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Whether we are looking for a change, an improvement or finding a better way of doing something, others have been there before you. Ask for assistance from those that have attempted it before you start!
No, it costs the same no matter what voltage is used. The cost is based on the kilo wattage used per hour. The equation that best explains this is Watts = Amps x Volts. For example if there is a device that draws 1000 watts, it is the product of the amps drawn by the voltage needed to make the...
"Resin Based Paint" is the liquid in paint that suspends thepigment (leaving the resin behind, obviously) and transports themfrom the paint brush to the wall. The paint then evaporates andleaves the paint film behind.
There are many different models but this is the one I could findcloset to the $150 price range. GERBER Two Piece Elongated Toilet w/ 10" Rough-In 0021410 White, Ihope that helps.
Use a razor blade when it is dry. You can try thinner, but be aware that thinner can cloud some glass. Fingernail polish remover can work too. But, the razor is your best solution.
You can by a reducing joint that fits the oversized end. Or as somedo, you can place the stopped end or if in the middle of thedownspout the continuation joint with down spout in to the oversized opening of the actual down spout. The prior is best as itwill seal in the water
With most pull chain fan switches, you'll need to replace the  switch, though on some models you may be able to reattach the  chain. To replace the switch, you will need to know whether it  operates the fan or light. If the switch goes to the fan, you will  need to know how many speeds the fan...
Try the spray "Totally Awesome" it really is awesome and cleans  just about anything.
Costs vary widely, depending on the level of quality, finish,location, etc. Costs could range from e.g. $90/sq ft at the lowend, to $500/sq ft (or more) at the high end. Taking a median priceof $150/sq ft, a 3000 square foot house might cost about $450,000to build from scratch. If you're asking...
Skim Coating is applying a very thin coating of epoxy on a wallbefore applying a service covering such as wallpaper. The skimcoatings market are the users of such epoxies and plasters.
If you do not have to worry about humidity transport through the walls (most paints the are very porous are flat) then a semi gloss will be easier to keep clean (washes more easily).
The work or energy in Joules is the power in watts times the numberof second it runs for. So 500 watts for 150 seconds is 75,000Joules.
That will depend on the cost (and availability) of gas in your  area, when compared to electric costs. It will also depend on the  climate. At very cold temperatures (below 40 F) the heat transfer  element of an air/Freon heat pump does not deliver heat, and the  less efficient electric heat...
A commonly used formula is 600-650 square feet per ton. So it would  be recommended to use a 2-ton heat pump for a 1300 square foot  home. However, other variables are often considered, too, such as  the age of the house.
Yes, gets a nice blaze, as long as it is properly seasoned.
a compact electronic ballast in the base of the lamp
If they're looking for volatiles, it can. Most of the time you don't. Let me go on one of my little anti-drug rants here: Carpet glue is one of the things you really do NOT want to screw around with. It's extremely addictive--any kind of huffing is. It will literally dissolve your brain. And it...
Can't remember games    #1: Third person shooter. Your character has telekinetic abilities.  Story jumps back and forward through time.   #2: Third person action game. Has floating islands where you can  build things on to. You own your own controllable island.   #3: FPS that deals with...
A short, or potentially an interference in the frequency, tryresetting your remote. You may also replace the batteries in theremote. If this doesn't help, see if you need to clean or adjust the safetysensors. Sometimes when there's too much dirt or one is misalignedit could cause the door to stop...
-Turn off the power -Remove the cover plate-Remove the wires-Strip the neutral and ground wires-Attach the GFCI-Attach the neutral wire-Push the wires back into the box and replace the cover.
You have to use glue of course and you need someone to hold it together while you glue it
I think 6 inches. If you plan to sit at the bar, then you wouldwant up to two feet, so a person could sit comfortably at the bar.
Measures the diameter of the valve and try and match up the size in  your local plumbing store.   If it is truly a vintage valve and not a new one made to give the  effect you can also try building material recovery (recycling)  companies. The difficulty is identifying the thread used.
Some GFIs have an audible alarm and buzz when they trip. Answer I have found that a GFI that has been painted over or corroded stuck will cause a buzz when it is overloaded and trying to trip. The problem is when it is painted over and seized open it cannot trip and causes a buzz. I would first...
depending on the climate where you live, you may want to wait till  spring rather than chance damp wood and cold temperature it's a  good idea to wait days following a day of rain check the wood in a  number of places with a moisture meter should be around 15 or so in  order to paint safely.
