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The northernmost state of the United States. It ranks first in terms of total land area and 47th in terms of population.


Because the weather is not appropriate for them, there is not the  correct habitat, they could die there, there's not the type of food  It's supposed to be.   The primary reason is that alligators are cold blooded, like all  reptiles. In very cold conditions they cannot maintain a ...
Vitus Bering.Gregory Shelikhov.Alexander Baranov. Father Ivan Veniaminov. General Jefferson C. Davis. Ernest Gruening. William Egan.
Alaska is very very cold.Colder than our winter down here in  Indiana.
It isn't. Yellowknife is a city and the capital of Northwest Territories, Canada. Alaska is in the United States.
Fairbanks has a population of about 35,132 residents.
There are no counties in Alaska
Actually, Alaska is an year round destination for skiing. You can  come anytime you want. But, Alaska's peak season generally runs  from the first week in February to the second week in May. And if  you want to go heli skiing, you can come February to first week of  March!
The 1990 US Census recorded 550,043 residents.
That decision was not his to make. He died there on 8 December 1741.
It's easy. Get a plain ticket, some money and go on the internet. I live in a village of a 1,000 people in Wrangell, Alaska and I am happy as a clam.
Alaska was generally neglected and its existence was ignored.
It is the Forget-Me-Not.
  Alaskas state mineral : Gold (1968)The Alaska state flag is dark blue with golden star shaped as the dipper and on the upper right corner is the north star.
Alaska's state sport: Dog Mushing
some ports thrive on tourists to economically "survive."
It was purchased from Russia in 1867.
Kodiak and Afognak are largely settled by Aleuts. There are some Tlingit and Haida natives there as well.
it will be 9:00 am of the next day in Korea
The Aleutian Islands are not accesible by train from anywhere. Only boats or planes can get you there.
William Allen Egan who was the first Governor of the State of Alaska.
Juneau is the capital city inAlaska. The city's estimated population was 32,406 in 2014. Juneauis the second most populous city in Alaska after Anchorage.
Mount McKinley at 20,320 feet above sea level.
There are 8 stars on the Alaska state flag.
yes, if you mean growing on trees there is the pine cone. other then that we import it to our stores.(:
Alaska is 4,350 miles (7,000 kilometers) from Russia.
No they are to be found only in Antarctica.
No Alaska is the least densely populated of the US States and ranks #47 in total population.
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The flight distance from Alaska (AK) to Japan is 3,424 miles.
Yes it was. Scientists have a theory that Russia was connected to Alaska by a land bridge called Beringia (a place that existed during a time when much of Canada was covered in massive sheets of ice) but that was long ago and just a theory though. The Beringian land bridge is believed to have...
Alaska has many taxes. Property taxes, sales taxes, fuel taxes,  fish taxes and more disguised as sin taxes and user fees. In 2016  the legislature will implement an income tax even though they have  signed pledges for no new taxes.
Alaska has more walrus. Florida has more manatees. Florida is the Sunshine State, but Alaska has the Midnight Sun. Florida has bright lights and Alaska has northern lights. Alaska has more coastline, but Florida has more beaches. Alaska has more moose, but Florida has more alligators. Alaska...
Yes, because it has vast areas of preserves doesnit mean that it isn't developed even if it a State and not a Country.
because they dont feel like having it god is it so hard to understand shish.
wood, water, oil, animals, plants .:Maleah:.
Vitus Bering was ordered to find out if North America and Siberia were connected by land.
Residents of Alaska do receive an annual payment just for living in Alaska. It's called the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. The amount received by each resident in 2010 was $1,281.
Total area: 656,425 sq. mi.   Land = 570,374 sq. mi.   Water = 86,051 sq.mi.    For the source and more detailed information concerning your  request, click on the related links section indicated  below.
Distance between Acapulco, Mexico and Anchorage, Alaska is 6,300 Kilometers (3,915 miles) on a straight line.
Whales, walrus, seals, otter, polar bears, puffin,
There are many countries but Alaska and Hawaii are not among them.They are both states within the United States of America. Bothachieve recognition as a part of the Union and not as separateentities in the sphere of International Government.
