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A state located in the southwest of the United States. It ranks third in terms of total land area and first in terms of population, mainly due to the Gold Rush.
Each state has their own laws and regulations about homeschooling. The perfect reference for you is the Home School Legal Defense Association. They will send you all the information about homeschooling in your state you can imagine (and some you can't!). They will even connect you with homeschooler…
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The oldest ballpark in MLB history is Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, built in 1912. (the opening of Fenway Park was overshadowed by the tragic sinking of the Titanic.) It is currently the oldest ballpark in the MLB (as of 2010). Fenway Park is known nation wide for its "green monster," or …
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%DETAILS% Answer In 1935, a rule was adopted that stopped any offensive player from standing in the free throw lane for more than three seconds. In 1955, the foul lane was widened to 12 feet (3.7 meters) from the previous 6 feet (1.83 meters). These changes resulted in more offensive mo…
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you must find a team who are the next level up and approach them and ask for a trial with them. ==You Should Try To Find A Team Who Is Like The Next Level Up And Try Out And If You Are As Good As You Think You Are You Will Make It.
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Although possibly not in your definition of 'northern' california, the Heifer International Ceres Educational Center is a farm that allows guests to stay for different amounts of time to work on the farm. Heifer International is an organization devoted to ending world hunger and is always looking fo…
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Renting horses Limonite Riding Stables in Mira Loma, CA. Be VERY careful about crossing the river... there IS quicksand, you and or your horse can possilby GET STUCK...I got my leg stuck the weekend of 5/22 looking for a safe place to take the horses, and had to have a friend pull me out. You must …
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The cheapest time of the year to travel is usually in summer as its usually colder there. Also, you can find cheap deals all year around on on-line websites. I flew there a year back in October and got a very good deal from http://www.Globester.com. John
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The closest point in California is about a 1,500 mile drive and should take about 21 hours. more info here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d
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The direct distance is 5502.2 miles / 8855 kilometers. I used the following site to calculate this, http://www.infoplease.com/atlas/calculate-distance.html
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Centennial Restaurant on State Street in Chicago no longer exists. It may now be the location of a bagel shop.
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I have a great orthodontist he is Dr. Paul Lee he has offices in Milpitas and Cupertino I believe he charges around $3600. for a 9 year old child, once I saw how nice my daughters teeth came out i did my own.
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Sr22 Insurance Yes, an SR22 and an SR-22 are the same thing
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Take cars for the loan companies.
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%DETAILS% Jen, IF and only IF there is REASON to think they are up(you see them walking around thru a window, they are outside the home) you can approach them anytime. Its a judgment call made by the repoperson. I usually limit it to seeing the residents outside the home. You may get told to lea…
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See related links for more information. CHAPTER 11. REPOSSESSORS Article 1. General Provisions ............................... 7500-7500.3 Article 2. Administration ................................... 7501-7501.8 Article 3. Application of Chapter ........................... 7502-7502.6 Article 4. L…
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Chris, http://www.dca.ca.gov/bsis/bsisrepo.htm Repossession Agency EmployeeEmployees hired by a repossession agency to recover property must be registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs. To be eligible to apply for registration as a repossession agency employee, you must meet the following …
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%DETAILS% Answer Lori, im NOT sure about an answer. If you will post your state or email me, I will try to give you state specific advice. Naybe someone else will answer for you who already knows.
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Call DCA�s Consumer Information Center toll-free at 1-800-952-5210.In the Sacramento area call (916) 445-1254.http://www.dca.ca.gov/bsis/bsiscons.htm  I bought a new Dodge Stratus and lost my job and can no longer make the payments because I have lost my job and have IRS debts that are more …
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Answer The 'law' simply says DO NOT BREACH THE PEACE. The courts on the other hand have added a few fine points to the intepatation. IF the debtor refuses to give you the car, leave; If the debtor tells you to get off the propert, leave; if the car is behind a locked gate/door, leave; basically i…
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I don't understand how they could sell the car IF you had redeemed it. Got more info???   I am the original author of the question....my car was repossesed and we made arrangements with the financing company to pay off the back amount due and re-finance the loan. We signed the contract and …
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Thats a unique question. You are subject to repo until the loan is payed or the car is found. I have looked for a car for 3 yrs before. Finally spotted it at walmart. GONE.....
