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%DETAILS% Answer I don't find any special edition Stevens semi-auto's in my reference books. You might try contacting Savage Arms. I doubt if it will be a high-dollar item since the standard models seem to be only $100-$125 in NRA Excellent condition.
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Made 1961-1970. Serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. If you gun does not have a serial number, sometime between 1961-1968. If it has a serial number, 1969-1970.
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Here is a fact sheet on the Chevy celebrityhttp://auto.howstuffworks.com/Chevrolet-celebrity.htm/printableI found this really interesting
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Easy sack Turn off all penalties, then get right next to the QB when you play defense. When he hikes, sack him, or wait until he drops back to get more sack yards. This is also an easy way to win the game (assuming that you score at least once and you don't screw up the sack technique somehow). &nb…
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Yes, it's possible, as long as the people are not currently married and meet the age requirements of the state in which they plan to marry. It will not make the "illegal" person "legal," however. The process of getting the person "legalized" will take many many years.  yes it is all they need …
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Answer The cognitive impairmernt and emotional deficiencies of the narcissist are described in minute details on my Web site. It contains 1000 pages, so I suggest you use the ubiquitous search engine and the Site Index. Answer I would recommend you search in your local university library, wh…
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Answer It was the 1944 tribute to Connie Mack for His 50 years of coaching.
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I think it was the game against the Detroit Pistons, They scored 40 more than the Pistons.
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RW stands for ReWritable. With a CD-R you can't put anything on it more than once. You add songs to it once and that's it. It is how it is, you can't do anything else with it. You can reuse a CD-RW. Say I had a song on there, but it messed up. I can either find it in my computer and delete the song …
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Are you trying to disable onboard video so you can install a pci video card? If so you have to disable onboard video in your computers bios. Then install your video card in an empty pci slot. Then install the drivers for your pci card in windows.
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No. not really there is a gamecube emulator called dolphin but it wont play most commercial games at all especially without a powerful pc.
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You walk the pipe and look for wet spots.
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Nope. It doesn't matter what your computer specs are. PS2 disks are made to work with the PS2's hardware, not your computer's. I have heard about a program that used to be used to run playstation games, but chances are those are just rumors for the same reason above. Most likely those rumors have so…
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Technically the first home game system was the "Odyssey" made by Ralph Baer, distributed through Magnavox, and it didn't seem to have named games. It probably did, and I just don't know them. That's 7 years before I was born. :) I think it was 1972 when the Odyssey came out. Atari came out with "Po…
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you will need large numbers of swiches and CAT5 cable... an lots of timeConnect the swiches to each other in a token ring fasion (edit this to make sure you can read it correctly) switch >>>>> switch >>>> switch | | |<<<<<<<<<<<<<<…
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SLI stands for Scan Line Interleaving (also alternatively Scalable Link Interface). It is a technology which connects 2 PCI or PCI-E cards from the same company, by an internal cable connection.The graphics processing and displaying is divided among these two cards. One card processes and displays t…
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Playing Nintendo Games on Playstation? You can play NES, Genesis, and SNES games on your ps2. You need to look for the memory card modchip called Memor32. The alternatives work as well. Once you have that plug in and play modchip for the ps2 you can get SNES station, the genesis pack, and nes p…
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Gamecube to PCwhat he said is wrong, its possible to stream gamecube games over ethernet. but you need first a broadband adapter, and a modchip. and you have to run a certain app on the gamecube to act as a server to run the iso image of the game. i never personally tried it but it can be done. it m…
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Well, I have finished Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Splinter Cell Conviction. They aren't very hard games to complete, just get to grips with the controls, make sure you know how to do everything, check your objective/notes often and use stealth for e…
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Making video games requires several key skills, all of which require some knowledge of math. Occupations in the video game field are divided into several professions. One of these skills or professions is a game programmer/programming. The following is an example of the Programming Language used in …
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you cant only on conputers with a grate connection
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I've seen auctions on eBay for the Bleem software. You might check eBay periodically and search for 'Bleem.'The ones I've seen were not downloads but the actual disk in a jewel case. Very inexpensive - last one I saw went for less than $2.00.Just watch out for high S&H costs if you decide to bid…
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Downloading GameShark Cheats Go to Gameshark.com, but you will need a GameShark and broadband Internet connection. One can also check sites such as Cheatplanet.com and GameFAQs.com for said codes.
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GameCube BIOS dumps are not legally redistributable. You must dump the from your own GameCube.
