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H&D Folsom Sales Records I don't believe they are available anywhere. One researcher has said they were donated to a paper drive during WWII. After all, they were just old ledgers that no one would ever be interested in.
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%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Wautauga was a trade name used by the Whitaker, Holtsinger Hardware Company of Morristown, Tennessee on firearms they retailed.Folsom, a sportings goods distributor and retailer in New York, was probably the wholesaler. They did not manufacture any firearms but Crescent Firea…
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This is what small claims court is for. You should be able to recover the cost of your ticket + the cost of filing the papers in court. If you think you are going to get rich for "pain and suffering" I don't think that's going to happen.
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My grandfather Hugh Livingston Cole was part owner of the Cole Hot Blast Mfg Co. with his brothers. The factory went out of business in the 20's I believe. My Dad, H L Cole, Jr. still lives in Chicago. My aunts who studied abroad, Shirley and Mary, live in St. Louis and Trenton, New Jersey, respecti…
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The Johnson Chair Company (Of Chicago IL)- Andrew P. Johnson was born in Vos Bergenstift, Norway November 22, 1835- Born to John L. and Emily P. (Vinge) Jearager1850: The family changed their name when they moved to America and settled in Boone Co, Illinois- Andrew P. Johnson grew up on a farm and w…
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%REPLIES% Answer My grandfather, Edward Kaveny was the general manager of the Englewood branch of Bowman Dairy in the 1920s 1930s. Answer My husband's great-grandfather, John Klasema, worked at Bowman Dairy in Chicago for 40+ years. He delivered milk with a horse drawn wagon, I've been to…
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PCI is a more recent grading company. In the past, they have had less experienced graders than the two bigger companies PCGS and NGC. However, they recently added a well respected grader to their staff and seem to be consistent with their grading standards. They are cheaper than the PCGS and NGC and…
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Roof Cave in Caused by Insurer? Your home insurance company does not certify the structural integrity of your home. It is our responsibility as the homeowner to maintain our home. There is no negligence here on the part of your insurance company. Your Insurer is not a Home Inspector nor a Structur…
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for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. The first thing I would like you to do is to find the data plate on the motor. It'll have all sorts of useful stuff, but find the "phase" information. It will either have a circle with a vertical line running through it (the Greek l…
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You can always cancel the extended warranty. Usually they will return any portion of the money for the contract that you did not use. In your case it should be at least 95% of the amount of the extended warranty. In some states there is a fee for canceling the warranty and some/all states have a gra…
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Chad, you can look in the phone book under "recovery agencies", you can ask at the local auto auction for info on local repo cos., you can look at the local coffee shops late at nite for repo trucks, OR you can buy a cat on time and DONT PAY THE NOTES. Be sure to wait up for the repoman. Email me an…
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Trick question, huh? What is your idea of 'secured' gate? Why would they want to make "contact"? The lender has been trying to "make contact" for how long? No responce to "make contact". Repomen get paid to pull iron, NOT make contact. No candy for you. Sorri
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It will be sold at auction at a lower price than the dealer will sell it for.
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Answer SCAM SCAM, they ask you for any type of personal information such as social security number, delete it. When you take out a loan on anything, it is in good faith that you will repay the loan. The bank expects this agreement to be honored. There is no such thing as a free lunch and no one i…
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Everyone made new weapons and machines which improved the technological advances made by the world after the war.
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Humans and Machines Together Cars are built by a combination of humans and robots (programmed by humans) on an assembly line. Some cars are totally built by hand, basically limited production cars, classic cars, or something special. Some others are totally built by machines. Quality checks are norm…
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Most of these letters that follow the brand name refer to the different packages that where available at the time the car was made. Some refer to Sports packages or high performance models others might refer to one that has all the available features such as power windows seats and so forth. Hope Th…
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I don't believe there is a set style for this. I suggest just putting something like "[ABC merged with EFG in 19XX to form XYZ]" under the original company name.Good luck!
