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A state located in the southwest of the United States. It ranks third in terms of total land area and first in terms of population, mainly due to the Gold Rush.
Look in The Blue Book of Gun Values, The Standard Catalog of Firearms, or Modern Guns. They should all be available at your local library. AHNH http://www.histandard.info/models/ http://www.histandard.info/manuals/
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Each state has their own laws and regulations about homeschooling. The perfect reference for you is the Home School Legal Defense Association. They will send you all the information about homeschooling in your state you can imagine (and some you can't!). They will even connect you with homeschooler…
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The oldest ballpark in MLB history is Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, built in 1912. (the opening of Fenway Park was overshadowed by the tragic sinking of the Titanic.) It is currently the oldest ballpark in the MLB (as of 2010). Fenway Park is known nation wide for its "green monster," or …
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%DETAILS% Answer In 1935, a rule was adopted that stopped any offensive player from standing in the free throw lane for more than three seconds. In 1955, the foul lane was widened to 12 feet (3.7 meters) from the previous 6 feet (1.83 meters). These changes resulted in more offensive mo…
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Yes, I-10 starts in Jacksonville, Florida and ends at Santa Monica, CA. The distance is around 2800 miles.
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Renting horses Limonite Riding Stables in Mira Loma, CA. Be VERY careful about crossing the river... there IS quicksand, you and or your horse can possilby GET STUCK...I got my leg stuck the weekend of 5/22 looking for a safe place to take the horses, and had to have a friend pull me out. You must …
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Flight: Portland, ME (PWM) to Frankfurt (FRA) Flight Duration * 10 hours 15 mins * Via Newark Liberty International Apt, New York (EWR) Distance: The distance between Portland, Maine and Frankfurt, Germany is 3583 miles (5766 km).
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Take cars for the loan companies.
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See related links for more information. CHAPTER 11. REPOSSESSORS Article 1. General Provisions ............................... 7500-7500.3 Article 2. Administration ................................... 7501-7501.8 Article 3. Application of Chapter ........................... 7502-7502.6 Article 4. L…
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Allen I found the bulb and fixture parts list @poolcenter.com. Be prepared the bulbs are expensive Answer American pool light use a regular 400w flood lamp that can be bought at any home center Answer:: Try Pentair on Google for an absolute answer to finding and using the proper spec bulb.…
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Go to the Doughboy website and do a search using your zipcode to find the dealer locations nearest you at: http://www.doughboy-pools.com/?Page=DealerSearch ...
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In the state of California: You must take a dealers course (approx. $150) and a follow up course depending on the volume you plan on selling. After you take your course you need to provide proof and do to the DMV and take a test. You need to provide proof that your business location is approved…
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Answer I have not heard or met anyone that has a dealers license using a home address. I believe to obtain a dealers license you need to be a "store" where you have inventoty (in this case cars). As a dealer all retail transactions need to take place in or at your store. So having your dealer…
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From the California Motor Vehicle Code: Violation Point Count: Exception 12810.2. Notwithstanding subdivision(e) of Section 12810, no violation point count shall be given for a conviction of a violation of Section 27315. Not having a seat belt is a non-moving violation, therefore you don't get poi…
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as far as the lots here in san Diego go (which is practically run by former cops)selling your vehicle, they won't sale it right away. you have time to get it out. your best bet is to have someone call the lot, get the total and try to work out a deal. 30 days usually is how long they try to hold it …
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There is no sufficient available data to answer this question.
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That really depends on what state you are in - typically it is around 16-17. Some states may issue learners permits at 15 1/2.
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Answer you can find one in your neighborhood.EX.mowing lawn,babysitting,raking leaves,ect.
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Like Sally Joyce nee Greenor Sally Green-Joyce   Any change of name should be given. If you were born with an unpronounceable name and anglicized it, that should be mentioned.