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Although this may sound cruel, you need to take your step-daughter along to meet with her biological mother and she needs to see that her mother is unfit to look after her. Children only know two things ... mom and dad, and anything in between this is not of importance to them. You could soften the …
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You can buy a disc which you play on your playstation it allows you to choose the region you want to use and then you can play a DVD from that region but you cannot make it entirely region free, or if you want to be able to play different games from other countries you can either buy a simple box wh…
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I'm not even sure why it wouldn't run on my machine and here are my specs Syntax P4SVX400 mPGA478B Mainboard Pentium 4 CPU 1.8GHz/400MHZ FSB/256K Cache 1GB DDR PC3200 Ram Diamond Stealth S80 W/ATI Radeon 9200SE 500MHZ GPU W/128mb DDR SDVRAM Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB Harddisk. Use Systemrequiremen…
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trade from another game or get someone to clone one for ya (yes, you can clone) In Emerald you go to Fallbor Town and ask this dig guy for it, assuming you didn't lose the one he gave you in the first place. DUUUDE Even if you lost TM Dig you can just level up a Trapinch until it learns Dig! Or …
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im very unsure but i think pong was the first made video game it took i think 1-2 years to get another one im not that old but im just giving you info on what i remember on G4  I wanna know, who are "they"? There was no choice about what the first video game would be. There just were no video …
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go to action replay7 seconds then put your game in and then that's it!!NEVER
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It is Possible It should because we get electronics from China and they work in America. It should work form America to Australia.
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Nexon has a few good 3d games. Runes of Magic is another title that is pretty interesting. mmorpghut.com has many games that they review and put into a list, so choosing one that is right for you should be very simple. Try Fiesta Online. It's free, and made by Outspark. Very fun, and also the down…
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Easy just go to any poke'mart and at the bottom,left of the counter is a piece of paper.Click:a on it then write "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"the lady will tell you mystery gift is unlocked.then save.You can restart by holding A,B,SELECT and START.After you will find "MYSTERY GIFT".:) then you need to ha…
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No. The PlayStation 2 does not have the drivers to use other webcams.
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Game Designers - Designs game play, and rules of a game. They decide what happens in the game, as well as why, how and when. They may also be responsible for writing the story of the game, including setting, characters, and plot. Other people on a Game development team include: Level designers - de…
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Not if you're buying it at the box office. If you're buying from a third-party (i.e. a scalper) you'll likely pay more than face value until late in the game (if they haven't sold them already).you can get molson half price singles by 10 am on game day
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how do you get mystery gift to work because every time i use it it says no compatible access point in range.check your connection settings for help visit support.nintendo.comerror code :51099. help me please.  OK well it says no compatible access range because you are not connected to WI-FI. I…
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It's quite simple actually. All you need to do, is buy one eithernet cable and have a router. (continued below)Step 1. If it's an Xbox 360 it would've come with one ethernet cord. If it's an original Xbox, then you'll need to buy 2 instead of the intended 1.Step 2. Make sure the ethernet cable from …
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You should order it on a website or EBay. Make sure the back of the card is standard by comparing it with real cards. There are many bootlegged versions out there. Also, make sure that there is no plastic diamond holographic design over the front of the card. The card cannot be used in tournaments b…
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You can buy it here: www.gamestop.com or www.gameshark.com I think you shouldn't buy it, because it messes up your game and if it does, you might have to make a new one...
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A console is a system is where you can play video games. On some of them you can watch blu ray movies dvds cds and more. Here is a list of some modern consoles: PS3 Xbox 360 Wii PSP DS Here are some popular console manufacterters: sony Nintendo Microsoft Here are some old consoles: xbox …
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The two big differences are that Substance has an improved third person camera and an online game mode. Also included are ports of the original MSX versions of 'Metal Gear' and 'Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake', a third disc containing reworked footage from MGS3 to create a 3 hour film, more Snake Vs. M…
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Answer ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ec............................w! Answer Smack down Rules! I mean ever though on the game Randy is on Raw on 2006 he is on smackdown. Overall on both of them i reckon SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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Answer my opinion only but I would black monday Driv3r was a complete turkey in my book If you are looking to buy one i advise you to rent them out first and decide for yourself.
