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Officially the Republic of Finland, this Nordic country is located in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe. With a total area of 130,596 sq mi, it is the eight biggest country in Europe. Finland is also the most sparsely populated nation in the European Union.


ethnic group finn are known s finns or finnish people in short  description.
Helsinki is the only Capital of Finland and also at the same time the largest city with approximately 583,484 (2009-12-31) inhabitant's. Other large city's in Finland are: Espoo, 244 353 inhabitant's. Tampere, 211 544 inhabitant's. Vantaa, 197 663 inhabitant's. Turku, 176 157 inhabitant's. Oulu,...
Finland's money is not a dollar. Finland uses euros.
Finland is +2 hours ahead of the UK. 9am in London would be 11am in Helsinki.
Move to Finland. Finland has a superior quality of life compared to USA. Especially if you have children. Think free healthcare, education, higher education, lower crime, etc etc
...zoos? Of course Finland has zoos! Maybe the most famous zoo of Finland is Korkeasaari ("High Island") in Tampere town.
Pori and Vaasa are nice
The concept of "small talk" doesn't exist in Finland, so silence is a normal part of their lives, though Finns are comfortable with it. So any conversation that Finnish people have would be of some sort of importance - it may start off with "Hi, how are you?" "I'm fine, thanks" and then diverse into...
Finland already controls some of Karelia ("West Karelia", "Finnish Karelia") . If the remainder of the region was offered, it is likely they would consider the offer, and quite possible they would accept it.
finlands national insrument is the Kantele
Well I went to Finland, In the winter, And we had a fire which has smoke, which causes environment issues. We had also buying more cotton clothes which kills any animal with wool, such as a sheep. In the summer time it gets really hot, we have bbq's which does the same as a fire.
About 1 hour and 25 minutes if you fly directly.
60o10'15''N, 024o56'15''E
The capital of Finland is Helsinki and, since the country is part of the European Union, Euros are used.
Finland is 3,5% of the size of US.
It is really unclear where are the Finnish people from. If we have understood right the signs we have found from Karijoki's Susiluola (Wolf Cave), there have been Neandertals in Finland about 130 000 years ago before the last ice age. But the signs what we are sure about, are from Lahti's Ristola...
In the 31th of March of 2O1O, it was 244 930. Espoo is also the second biggest city in Finland.
I went on a American airlines flight from San Francisco then I went on a British airways flight to Helsinki. I don't if it's the best route but that's how I got to Helsinki from San Francisco.
It is believed that all major religions are practiced in Finland. However nearly 80% of Finns belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
Sauna and lots of alcohol.
He translated the New Testament into Finnish, which was the first printed work in Finnish. In doing so he also had to invent many Finnish equivalents of words from latin and in this way he helped develop the Finnish language. He was the principal of the Cathedral School in Turku Finland, and wrote...
In Finland it's Helsinki, in Romania it's Bucharest.
There is no queen in Finland.
Helsinki is located in Finland, Europe.
i think the major imports for Finland are the things that most other countries get like cars, food supply, water, electronics.
Because it is a nice view in Most of Finland And very nice weather.
Finland exports metalproducts, paper, electronic hardware, minerals and other materials that can be gained through mining, and more. Some of the biggest cruisers in the world (including the biggest one) have been built in Finland.
Regular clothes, but do notice that the winter is really long and  cold in Finland, so wearing warm clothing is advised
Finland is located in Europe and it is in the northern hemisphere.
They spent their time on ice hockey matches.
Finland is home to Nokia cell phones, Fiskars scissors, and Xylitol (a type of sweetener made from birch trees that tastes like sugar and is better for you). They also invented saunas centuries ago.
Helsinki is the Capitol of Finland
The route I did from Helsinki to Sydney is go on Finnair to London from Helsinki. Then I went on British airways to Sydney from London. I don't know if it's the best route but that how I got to Sydney from Helsinki.
I know u need a passport, visas are only needed under certain circumstances for tourists,
It is bordered by Sweden in the west, Norway in the north and Russia in the east, while Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland.
Finlad has borders with Russia, Sweden and Norway. Estonia is one of the countries nearby, but don't have border with Finland.
We speak Finnish or Swedish natively, however many Finnish people also speak Russian or Estonian.
The north of Finland is above the Arctic Circle so the sun doesn't  set there for a period in the summer. In the south of Finland, the  sun will set but is barely goes below the horizon, meaning that it  never gets truly dark.
Cold, snowy winters, warm summers. The sun shines for 22 hours in summer and in the winter it is dark for 22 hours.Source: From Helsinki, Finland, living in Sydney, Aus
A random search for flights from Helsinki (HEL) to Miami (MIA) shows: OPTION 1: 13hr 55min via Frankfurt (FRA) HEL - FRA Lufthansa Flt 3109 Dep 07:10am 17Mar,Wed FRA - MIA Lufthansa Flt 0462 Dep 09:55pm 17Mar,Wed Flight Duration: 12hr 45min; Layover Time: 1hr 10min; Total Trip Time: 13hr...
