQuest gives the estimated driving time as 19 hours and 13 minutes.
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The largest cities in Maine in order of largest to smallest, are, Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Brunswick, Biddeford, Sanford, Augusta, and Scarborough.
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the most popular place in Maine is well im not sure really
It is 18 miles north of Dover-Foxcroft.
Maine was once claimed by Massachusetts during the colonial era.
Maine's natural resources include fishing, lumber, minerals, nonforested pastures for livestock, tendable soil for crops, andwaterpower.
73 miles up I-95 MAINE TURNPIKE (toll) NORTH.
Maine has more land thanConnecticut. Maine has land area of 30,843 square miles.Connecticut has land area of 4,842 square miles.
The moose is the state animal of Maine. It is most frequently foundin the woods of the northern United States, and in Canada.
Maine only borders New Hampshire
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Erin Andrews, Patrick Dempsey, David E. Kelley, and Stephen Kingare just a few of the currently living famous people who hail fromMaine. Hollywood legend Bette Davis was also from Maine.
Gerald Talbot was a famous civil rights leader from Maine. Heattended the civil rights march on Washington, DC in August, 1963,as the leader of the Maine Civil Rights movement.
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It is a five hour drive covering 266.71 miles according to MapQuest.
it is very foresty with lakes and some mountains
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 17 hours and 15 minutes.
It would be about : 1 hour, 53 minutes:If you were to go at 500mph.
Yes and resides at The Blaine House which is across the street from the Maine State House.
Consider the Club Dining Room in Bar Harbor.
It is 2,917.65 miles according to MapQuest.
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Google Maps estimates the driving time as 45 hours.
It is an estimated 2 hour and 28 minute drive covering 113.13 miles accordint to MapQuest.
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There were already 22 US States when Maine joined the Union.
Maine covers 35,387 square miles . So it's the 39th largest of the 50 states
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Google Maps estimates the driving time as 26 hours.
Idaho is BIGGER than Maine. Idaho has an area of 83,642 Mi 2. Maine has an area of 35,385 Mi 2 . The difference is 48,257 Mi 2 !!!! Idaho is more than 2 times bigger thank= Maine. Hope I helped in some way! David (venom751998)
Certainly blueberries and potatoes are two of the main agricultural products. However there is no evidence that hay is a "main" agricultural product of Maine.
One of the major crops in Maine are potatoes. Since there are 480potato farms in the state. Another is the maple syrup SomersetCounty Maine produces more maple syrup then any other county in thecountry.
No, Maine's capital city is Augusta .
May 21 to June 28, 1820: Maine First Legislative Session. . Maine entered the Union on March 15, 1820 and the Legislature of the State of Maine held its first session from May 21 to June 28 of the same year. The motto, Dirigo , was adopted during this session. Dirigo, meaning I guide , is the...
It is 671 miles according to Google Maps.
My research comes up with the year 1832. Augusta was officiallymade the capital in 1827, but the legislature did not sit thereuntil 1832.
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Lewiston/Auburn Or Brunswick (but Brunswick is a little closer to portland.)
That's like 80-85 miles on the pike. Would take a little more than an hour. 1:15 approx.
Top Five: . Portland . Lewiston . Bangor . South Portland . Auburn.
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Well - First Of All - Since i don't live in Maine I cant be a big help BUT Try checking the phone book or look him/her up on-line OK?
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 46 minutes.
Snow removal. Chimney sweeps. Coast Guard.
Flight time from Bangor, Maine to Barcelona, Spain is seven and ahalf hours.
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It really picked up in the late 90's/early 2000's and is stillMaine's fasting growing city.
The state legislature has 151 state represntatives and 35 statesenators. (In the US Congress, the state has 2 Senators and 2Representatives.)
The same way every other U.S. national park did so -- by federal legislation.
Answer . Maine was in several wars as the 22nd Maine and the 20th Maine were regiments in the Civil War and the 20th Maine was commanded by Joshua Chamberlain, who any self-respecting Mainer should know. Also there is the 101st Refueling Wing in Bangor.. Answer . \nGoogle Fort Kent,Fort...
It is 76.2 miles according to Google Maps.
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From 1981 through 2010, Maine averaged 62 inches of snow (Measured at Portland).
Yes several in fact. Newport Maine used to be home of the Vic Firth Drum Stick Mill and probably still is (i havent been there in a while so I can't say) Auburn has a paper mill and material plant B&M Baked Beans Factory in Portland, you won't miss it the logo is right there Paper Mills are the...
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The average high temperature in January is 28 degrees. The averagelow temperature in January is 11 degrees.
Maine, USA - Land area: 30,608 square miles. ( water area: 4,777 square miles ).
The state in the US that's furthest north is Alaska . Alaska is also the furthest east and the furthest west. Hawaii is the furthest south.