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Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whether in a city, country or a single business. Questions about supply and demand and economic theory are welcome here.
True, people will not want to pay more for their product and could buy a cheaper alternative. Hope this helped :)
This is important to help sell products. It helps to target thegroup that you need in a much better way.
According to Wikipedia, the roles of the US Fedeeral Reserve are to conduct the nation's monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking institutions, maintain the stability of the financial institutions and provide financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government andforeign...
when the price of a good increased by 2%,the quantity demanded of it decreased by 10% the price elasticity of demand of demand is
$19.97 for a pack of 100ct size 1 (In Oregon)
Description Analysis Explanation Prediction
In May 2008, the US national average for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.764 - the equivalent of about $3.82 per gallon in 2010.
because, thats when people want to go during their summer break soairlines cost more
Military actions conducted by forces of two or more nations, typically organized within the structure of a coalition or alliance
Evidence that you did not work the day you claim to have been injured, or that you were not injured while at work.
Nuclear radiations especially gamma and X rays are highly penetrating in nature. When they pass through the body of the living organism which knocks out the organic molecules and causes disturbances. This causes death. These radiations cause cancer, leukemia that still don't have a proper cure and...
because it is the leftover oil that we use in cars... Well...., the reason the price is so much higher has to do with the makup of diesel. Untill a few years ago the US allowed more sulfur in our diesel than anyone else in the world. When the US Government decided to lower the allowable sulfur...
The three economic goals are Economic Efficiency (maximize production with resources available without overproduction), Economic Growth (must grow to keep up with population and increase standard of living), and Economic Stability (stable prices and decreased frequency of 'shocks').
the necessary things for a countries economy are the factors of production which is land , labour ,capital and entrepreneur.
Economic growth was strong between 1932 and 1941. All economics were based upon supporting the Empire.
production possibilities curve convex to the origin. Elson Mendoza was here.
1) They can't find a job 2) They refuse to take any job that is not their title. For exampleone was a manager at a store. His store closes and he refuse totake a cashier job 3)They are too lazy to find a job 4) It is easier to collect then going on interviews 5)They just want a government handout ....
You would not be disqualified just for being on house arrest. Mostpeople on house arrest are not confined all the time to theirhouse. A schedule can be entered so they may seek employment or beallowed to work if they have a job.
In World War 1 Germany and Britain (and France?) adopted various features of a command economy. At the time it was sometimes nicknamed 'war socialsim.'
A dram weighs 1/16 ounce or 1.771 grams
I think that management is science in theory,but when you devote yourself into it and love it from the bottom of your heart,management is an art.It's an art about emotion,skills,human nature and life.
The actual act, meaning how bad the person was hurt. Then there isintent, or weather the perpetrator was trying to hurt the victim.If it is done with intent to kill or with a dangerous weapon it isaggravated battery, and the sentence can be greater.
Management is a science insofar as it utilizes statistics and proven methods. Management is an art insofar as it utilizes psychology and other social sciences in a limited way within a narrow range, with certain goals in mind. Managers are not career psychiatrists or anthropologists, but they can...
Market Economy A market economy is a system inwhich decisions on production and consumption of goods and servicesare based entirely on exchange, or trade; The answer to thisis Mixed Economy. A mixed economy is a system that combines the free market with somegovernment intervention.
a mixed economy combines private ownership and government control to run the government."mixing"them to create the Canadian government
By economic principles, opening up to trade will create a new"world price" that must be adhered to. This will allocate goods inthe most efficient way.
Hard money advocates (like bankers) wanted a stable currency thatwas not subject to inflation.Investors, speculators,&people whotended to be in debt favored a loose or soft money policy, becauseinflation tended to ease their financial burdens.
How can the government promote growth in the economy
As with today, many the younger generation that it was a good idea, the old guard (the older generation) thought it was a bad idea.
Because Americans and Europeans still from our people......
You shouldn't have been collecting unemployment if you had a job. But now that you are fired once again I suppose it will just stay the same.
the retailers are those who have an acononical issue that if the price of unity in elsticity which is more higher then tha quantity demanded here nopr we apply the facultyu formula like if we have in prince that 500 choclates we are buying in rs 800 so when the prices will increase and if the...
It has to do with exchange rates. Consider the US and Canada. If one US dollar is worth $1.50 Canadian, then US dollars buy 50% more Canadian products than an equal number of Canadian dollars would. But if the value of the Canadian dollar rises, so that it is worth the same as an American dollar,...
