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A deadly STD, the human immunodeficiency virus causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a condition which causes the immune system to fail. A pandemic, AIDS kills millions every year.
Answer . In Africa AIDS started in the 1900s when wild monkey camein to contact with humans. Answer . AIDS stareted in Africa when people came into contact with wild monkeys either blood transfer or sex
Depending on the virus and environmental conditions, it can live from about 1 hour to 1 week outside the body.
Most will not; syphilis will though.
Swollen gums means you have gum disease. Occasionally this may be a side effect of HIV/aids
You would like to have a talk with your partner about any sort of diseases or viruses. The only way to prevent getting AIDS is using condom whether you like it or not. But, you cant really prevent AIDS, because its a very strong disease, they spread and hide in your immune system and blood cells. To...
It doesn't. It attack the blood; specifically, it attacks the white blood cells, designed to fight and resist disease.
the people who get aids are round about 49 and 80 . i think.
It is considered an STD because the majority of people infected are infected through unprotected sex. However there are also some people who are infected through vaccines and blood transfusions. Strictly speaking it is not exclusively an STD. No HIV is the beginning stages of STDs. STDs is when it...
To be pregnant.... Or not to be... . \nWell first of all how late is your cycle? If you are more than 3 or 4 weeks late and you had 3 tests in a row say you was "positive" then i'd say you was pregnant. But if you still want more proof then i'd go to your town's local Health Department and...
if the blood goes on any cuts in youre skin or gets near eyes or mouth. wash hands immediatwly if you are in this scenario
\n. \n HIV transmission to unborn child in womb \n. \n. \nYES, this is one of the ways in which HIV is spread. This is why if you suspect you may be infected you should be tested during pregnancy, as treament can reduce the rate of transmission by 80%.
I believe HIV victims should not be quarantined because most of them didn't ask for the disease and it is agaisnt human rights to do this along with some other hyman rights listed. Even though some of these victims may be spiteful others such as young children aren't to blame.
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By swapping body fluids with someone who's infected with HIV, then waiting until it develops into AIDS.
If each person involved contracts the disease and then has intercourse with others, you could start your own little epidemic. If you are asking whether having intercourse with multiple partners increases your chance of becoming infected, the answer is HELL yes. Every time you have sex with a...
I dont think all but eyes are less prone I think.
Answer . If you are faithful to each other (i.e. neither of you have other sexual partners) then you cannot contract HIV through sexual intercourse. However, your words 'clearly don't have it' are disturbing as one can have HIV without symptoms. I suggest you both go along together to get a...
No. AIDS is a disease caused by HIV. Human immunodeficany virus. Now, seeing that squirrels are not humans, they cannot contract HIV, so that cannot develop into AIDS. Now, their DNA could always be modified by the use of parasites and lice and so on, but the chances of that happening is slim to...
AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome affects your immune system. This mean it will affect your whole body by making it very easy for you to get any disease. There is not really any area of your body that won't be affected.
Its SERIOUS.... Do you even have to ask?
Eazy-e was one of the ones i know died of HIV
Yes, because,It may be she have monthly period systeam and she in weman can face many problems with softly.
yes, but if you have the baby you should have a c-section it evens the chances of the baby catching aids !
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The illness we have come to know as AIDS was first identified in 1981. The cause of the illness, the HIV virus, was identified in 1983.
How is HIV Transmitted? HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through: · Blood (including menstrual blood) · Semen · Vaginal secretions · Breast milk Blood contains the highest concentration of the virus, followed by semen, followed by vaginal fluids,...
yes but not very likely at allonce contaminated blood that contains HIV leaves the body the HIV virus will tend to deplete very rapidly
To be 100% sure is to take a HIV Test
HIV is a virus of course... and pathogens are diesease causing bacteria.. HIV are very hard to remove, and antibiotics won't work on them (any viruses won't work).. Bacteria can be removed easily with antibiotics.
be compatible or in accordance with; "You must adhere to the rules
All organs have the potential to be impacted by the HIV/AIDS virus depending on the type of opertunistic infection that attacks the person. Since all organs are supplied with energy and oxygen by the blood that is infected with the virus, all organs are at risk of damage. In addition, the...
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It's a bad thing when a virus mutates because when it mutates it becomes immune to the Anti-Virus humans have created. Thus all medicine for the uninvolved virus is completely useless and people would have to create another Anti-Virus to fight the new threat.
Go to the website below and you should find your answers because i found mine here.. http://www.avert.org/safricastats.htm.