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Start out by jotting down the needs and requirements that the employer has specified. For example, if a job requirement was 'requires resolving customer problems, and answering the phone" you could say, "Since I am a people person and love to help others, I am attracted to the level in which I will …
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When taking business courses and asked this very same question, I answered, "What would you like to know?" My instructor told me I was a very good person to interview. This makes the interviewer feel like you are not hiding anything.   I am a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an a…
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That's not what actually happens, even though it appears that way. When a collection agency rep. calls you about repayment, they will seldom (if ever) use the "real" company name. The reason being, if they violate federal collection laws, they want to make it as difficult as possible for you to file…
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If your spouse is on the title and/or mortgage with you, then you may refinance in your name only and have them removed from title BUT only with their consent. They have to also be at the closing.Thanks Edward David American Home Loans 866-281-5363 Ext. 1020
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Be aware that Thos Hollis was a major benefactor of Harvard between 1726 and 1764 - but he never visited America, being a prosperous non-conformist London merchant who supported Harvard's ecumenicalism in accepting all Protestant students. It's just possible his name, having great prestige locally…
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chicken chicken No, not unless the chickens were made of wood. They made 3 wooden marine power pleasure cruisers in the 1930's: The Sportster 34, the Week-ender 34, and the Marblehead 35. In the 1950's and 1960's smaller boats were made. They also made boats during world war II for the military. Th…
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Short for Enterprise Resource Planning software. ERP software aids and controls the ERP management system, which is a system that integrates and automates all facets of business operations. This includes planning, manufacturing, and sales, while more recent ERP software products encompass marketing…
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Find the address of Boston Headquarters and write it as Theo Epstein and then the address. Good Luck! You could try writing the Red Sox in care of Fenway Park: Fenway Park 4 Yawkey Way Boston, MA 02215
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I don't have information about this particular person, but my dad was also un the 351st in Italy. Try posting to this Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/88th_Infantry_Division_Blue_Devils_MtMestas-com/join
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Prepaid Legal Services Prepaid legal service is a generic term and there are several companies that offer these plans. However they are all variations and offer less service and value than the company that started the concept which is Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. located in Ada, OK. You pay a mont…
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It's too bad someone posed as something other than what they were really selling/doing; however, it's harshly erroneous to equate all MLM companies with illegal pyramid schemes. Au contraire. Network marketing (often called "multi-level marketing") is quite legal, and in many cases, the companies ha…
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this is an AGE OLD question and the answer is - it does not.The fact is that computers are fast, people are not. So they can make whatever process fast but if the actual process is improper or slow or wrong then all you get is more junk faster.As far as other technology is concerned -it now requires…
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You don't hire a lawyer and then tell him/her what to do. You hire a layer to tell you the law and the best way to deal with a legal problem. If you are advised wrongly, you have redress via the law society (in the UK), other countries have similar bodies. The best way is to write a letter to the …
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Probably. Anytime a vehicle is towed or repossed the person(s) who take the vehicle are responsible for taking necessary precautions for securing it and the contents. In the majority of cases this would be an issue for small claims court. In which the owner would have to present proof that the artic…
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The best way to answer this question is to RESEARCH the company first. Yep, whether you are applying at McDonald's or applying at a Fortune 500 Company. Do a search online. Look at their website. Find out who they are, what they do and why you'd want to work there. The WORST thing you can do is show…
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You can find out a soldiers battalion and platoon by their dog tags. You could try contacting the army or checking information in a library database.
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All gas stations have mix from all different parts of the world. America's stockpile is largely unused in case we get into a war and loose all access to foreign fuels. However Sunoco and BP don't use Middle Eastern fuel, so you'll have a better shot at getting American fuel at their gas stations tha…
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The Dell Corpration is the leader in the industry. It also has the BEST technical support staff. Additionally, their unique customization abilities attract many customers, whether they are home users or corporate companies.AnswerDell is the number one producer of computer hardware in the world lev…
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Answer I know that during the 70's the stores were know as "Wilson's House of Suede" and the shop I was familiar with was in North Hollywood, California. They TV ads I believe were usually for Mens Jackets. Prior to the late 80's, there were two companies: Wilson's House of Suede - mainly on th…
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CEO, CFO and CIO are titles for top executives at a corporation. The exact job descriptions depend on the company, but essentially: - The CEO is the Chief Executive Officer, the "big boss". However, in corporations they report to the board of directors who have ultimate control and responsibility, …
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Anthony and Sylvan is the largest pool manufacturer in the U.S.
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Maybe. If the employee is acting within the scope of his authority given by his or her employer, then it is likely that the accident will be imputed to the employer, regardless of the alcohol issue. On the other hand, if the employee is clearly outside of the scope of the terms of his employment, th…
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Answer:I have been an executive management consultant for 15 years, and during that time I have worked with many CEOs, VPs, and other executives and I have coached them on how to grow their companies. In my years, I have found a few common traits among successful companies, and the people who work t…
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A limited liability company (LLC): is a type of business ownership combining several features of corporation and partnership structures is not a corporation or a partnership may be called a limited liability corporation, the correct terminology is limited liability company owners are called members…
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Answer Yes they can make you responsible for it. It was your responsibility and you lost the money. Employers in restaurants can also dock a waiters/waitress' pay for broken dishes if they so choose. Answer It depends. If paying the money back is going to reduce your income below minimum wage…
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Check your check register. Business card file. Check records - it may show up somewhere.