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I think ISS is what the Americans or the Japanese that call the game but in Europe its just called pro evolution soccerISS is a different game to pro evo, there were ISS games being released in Britain at the same time as pro evo. Iss games were considered to be more 'arcady', and not a football sim…
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There is absolutely no way to give you a complete answer to "What is the story behind Metal Gear" - the answer is just too big, having spawned an entire database of information across several games and its own Wiki online. However, I can summarize some of the primary game stories further down. Keep …
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Answer try looking in the instruction book-if it doesnt say anything about it you probably cant...if you dont have the thing then i guess you are screwed
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While anything might influence the choices that we make, video games, as well as any other type of media, do not control our minds. They can, however, become addictive to the point of monomania, and there is anecdotal evidence that they can shape the user's behavioral concepts (especially in teens).…
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Answer Do you own your home? Or are you holding the lease where you live? If so go down to your local courthouse and ask for an eviction package to evict him from your home. By law if he has been living with you for more than three months then you will have to go through the eviction process. If …
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go to New York or to an Nintendo event and go to the michine with your wireless adaptor with your mystery gift and it will send you one
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Go to the PlayStation Store or download demos. You have to sign up with the PlayStation Network to access games and demos. This can all be done on the device and is very simple. Before downloading a game or demo make sure you have strong Wifi connection as games take a while to download from the Pla…
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You will see math while making a game but, not really while playing it. By the way to the guy below me I do think it is better to do raw coding then buttons because you get more experience and it's more fun, to see how every code you type becomes something. Everywhere. Your score requires a formul…
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Answer It will not physically destroy the disc or cartridge, however what it will do is damage the memory of your console and possibly corrupt some saves.
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Getting Pregnant in Simsto get your Sim pregnant you need to make them both like each other then you get them to both relax in a double bed at the same time them click on they other one and then click try for a baby
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Sadly no. For a few reasons. Firstly xbox360 is only fully compatible with 360 games so you wouldn't really be playing all of your old games. You can download compatability for old games of xbox live but cant transfer any saved data on an xbox. Also you can tramsfer your xbox live account by simply …
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Depending on the video card you will not be able to check the seating of the chip set. Generally anymore the chips are soldered onto the board and cannot be removed but if you have purchased one that has memory expansion sockets look along the legs and they should all be even in the socket. If you …
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PS1 to PS2 Games games for a PS1 will work on a PS2 but will not be any better quality, and games for a PS2 will not work on a PS1 Answer Yes. They can. But the graphics may not be as good on a PS2 as a PS1.
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Chipping an Xbox 360 No, but with a HardDrive you can download demos through Xbox Live.   The best thing out so far is a DVD firmware flash. It will allow you to play "backed-up" games. so you don't have to buy games then borrow it from a friend and burn it on a blank CD like music Answer 2 …
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Answer no,MX440(4x or 8x)only support DX7,DX7 doesn't include PS1.1
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Copies of the Nintendo DS BIOS are not legally redistributable. You will need to use a homebrew program to dump it from your own DS.
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the card is too oldno sorry you cant but you can put some of the graphics options on high.This card graphics card is getting very old but it still runs all thegames at the moe. I hope you did not buy this card in the last yearbecause its 4 years old now. u cant realy play this game if u have only 1…
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Answer Press "select", and then enter 7444. It will then delete the current pasowrd and ask for a password registration. You can then enter your new pasword.
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wish with your eyes closed 5 times then give your mum a £10 note and say please give me a gameshark then she will say yes, but you will not get it,in till you watch Pokemon on Disney XD 10 times then you will have it in your room. like magic!
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Cd-r means- compact disk RecordableCd-rw means compact disk re-writableYou can only record onto a R disk once.  When burning the CD, burn it as a "multisession" disk. Not too sure if you can do this with all CD burning software but Nero has a box you can tick to allow the disk to be multisessi…
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Basketball still has 4 quarters today. Two halves mean the first and second, and then the third and forth quarter. The first half is the first and second quarter, and the second half is the third and forth. After the second it's half-time, the players take a 20 minute break.
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Children in Sims 2 no sadly. you can romance but no kids. all you have to do is run a hotel, defeat goons, quell alien invasions etc.
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i have run games like call of duty 2, splinter cell chaos theory, medal of honour etc with ATI 9200SE 128Mb
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OK Ill tell you When you download a psp game from internet from file type cso or iso you get a usb cable/connector. you stick it in the usb port in laptop and psp and go to usb mode on psp. Then you have to go into ISO FOLDER and copy the game into the folder. After that you just go to game in p…
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Answer It may be because you need to update your cheats, as the game ID and cheats need to be on the Action Replay's file or it won't recognise it, or have any cheats for it. Answer the action replay doesn't break if you take care of it, and if it isn't reading than simply take it out, blow on the e…
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2 answers1access mystery gift and go to a Nintendo event2use an action replay
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A software application which enables the computer to "emulate" a piece of hardware, fooling the computer into thinking that the hardware, such as a CD-ROM, is attached to it. Emulators are often used in situations where there is no CD-ROM present, as in the case of some laptops, or to test an image …
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There is more to it The type of ball to use has to do with what type of player you are, not the size of the driver. For instance using titleist as an example, if you are are a scratch golfer the ProV1 and ProV1x will be the best bet, whereas if you are a 10-15 handicap you are better using an NXT…
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Most come in entertainment packs, meaning with a game and in a different color than the original. These are about $200.Good answer :)But on sale they are about $180 in the store i go to.