Martin Industries, Inc. manufactures home heating products. Its  products include a line of vented and vent-free gas heaters and  furnaces that are offered under the Martin Gas Products and Atlanta  Stove brand names and a variety of models of gas logs, gas stoves,  pre-engineered wood, and gas...
Put in new filter Clean vents Clean air ducts
you don't need a PhD to fix a pipe, try to call dripdropplumbing because you fried my brain
The easiest way was from the hoofs of animals.
The Horseisle Answer Is: Twin TapeHope This Helped!HoboHorse from chestnut server :D
you dont really need to us a gasket compound on your gasket thought i would put a little bit of black silicone on it. it can only help the seal
=== ANSWER: ===   Contact the manufacturer and inquire if they repair or replace the units with freon leaks. Also ask them if they can refer a repair shop near the town you live in. Quite simply, putting more freon in it will leak out and it will keep freezing up. Fix the leak.   >>>...
the microwave needs to be 19 inches away from the cook top. like in  this picture there should be 19 inches above the cooktop . the  microwave should have a vent hood. this should be right but in most  manual it tells you how far away is necessary
The 194 bulb is ~3.8 watts, at 14 volts they draw 0.271 amps.
The wall demolition is not the big cost. It is relocating things  inside (HVAC ducts, plumbing, wiring) then matching the existing  flooring, ceiling, molding and trim. So each situation is  different.
A new outlet (running new wire) or replacing an old one (wires already there)?Shut off the Power to that Receptical, diconnect the receptical, and reconnect the New receptical using the Wires from the one you replaced. Then turn the power back on and Test it with a Tester!
They may live 20 years or more.
The pressure depends upon the city/well pressure setting, but water  will run through the pipes to your faucet as soon as the 40 gal.  tank and pipes are full. Remember to remove the aerators when you  do any major changes as the faucet aerators will clog up with any  loosened debris.
Elsie de Wolfe was not the first interior designer, however, she  was the most famous in the early 20th century.
It depends on what kind of stain it is. I have always found that  pouring isoprophyl rubbing alcohol on the area and scratching it  off with something sharp like a knife usually helps with paint  stains. If it is a grease stain, that cannot be easily removed. If  it is something else, it may or...
Usually the filter is right on the inside of where the return air  duct meets with the furnace. You usually have to take off the side  or front panels of the furnace to gain access to where the filter  is. Usually these involve sliding them up and out but it can vary.  Check an online owners...
To open the handle must pull it towards you. The handle has pivot  points allowing the door to open in steps.
Sometimes when you are working with, or around adhesives that have  a strong odor or produce intense fumes, your taste buds will  actually taste the particles in the air. This could also happen if  you had contractors in your home that used these types of adhesives  and last long after they have...
You cannot use sheetrock as flooring, period. If you meant on a  wall, there is no reason you cannot put sheetrock over tiles. The  question is why would you want to! Why not remove tiles and  material behind, which is probably sheetrock, and then install new  sheetrock. If it is an area prone...
The AC condensing unit needs two 24 volt low voltage control wires,  the high voltage will be 220 - 230 volts and requires 3 wires , 2  hot legs and a ground. You can buy pre made whips as they are  called cheaper than making one.
With tiles! But on a more serious note, build a frame, plaster  board it, get a base tray for the water to fall into and connect it  to your waste. Plaster the "boarded wall" then tile it. Then  install the shower itself. Seal up then its ready to use.
Gable is the normally triangular portion of a  wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches. The shape of  the gable & how it is detailed depends on the structural system  used, which reflects climate, material availability, and aesthetic  concerns. 
A rather strange question, as most transformers are installed by trained individuals who wouldn't be using this forum for help. However, it will be necessary to refer to the manufacturer's specifications for that specific transformer in order to determine how to achieve the desired output.
R12 is almost impossible to buy, unless you go to a large-scaleauto parts supplier like Napa. They won't sell it to you unless youare a certified A/C technician. You can buy R134a easily at otherauto-parts stores, but be careful! If your car's A/C system isdepleted of all refrigerant, you have a...
A three-phase separator is used in the oil industry to separate  oil, water and gas from a mixture.
