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Depression and Bipolar Disorder

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Questions and answers about Depression and Bipolar disorder, including symptoms of the illness, and how to help those who suffer from it.


Counseling and perhaps medication are needed.
There is this drug Visteral. It helps a lot to calm patients withdepression and anxiety to be able to sleep. You could also listen to music, count backwards from 100 outloud,or take a warm bath to make you sleepy. (:
Call an ambulance. The should come and pick up the person so they can't hurt themselves and then the hospital should be able to get the person the help they need to combat depression.
I personally do not recommend it. (: Equilib is a medication thatworks but is the same exact thing as going for a run. It increasesyour serotonin but you can easily do this without that medication.
probably so you can get attention or make someone listen to you
Chances are with the money problems, he's stressed. With a lot ofstress, he's probably unable to sleep at night. If hes working, hemay be working more hours trying to save up as much money as hecan. The combination of stress, no sleep and exhaustion can sendsomeone into a pretty deep depression....
Sometimes you can't stop depression from affecting your job. Your ability to do your job like you normally due may become too difficult; you may lose your concentration or feel very sad to the point where you feel like crying. Get professional help immediately. This could be a psychotherapist or a...
Yes. You are in the military for "the best interests of the Service." Any condition that compromises your ability to fulfill your mission is grounds for a discharge. Bipolar disorder could directly interact with in-the field performance, so it would almost certainly lead to a discharge under Section...
Life experiences past and present alter general perception of thatperson's life, including their perceived level of control theyexert over certain situations. Personality leads to tendencies inbehavior (for example, an outgoing person would tend to socializemore and have more friends) and actions.
Actually antipsychotics are usually unnecessary for the treatment of depression, unless psychotic features are present. Antidepressants are normally used.
everybody cries sometimes i cry to
one word. chocolate. once you start eating it you wont stop, igained 2 stn while being depressed and comfort eating
While bipolar disorder is one of the mostheritable of the psychological disorders, there is growing evidencethat childhood trauma seems to increase the odds of developingthis. Especially if the trauma happened under the age of five.
People with bi polar disorder suffers from extreme mood swings. The what is called highs and lows, which means that one moment they may be very happy then the next minute they may be very sad.
Oddly enough, many anti depressants warn that they could in factmake depression work. Sometimes it's a long, wait and see process.Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about which drug they thinkwill work best for you.
its easy all you have to do is do physical activeness!
One difference is that I only took the Beck Inventory and not the other.
Cab you be a little more specific please. Depression is only amedical term
Reach out for help... Counseling and Psyche services if you're on a college campus, guidance counselor if you're in high school. There's psyche services at most hospitals if neither applies. You deserve to be happy and healthy... you have a whole life ahead of you! Reaching out for help will get you...
that they kill themselves. im 16 and thats my greatest risk.
I wouldn't say just say your mind but your spirit too. I've been depressed twice in my life. The first time I was 13, honestly I was very insecure about myself, and i began to hold pain in my heart from things my mother would do to me or say to me. Always feeling aloney. I could be one way; happy...
Divorce of parents Extreme life events such as a death of a friend or relative.
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No, just because you hate people, does not mean your emo, it just means your not really a people kind of person. The answer to your question would be no, not all people that hate other mean they are emo and emo is not about hating people, so you can't call yourself an emo just by hating people. I...
The preferred medications for bipolar are the mood stabilizers, they are very unlikely to cause sexual side effects. Its the antidepressants that most frequently cause such side effects, and they are usually avoided in most bipolar treatment due to the risk of breakthrough mania.
The exact cause of bipolar disorder is unknown, but several factors seem to be involved in causing and triggering bipolar episodes: Biological differences. People with bipolar disorder appear to have physical changes in their brains. Neurotransmitters. An imbalance in naturally occurring brain...
It depends on the person. Some people are so depressed that they cannot care for themselves or a pet properly, but most people do find that having a pet gives them something to do and a reason to live. Pets have been shown to have positive effects on people.
OK why don't you try explaining to someone that you are close to about how you feel and rethink how you feel then and if you still feel the same way then try dropping hints to your father then if he eventually gets it calmly explain it to him if he does not after a while try calmly explaining it...
Somtimes they just do it because they feel numb and wonder if they can sitll feel physical pain as well.
There are several known signs of possible suicidal behavior. One sign is that your friend has been very withdrawn lately from most of the people in their life. They might not have any close relationships at all. He/She might have talked to you in a way that led you to raise this question to begin...
Yes, lots of studies are being taken place with all the mental disorders.
you should try to help her and encourage her and let her know how much you care, and try to support her, tell her how special she is to you, and that you accept it and want to work with her on it. Keep in touch with her. Let her know that you'll be there for her no matter what and that you guys will...
everytime you have a negative thought, replace the thought with thecomplete opposite. also, therapy might help.
For me, when I get into deep depression, I see the person/people I love as very very important to me. I need them when I feel that way (and all the time too) but they are your support, your life lines, your friends, your comforters, your listening angel. So I always try and tell them how much they...
They need to try their wings on their own. At 15 for instance they are more adults then kids emotionally and mature wise. Imagine yourself living with your parents as an adult and being told what to do and when to eat etc.
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With chronic or severe stress, the body reacts by mounting a stress response through the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. This is also called the "fight or flight" response as the body arms itself to face what it perceives as danger causeing the adrenal cortex to increase production of...
do this :( press shift + ; and press shift and 9
I would love to know the answer to this question as I am O- myself, and have a history of anxiety issues, mild depression. If anyone can answer this question - please feel free to do so!