Relative wage is the wage that is comparable for a certain type ofjob. It will not necessarily tell you wage rate but the range thatyou should look for that type of job.
The price of airline tickets rises during the summer months becausedemand is higher. People tend to do more traveling during thesummer time.
final expenditure approach
If a business depends on purchases by consumers and families, and if unemployment is locally high, then there will be fewer consumers and families with disposable income to spend and sales will decline. If a business depends on business-to-business sales, the level of unemployment is largely...
Because people are either too lazy or don't have enough time to make food for themselves or their families.
Usually during a monopoly is where a business tries to "own" the whole street. In other words it means one business is trying to eliminate the others causing consumers to purchase their products since the other stores are no long there.
The Structure of Nigeria Economy means, how resources are woned and how Production, Distribution and Consumption are managed in Nigeria.
Some factors that affects are the following: Supply and demand,value of the dollar, tangible assets, politics like war andconflicts.
Retirement means that you have chosen not to work, normally because you have reached retirement age (usually 65) or for any other reason. Unemployment means that you do still want to work but you have not been successful in finding work. So it has to be one or the other. Either you are trying to get...
In the United States, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) ended in 1997 as a result of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 ( PRWORA , . The successor program is Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
\nIt depends. Two political philosophers, Adam Smith and Karl Marx, had differing opinions on this matter.\n. \nAdam Smith was the founder of capitalism and believed in what he called "the Invisible Hand". This meant that competition would eventually result in innovation as one group tried to beat...
there was a very bad tariff.they did fight over many things. one of those many things was slavery. but that one was solved.
The maximization of a shareholder's profit is at a point where the value of share is maximum and dividend on the share paid by the company is also very high but only few successful companies give such profit maximization to their shareholders and the listings of such companies can be found out on...
This is the theory that people are going to do things in their bestinterest. If you want them to purchase your product, you will haveto convince them how it will be of benefit to them.
$900.00 from 1965 would be worth $6,229.30. In the time period there was about a 4.4% annual increase from inflation.
As of December 2009, the unemployment rate in Canada is 8.4%
more goods will be produced.
In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. [1] (In practice, the term monetary inflation is used to specifically refer to an increase in the money supply.) courtesy of wikipedia.org
Debt-Led consumer spending: Consumers purchase a tangible item or service with a short term or long term loan. Ontrack Financial Group llc
In the US in 2010, the average price of a gallon of regulargasoline was $2.79
The answer is Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism. You're welcome.
$200,000 in 1970 would be $1,183,500 in 2013.
We are running out of room to put the wastes of it. Right now we have one major place to put them and each plant has a cement building to house them. It costs too much to run them but the main reason is that the wastes stay radioactive for decades.
Not security but stability is.
in Missouri, it was $2.58/gallon for unleaded
Need and caring. If you need it from abroad and you have something to offer for it you have international trade influenced by need. If you care about lives abroad and have the capacity to bring something to them, usually in exchange for something later down the line (to impart responsibility)...
Economic growth and productivity are directly related. The moreproductivity that there is in a nation, the more exponential thatthe economic growth will be.
More countries do not use the Euro than those that do, so it iseasier to list those that do. . 17 European Union member countries currently use the Euro: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands,Portugal, Slovakia,...
There are quite a few advantages and disadvantages of fuel pricehikes. One disadvantage is that less fuel is purchased bringing inless money.
yes it is highest margin as specially cocktail.
Please can you help list and explain the various theories of proft that we have in economics. I am a postgrudate student of the university of lagos, nigeria studing ECN 845: advanced micro-economics.
Ang industriyalisasyon ay umaakit sa mga negosyante na maglagak ng puhunan at dagdag trabaho upang kumita ang mamamayan na bansa -- industrialization in the Philippines reduced the amount of arable land in the country.
Yes there was a stimulus payment for the 2009 income tax return.If you did not receive it and did not claim it way before now, youwill not be eligible to claim it this far in the future.
An economic challenge that south america faces today is environmental issues.
It has a lot of importance since most of the world's fuel is based on petroleum in some way.
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Its actually called the "Lanham Act" The Lanham (Trademark) Act (title 15, chapter 22 of the United States Code) is a piece of legislation that contains the federal statutes of trademark law in the United States. The Act prohibits a number of activities, including trademark infringement,...
Ownership in companies is traded in the stock market while ownership of raw, unprocessed goods is traded in the commodity market.