Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

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Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) refers to a system used in designing automotive or indoor environmental comfort. It uses ventilation air ducts to provide cooled or heated air to an automobile or a building through outlet vents.
When you discharge a capacitor, sparks are produced.
WARNING . It is probably illegal for you to do this yourself, due to the nature of the refrigerant used. For your own safety, call a professional. They have the special tools and knowledge needed to do it right.. Answer . If your ac uses true freon call a professional. Freon is a CFC which...
It makes and breaks four separate contacts. Think of a switch forexample that connects one wire to one wire. A 4 pole contactor islike 4 separate switches going on together.
The fuel does not matter, it would be more relevant to post if you are hot water or steam, that is where your problem lies. If steam try raising the boiler cutout pressure a little bit and if hot water look at the boiler pressure, does the pump work, is the coupling broken and do you have air in the...
Cost of a furnace depends on the efficiency, the brand unit,transitions needed to be made, and the cost of a qualityinstallation. I recommend getting estimates from qualified andreputable HVAC companies.
Yes, along with water vapor.
Because it is cold outside and the HP is useless below 35* or so.
Trane, Carrier ,York,Bryant ,Rheem,Ruud, Goodman,Coleman,Amana, etc the list goes on and on.
Not easily. Read this: http://www.howstuffworks.com/ice-rink.htm
Hot Desks are new furnitures that combine a heater in a desk. Some can be used to iron clothes, while some other may allow to do light cooking (eggs for instance).
\n100 for old one and 200 for aluminum
That depends on what climate zone you are in and how badly the house leaks. Best to perform and individual Heat Loss calculation for each job rather than adhere to inexact rules of thumb as you are doing by asking this question.
No, they are made to sit in the yard. My heat pumps literally froze up last winter when I was in FL (I keep the heat in the house at 50 degs), so I really need to find some kind of ventilated cover before this happens again.
here in California you would need a 2 ton in other parts you would need less
68 at night and 72 during the day is where most people feel comfy with. The lower the better as long as you're comfortable with it. No hard and fast rule. The lower the temp the lower your power bill.
It needs to be a minimum of 55F but it does depend on the type ofrefrigerant you have. Most technicians prefer it to be at least60F.
I would say No if it was installed as part of the new boiler installation as you say, the installer must have thought it was necessary to provide the proper amount of combustion air.
Weigh it in, the amount and refrigerant type will be on a tag under the hood.
Answer . No. Cooling the compressor will do little to improve the efficiency of the system. The compressor will be slightly more efficient, but the overall efficiency of the heat transfer will be unchanged.. Cooling the condenser (the outside heat exchanger coils) will do more, but the money...
Answer . 45-60. Anything higher could indicate a bigger problem.. Answer . A 134a system is similar to a R12 system in that you have a chart listing temperatures and pressures, with 134a running slightly higher. That said, you need both suction and discharge pressures and outside/inside...
remove it carefully... pull the bolts... do not cut any freon lines... that's illegal in the epa's book.... i personally havent read it... if you should accidently cut any lines.. don't inhale the freon... it could really mess up our lungs
Dirty ductwork and/or filters...
Any commercial or domestic boiler uses a heating element to provide heat to the water which is governed by heat transfer laws or thermodynamics. Since cold water is heavier than hot water, it remains at bottom and hot water occupies top portion of the storage tank. Thus heating elements are placed...
If your present central A/C is not that old consider just replacing the outside condenser unit, check into that first before considering replacing the entire central A/C system.
If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, ask a plumber or HVAC tech. It is not an expensive or difficult fix. Price of the valve and a service call should cover it. Shut the boiler down a few hours before he comes to allow it to cool a bit before he drains it will help.
Auto, and that switch only controls the fan.
A piezo is just a manual, mechanical type of module. In order towork as an ignition the piezo module will need to be wired to anelectrode which will spark when the piezo module is pressed orcranked. An ignition system is an assembly of parts and the piezois like a spark generator for an ignition...
60 degrees Celsius is relatively hot. To get an idea of the Celsius system, consider that: 0 degrees Celsius is where water freezes 20-25 degrees Celsius is room temperature 37 degrees Celsius is body temperature 100 degrees Celsius is where water boils
I would guess that is the dust burning off the elements over the years.
On a 1997 Buick Park Avenue, the air conditioner drain hose islocated under the hood and on the front of the firewall. It can beeasily found by following the exhaust pipe from the catalyticconverter on the passenger side up to the engine bay.
it depends on the fire place. traditional fireplaces loose most oftheir heat via the chimney. ventless fireplaces loose 99.9 percentof their heat out of the front of the fireplace and into the home
If you are talking about defrosting a heat pump, just switch it over to cooling and run it until the ice disappears.
Reciprocating compressors work much like the engine of your car, in this case, there are pistons and valves that do the work. Low pressure vapor refrigerant is drawn in through the low side valve on the down stroke and then compressed (raising temperature and pressure) and pushed out the high side...
Auxilliary heat is on... Change the filter... Then reset the filter change reminder and if the filter is not dirty extend the filter chamge reminder for a longer interval.
Efficiency has to do with the amount of work done and the energy it takes to do it. If you want to heat the great outdoors, or parts thereof, there is no more efficient way than radiant heating.
the amount of hot gas is not enough to change the form of all the liquids trap on it. By your question, I cannot tell of which component of the system you are talking about? It sounds like you are talking about (for a heat pump system) the outdoor coil? If that is what you are talking about, I...