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I get along with hardworking people, because they have more experience then any other person they are always willing to work and learn more. If you work more you get experience and confidence. Trick question. The answer is that you get along with EVERYONE. Say that by accepting that everyone i…
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Fortunately, he does not have to agree nor consent to the divorce. You can file for divorce on your own. However, planning for the eventuality that he will not be happy would be wise. You should make certain you hire a good lawyer who specializes in family law in your area. You should brief him on y…
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%FOLLOWUPS% The founding fathers of California were William Henry and Colonel Stephen Kearney's force. They were the first people to do accurate mapping of the area of California.
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It cost my husband and I about $1,800 to rent a 17 foot truck for the 5 day journey from Minneapolis, MN to Olympia, WA (about 1700 miles). That was for rental and gas. Keep in mind that when the truck is full, it will probaly only get 8 miles or so per gallon. Other moving companies would have char…
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Answer Those fonts were the standard baseball fonts throughout the early 30's and 40's. Join www.sportslogos.net in the forum section. there is a thread there where almost every MLB font can be downloaded, including the RedSox front jersey letters. The back name letters and Numerals are also ava…
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The age limite for drive in califonia is 18, 18 is the legal age. u can drive at 16, but you need Driving school and about 70 hours of practice driving.
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Typically becoming a California Corporation takes 4-6 weeks, but you can speed up this process to about a week with expedited service. Expedited California incorporation processing can be purchased from an online service and will save you a substantial amount of time. Services will handle every aspe…
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I'm not in California but I'm guessing you will need at least, a business license, and a tow vehicle license for hauling vehicle's. Check with the Dept. of Licensing and the California Highway Patrol. Both have websites that will likely help you with your question.
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Obviously, because there was gold there and they wanted some of it. This was augmented by the fad like nature of the Gold Rush. Many people were attracted by the "everyone is doing it" aspect. While a few people got rich by finding gold, but more people got rich by selling supplies to the ones look…
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I am Canadian and it's 12 years old here. That depends though on how responsible your child is. If you are in the States it's best to check with Child Welfare in your particular State because it can vary. If you don't check this out and a neighbor or police ever catch wind of you leaving an under-ag…
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It only appears that way if there is going to be an autopsy, and even then you could use an evidence sheethttp://health.howstuffworks.com/autopsy4.htm
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United States No. Marriage is a legal arrangement under civil law. That means marriage in the United States is restricted and governed by state laws. Therefore, in order to be considered legally married the parties must meet all the requirements for a valid marriage in the state where they will be m…
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Answer 15,000,000
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Answer Yes. Marriage is only recognized in Californiai if it is by contract, no common law marriage. To form a contract a person has to be 18 years old. Under 18 can also make contracts but there are specual rusles aobout these contracts.
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Answer You only get the car back if you file for Chapter 13 before the bank auctions off the vehicle. If you file for Chapter 13 before the auction, the bank should turn over the property right away. If the bank won't cooperate, you may need to file a formal motion with the bankruptcy judge f…
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The same way any divorce is obtained. People who are in jail (or being detained) can be served documents pertaining to divorce, lawsuits and so forth. If the marriage is legal the divorce petition can be filed in the state where the couple has established residency.Make sure you file the divorce whi…
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Answer Florida law does not require a separation period before obtaining a divorce. Perhaps you are referring to the Marital Separation Agreement, which is the process of distribution of joint property/assets.
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YES. The state has a legal right/requirement to get correct and factual information about your employment history, to determine if you are entitled to benefits , or not.Another answer:Yes. When you file for unemployment, you are stating your position as to why you are eligible. The employer gives th…
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Answer Typically speaking yes, living separately does help the validity of the case however if you live in Louisiana with your wife under her stepdad's roof he might demand she sign an "annulment" so under those circumstances yes you can be divorced and live under the same roof. To know for…
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No, in the U.S. parents are legally and financially responsible for children under the age of 18, unless said child becomes legally emancipated under the existing laws of the state of residency or a court relieves the parents of their legal obligations and remands the minor into state custody. Pa…
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It depends on the country where you have that surgery done. Never less than $ 2.000 USD and usually about $3.500 up to $7.500 in countries with a good level of cosmetic surgeons and facilities.