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put that info into a search engine-thats what i do. "information on sears electric drill model 10725833" it will show u tons of results and just weed thru them. youll find the information Answer repairing drills in 2005 is more expensive than buying new ones.
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Economic conditions, profit margins, growth potential, liabilities, performance, lack of execution, competition ...etc. Lack of proper planning,unnecessary liabilities,financial debts,improper Business management skills,low selling market,
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Answer There are many products out on the market in your local grocery stores where the laundry soaps are. I live in Canada and use one called "Girl Friday" and also "Zout" or "Spray & Wash" works well. If you can't get these products in the States, then make a paste of baking soda and a soft…
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Companies Buying Their Own StockTo keep controlling interest in the company and not in someone else's hands.There is a second reason as well. If they are sitting on cash and think the stock is under-valued, they will invest in their own company. This does two things. First it props up the price by i…
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Marketing a Construction Company The most important aspect of marketing is knowing who your customers are and how to best reach them. In construction, your customers may be individual homeowners (consumers), businesses (i.e. builders, real estate managers, etc.) or a combination of both. Each targe…
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In the United States, you can ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of. In India, if he is a fresher and working…
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Hello, go to WIKIPEDIA and search 28th.infantry division...scroll down to WW 1 action&hit link's this may help you.I just picked up 3 RPPC of the 112th. CO. H,Machine Gunner(MG)Div. and am trying to confirm these were Erie boy's,or mixed.,etc.Good luck !
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SOUND STAGES & EXTERIOR SETS Kevin Fortson 818.954.2577 wbsfoperations@warnerbros.com TECHNICAL SERVICES Ron Smith 818.954.2443 wbsftechnicalservices@warnerbros.com + Grip Services Includes: Equipment Rental/Canvas Shop/Steel Scaffolding/Scene Dock Bill Moore 818.954.1590 wbsftechnicalservic…
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I strongly believe that with all my 27 years of working experience specializing in the area of sales and marketing, I would be the desired "Change Agent" making a true difference in the organization. They just want an answer that shows you have done some research & there is a concrete reason you…
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In my experience, I've never found a recruitment or placement agency that was worth the money they demanded. Some agencies offer little more than lists of companies and contact info, much of which can be outdated. Other agencies purport to offer services such as resume writing, private leads, meetin…
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I'm assuming that you have already tried to contact the company yourself, and failed.Contact the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division in your area. They will try to collect the money for you. If your state has a minimum wage, also contact the state department of labor.Be aware that if t…
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They Are! According to http://www.shortsupport.org/Health/Increase/companies.html, they are. It is advisable to check any product followed by the word "scam"... one usually finds that "miracle" products are.
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Region 1 DVD Wholesalers If you're looking for Region 1 DVDs at below wholesale, then you'll want to visit Moonlight Entertainment & Sales. According to their website, you can get Region 1 DVDs in an array of different sized lots; from their 100 pieces DVD sampler lot, all the way up to lots of…
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There are lots of businesses but I think that wealthiest one among them is the business of wholesale trade and dropshipping in Japan as it is evident from aidandtrade.com
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Depends on the business, but usually at the minimum an undergraduate degree in business, accounting, administration etc...It is even more helpful if you have an MBA.Hey no its not all about the MBA/Get exeperience, get the manager attitude and get all of the fee education certificate revolving aroun…
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Taxes Answer A sole Prop is taxed like an individual but you get to write off every business expense! It's good to enlist the help of a good CPA to do your taxes and help you with that,,,,you get to write of their fees next year too!
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Answer No, but you can put it in the microwave. ANSWER Yes, you can buy a plastic tube pan in the oven. You can buy it at the cookware shop
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Without employees there wouldn't be a company.
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The correct answer is 1636 but I don't know when that year . I know this from a book.
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i can work as the job concerns and do my best and give my best so that i can contribute 1 step ahead to you. i will be an asset to this company because i will keep clients satisfied with the work i do and that what attracts customers to this organization and make them wanting more that would profit…
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Originally inhabited by Native American tribes (Abenaki and Iroquois), much of the territory that is now Vermont was claimed byFrance but became a British possession after France's defeat in the French and Indian War. For many years, the surroundingcolonies disputed control of the area (referred to …
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I don't know the location but I have an early 1900s souvenir pitcher showing the front of the store. It was on a corner and 4 storees tall.Sorry I could not help more.Paul.
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Some companies offer service to and from Missoula, MT in a 28' moving trailer--you only pay for the space you use, and more space is always available. Some rates already include the fuel, taxes, road tolls, and the driver; at a price that's comparable to truck rental!