If the outdoor temp is around 35*or lower, it probably means nothing other than you are near the balance point when the unit should switch to auxiliary (electric) heat. At 35* or so & lower the heat pump alone can no longer extract heat from the ambient air effectively and you may also develop ice...
is vermiculite suitable for cavity wall insulation
One of the problems with heat recovery boilers behind incinerators of solid,liquid or municipal solid wastes is high temperature corrosion associated with the formation of complex eutectics which have a low melting point and deposit as slag on boiler heating surfaces.This is difficult to get rid of...
The fan on the ac unit is only for ac. When heat is needed only the burner in the furnace turn on and is pushed throughout the house with a separate blower inside the furnace.
Answer I f u know where to hook it up to which is my problem with the 2001 I can't find the ports to charge mine BUT I believe like other cars I have done IT shold be that u first turn your car on, put the ac on high and the ref. to the port which 9 out of 10 times is blue in coler and check the...
Burning unseasoned wood (wood that has not been dried to 20-25%moisture content) is both inefficient and unsafe. Green wood(freshly cut, unseasoned wood) can have a moisture content as highas 80%. Before unseasoned wood can burn, most of this excessmoisture has to vaporize and exit the wood. As...
The wiring diagram is on the tag on the new motor. The two additional wires are either for rotation reversal or it`s a dual voltage motor. If dual voltage you must determine what voltage you are using and follow the diagram to match the motor to it. If there are any unused motor leads they must be...
Answer . \nGet a copy of "Haynes Motor Repair Manual"---for your model they"re really good. The books are published in England but are available.. Answer . \nin the haynes manual for the 1980 thru 1983 is very hard to read it leads to a alot of dead ends and leaves you asking more questions then...
Simple, to remove the air so the gas will reach the appliance
The circumference of a circle can be found with the formula 2 pi R or 2 x 3.1416 x R. Radius is equal to half of the diameter, so the equation would be 2 x 3.1416 x 2 = 12.5664' or about 12' 6"
The pressure will rise and the oil can thin.The purpose of the out door section of a residential a/c system is to condense gas into a liquid my means of cooling the gas.
a hearth and a fireplace screen
If its a large steam system which I am assumeing,then a pump or pumps.
Air conditioner not working Chances are. your AC is not cycling anymore. The most common reason that this happens is due to a small leak in the system that allows the refrigerant to escape and when enough has leaked out, the low pressure switch is activated to shut the compressor down to make sure...
Bad condensing fan capacitor or bad bearings on fan motor.
Most wooden matches are poplar. It burns VERY quickly. While it may be useful to start a fire, or build a hot, quick fire, poplar has a low heat value (heat per lb of wood) and will burn out quickly.
Yes you can,but a EPA refrierant certification is required to buy refrigerant and a license in most cities is required for installing equipment.
1. You find what caused it to lock up first..... 2. You take everything completely apart less the evaporator.. 3. You will flush the complete system so to remove all of the trapped metal... 4. If you complete this then you will reinstall the new parts... 5. Depending on what you are working on...
Answer . I have the exact same problem, did you ever get an answer?
Geothermal energy is used in Iceland for both industrial and home heating. This heat comes from thermal vents, not directly from the related volcanoes . The US has more than 70 electrical generation plants using energy from steam created by hot rock layers. The Philippines is another major user...
You cannot accurately determine what size furnace is required basedon the total square feet of a given space or structure. Toaccurately determine how much heat is required to heat your, youwould need to have a Manual J Heat Load Calculation performed.
Two possible reasons: 1) Dust and dirt from the air is clogging-up its fan blades and fan housing so the blades won't spin until you flick them. The fan and its housing needs to be cleaned out. 2) The start-and-run capacitor on the fan motor has developed a fault, meaning it has gone wrong and...
Read this site............... http://autoacrepairs.com/134aConversion.htm
Yes you can Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and many other retailers sell plug in air conditioners. Most of these require a window to sit in so the condenser coil is out side and allowed to dissipate the heat collected from the inside of the residence.
Mainly the type of coke being used. The sulfur, ash and carbon content are different.
keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter
whats a cord of wood
I would think both. Cold air from the room goes in the bottom and warmer air comes out the top.
If the drain line from the ac unit is tied into the sink drain line, the trap leaving the ac unit has probably run dry. Fill the trap at the ac unit with a cup of water and it should stop the noise. Assuming a proper install, kinda hard guessing about it from here without seeing it.
Heating and cooling change the state of the matter. For example, at room temperature water is a liquid but if you heated it becomes steam; a gas. If you freeze it it becomes ice; a solid. Hope it helps xx
I can`t tell you about codes in your area, but my central ac drains to the shower in the basement bathroom and I have no problem with it. Who says the water is dirty and mold forms? The water draining out is condensed from the water vapor in the air from the home ( is that dirty?) and if the unit is...
Sandstone fireplaces can certainly be updated with a lick of paint. Before painting, the fire surround should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry. A primer should then be applied. Once the primer has dried, apply your chosen paint and allow to dry.
The fireplace was so hot it nearly broke yesterday. . div style=%22margin: 10px 0px 0px 37px; padding: 0px; background-image: url(http://site.wikianswers.com/templates/icons/ql.gif); background-position: left top; background-repeat: no-repeat; height: 22px ">. div style=%22margin: 0px 0px 10px;...
"I sat by the fire, blankly staring into it while reflecting back on my life." We included a fireplace when we built our home, not because it gets really cold in winter here but because in cool weather an open fire is so comforting. In many homes the shelf above the fireplace, the mantlepiece,...
It's about 323° Kelvin. Generally people can handle an object up to 55 o C after that they would drop it as too hot. So 50 o C would feel quite hot but could be held by most people.122 F.
No. You vent air from a sewer line.