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Ask questions here about the Central European country of Romania and its culture, history, politics, geography and people.
Russia and Romania don't share a border. Ukraine borders both countries, the only country to do so. Romania is to the southwest of Russia.
Well, Romanians originate from the mixture of dacians - with Romans (the emperor Traian conquered the dacians), later in the former dacians-romans inhabited aria, formed tree historical provinces: Transylvania ( with a majority of Romanians but under Hungarian, later Ottoman, Austrian, and again...
Marius Mihai L?c?tu?, from 27 September 2010.
Give me the Latin name; if you think to Arctium lappa the Romanian equivalent is brustur(e).
No, Romania is not a member the Schengen agreement. Romania is due to join Schengen in late 2013. This date has already been postponed many times, and may be postponed again.
Not governor, but president of the republic: Traian Băsescu.
  1302 miles (2095 in kilometers).
See the links bellow for mămăligă, mititei and sarmale.
  Romania.which emisphere is your country located in?
This depends on the location in Romania.
  The distance between London (UK) and Bucharest (Romania) is 1301 miles (2094 kilometers)
Monotone and scary, but at least everybody had a job.
NO ! Romania has many hills and mountains.
It is 1,021 miles in a straight line.
The main religion in Transylvania is the Romanian Orthodox Church. There are also some Calvinists.
Romania is a republic.
It used to be every 4 years. However, currently they hold presidential elections every 5 years.
The Danube River runs between the countries of Romania and  Bulgaria. Romania and Bulgaria are both countries located in  eastern Europe.
Yes, Romania had many wars. There were anti-Ottoman wars, the war for independence (1877-1878), two civil wars (1848-1849; 1989), WWI, WWII.
Romania was neutral and on both the Allies' and the Central Powers'  sides at different times during WW1. When it started, Romania was  neutral though it had been allied with the Central Powers during  the 1800s. It joined the Allies after being promised conquered  territories. After defeat by...
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Yes it is a republic
  Vlad III Tepes ('the Impaler'), also nicknamed Dracula was born in 1431 in Sighisoara in Transylvania, Romania. The house where he was born is still standing. It contains a small museum and is aslo an upscale restaurant. :)
Romania has a temperate (continental) climate . All the 4 seasons are available.
HERE YOU GUYS CAN FIND IT:) Modern Romania is roughly the same location as that of ancient Dacia. After a series of wars with Rome, Trajun conquered Dacia in two campaigns (101-106 AD). This was after the Roman supression of the Jews and in the resultung Dipora, Jews were dispersed throughout the...
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Transylvania; also used is the name Ardeal.
Popescu, Oprescu, Ionescu, Iliescu.
The flight times varies according to the speed of the flight. If the flight is flying at a faster speed then the times may change. We are providing you with standard flight timings. The flight time for the above mentioned trip is.4 hours 45 mins With TAROM: 4 h 45 min.
Today, 2 July 2011: 1 euro is approx. 4,22 lei.
The same tools as in the other countries around the world.
they are usually 77 in the summer and 27 in the winter(it doesn't get very warm).
Hundred years ago sports were a curiosity in Romania.
The Roman Empire had conquered and colonized the Dacian Kingdom in 106 AD. The pursuit was, off course, the Gold. Dacia was an El Dorado of Antiquity, and therefore many Romans settled. The new people formed was called "Romani" or "Rumani", meaning "coming from Rome".
FIVE countries surround Romania: Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia  and Bulgaria. Romania has the Black Sea on it's east coast.
No. Romania is a completely separate country. Italy and Romania are both countries in Europe, but they do not border each other.
In many towns, for example in Bucharest.
Romania has very rich wildlife because it has many forested areas, large mountain chains, and the Danube delta. Wildlife is consistent with temperate climates e.g. wolves, bears, foxes, lynx, boar, deer, hares, and so on. Of note is that Romania has the largest brown bear population in Europe and...
Romania is not a mediterranean country; Romania is near the Black Sea.
Yes, the Asociaţia Ghidelor şi Ghizilor din România (AGGR)  [The Association of Guides and Girl Guides of Romania] became a  corporate body on March 1, 1991. It became a member of the World  Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) in 1993 and a  full member of WAGGGS in 2005.
Otopeni-Madrid (Barajas): 5 h Madrid (Barajas)-Jerez de la Frontera: 1h Jerez de la Frontera-Rota (by road): 30 km
For details see the link below: Statistical Yearbook of Romania.
Danube MuresSiretSomesArges
Otopeni-Belfast: min. 7 hours (connection in London)
There was no president. There was a king.