A flight from London to Alaska takes about nine hours.
Canada by land and it has a maritime border with Russia.
In 2008 it was estimated to be 30,427.    Source: see the Related Link below.approx. 31,000
Yes, in Sept. 9, 1850 California became the 31st state.
The capital of Alaska is Juneau. The population of Juneau is 32,  164 people. This is the smallest United States capital city, and  Alaska is the largest state.
The United States purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867. The cost of  the purchase was 7.2 million US dollars. The purchase was known as  "Seward's Folly."
It's about 2300 miles and almost two days of worth of driving.
The largest cities in Alaska and their populations as of 2008 are:Anchorage 359,180Fairbanks 97,970Juneau 30,988Wasilla 9,236Sitka 8,920
Denali National Park, Glacier Bay, Katmai, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Kenai Fjords
The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala is located in  Central America south of Mexico, and to the north of El Salvador  and Honduras.
He was Secretary of state and was responsible for arranging the purchase.
New York, NY, USA is 4 hours ahead of Anchorage, AK, USA.
If you are a US resident and citizen, you will need a passport to fly to Canada. You will not need one if you are planning to drive from the US to the port in Canada.   Until later in fall 2008, you also do not need a passport to travel by ship to Canada -- but you will need a certified copy of...
  fish hunt government services
Yes, they have Orcas. Which yes, is a dolphin.
It insured the opening of Oregon Territory.It was a supplier of gold, silver, lead and zinc.It acted as a support facility for Russia againt Germany in WW2.It has been a major International supplier of seafood.It acted as a buffer against Russia in the Cold War.It acts as a crude oil supplier.
Anchorage, Alaska is 4,217 miles from the equator, as the crow  flies. That converts to 6786.6 kilometers. That is further than the  distance all the way around the equator.
Yes. The reason Alaska has 6 months in the day and night, is because the Earth's axis is tilted. Meaning that Alaska is in the North and in the spring and summer it will point at the sun. In the winter and fall, the sun will point to the opposite way from the sun.
After Alaska's purchase it was named a Department and placed under the control of the US Army until 1877. The US Department of the Treasury was then given responsibility for the area for two years at which time it was turned over to the US Navy. Alaska suffered benign neglect from purchase until 17...
It has not erupted and is not a volcano.
Too long, it's an all day trip about 15 hours
Alaska has some small semiarid regions but no major desert areas.
Alaska is a US state situated in the northwest point of the North  American continent. In 2013 the US Census recorded a population of  735,132.
It remains a secret, but is estimated in the press as $1,400.
Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867, and organized as a territory in 1912. It became a state in 1959 along with Hawaii (the 50th state).
  Alaska Airways 1-stop in Seatle from Anchorage to Dallas takes 8,5 h. United Airways 1-stop in Chicago O Hare from Anchorage to Dallas takes 9,5 h. Have a nice flight!   Alaska Airways 1-stop in Seatle from Anchorage to Dallas takes 8,5 h. United Airways 1-stop in Chicago O Hare from...
( 28 hours 2 minutes / 1179.25 miles / Fuel Cost: $172.87 at 20 MPG)
It is called Denali or the Great One.Numerous native peoples of the area had their own names for this prominent peak. The local Athabaskan name for the mountain, the one used by the Native Americans with access to the flanks of the mountain (living in the Yukon, Tanana and Kuskowim basins), is...
  == Answer ==     from where?????
They are most often found in the Aleutian Island chain.
Alaska has had 3 electoral votes since 1960 after becoming a state in 1959. This number has not changed.
It is the largest US State/
No, fictional town between Shaktoolik and Koyuk.
I wouldn't say "ruled" exactly... but Russia once owned Alaska.
Juneau is not further west than Hawaii. Lat 58°18'5.65"N Long 134°24'56.65"W
same things the people in the other states eat....
Foodwise... there is fish and Alaskans eat chips and popcorn like Americans. we are no strangers we are part of the us too.