I've a wood box stove with the text: "cozy n°40" on its left side.  In its front, below, appears "M C Hess Veijle". Martin Crhistian  Hess was the artist who made this stove in the city of Veijle,  Denmark. Greetings from Uruguay
Duck board gets its name for its purpose in keeping feet dry while  walking over wet ground. The name refers to the idea that wet feet  are webbed, like a duck's.
If the dryer doesn't heat, but the drum turns, check the thermal  fuse(s). The thermal fuse protects the dryer from overheating and  helps to prevent fires. If the thermal fuse is blown, it will have  to be replaced.
It depends upon the venting that is used, look for your vent pipes  on the roof and see if any are close to open windows. If you find a  particularly close vent pipe (and you home has several vent pipes)  you can add a "Studor Vent" to the top of the vent. A Studor vent  is the equivalent to a...
Depending on what. Mostly is a sewage
En la madera las fibras van a lo largo de la tabla y a veces se ven  los anillos o nudos de las ramas del árbol. Las maderas elaboradas  la fibras estan, regularmente, en pares y se ven en sentido  perpendicular.
Natural marble is best for kitchen flooring.
Look on the main fuse panel, you should find a place there.
You could by a clear coat spray or paint on Waterproof Mod- Podge.
Wet the egg stain and leave it to soak, then rub with a  non-scratching cloth or sponge. A microfibre cloth often works  well. You may need to re-wet it from time to time. Your fingernail  is often effective for small stubborn pieces, and will not scratch  the car.
Depand apone the system required pressure for water supply. it should be 1.5 times of max system pressure and for drainage only gravity pressure is enough to test the system.
All gas fireplaces have to have a shut-off valve within 10' and  that will turn so the key or the handle is parallel to leave gas on  and perpendicular to turn gas off. The valve inside the fireplace  turns but not indiscriminately. The inner valve will turn to the  pilot setting and depress to...
An average 3 ton heat pump on a 1200 to 1500 sq ft home in  California will typically have a 1500Watt (1.5KW) to 5000 Watt (5  KW) auxiliary heat kit installed.  This is not just for emergency heat in case of compressor  failure or too low of an ambient temperature to operate a heat pump ...
  $23,000 for a entry level worker   $77,440 for an experienced worker
The simplest type is a coiled spring steel cable with one end slightly bigger. Feed the big end into the drain twisting it as you put it in. At some point, you will come up against the clog. Screw the cable into the clog and pull it back out of the drain. The majority of clogs are hair related. You...
the hinge is a bolt in the door at the top and bottom and the door  slides on a track
  A room that is 12' x 15' would be 180 square feet.
do not have a starter electrode; ballast circuits and high-voltage  electronic starter.
Any grocery or big box stores.
Yes there is duty to be paid for your home improvement materials  because these are considered as building materials when counting
HVAC Service Technician
Answer for UK and European electrical system.    Guide to connecting a new socket outlet to the power cables of a  ring main, and fixing it to the back box or pattress in the wall.  Depending upon where in the circuit you are fitting the socket you  may have one, two or three sets of...
In general you would only do this if you need to connect a section  of brass piping to a pvc section.
Well unless you mistyped something 500kva is 500,000 watts. That  would be 41,666 12 volt batteries!
Through the use of a 'multiplier', i.e. a carefully-calibrated  resistor connected in series with (in the case of an analogue  instrument) the instrument's operating coil.
Probably because of foundation problems.. Unstable and things like  that.
 An illustrated explanation of the differences between  single-conductor wires and multiconductor cables   In older homes, the electrical system is likely made up of single  conductor wires. Today, however, much of electrical wiring is done  with multiconductor cables because of their...
Contact the manufacturer of the unit. Give them the model and  serial number. See if they can send you one via email or mail.
I'm not sure what you mean by "thicker resistance" wire? The  thicker or more diameter of a wire the less resistance it has. A  larger diameter wire would produce less heat. More resistance would  produce more heat.
It conducts heat and electricity very well. It is good in pipes for  keeping the heat in the water.
This question has absolutly nothing to do with Christianity,  however researching Hillcrest I found that it is a non-profit Level  II trauma center located in Waco,Tx. The hospital sits on a 74 acre  campus with about 264 bed units. At a guess since the hospital is  400,000 sq.ft.+ I would say...