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Jobs for Teens

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All about jobs for teens - when you can apply for them, how old you have to be, and what qualifications you need.
Very little. Not enough. Underpaid. Underappreciated.
In some instances they may, in most cases, they probably only have to pay the minimum tipped employee wage, which is $4.23/hour.
Yes! Just go in and ask what age they hire, and ask for an application. Usually, they won't need to hrie anyone unless they specifically need someone, but my local vet clinic hires at 16, and I live in Michigan!So go try!
Fast food places are always hiring. Other options are as a clerk in an office doing filing or running errands.
A cashier makes about $5 an hour so if i were you i wouldn't get that job now would you
there are many places that a 14 year old girl can find a job. one is babysitting, two is starting a lemonade or saleing things, or at your nearest Kroger as a bagger.
no 10 year olds cant get official paying jobs in the state of Florida
Well there is a lot of good jobs out there for teens you just have to know what you want. For example there is waitresses/waiters and probably baby sitting is the most easiest and pay pretty good money. Now for the guys out there just go work on cars or something.
  Tangant Outlets is the parent company of the Maurices Franchise Stores. Whose Headquarters, based in Kenedy, Mississippi,runs both.
Well, the child that your watching would want to see you everyday. He/she would want to play with you ALL the time. They also wouldn't want you to leave when your shift is over, and his/her parents would prob. give you a raise for that.
== Answer ==   == ==   Depends on your area.   $20+ for lawns 5,000 sq feet.   $30-35 for lawns 5,000 - 10,000 square feet   This includes edging, weedeating, and grass blowing   Same price whether adults or not-- you're paying for the work, not by the age of the worker.    ...
A person could ask a family or friend for money, if they do not  want to do chores or go to work. However, chores may need to be  done in order to earn $50.00.
  Most places require you to be at least 14 to get a work permit and to have a job. Kids are allowed to work in family businesses and farms. And even then the types of jobs and hours are restricted. You will have to check the laws for your state.
  == Answer ==   The best place to start is in the phone book with stables that are listed, tack shops in your area, or try to find a large animal vet and ask them.-They know everyone. Start calling! It will be dificult if you don't already have experience with horses. Even if you do, you'll...
You have to audition and go through an interview process before you can enroll. You have to call to see when they can interview you.
A 15 year old could offer baby sitting services to make money in  England. They also be able to help neighbors with lawn care.
Not to say it is impossible, but it would be better to plan to gather the money over a longer period of time for whatever it is you want. Adjust your expectations and look for other solutions to problem you are trying to solve.
People who are 15 and are looking for a holiday job, can be hired  at department stores. People could also offer gift wrapping  services.
Most restaurants or department stores will hire people once they  have reached the age of 16 years old. People under the age of 16  can baby sit or do lawn work to ear money.
A minor under the age of 14 may not be employed or permitted to work unless the child is a model, performer or entertainer with a special permit. Special permits are issued only by the Commissioner's Office. Information can be obtained by calling (410) 767-2239.   * Minors 14 through 17 years of...
  I support teenagers in starting their own business. I have helped guide teenagers to make a large amount of money and enjoy being their own boss. What I mean by support is I help guide teenagers who desire to do this.   One great way to do this is help by considering oppitions. Most...
you cannot be 11 and have a part time job
walk a dog baby sit help out a local store pet sit. . .
Any shoe store (Footlocker), or clothing store (Hollister, Aeropostale,etc). You also can try neighborhood stores, grocery stores, or any family run business(you have more chances there).
great job get it earn a 20 pounds every week bargain buy some new clothes
Washing up; tidying up; you could have a friend round aswell as make money so you have a double earning and its fun if your the right type of person painting; If you have a girt for painting you could sell it on eBay for extra casg and hello who doesnt like art?
For an eager beaver wanting a job, I suggest for simple jobs outside home, he could design comics and sell them for .75 cents... or start pet sitting, dog walking, mowing lawns, shoveling snow or mother's helper (a babysitting job when the mother is home). For those who are simple, you can start a ...
Kids are allowed to work in family businesses and farms. Most places require you to be at least 14 to get a work permit and to have a job. And even then the types of jobs and hours are restricted. You will have to check the laws for your state.
You have to be 18 years of age or older in order to obtain a job.
You can babysit in the neighbourhood, mow lawns, do newspaper deliverys, hold a grage sale, or help clean at your aprents work, perhaps you can simply do chores around the house for a weekly allowence?
No, it is against child labor laws.
Shelve stacking at a local Post Office
you could start to babysit or even help elderly people with shopping and house work too.but if you don't like working with people then help your mam round the house or babysit brothers or sisters.Or u could even do a paper round or maybe walk an injured persons dog or even help an injured person do...
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  :] You have two basic biggy choices there. In a grocery store or fast food. Good luck. I'm also fifteen and in Texas.
No. The current competition is for contestants that are 17-24 years of age.
Ask "What jobs can a ten year old get" to get jobs.
There are several places where a 17 year old can work in the summer  in New York City. A few places are restaurants, grocery stores, and  hotels.
thers only 2 people who work at wal-mart and there both mexicans,and by the way sunnie grim is a dike XD
It would be better than paper rounds, if you have a trustworthy face (not trying to be discriminatory but it helps) then you could be a babysitter. The pay is quite good there. The income would be small but worth it for the small amount of work you need to do.