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if you are a fresher then u can say that "as a fresher i would like to go with the companies pay structure"
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Well, if you aren't interested in employing me, then why are you wasting your time and mine with this interview?
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Of course you don't want to say because the position was available. So what you can say is, " I am seeking for a different opportunity and I believe that this position can offer that by..." and explain why this position would be good for you and how you can contribute as well.
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Stopping Outsourcing Here are opinions and input from different FAQ Farmers: By convincing employers that the investment in keeping jobs at home is the only way to avoid losing the market for their products. If all the jobs are outsourced, then there won't be any disposable income to spend …
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These are the top 10 richest companies as of 2011.Walmart (retail sales)Exxon Mobile (oil & gas)Royal Dutch Shell (oil & gas)BP (oil & gas)Sinopec (oil & gas)Toyota (vehicles)Petro China (oil & gas)Total S.A. (oil & gas)Chevron (oil & ga…
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Answer Hi, This how I understand the beginnings of Volkswagon. In the late 1930s, Adolf Hitler establishes a directive that Germans have an affordable "peoples car" a volkswagen. This is pre WWII. A corp. is established to design and build the cars. The engineer Freidrich Porsche (ye…
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The roofer and ultimately the liability insurance co of the roofer. The roofer will likely be held responsible in the end but the tenant has no relationship to the roofer. The tenant has a relationship with the landlord and it is the landlord's responsibility to see that a roof was in proper conditi…
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Answer One can sue for almost any reason, whether or not the lawsuit will be heard or if heard result in a positive way for the plaintiff is always questionable. It is highly unlikely that a suit based upon such a matter would be of merit. Many companies have policies that address relationships…
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www.disney.ocx http://www.ac.u.lan/about:bloodsports/Horrorfest/artso.com
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i will work hard in the best of my ability and credibility with love and respect to people around me...so that the company will be satisfied with me....
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Opening of First Wal-Mart The first Wal-Mart opened in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962. Most people think discount retailing began in 1962 - the year that Kmart, Target, and Walmart first opened. But actually, the chain of variety stores Sam Walton owned during the 1950s faced stiff competition from many …
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They first came in the 1980s when Michael Jordan first stared playing. He wanted a flat soled shoe, but also wanted it to be good looking. The company was named after the owner, Marquis M. Converse. It started in 1908 under the name of Boston Rubber Shoe Company.
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Though there is disagreement about where the first store was opened, the year was 1962. He opened the first Wal-Mart Supercenter in Washington, Missouri
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Answer Barretta Actually the Remington Premier STS Competition is made by Sabatti of the Gardone Val Trompia Region of Italy. A comprehensive and complete test and review of this shotgun may be found in the August 2009 issue of Shotgun Sports. The Review is by the editor in chief of the Magazine…
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Multinational Business The advantages of a multinational business to host countries are: Transfer of technology,capital and entrepreneurship.They increase the investment level and thus the income and employment in the host country.Greater availabilty of products for local consumers.Greater access to…
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MILTON BRADLEY Born Vienna, Maine 1836 Resided Mt. Vernon, Maine 1846 Milton Bradley's grandparents, Josiah & Phoebe (Webster) Bradley came to Vienna from N.H. in 1799. They had a son, Lewis, who was Milton Bradley's father. Milton Bradley was born in Vienna 11-18-1836, and his birthplace is an…
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Name Brand ProductsWell, some people like brand names but to me with most items its just a name on a box. Some name brands and off brands are even made at the same place and owned be the same company. Don't get me wrong some brand names are better. With important stuff you might want to go with a we…
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Some ways to add value to your company are: Become faster Offer better quality Add value to your products or services Increase convenience Improve customer service Change lifestyle or demographics Plan discounts For more detail visit the Related Link. Some ways individual teams can add value to…
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Well, I know when I recover a car, I am required to take pics before I even touch the car, then I take pics again of the car after I put it in the yard. Most people don't realise that theres more than one person involved in the repo process. A spotter, a driver, and your car is in the yard, and tha…
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Answer You should be able to appeal or request them to take you to court. If its a scam, a judge should see right through it. If its already been paid, you have a different problem.
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home improvement needs: appliances, bathroom decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, bbq grills, ... www.homedepot.com/
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Stock Ticker AMZN The ticker symbol for Amazon.com is AMZN and is traded on the Nasdaq.
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Stock Ticker BMC The ticker symbol for BMC Software is BMC and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
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Stock Ticker BBBY The ticker symbol for Bed Bath & Beyond is BBBY and it is traded on the Nasdaq.
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Stock Ticker GE The ticker symbol for General Electric is GE and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
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