For example Apulanta, Eläkeläiset, Kotiteollisuus, Fintelligens, Maija Vilkkumaa, Ismo Alanko, Leevi and the Leavings, Jukka-poika. These are from very different genres.
I'm not sure about the entire country, but the Finns are stereotyped as quiet, depressed, suicidal, drunk eskimos who live in igloos, hunt polar bears and chill out with penguins.
1,023.92 miles (1,647.84 kilometers)
Currently the Euro, previously the Finnish Markka.
Finland has used euro since 2002.
In the 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluation Finland ranked 1st, as it also did in the previous evaluation of 2003. US raked 29th in the 2006 evaluation and in 2003 it ranked 23rd.
1 Euro = 100 Cents     Answer   Up until 2002, the Markka, with 100 penniä to the markka.
Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Most people speak Finnish, by Swedish is also an official language (though it is spoken by far fewer citizens). There is a small island where only Swedish is spoken, but the majority of Finnish people speak Finnish.
The Markka was the currency of Finland before 2002. Since then Finland has used the Euro (€). Markka is the Finnish spelling of Mark, it was sometimes called the Finnish Mark.
Summers in southern Finland last from about late May to mid-September, and in the inland, the warmest days of July can reach 35°C. Summers in the north are quite short, only two to three months, but can still see maximum daily temperatures above 25°C during heat waves.
Helsinki is capital and old city.
If I didn't misunderstand, you meant the Finnish alphabets? Well, they are, in order: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z å ä ö. So that's 29 alphabets in equal. Officially though there's only 28 alphabets, because the letter W is not count officially, because it's felt it's...
meatballs and mashed potatoes
They start the primary school the fall of the year they turn seven. But some of them have maybe done the pre-school twice, or gone to the "0 class", so they can also start the school the fall of the year they turn eight.
Finland is in Northern Europe and to the east of Norway and Sweden.
Lapland is not exactly a country, although e.g. the Sámi people in Finnish Lapland do have their own flag as well as own national day. Lapland is spread between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, and each of the areas do have their own forms of Sámi language i.e. it is not easy to understand...
Nope, not even close. It's rich, in Northern Europe. It's a first world country.
You can get to Finland with a ferry from Tallinn, Stockholm or StPetersburg, take a plane to Helsinki or Rovaniemi, or via road fromRussia, Sweden or Norway.
  == Finland is the best for international day in Churchill school of Fairfield!. ==
The Finnish Civil War was from January 27, 1918 to May 15, 1918.
Fall, also known as autumn, comes after summer in Finland.
Language, foods, sports, beliefs, religions...etc.
Finland is divided up in six provinces: Etelä-Suomen lääni (Province of the Southern Finland), Länsi-Suomen lääni (Province of the Western Finland), Itä-Suomen lääni (Province of the Eastern Finland), Lapin lääni (Province of Lapland), Oulun lääni (Province of Oulu) and Ahvenanmaan...
The distance is 1,330 miles (Give or take a couple of miles) so if you travelled at a steady 50 mph, it would take roughly 26 1/2 hours in total, or 1 day 2 1/2 hours.
Sweden is to the east on the Scandinavian peninsula. They have a varied landscape, with islands, green meadows, forests, and in the northwest there are mountains. Norway is west on the Scandinavian peninsula. They have mostly mountains and fjords along the coast, and some forests and fields inland...
Finland is the 63rd biggest state in the world and the total area is 338 424,38 square kilometers, however Finland only has a population of 5,3 million. So Finland has a fairly large area but few people.
Helsinki is the capital of Finland.Pamela
Yes, Finland is Scandinavian.
The flag of Finland represent the Republic of Finland. The flag shows a blue Nordic Cross on a white background. The blue coloring is said to symbolize the country's thousands of lakes and the sky, with white for the snow that covers the land in winter.
Finnish. The other national language is Swedish. Also Sami, Russian and English are spoken in Finland in some small areas.
Finland is the same size as Oklahoma.
You don't say anything in Finland, but you can say stuff in Finnish. Anyways, "hi" in Finnish is "hei".
Facts about Finland: . Finland has a humid and cool semi continental climate. The mostpopular sport is ice hockey. . Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper, killed 500 Russians in the winterwar. . In the place where boarders of Finland, Norway and Russia meet,people were partying the new millennium,...
The population in Finland is about 5.3 million people.
Suomen tasavalta and republiken Finland mean the Republic of Finland.
There are no mountains in Finland.
In English they're called Finns or the Finnish.
With icebreaker ships. See related links for information about ice breakers.
By car, plane, foot, bicycle,train, tram, subway (in Helsinki) and by boat or ferry across the archipelago and some lakes.
    There are no colleges in finland, there is a different schooling system there.