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what can i do at the age of 14 for chick-fil-A?   Many tasks consist of maintaing a clean work environment, getting drinks, making milkshakes/ice cream, taking out the trash and getting things to stock the front counter. They don't let the younger employees do bigger duties because a lot of them...
The easiest jobs for a fourteen year old to get would be a  restaurant job. Their parent would need to sign employment papers,  and they would only be allowed to work three hours a day.
  There are plenty of good jobs you can do!!! you could mow lawn, clean houses,   wash dogs,wash cars, throw a newspapers, sell lemonade, koolaid,or cakes and   cookies. Look up answers for ppl and charge them money for finding out stuff!   wink wink :D   good luck
try to impress your parents like doing something you usually dont do
    First, a 14 year-old could practice spelling and grammar in order to fill out a job application. Then perhaps a 14-year-old could babysit or walk dogs or pick fruit on Sauvie Island in the summer.
a w shop is something on webkinz world where you buy food and other things
Because you get the chance to save other people's lives.
Likely the best part of becoming a chef is the pleasure that it  gives people. Preparing a meal that people greatly enjoy is a great  benefit.
Well, PAPER money is made with wood pulp. This would result in "monopoly money", however, and would get destroyed when wet. REAL money (Currency, like the American dollar bill for instance) is made with a blend of Cotton and Linen (25% and 75% respectively) with special security fibers also added.
sitter city Hello. My name is Mamduha and I am a certified babysitter with 3 years of experience . I'm currently in highschool(15 years old) and i would love to make some money for school. I enjoy playing with kids, since I have a younger sister at home, I know how to have FUN with children and be...
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no u have to be sixteen and then u can only be a bagger and cashier
You can ask your principal for a school fundraiser. You will make more money faster and easier. You can have a school raffle, hot lunch, put on a play and sell tickets, hat day or pj day with a fee of a dollar and get pledges for jumping rope.
To be a fashion designer ,you have to have passion for it.You have to know when the clothing you have designed is a bit too much and when it needs more detail.You have to know what colours match what colours and whether it needs lighter colours or darker colours.The most idiotic answer I read in a...
None that I know of, but you could try doing jobs for family members.modelling
At 13 you are too young for a real job. You could babysit, mow lawns, get a paper route, and do chores for people.
No. Child labor laws prevents hiring someone under 16 years old. Walmart hires at 18.
i dont know maybe a paper route,baby sitter,small family stores. at 14 you can work at DQ
Answer . Phone a vet and you may get the answer or look in your yellow pages of your phone book under "Pets" and there will be lists for kennels, grooming, dog walking, etc. Phone one and ask what they charge. This will give you some idea of what to charge. If you aren't doing this as a permanent...
You can always sell your old things that you dont use any more, sorta have a kids garage sale.
Yes you can, if you are responsible enough. But honestly the decision is up to the parents.
It usually depends. Get a license, first of all.
  == Answer ==   Depending on your state , the largest employer of herpetologists would be that state's dept of wildlife fisheries and parks. Here in MS the dept of wildlife employs herpetologists at the museum and throughout the state at @ 20,000 -50,000 depending on years of exp.
jobs like babysitting and delivering newspapers
  == Eleanor Rigby ==   sweeps up the floors in the church where the weddings are held. At least that's what John, Paul, George, and Ringo told me!
unless you wanna be selling choclate.none.
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PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! I am trying to buy an iPod. I have enough for it but i don't want to be completely broke! I tried asking my mom if I could work for a little extra cash, but she said no.
I've heard that it depends on the McDonald's that you go to. But most business hire at 16. So It really depends.
Thei average age of hiring is 15. I applied at a Coldstone where I live (Oregon). You also might want to drop off a resume (try and make it a little comical, they like that). The key to getting a job there is to keep on checking back on your application (preferably every other week or so). The...
about 1,000 a mont
They could possible baby sit if they are matture and it is okay with the parent or gaurdian, i baby sit now and im 12 nearly 13, i am matture and know how to handle a situation, i have had experianse with babies/toddlers.or you could car washhelp around the housepaper round wen ur 14!lots of things,...
Many teens begin looking for work for extra shopping money. Some  places a 17 year old could work would be a fast food restaurant or  grocery store. Also, many stores in the malls hire teens.
Movie Theatre, Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dominos, Sporting Goods Store, Wal-Mart, HOOTERS ;), etc...check local listings at Snagajob.com
at giant food store    Answerthe renaissance festival.    Answerthere are basics to teenage jobs... -babysitting -dogsittingor... more complex... -kroger (at least 13 years old) -starbucks? -any family or friends' business hiring?good luck!    AnswerI don't know Maryland law,...
  Kids are allowed to work in family businesses and farms. Working with animals is usually considered a hazardous occupation. Most places require you to be at least 14 to have a job. And even then the types of jobs and hours are restricted. You will have to check the laws for your state.
Many people aren't responsible enough for work even to the day they day, for some people. For younger people this is because their lack of experience and knowledge about the world can limit their focus, and change their goals. They might not care about work because they don't need money, or they...
Panera Bread and Plato's Closet hire 17-year-olds in Massachusetts.  You may also be able to work in pet stores, game stores and coffee  shops.
yes they can...but it depends on if you are presentable   it also depends on the rules and contracts of the shop.   most places you have to be 14 and 9 months but believe me there is places that hire as young as 13
  you can definitely work at publix..a lot of my friends do that