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A deadly STD, the human immunodeficiency virus causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a condition which causes the immune system to fail. A pandemic, AIDS kills millions every year.
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  of course not!!!!!...and im 100% sure of this.
  It is against the law to KNOWINGLY expose someone to the HIV virus. That means if you have unprotected sex with someone who had no idea they were carrying the virus, then no offense has been commited.
No No, to get AIDS you must have physical contact with another person who has AIDS. You cannot get AIDS if you did not have physical contact with another person who has AIDS. Hope this helped !
  Chlamydia and syphilis tests will not reveal the presence of HIV. A test must be done specifically for HIV. Usually, you will have to sign a consent form for an HIV test to be done. You may wish to speak with your fertility doctor about whether or not an HIV test was performed even if you did...
  It entirely depends on the needs of the patient.
  No. HIV is only transmitted through vaginal and anal sex. Saliva not only doesn't carry HIV but it also carries enzymes that render HIV, if it were present, ineffective. Even if this person had blood in their mouth from a cut or sore, it wouldn't be a risk. Unless the burn was opened,...
Will its different per person, but you will probably live 10-30 years with the right meds...
  HIV Aids is an incurable retro-viral infections spread by unprotected sexual intercourse between both hetero and homosexual couples. Also can be transmitted via needle sharing with an infected drug user. It cannot be spread by contact or by airborne virus particles.
This should not be a concern during blood transfusions as all blood donations are taken very carefully after an extensive breakdown of the individual donating blood in terms of their eligibility. In terms of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, the individual who has contracted such a...
  Yes, the swine flu is dangerous to an HIV AIDS patient. Any minor infection or even a cold is deadly to an HIV AIDS patient. The person has to have progressed AIDS, otherwise it won't be as dangerous.
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  Since there are no facts approving that, the answer will be no.
  Through the back door.
when you had sex with a person who has the virus, when you have sex with different partners and if you used a syringe or infused with blood that came from a person having HIV.
  Through blood or sexual fluids.
  Yes, anyone can get HIV, regardless of sexual orientation.
The technical term for the device is sphygmomanometer, but it can  also simply be called a blood pressure meter. The device consists  of a inflatable cuff and a mercury or mechanical manometer. It  determines at what pressure does blood flow become impeded and at  what pressure does blood flow...
He was a drug user.
  Have unprotected , rough sex, share a syringe, get bitten - all by/with someone who has HIV.
Antibiotics are used for bacteria, HIV and FLU are a type of viris, not a bacteriumyou would have to use anti-viral tablets but they are not very effective because they can destroy your cells (viruses reproduce inside cells)Antibiotics generally work by destroying the cell walls of bacteria. The flu...
  Yes, it is possible to get AID's and std's from a virgins blood, but only if you have an open sore in your mouth, the infected blood must enter your bloodstream in order for you to get the virus. But we ask how can a virgin have aids? the answer to that is the virgin with the virus, was born...
Yes, because gay people tend to have more sexual partners throughout their lives on average.
  Well HIV is known as the "Silent Killer" and for a reason. Some people don't show any symptoms at all! But usually give or take 6 months to show the first symptom like a flu or something
  Obviously, by swallowing an infected person's cum, there is a risk that you could become infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. Some medical studies indicate thhe HIV transmission risk is low, while others would dispute this finding.
There are a number of medications that are used to treat HIV. Among them are:AZTSustivaNorvirEpivirAtriplaFuzeonLexivaVidex
duhhh... Freddie mercury was the first rock star (more like rock god) to die of aids
There is a very strong link between STDs and HIV.    The first link, of course, is the way both are acquired. Both STDS and HIV are acquired through sexual contact (heterosexual, homosexual sex).   The same behaviors that put one at risk for stds put people at risk for HIV.   Studies have...
no she doesnt She does now! Now that she is pregnant she has caught it from Jay-Z in 2009 Chris Brown had beaten up Rihanna for giving him hiv and had got it from Jay-Z from unprotected sex it was announce on the news and they took it off immediately so it would not ruin their reputation so Jay-Z...
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Abnormal paps almost never mean HIV. While women with HIV are morelikely to have abnormal pap smears, most women with abnormal papsmears do not have HIV.
It will take about 6 months to show up in blood tests.
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It is believed that the HIV virus can remain dormant for several years in the body in various tissues other than the blood, especially the lymphatic system. Any bodily organs that have an ample blood supply are likely infected.   One person, Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc. Physics, examined a US patent...
  HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) is a virus which can quickly lead to AIDS (Aquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome). With the correct medication, known as anti-retrovirals, a sufferers life-span can be considerably lengthened. After developing AIDS, treatment with anti-retroviral medication...
  Yes most diseases can and that is the reason that health professionals and first aid people wear gloves just in case.
  The truth is.....................ALL of them!
Different types of hair loss are caused by different things. Here is a look at various types and their causes. Androgenetic Alopecia: This is by far the leading type of hair loss in men and women and is a result of genetics. This genetic hair loss is hereditary and can be inherited from either side...
  No. AIDS is only transferred from one person to another through body fluids (like blood, spit or unprotected sex).
  Yes, sometimes psoriasis is associated with HIV. But if you're afraid you may have HIV, it's just a better idea to get tested before jumping to conclusions.
It is the first treatment given to a medical problem (such as an injury), and sometimes the only treatment needed if the problem is minor.