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Answer Contact "Vital Statistics" Answer Write to: CA Office of Vital Records M.S. 5103 P.O. Box 997410 Sacramento, CA 95899-7410 I recently requested a birth certificate and found a postcard in my mailbox about 2 weeks later from the State. It informed me that the average proces…
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Answer If your are looking out for information related to getting s learners permit in California, visit http://www.teendriverca.com/
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In most states you have the option to file a "divorce by publication." Here is the basic steps.1. Go to your local newspaper and put a divorce notice ad in the classified section. 2. Mail the divorce notice to the last known address of your spouse. 3. Wait 30 days and get a letter from the newspaper…
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The population of California in April 2010 was 37,253,956 (US Census).
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The direct link for searching Otsego County court case records is in the first related link below. To see cases from other Michigan counties within the jurisdiction of the 46th Circuit, try the second related link below. I found the direct link to Otsego County at Court Reference, a free website w…
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The state capital of California is Sacramento.Sacrementosacromento
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Arizona was admitted to the Union on Valentines Day (February 14th), 1912, becoming the last of the 48 contiguous states to be admitted.
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The city of Los Angeles is in the continent of North America.
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California can have either four or five syllables depending on pronunciation. Four syllables - Cal-i-for-nia. Five syllables - Cal-i-for-ni-a.
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Hotel California is a song by the Eagles. The song describes a "Hotel" although there seems to be no evidence or proof of a place in reality with that name. The song is published under Asylum Records. Although the Eagles have stated there is no hidden story in the song, there are those who believe t…
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The Eastern King size mattress comes with twin box springs that fit side-by-side for easy transportation. The width of this bed will require triple standard pillows or two extra large pillows. The only potential drawback of the Eastern King size mattress is that it is the same length as a queen bed,…
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The Gulf of California, also known as Sea of Cortes or Mar de Cortez (as known in Mexico), is the body of water that separates Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. It has a coastline of about 4,000 Kilometers (2,500 miles) and has an approximate area of 160,000 square Kilometers (62,…
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The largest and most famous earthquake fault in California is the San Andreas fault. It is 800kg long. It is significant because it runs through a heavily populated area (Los Angeles) and it is likely to do very serious damage some day. The San Andreas fault is a transform fault.
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Amount of money made in one year from all sources before paying taxes on it
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No. The western portion of California is moving northwest and the eastern portion is moving southeast. They are "slipping" relative to one another along the separation line which is the San Andreas Fault. They are not moving apart, but sliding along the shared edge of the two tectonic plates that m…
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September 9th, 1850. The U.S. Congress accepted California as the 31st state of the nation.
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No. When it is noon in Oklahoma, it is 10 AM in California. Oklahoma is two hours ahead of California.
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The Gulf of California, also known as Sea of Cortes or Mar de Cortez (as known in Mexico), is the body of water that separates Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. It has a coastline of about 4,000 Kilometers (2,500 miles) and has an approximate area of 160,000 square Kilometers (62,…
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Yeah there is, but i dont know it. If you speak to my cousin tell him i said hi. Yeah there is, but i dont know it. If you speak to my cousin tell him i said hi.