IF husband or man sucking after full sucking of baby then it must be increased because more stimulation in the condition of empty milk in the breast leads to more milk.
Use the link to Wikipedia and review the list of vectors or risk behaviors that may lead to one acquiring AIDS. Eating with the same silverware as someone who is infected is not on the list. Sitting on a toilet seat after someone who is infected isn't on the list, either. The AIDS virus is very...
Technically yes, especially if you use a needle that has very recently been through someone who has the virus. There is no documented case of this ever occurring. If you go to a professional who uses a new sterilized needle, your chances of catching it are pretty well nil.
A person is born with HIV only if the mother carrying the child is HIV+ and passed it to her child. There are numerous precautions mothers can take to significantly decrease the risk of passing HIV onto their children.. If the child is infected with HIV, then the infection either happened during the...
There are both. For short, you need to take medications to keep you alive if you are on a developed stage. For long, it can make you sterile and getting your defenses down. Your immune system starts weakening and your more propense to get diseases. For AIDS patients a simple cold can be deathly.
Obviously yes it was . i mean common .. Obviously yes it was . i mean common .
Having unprotected sex . Blood transfusions . When a baby is in mother's womb
It is estimated that there is a new infected person every 5 seconds. Therefore we are looking at about 17 280 peiople daily!
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... to protect those who are not positive.
Kenya is home to one of the world's harshest HIV and AIDS epidemics. An estimated 1.5 million people are living with HIV; around 1.2 million children have been orphaned by AIDS; and in 2009 80,000 people died from AIDS related illnesses. Kenya's HIV prevalence peaked during 2000 and, according to...
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An example would be HIV/AIDS which is a non-curable disease and pretty much a death sentence, no offense. You should never share a needle with someone else, because there's always a chance that you can catch a disease unless you know the full background of that person. But all in all, I recommend...
HIV can be transmitted through even the smallest amounts of blood. It is important that a person thinking they may have been exposed to HIV to seek testing and possible treatment.
This question is an oxymoron.. Yes, of course. Bacteria and Virus are always evolving. They are not static.
\nNot necessarily. symptoms of infection are usually more severe than just a common fever. If you had a fever that lasted more than a week, i would recommend talking to a doctor and discussing the possibility of HIV transmission.
Yes there are anti viral drugs in the market
\nBy kissing or sharing drinks
See attached link for a complete breakdown.
\nThe word 'adherence' is used to describe taking your drugs exactly as prescribed - at the right times, in the right doses and following any special dietary restrictions.\n. \nIt is a term that is particularly used in the treatment of HIV, where the importance of developing, and sticking to, what...
It is my understanding, that any bodily fluid is a potential transmitter of HIV
10.5 billion a year.
If he uncontrollably slobbers and you never wash your dishes before sharing, then no.
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A person can get HIV through unprotected sex with an infected partner, or with any exchange of bodily fluids.
when was the first HIV case in SVG
Its an individual process. It really depends on healthy you werer when you were first diagnosed with HIV. The only way to know for sure for YOU is to see a dr. This is a TREATABLE (note: treatable refers to delaying the inevitable. treatment for AIDS will NOT, repeat NOT CURE IT) terminal illness....
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1) Suppressed immune system 2) AIDS dementia complex - similar to dementia affecting people in the mid 50 to 60. 3) Once the immune system is down, other opportunistic virus or bacterial infection will invade the body resulting in cancer or serious illness. Hope that answers your question.
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HIV is a sickness that kills the helper T cells (keep memory of what a sickness does and how to kill it). We normally have about 1000 helper T's, but when we get below 400, we get AIDS, Wich makes us vulnerable to get sick very easily, and with no helper T's to keep track of how to kill the sicknes,...
HIV can be passed on in breast milk although how it is passed on is still being researched. Risk is lowered with mothers who are taking antiviral medicines. In some third world countries the risks to baby are far greater from artificial milks due to lack of sanitation, food and clean water so...
the hiv window period can be defined as a. 1 month, 3 to 6 months b. 8 months c. none of above which answer is it
No such gene is known. However some people can indeed postponeonset of symptoms much longer than others. It had been shown statistically that people from Europe and certainother areas once devastated by the Black Death (Plague) are in thisgroup that resists the conversion of an HIV infection to full...
AIDS is almost exclusively caused by being infected with HIV.
High. But the barely working thing has nothing to do with it. the drugs and sexual advancement do. Get tested.. Answer . I totally disagree with the previous answer.. Once you clear away ridiculous stereotypes, there is nothing at all in what you have said that would indicate that this woman is at...