No. HIV is spread through bodily fluids.
  Well...if you got the virus before...you are still not cured. YOU CAN encounter a more dangerous strain of the virus. Technically, you can get it twice, without ever losing it the first time...if that makes sense
You can't. the only thing you can do is be careful to avoid contracting it. Always practice safe sex and only have sex with partners you know and trust; don't do intravenous drugs, or at least use a fresh, sterile needle every time; make sure you use reputable providers if you need to use any...
The origins of HIV can be traced to Africa. It is believed the first cases of HIV infection occurred in the 1940's or 1950's. Africa has been dealing with HIV longer than any other portion of the world, which helps explain the diseases prevelance there.
How do AIDS attack and spread?   the 5 ways it attacks the cells is:   1. HIV attaches to the surface.   2. Virus makes a copy of its genetic material.   3. Virus core enters cell and goes to the nucleus.   4. New virus assembles at cell suface.   5. New virus breaks away from the...
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  It could be several things. Depending if your sexually active or not, it could possibly be an STD, Such as: Genital warts, Gonorrhea, or Secondary stage Syphilis (if anything is visible... "down there"). It could also be a simple rash from clothing irritation. It also could be a yeast...
it is highly possible that the female will contract HIV and in doing so, she will transfer HIV to the baby as soon as she breast feeds. its kinda of catch 22 because the mother HAS to breast feed the baby so he/she will receive the proper antibodies to protect it against other disease at their young...
In primates axist a virus that seems to be identic with HIV but it doesent infect the human celles.his name it is SIV
Both HIV-1 and HIV-2 are equally "dangerous" in that both are sexually transmitted and both lead to AIDS.  There are several difference between the two, in terms of how transmissible they are and how each progressess.  The bottom line--you want to avoid either type of the virus.
If you don´t take care of yourself you may get AIDS but if you have AIDS and you get a simple cold you may die.
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  The answer is that no-one knows but the first recorded case was in a merchant seaman from the UK back in the 1950's.
  The only absolute guaranteed way to never get AIDS is either abstinence or to have sex only with guaranteed AIDS-free partners.
You get HIV (the virus) if someone who is infected, gets any of their body fluids into your system (not including Saliva). HIV later becomes AIDS. A person can have the HIV virus in them for their whole lives and still live to be about 80 - it all depends on when it comes out and becomes AIDS.If a...
inhibiting reverse transcriptase enzyme, inhibiting integrase, inhibiting protease enzyme of the virus is current therapy.
yes aids is real,,,, but i believe it was invented by the government to eliminate the homosexuals
Syphilis became known in the early 1500s which has led many to speculate that Christopher Columbus brought it back from the Americas.
No because the S in AIDS does not show a quantity. AIDS stands for Aquired Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
  no from heart attack
  If she has a cut on her finger, or orthe skin opening, then the virus may be transmitted.
From what I have heard you may not feel it all for a while but the sick parts feel like the flu sweating aches best thing is to get test my friend has had it since 89 and the drugs they have now can keep you alive for a long time
It is not.
  perhaps if eczema has been scratched to draw blood and open wound
There is no absolute answer to your question due to several variables involved. It is generally understood that HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) cannot live outside of the human body for more than a few seconds. Also, oral ingestion of most viruses, HIV included, are destroyed prior to ever...
At one time this was the case. However, once testing of blood products began in the mid 1980s, the chances of someone being infected with HIV via blood transfusions is virtually non-existant.  Hemophiliacs suffer from a disorder of the blood where blood does not clot properly, if at all. This means...
No. Jawaharlal Nehru was not an HIV plus.
the term AIDS applies to the most advanced stages of HIV infection true or false
There isn't a rash that is necessarily associated with HIV infection. It is a common misconception that there are outward symptoms that point to HIV. Most people don't experience anything that points to HIV infection before testing positive.
  == You really shouldn't. ==   You can transmit E.Coli that way, and cause a dangerous infection of the vagina.
About 72 cases per 100,000 which is about three times the national average.
The initial symptoms are the same as and indistinguishable from  influenza and lasts about as long. The virus then hides from the  immune system and in most cases no other symptoms will be seen for  a latent period of 5 to 20 years, at which point the immune system  begins to rapidly fail and a...
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United Kingdom and United States treatment guidelines say that the aim of HIV treatment should be to achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load, below 50 copies/ml .. this being the cut off point for the ultra-sensitive viral load test. Standard treatment for achieving this goal is for the...
The class of medications called protease inhibitors was developed by Dr. David Ho, an American doctor and specialist in infectious diseases and AIDS.
The same as towards anyone else that walks this planet. With love, compassion and understanding just the same as Jesus would do. 'Love your neighbour as yourself'
Yes. However, ARVs reduce the possibility of transmission to the unborn by a significant margin.
  If you are concerned with infections, I would get tested. but if just curious, AIDS doesn't have an discerning marks or sores unlike other STD and STIs, this is not to say it can manifest this way. As it attacks only the immune system, it makes carriers susceptible to many other common...
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a nazi scientist named Herbert I. Vivious... hints the name HIV tried to create and invection to use in chemical warfare... his formula workd but could only kill people in a long period of time, so he tried it and it infrected many people and now it is trasmited through sex
I think they aren't trying Aids is a man made virus for population control if aids was cured the condom would lose a lot of profit more baby booming would take place and its all a big picture