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YES, that is one of the very few laws in CA. that makes sense. Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-free at 1-800-952-5210. In the Sacramento area call (916) 445-1254.
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CA has strong laws relating to repossession. I suggest you call the DMV # below OR go to the  Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-free for additional information. The Center accepts calls in English, Spanish, and more than 100 other languages.Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-fr…
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Simple question, simple answer. CALL THE LENDER. They can tell you how much to redeem and how long to do it.
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Until the Statute of Limitations tolls on the judgement.
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general rule ,YES. Some states require them to and regulate how much they charge.
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Not ANY, but it can vary. Most contracts just say "fees", amount not specified. Of course, 10K wouldn't stand up in any court.
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The Uniform Commercial Code in every state requires only the lender to sell "in a commercially reasonable manner". That's all. There is where the conflict arises on the selling price. A debtor who buys a car for $5000.00 more than it is worth is often heartbroken when s/he still owes $8000.00 after …
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Very simple, CALL THE LENDER with money in hand ready to make the trade. Good Luck
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Go to the Doughboy website and do a search using your zipcode to find the dealer locations nearest you at: http://www.doughboy-pools.com/?Page=DealerSearch ...
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In the state of California: You must take a dealers course (approx. $150) and a follow up course depending on the volume you plan on selling. After you take your course you need to provide proof and do to the DMV and take a test. You need to provide proof that your business location is approved…
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From the California Motor Vehicle Code: Violation Point Count: Exception 12810.2. Notwithstanding subdivision(e) of Section 12810, no violation point count shall be given for a conviction of a violation of Section 27315. Not having a seat belt is a non-moving violation, therefore you don't get poi…
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you'll get more than one point. i just got my first speeding ticket and that speeding ticket alone will be 1 point.
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%DETAILS% I certainly hope not. Anyone with that record needs to be removed from the highways.   NO! Why waste money on an attorney who will tell you to plead guilty, pay up and learn from your mistakes.   Almost certainly not, most states have rules in place so that if a driver acc…
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California Speeding Ticket Usually you will receive a courtesy notice from the court in about two to three weeks. It will tell you the fine and if you are eligible for traffic school. Usually the traffic school is your best option since this keeps the ticket off your record and avoids an insurance r…
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i just moved from California a year ago, an last i knew it was a $75.00 fine for first offense with no seat belt..can also depend upon the ages i believe of the child
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91 in a 65 cost me $345 and not eligible for traffic school because it was 25 mph over the limit.   81 mph in a 65 mph zone cost me $350 (Glendale, CA - Oct 2005)
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California Speeding Ticket "How much will a ticket cost for going 55 in a 35mph zone in California?For a California speeding ticket you will receive a courtesy notice in about two weeks that will give you the amount of the fine, information on a Trial by Declaration and advise if you are eligible fo…
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you are wrong about $100 for each mile over the limit. For 101 in a 65 the fine is $402. But you are not eligeble for traffic school and it is 2 points on your license. the fine increases once you hit 100 mph but it is nothing too substantial. all there is to worry about is wreckless driving charges
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The short answer is it depends on your insurance company. Some do and some don't; most do not. My qualifications: I am an independent insurance agent in CA.
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In CA, if either the bride or groom is under 18, in addition to having parental consent, the couple must also schedule an appointment with a counselor and then appear before a superior court judge.A word of caution, the age of sexual consent in CA is 18. There have been several cases in CA where the…
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In California the age that you can get married without parental consent is 18. California also has a hard barrier of 18 as the legal minimum age to engage in sexual activity. No sexual activity with anyone under that age is permitted, even if both people are themselves under 18. The crime is a misde…
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Honestly if your 21 yo bf flies you to Georgia he could get charges with delicuency of a minor. This might help you here is the Marriage recuierments for Georgia: If you are 16 or 17 years old, you may apply if accompanied by both parents who have given written consent. If the bride is pregnant, no …
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Yes, all states are required by the constitution to honor the laws of another state. Hence the large uproar over gay marriages recently performed in CA. Another example is the trouble Ca. had over their taxing cars coming from other states without the Ca emissions package, the state eventually had t…
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as far as the lots here in san Diego go (which is practically run by former cops)selling your vehicle, they won't sale it right away. you have time to get it out. your best bet is to have someone call the lot, get the total and try to work out a deal. 30 days usually is how long they try to hold it …
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There is no sufficient available data to answer this question.