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How to Load a CD into a PlayStation Emulatorby CD do you mean playstation game, if so the answer is you don't you download the games(known as roms) off the internet, if not then click open and then browse to the drive contaning the CD.  Do you mean "play CD on emulator"you need configure CD-RO…
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The official retail price for the system are as follows: Xbox 360 Arcade: $199 Xbox 360 Elite: $299.99 (120 GB) and $399.99 (250 GB) Of course, buying a used system would probably be cheaper. There are also bundles and limited edition versions of the console which come packaged with games, which t…
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Yes. The CDRtools have been ported to DOS. See the software section of the FreeDOS Website. This program was designed for FreeDOS but it should run on MS-DOS as well.
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Nolan Bushnell
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Nolan Bushnell
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The best for site psp game trailers is www.ign.com. There are alot of game websites which you can look at like www.gametrailers.com providing trailers and game videos for new and old games. there is also a well known webise www.gamespot.com which is also useful to check out new games and unrelease …
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First Step Downlaod PSP video (http://pspmoviesmania.blogspot.com) Second step place mp4 file into video folder of Memory stick Third Step .. Enjoy
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some emulators cost money. that's whats sad. u go to zophar.net youll find out which ones cost Buying an Emulator for Nintendo 64 go to NGEMU.com to download a emulator, you don't have to buy it, what a dipchit   to buy it?!!!All the emulators are free so you can fill your computer with the…
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Monitor Stuck in Power Save ModeFirst I would check your bios there should be a option to enter setup when you power up you PC. If you have an on board video that was being used prior to installing the new card, it may still be selected in your bios, you will have to connect your monitor to the onbo…
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The Rocket Key is the Elevator Key that powers the elevator in the Celadon City Rocket Headquarters, under the Game Corner.
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same as an ar put the game and look for the code you want -- There are no pictures that show how to use the gameshark with Gameboy Advance SP but someone posted a video showing how it is used here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qREbr44MNM Explanation starts at seconds 1:15
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PSP Answer You just turn the button on that is located on the right and turn it up and you will see a green light. It is right towards the side of the PSP right behind the power label. If you've already tried that then it may be bricked.
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You cannot catch mew unless you have a cheating device such as game shark. If you do not have the cheating device, then im afraid its impossible to catch mew in emerald. :(
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First you download the Any Video Converter (no viruses) and than change the video format to MPEG 4, a 100 megabyte video takes about 21 minutes. The PSP does NOT support any other files that i know of. PSP Video 9 is a free PSP video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and D…
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Connecting a PS2 Through a Media Centeri doubt that is even possible, but you can buy a VGABOX to connect the ps2 to a FPD. or you can build your own vga cable if your electronic savvy by going here to get the playstation pinout http://www.gamesx.com/avpinouts/psxav.htm. but after that's built, you …
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Answer Rent a center allows you to rent game systems or to buy them outright or pay for them week by week till it is paid off and then it is yours for good although you tend to pay more that way then just buying it outright!!!
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It is not legal to work in this country if you do not have a green card and you are an illegal.
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Computer graphics and artificial intelligence are both fields of study at universities that take years to thoroughly understand. There are many different methods of implementing AI (artificial intelligence).
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This problem is constantly occurring with old and/or damaged hardware, i suggest hopefully finding another device, it has happened to me many times before and i understand that there is no way of saving it.
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Using a PS2 Network Adapter to Go Onlineit is basicly a phone modem with an ether net connection as well. You simply plug it in to the back of your ps2 and then either conect it to a phone line and call your dial up or connect it to your lan or ethernet capable modem. There is a disk that comes with…
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If you bought it and it has a sound problem then i would return it for exchange or a refund. If you did somthing to it by accident (ie, drop the gamecube on the floor by accident or spill water inside it) then i would either send it back to Nintendo for a replacement for repairs provided that it sti…
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yes but expense their are games aslo most people want it because it is rare
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