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Gather round you friends of mine. We're Wilderness Girls and it's cookie time. We work hard and we play fair, so buy a box and do your share. If you want the best taste that you can find, (yeah, yeah) Chocolate chips are one of a kind. (yeah, yeah) Our peanut butter dreams will blow your mind…
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California Civil Code Section 2954.9(a) (1) Except as otherwise provided by statute, where theoriginal principal obligation is a loan for residential property offour units or less, the borrower under any note or evidence ofindebtedness secured by a deed of trust or mortgage or any other lienon real …
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Generally two hours.The vast majority of Kansas is in the Central Time Zone-which is two hours ahead of Pacific Time Zone-but there are actually four counties on the very west edge of the state that fall in the Mountain Time Zone (Sherman, Wallace, Greeley and Hamilton counties), in which case it wo…
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ya its ghetto but if u know how 2 act you don't have anything 2 worry about just don't be a cop caller and know how 2 have a good time and everything is cool.oh and stay away from the tweakers they'll do anything 4 there next high
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1,282.03 miles
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It depends on what you mean by "behind." If you mean the time zone where the clock is three hours behind California, then it would be the "Eastern" time zone - when it's 7 pm in San Francisco, it's 10 pm in New York. If you mean the time zone where it will be noon three hours after noon in San Fra…
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The current Governor of California is Jerry Brown (D). Brown assumed office as the 39th Governor of California on January 3, 2011. He was previously the 34th governor. His term will expire on January 5, 2015.
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California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850.
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Yes she is and states this in video found on Youtube.
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The Hauser Geode Beds, SW of Blythe, offer good geode collecting in several different areas. For further details, it's best to join a local gem and mineral club, consult your state geology department, or a local university or museum's earth science department.
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Antech Diagnostice in Irvine949-752-0656
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The Channel Islands lie parallel to the coast of southern California from about Santa Barbara to south of Los Angeles. The chain has a number of islands ranging from tiny San Miguel to the large Catalina, Santa Cruz, and Santa Rosa. Catalina is the most tourist-friendly island with regular boat serv…
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California's Proposition 13 has not directly affected other states as property tax laws are prescribed by the individual states in the United States. However, passage of Proposition 13 caused taxpayers in other states to consider similar measures to limit increases in property taxes. According to Wi…
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the central valley
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as always the price fluctuates, but i would guess about $1.15
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The particular school in question is the only source for your answer. Good luck.
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Well, there are these white, block letters standing on stilts spelling HOLLYWOOD in the Hollywood Hills. It's a beautiful landmark, you know. You should visit! There is many fun activities in Hollywood Guiness Record Muesum, Laugh Factory, and more!!
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475 miles taking this route: # Take I-10 WEST from Tucson to I-8 WEST to SAN DIEGO at EXIT 199. # Take I-8 WEST across to I-5 NORTH to LOS ANGELES via I-805 NORTH (EXIT 6B off I-8 in CALIFORNIA) to bypass SAN DIEGO. # Take I-5 NORTH to HIGHWAY 1 to the BEACH CITIES at EXIT 79. # Take HIGHWAY 1 NORTH…
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First class mail is delivered in 3 to 5 days
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February 25, 2011. The Big Sky area got it. 6:30 PM, and I still had pretty think ice in my fountain this morning.
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In California, generally benefits under Workers' Compensation such as temporary disability benefits are exempt from federal, state or local income tax. Also you don't have to pay Social Security, taxes, union dues or retirement fund contributions when on Workers' Comp.
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Teachers rs2days
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The California Institution for Men 14901 Central Avenue Chino, CA 91710 (909) 597-1821 Visiting Days: Saturday, Sunday Visiting Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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2 amusement parks and 1 water park; Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Valencia.
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about 2 hours and about 10 hours to the farthest part of California
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For the six-year term beginning in January 2013: Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) For the six-year term beginning January 2011: Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Both Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer were first elected to the US Senate in November 1992. However, Senator Feinstein is the senior Senator, because he…
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CPA CPE Reporting Period: Biennial on the last day of birth month in odd or even year corresponding to the odd or even year of birth. CPA License Renewal Date: Last day of birth month in odd or even year corresponding to the odd or even year of birth. General Requirements: 80 hours during the two-y…
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According to the World Distance Calculator website, the distance between Santa Monica, CA and London, England is 5450.04 miles.
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