New York

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New York is a state located in the northeast of the United States. It ranks 27th in terms of total land area and third in terms of population, together with the densest populated US city, New York City.


The best things to do in New York is to visit Broadway plays or bein an audience of a television show.
It has a coordinates of 41°8′44″N 73°59′42″W.
Donna Summers was the Queen of Disco.
Pompeii is very near the latitude of New York. Paris is nowherenear the latitude of NY.
He was an explorer and volunteered to go.
Walt Fraizer and Al Turtwig are the commentators.
Depending on the fare type selected, a one-way adult ticket from Springfield to NYC will cost $37.00 - $43.00.
Hugh, Broadway Musical Theater is the city's largest touristattraction.
New York is the most populated city in the USA, but Los Angeles has more area.
Depends on the job. They won't give you one dealing with children, but if you want to fix highway potholes they probably would give you a job.
You might be thinking of the radio program Fibber McGee and Mollyradio show from 1935 to 1956. It was played by Jim Jordan and hiswife Marion Jordan.
Yes. The term "Empire State" is a nickname for the state of NewYork. It is most notably referenced in the name of a very tallbuilding in New York City : the Empire State Building, completed in1931.
The Worldorf hotel is 5* and has excellent service. Also theAffinia chain of hotels are quite nice. They are only 3 or 4 starsso they are easily affordable.
Kathy Hochul is the current Lieutenant Governor of NewYork.
The cost to build a house in New Jersey is determined by squarefootage. Typically it costs $100-$150 per square foot to build ahome in New Jersey.
Yes, some of new York IS in fact located by the sea
There are 6 hours between New York and Nice because New York isbehind Nice!
30 Rockefellar center in located in Manhattan
Athens is 7 hours ahead than New York.
The value of manhattan island when peter minuit made his purchasein 1626 is just 60 guilders.
She was born in Trinidad and was raised in Southside Jamaica QueensNew York.
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New Amsterdam was the largest Dutch colonial settlement in North America. During the second Anglo-Dutch War between England and the United Netherlands, the colony was surrendered to the English on 24 September 1664, and renamed New York. When the Dutch retook control briefly in 1673, they renamed it...
Here a list of pay grades for firefighters in New York. Firefighter Salary : . BASE . FRINGE* . TOTAL . STARTING SALARY . $39,370 . $3,704 . $43,074 . AFTER 1 YEAR . $41,311 . $8,159 . $49,470 . AFTER 2 YEARS . $44,995 . $8,886 . $53,881 . AFTER 3 YEARS . $49,494 . $9,775 . $59,629 . AFTER 4...
Evidence indicates that vocal minorities of both New Yorkers and Congress disagree with holding the trials in New York. Most of the reasons given for their objections have been shown to have little relevance to past high profile and terrorist trials held there.
In some places, you can just step over the state line.
The language New York speaks is: English.
It is 460 miles from Cape May, NJ to Buffalo, NY. It will take 9hours and 25 minutes.
It would take around 2hrs and 30 mins by an average boat
There is a 3 hour time difference. It is 9 AM in Oregon.
It takes about 4 hours between the two cities.
Titan Light Shows does the Coney Island Light Show. It takes 9months of planning. There are over a million LED lights.
They stay in nice hotels; Grand Hyatt, etc.
Not every town has an actual "gay bar," but there probably are places where gay people tend to hang out. Ask around with some other gay people. If not, then another nearby town, especially a larger one, certainly will have gay bars.
Martin Van Buren was from New York State.
That is the correct spelling of the town Kinderhook (ColumbiaCounty, NY), and the village within it, which received its namefrom the original Dutch settlers during the days of Henry Hudson.The name Kinderhoek means "Children's Corner" in Dutch.
The Native American Lenape tribe (who inhabited New York City before the Europeans) called it both Aquehonga Manacknong and Eghquaons. When the Dutch -- the first Europeans to settle in New York City -- arrived, they named it Staaten Eylandt, after the Staten Generaal, the Dutch Parliament. That...
Le Bernardin is the top rated and best restaurant available in NewYork city.
1260-1278 60th Street is in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn,in the 11219 zip code. To get there, take the N train (of the N-R-Q , the yellow line) or the D train (of the B-D-F-M , theorange line) to New Utrecht Avenue-62nd Street/62ndStreet-New Utrecht Avenue . These are two connected...