In Finland it's Helsinki, in Romania it's Bucharest.
After the census of October 2011: - Romanians: 75,6 % - Hungarians: 17,9 % - Gypsies: 3,5 % and also some other small minorities.
n-au venit pana akum Niki nu cred k mai vin iti zic p romaneste k ma gandesc k esti romanca din moment ce intrebi dak vin in Romania
From 1947 till 1989 Romania was under Communist rule.Romania is governed on the basis of multi-party democratic system and of the segregation of the legal, executive and judicial powers.[142] The Constitution states that Romania is a semi-presidential democratic republic where executive functions...
  From Beba Veche (west): 200 15' 44" (longitude) and 460 07' 27" (latitude) to   Sulina (east) 290 41' 24" (longitude) and 450 09' 36" (latitude)     The linear distance is aprox. 700 km (1 mile is 1,609 km).
Approx. two weeks with the common post.
In 1878 Montenegro, Romania, Serbia were recognized as totally independent countries; Greece was independent from 1827.
there intrinsic motivation came the factory supplying a caferteria with free food , gym, playing fields and sauna.
Bucharest (the capital); Constanta; Tulcea; Brăila; Slobozia; Călăraşi; Buzău; Ploieşti; Giurgiu; Alexandria; Tîrgovişte; Piteşti; Slatina; Târgu Jiu; Craiova; Turnu Severin; Reşiţa; Deva; Timişoara; Arad; Sibiu; Alba Iulia; Oradea; Cluj; Satu Mare; Zalau; Baia Mare; Târgu-Mureş; R...
There are many jobs in that factory and there are many unemployed Romanians, so they are desperately looking for a job.
After 23.08.1944 during the Soviet Union occupation.
Romanian women like very much men.
Black Sea, Danube (river), Olt (river)
of course they do, some of their trading partners are Germany, Hungary, Italy, and France
The flight time from Cincinnati to Otopeni is approx. 16 hours with  US Airways.
The national language is Romanian. About 2 million people speakHungarian and a small minority speak German. National Census, March 2002: Total 21 680 974 . Romanian language 19 736 517 . Hungarian " 1 443 970 . Ţigănească " 237 550 (language of gypsies) . Ukrainian " 57 407 . German ...
Many Romanians are able to speek English, but the national language is Romanian and not everyone will speak English. In major hotels you will find that the staff at the Reception Desk often speaks English. However, in small hotels, especially in smaller towns they may not. German is sometimes more...
Ilex Oak. Several types of pine and other evergreens.
Red: the blood spilled by the heroes who died while defending our land. Yellow: the rich corn and wheat crops (as we once were Europe's granary or wheat basket, whereas nowadays more than half of the fields are left uncultivated). Blue: the blue of the clear skies and lakes.
  The distance between New York City and Romania's Western border is about 4500 miles. Romania is not a large country, about an average American state. It is about 500-600 miles from E to W and about 300 miles from N to S.
We have not an official, special flower.
Population below the poverty line: probably 25 %.
Life expectancy at birth, Romania, 2005: 71,71 years
Nu este imperativ ca faci. De asemenea, nu este nevoie ca un student.
Contact your nearest passport office. If you are not able to find a passport office in your area, go to the nearest post office and ask someone who works there. They should be able to give you the correct information. See related links for information about how to apply for a US Passport the...
Canada has more money for health and the Romanian people not pay attention to health.
Before the war we were one of the major grain baskets of Europe, with a GDP exceeding that - for instance - of Denmark. During the Communist regime the leaders tried to prove we could do anything and everything, so we tried our hand at all sorts of industrial branches, many bankrupt now. Our...
Transylvania is only a province in the central part of Romania. Romania is a democratic country.
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"Never Give Up" is "Niciodată a da sus" in romanian.
Summer- There is very hot, but sometimes there are summer rains, very refreshing for the people. Autumn- There is pretty cold, it might start snowing in the high mountains and it's very wet. Winter- There snows a lot and it's very cold. Spring- In the first month it might still snow near the...
I think that we have not a special national flower. But, we like flowers.
This depends of your country of origin; see the link: http://www.mae.ro/node/26966. .
Military, yes is peace, socially and politically not peace.
Belvedere Complex Italian Life Crama Voievozilor Don Quijote Floare. Hanul Tîrgove?ilor King Malex Milenium Mondial Prince Terasa Rio Terasa Valahia
They need jobs, and for an unemployed person a big factory is a wonder of nature and they want to work there, because they can't find other jobs.