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That really depends on what state you are in - typically it is around 16-17. Some states may issue learners permits at 15 1/2.
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You can be 15 to start driver's education. When you turn 15 1/2 you are able to take the drivers permit test, once passed, you can begin your behind the wheel training. 6 hours are required by law, with a licenced professional, before you can take your actual drivers test. Also, you must be 16 years…
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Like Sally Joyce nee Greenor Sally Green-Joyce   Any change of name should be given. If you were born with an unpronounceable name and anglicized it, that should be mentioned.
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I get along with hardworking people, because they have more experience then any other person they are always willing to work and learn more. If you work more you get experience and confidence. Trick question. The answer is that you get along with EVERYONE. Say that by accepting that everyone i…
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You have the option of filing yourself. Be that as it may, a BK 13 is quite complicated. It would be to the filer's advantage to have legal representation.   I agree with Nikki. You have the right to file a Chapter 13 by yourself without an attorney, but... Every few months I have someone com…
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I'm not sure, but 11 U.S.C. 522(L) simply states that "[t]he debtor shall file a list of property that the debtor claims as exempt...," with said "list" presumably being Schedule C. It does not indicate a deadline to amend Schedule C, though I assume one would have to amend it prior to discharge. I …
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Fortunately, he does not have to agree nor consent to the divorce. You can file for divorce on your own. However, planning for the eventuality that he will not be happy would be wise. You should make certain you hire a good lawyer who specializes in family law in your area. You should brief him on y…
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%FOLLOWUPS% The founding fathers of California were William Henry and Colonel Stephen Kearney's force. They were the first people to do accurate mapping of the area of California.
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It cost my husband and I about $1,800 to rent a 17 foot truck for the 5 day journey from Minneapolis, MN to Olympia, WA (about 1700 miles). That was for rental and gas. Keep in mind that when the truck is full, it will probaly only get 8 miles or so per gallon. Other moving companies would have char…
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You must have someone 25 years of age or older in the car if you have a learners permit.
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The age limite for drive in califonia is 18, 18 is the legal age. u can drive at 16, but you need Driving school and about 70 hours of practice driving.
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Typically becoming a California Corporation takes 4-6 weeks, but you can speed up this process to about a week with expedited service. Expedited California incorporation processing can be purchased from an online service and will save you a substantial amount of time. Services will handle every aspe…
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I'm not in California but I'm guessing you will need at least, a business license, and a tow vehicle license for hauling vehicle's. Check with the Dept. of Licensing and the California Highway Patrol. Both have websites that will likely help you with your question.
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Obviously, because there was gold there and they wanted some of it. This was augmented by the fad like nature of the Gold Rush. Many people were attracted by the "everyone is doing it" aspect. While a few people got rich by finding gold, but more people got rich by selling supplies to the ones look…
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The first family to travel to California was the Donner Family. They hit hardship when Of the original 87 pioneers, 39 died and 48 survived.
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I am Canadian and it's 12 years old here. That depends though on how responsible your child is. If you are in the States it's best to check with Child Welfare in your particular State because it can vary. If you don't check this out and a neighbor or police ever catch wind of you leaving an under-ag…
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It only appears that way if there is going to be an autopsy, and even then you could use an evidence sheethttp://health.howstuffworks.com/autopsy4.htm
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All states have specific laws governing this situation. In some instances the publication of the impending divorce proceedings is enough. Consult your state statutes or seek advise from an attorney. Most attorneys offer free or minimal fees for consultations.