You can learn more about visiting New York at The NYC Insider: I recommed you spend the extra money to stay in a Manhattan location near Central Park and Times Square. Then you can walk to many attractions. Taxis can be hard to find. We stayed at...
That's the other way around. The Dutch founded New York (called Nieuw Amsterdam, New Amsterdam back then).
According to, the 2008 ACS population estimate for New York is 19,490,297 .
Jade Event is an event planning, artist management and nightlife hosting company located in the NYC/northern NJ area. Some services include planning events, nightlife hosting and booking live entertainment.
There are coyotes in that area.
New York is 1 hr ahead of Houston
There are some fantastic sights, landmarks and museums in New York.In New York City, you have the Empire state building, 9/11memorial, National History Museum, MOMA, The Met, etc.
New York's nickname is Big Apple.
American Apparel, Brooklyn Industries, Trash & Vaudeville, Oak, KidRobot, Beacon's Closet, Ninth Street Espresso etc. have good emo clothing collections.
DeWitt Clinton was a politician in the early 1800s, serving as mayor of New York, a member of the New York State Assembly, and running for the presidency in 1812, where he lost to James Madison, 128 electoral votes to 89. He served as governor of the state of New York in 1817 and served until 1822....
The Four Seasons Hotel is located at 57 East 57th Street, New York, NY. See the link below to their website.
It is 254.44 miles according to MapQuest.
This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen. The distance between the two places in miles is:3437
The Lincoln Tunnel is an approximately 1.5-mile-long set of threetunnels under the Hudson River, connecting Weehawken, New Jerseyand Midtown Manhattan, New York City, in the United States
By land, it is approximately 220 miles from Boston Common to New York's Central Park. By air, New York's JFK Airport is 187 miles from Boston's Logan International Airport.
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Im not completely sure but i think it is the waldorf salad
It was at "Albany". Albany is the capital of New York, so the answer is Alban. .
Hard Ship Nothing to my knowledge. Since the 19th Century Lady Liberty has always been portrayed wearing Roman-type dress, complete with sandals.
There are many books on things to do with kids in NYC. I suggest Central Park as a great place to play. There are a lot of playgrounds, and you can go to the zoo, the merry go round, or just run around in one of the only grassed places in the city.
The flight time from John F. Kennedy International Airport in NewYork to Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca would take 7 hours and 25minutes. This is a non-stop one way flight.
The zip code is 10019 . Source: I used Google Maps to find restaurants on 50th and 8th. Then I Googled the exact addresses of the restaurants (including their zip code).
Here are a few places in New York City that begin with K: Kenmare Street (Lower East Side, Manhattan) King Street (West Village, Manhattan) Kingsbridge Avenue (the Bronx) Kings County (the official name of Brooklyn)
NYC auto insurance is like a yacht- If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. Me- Clean License 44 year old married my car is an old junker, so I just need the basic policy required by law I pay $3600 per year.
It is technically classified as suspension bridge, which uses ahybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge design.
Colonists did, but they named the state after the duke of york ANSWER: Peter Minuit founded what would later become the colony of New York, in 1626, for the Dutch. During this time, the region was known as New Netherland. The English took the territory over in 1663, and the new colony was...
It's another name for satan. Answer: The name "Lucifer" appears once in the Bible in Isaiah 14:12. Lucifer is used in the midst of a " proverb AGAINST the king of Babylon "... supposedly calling the king Lucifer. And it may well be doing that. However... the king of Babylon wasn't in the ...
According to Wikipedia, 48% of New Yorkers own cars, but only 30% of them drive to work, since public transportation is actually much faster and more convenient. More often than not, traffic in Manhattan is congested. Also, parking spaces are notoriously hard to find, while parking garages are very...
The Saint Lawrence River forms the boundary between Ontario, Canada, and New York State.
based on simple math i have estimated that there are approximately 2.5 million tiles in the long tube of the Holland tunnel. how did i do this? well the answer is simple. the tunnel is 8,558 feet long. each tile is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. wile driving through the tunnel i counted that each...
The Eiffel tower was the tallest building in the world until thecompletion in 1930 of the Chrysler building - a year before theEmpire State building was completed.
Ropar. The new IIT is established in the city of Ropar.
The Empire State Building is located at 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10118.
Moscow, Russia is 8 hours ahead of New York, NY, USA