You can be what ever age and have bi-polar disorder, it's when you have severe mood swings that can last several days or even a few minutes. if you're depressed, angry, or really happy, for no reasonw hat so ever, you're probably bi-polar :P
Increasingly tired, not willing to get up or do anything, slow reaction, generally not caring and or having dulled feelings. Depending upon the person, and the reasons for the depression, there are many different symptoms. Depression is usually accompanied by a lack of initiative, a major change in...
That is seen in patients with depression very much. If you need anybody for support, any of the supervisors here at wiki would love to help you, and I can help you to, being the supervisor of the Depression and Bipolar Disorder Category. You can send me an email at mailto:22Chika22@wikianswers.com
Depression is a common and debilitating illness. It is treatable, but the majority of persons with depression do not receive even minimally adequate treatment Depression is characterized by changes in mood, self-attitude, cognitive functioning, sleep, appetite, and energy level The World Health...
Dark therapy is a fairly new chronobiological treatment involving exposure to darkness. Preliminary research has shown that this can be effective in treating manic episodes, particularly in sufferers of rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. Dark therapy is almost converse to the bright light therapy used...
A psychotic person has lost track of reality. A mentally ill person may have a range of disorders that do not necessarily involve losing track of reality.
Yes. Just because a person is mentally unstable doesn't mean they are incapable of 'normal' emotions.
I would suggest taking her to a doctor. You would be surprised at how depression effects people. It would be nice if maybe you sat down and talked with your daughter and let her tell you how she really feels, instead of you thinking she doesn't have depression. There is a good chance that she...
Throughout the world, around 2000 people kill themselves each day! That means that 750,000 people die from suicide each year. You have a bigger chance of hurting yourself than you have of being hurt from another person! This does not even take into account people who try to kill themselves and fail ...
Vitamin D is not known to benefit treatment of depression.
don't lose sleep over it, remember things could be worse, do yoga.
For one thing my daughter gets rather pissed off at me. She hates me being depressed (as if I enjoy it) and uses it as an excuse for acting up.
Yes, drug use can damage the brain and cause mental illness.
Yes, if you try and eat healthy, some food actually do make you feel better, which could help your happiness levels, and also your energy. You'd be surprised about how eating right helps mostly everything with your body.
You can call your primary practitioner/DR. ,and advise him/her of your symptoms. Normally the Dr. will give you a referral to a mental health Dr. which you can make an appointment with to be evaluated. If treatment is needed the Dr. will begin treatment immediately. Treatment usually consist of...
There are a number of different kinds of depression and a number of ways to treat depression. A person can be depressed because of the circumstances of his or her life, and those circumstances can change. Usually the remedy is obvious. If you are depressed because your girlfriend left you, you may...
post traumatic stress disorder is a mental condition brought upon by..obviously some sort of trauma and therefore has little or nothing to do with physical trauma, and from psychological standpoint has no bearing on becoming bipolar. Bipolar or manic depression is a physiological disorder that is...
well first of all tell your parents about it and if they help problem solved if they dont heres how:calm down and lie down and dont think about it! Think about good things. You can't make yourself stop thinking about one thing unless you replace it with something good and helpful.
Depression is simply an chemical imbalance and is not something that you can catch like a cold!!! So you may get it from your parents or just have it yourself. It's not bad it's just the serotonin, which makes you happy, is off, so you get "highs" and "lows" in the extreme!! Which is very bad for...
you try to be there for them as long as u can and hopefully everything will work out
Bipolar runs in families and can be inherited.
Well - I'm not sure what the question is, but everyone thinks they are not normal at times. If it takes over your life, then you may need to ask someone for help, but if it does not impact your life, hey - no big deal.
Alcohol. Opiates like morphine or codeine or heroine. Cannibis (Pot), Benzo's (Valium, ativan, etc), and some solvents.
It can be considered an emotion, but also a state of the mind, because it is a mental illness.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It really depends on the person, their history with sexual relationships, and how much control that person has in other areas as well.
withdrawal saddness suicidal
Majorly. Imagine not being able to grasp reality, and living in a constant dream/nightmare state. You can't tell whats real and not, and normally you start to live in your dream state and forsake reality.
Bi = two. Polar = poles. So 'two poles' - mania and depression.
Sorry, no there is no objective test that can be done on anyone (child or adult) for Bipolar Disorder. It is only diagnosable by subjective observation of symptoms (given in the current DSM in the US or ICD elsewhere in the world).
Yes, many. In the US some are on SSDI and some are on SSI.
Symptoms of both ADD and bipolar disorder overlap. This means that they can either co-exist or maybe misdiagnosed as one while being the other. The implications of any diagnosis in Psychiatry are the following: 1- The type of medication one will be prescribed 2- The prognosis: ie. future of the...
Severe despondency and dejection, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. . A condition of mental disturbance, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life. .
Yes; bipolar disorder is a hereditary disorder.
Bipolar disorder and Manic Depression Disorder are two terms that describe the same condition. It is believed however that Bipolar is a bit more accurate because the condition is characterized as being mood swings that seem to swing from one extreme to the other, hence Bipolar. The two phases,...
You could contact the superintendant of schools, and have them dealwith it. Or you could address the problem directly by setting up ameeting with his teachers and Principles. If it gets out of handyou could file unfair dismissal and take it to court.
The skin keep the body cool by sweating. When the body gets too hot as you may know by exercising you begin to perspire. This is how the body cools itself down.
If a person is feeling numb or really angry or sad the cutting brings a rush brought on by the endorphines that rush into the blood stream everytime the body gets harmed physically in some way. These endorphines cause a euphoria or high of sorts. Sometimes they cut because they feel this great...
You should reach out for help.... what you're going through sucks, and by reaching out for help you can feel better. You deserve to feel better. You deserve more than just being alive... you can be happy. Reaching out is an incredible first step, and I laude you for considering it. It can be a scary...
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Antidepressant medication usually can.
Of course when someones depressed they feel feelings very strongly