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Check out the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.at http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=civ&group=01001-02000&file=1788-1788.3There are other links at www.SteveShorr.com/law.htm
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Hopefully I am interpreting the question correctly. A marriage such as a civil union in Vermont between gays or lesbians would not be valid in other states, including CA. And the majority of states no longer recognize common law marriages.   I appreciate the help but what i meant (which i kno…
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United States No. Marriage is a legal arrangement under civil law. That means marriage in the United States is restricted and governed by state laws. Therefore, in order to be considered legally married the parties must meet all the requirements for a valid marriage in the state where they will be m…
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I've sure heard of stranger things.If your ex boyfriend is not married or has a girlfriend by all means persue him. If he is married or has a girlfriend move on. Breaking up a relationship between him and his wife or girlfriend is just not a good start in your relationship with him.Check it out and …
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There are no temporary tags, per se, but you can run with temps from your home state until they expire. If you are moving to California, you must begin the registration process within 10 days. If you want to register an out-of-state vehicle, you must get it titled in your home state first.When you d…
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Legally 18. The parents are legally responsible for the minor until the minor turns 18. If the parents and the minor agree that moving to a different location would benefit each or either, that is between them, and the law would not become involved, unless a third party complained that the minor was…
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You might be referring to a group of US Army paratroopers who were used to fight forest fires on the west coast during WW2. The units were all black men, who the US Army decided NOT to send to Europe, and instead they spent the rest of the war hidden in remote camps, far away from any big town.…
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Lumber, land, gold, silver, copper. Over 95% of the copper used by the US in WWII came from the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana. We also are known for garnets and sapphires - we have the only yogo sapphire mine. newtest3 The Berkeley Pit was not in existence until 1955 WW11 ended in 1945 prior…
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Answer http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=bpc&group=07001-08000&file=7500-7500.3 start here
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The distance between Los Angeles, California, United States and Cancun, Mexico is 2116 miles (3406 km) (1839 nautical miles).
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Answer It's named after a mythical paradise mentioned in a 1510 Spanish novel.
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As for total sales, the figure varies from year to year, but is usually around 1.5 million vehicles. There were 17 million new cars sold in the United States in 2004, which means California had about 9% of the US new car market.
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After 18 months since our last ticket you are elligible to attend traffic school....SO YES...you can get the ticket off of your record....and 89mph is nothing.....people get those ticket everday.....especiall in CA. I went to this school and it was cheap and easy.
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i fly to Korea through Detroit from charlotte nc, it takes me total 20 hours to Korea, to china from Korea that depends on your location in china, some stopes only couple hours from kimpo airport in Seoul
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Answer Carrying a concealed firearm can be a felony unless you have a concealed weapons permit. I am told it is just about impossible to get a CCW permit in California. The applicable Penal Code sections are 12020 PC et seq. You can sift through them at: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov
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The last papal bull authorizing an inquisition was issued during the 15th century.Among other things, three English coins, the angel (gold, 80 pence), the noble (silver, 80 pence) and the rose noble or ryal (gold, 10 shillings) were last issued in the 15th century.We could probably produce a long li…
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try M-VACUUM DIAGRAMS search at yahoo.com under Toyota tercel vacuum. 91 to 94 are same
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I will tell you this as I AM A LICENSED REPOSSESSION AGENT. We do not have to show you or tell you anything. It is a Courtesy if we even hang out long enough to talk to you. The RA Number as mentioned above does not have to be on the Vehicle we are using unless it is an actual Repo Truck, if we are …
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Coordinates are 52:21:00N 4:52:00E latitude and longitude of Amsterdam : 52.374004,4.890359(Values are in decimal degrees)
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no you cant cause it is differant elevation and differant climates
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In CA, a DUI is surcharged for 3 years and you loose the good driver discount for 10 years, a reckless ticket is surcharged for 3 years.
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u can get the California love video from 2pac on yahoo.com then click mus and type in California Love by 2pac, or you can get the video from 2pac.com. on 2pac.com there is a small clip at the bottom of the screen showing all of his videos and u can click on California love.
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yes i would think so because the public pool in Crescent City (northern California) is a salt water pool but then again government can do what ever they want(restrict it for business but make a loop hole for the government)
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According to Google Earth, it would take about 35 hours to drive from Los Angeles, California, to London, Ontario.
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Flight: New York, NY (NYC) to Atlanta, GA (ATL) Flight Duration 1 hour 30 minDistance: The direct distance between New York and Atlanta is 748 miles (1204 km).
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For the safety of everyone on the road, it is important to drive the speed limit posted. A speeding ticket for doing 25 over the speed limit can cost a person their license, and it can cost up to $250 depending on court costs and taxes.
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The same way any divorce is obtained. People who are in jail (or being detained) can be served documents pertaining to divorce, lawsuits and so forth. If the marriage is legal the divorce petition can be filed in the state where the couple has established residency.Make sure you file the divorce whi…
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You are 15 and half, and yes. You still have to go to a driving school. Visit http://www.teendriverca.com/ for the help you need.
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