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Confounding issues in society such as unidentified flying objects (UFOs), conspiracy theories and urban legends
You may be refering to the "blacklist", which if someone's name is on it, they are regarded as "blacklisted". However, it is not a literally existing list, like an actual piece of paper.It's just that people in a given industry know each other, so if you upset one of them, they mention it to their...
The objective of sociology is to better understand how we humans  relate and interact with one another.
  I believe it's about $30,000 per inmate a year.
Every loss it the worst thing. In terms of numbers, the vessel Glomar was lost with a crew of 81. Or the largest, the vessel Berge Istra of 227,912 tons. Additional Information: The Glomar Explorer, built by CIA for the purpose of retrieving a sunken Soviet nuclear sub, was launched in 1972. It was...
Well there is sure no evidence wheather she is dead or alive since no one can find her or her body. People believe that she is still in Portugal living or on the streets. She could of got raped, murdered. In My opinion: Since she dissapeared May 3rd 2007 in Portugal she probably got took away by a...
The Story of La Llorona is more that 500 years old... Their is nospecific time given to its origins but even to this day this storyis told to Mexican Children as fact, although its not verified.
m = middle side length shortest side length is 75 miles less than the middle side length m; so, use (m - 75) to represent the length of the shortest side longest side length is 375 miles longer than the middle side length m; so, us (m + 375) to represent the length of the longest side perimeter...
a UFO is real... however UFO just means that you don't know what is in the sky. it could even b a shooting star. just because there is a UFO in the sky, that doesn't mean that it is carring alains!!!!!!! people will say anything for attention an to get u to buy their story!! its a trickkkk!!!!!!! a...
Yes, everyone has to pay for their usage of electricity and water.The white house is not exempt of this.
Nobody knows. Earth can end in many ways. It's possible that when the sun expands into a red giant in a few billion years that it will engulf the Earth, but there's some disagreement on that: it may simply expand enough to burn the Earth to a cinder without actually consuming it. In that case,...
October 2006, the spooky story about a teen killed by a fall into a sewer after five other girls shoved her began circulating in e-mail and on MySpace. No adolescent girl named Carmen Winstead or Jessica Smith died in such fashion, in Indiana, or in any other U.S. state "about six years ago" (i.e.,...
UFOs are one topic that may never find a conclusion. Its seems the more we know and learn, results in more questions. I do feel that the government has information that they are withholding from the public. If this information were to be released it might bring us some answers. But don't hold your...
  == Answers: ==     * Think about it. Where would there be enough cows to produce enough milk to make a cheese that big?  * There would be on another planet somewhere in the multiverse.  * Yet I wonder if they actually use cows there ...  * Everyone knows the moon isn't made out of...
I would say kings,cobras,IG's or MLD's in my opinion
vermont is in gmt time and the bermuda is in ast time
There is no official name. Most shelters offer mats and rollaways or cots, but many also have more permanent types of beds, which would likely be donated. Some shelters also have EDAR units.
The answer lies in the question. It is called "The Heliocentric Theory" for a reason. But don't let yourself be confused by that. There is a common misconception that the good Theories in science grow up to become Laws, when that simply isn't true. In everyday vernacular, "Theory" is described as...
It is reported that at least 20 planes and  50 ships have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle in the last  100 years. 1,000 people have died or disappeared in the Bermuda  Triangle in the last 100 years.
There has to be. There is no secrecy to Area 51 anymore. Where they are though, I have no idea.
Usually over military bases and large urban cities.
  a british judge sir francis buller was reputed to have said that a man can legallly beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. but this is a disputed fact.
Find a shelter and check into it. Ask them. They will know of all the programs in your area that can assist you.
that really depends on your religion, aliens are known scientifically as extra-terrestrials which means that everything within our atmosphere is terrestrial and all outside of it is terrestrial to it's location. if an alien were to come to earth it would be from 2 planets making it extra-terrestrial...
should be but read more
look first of all it isn't going to end because some people just want to cause peril and second they said the same exact thing for 2000 and what happened........... nothing so do you really want to let some stupid thing like this ruin your life.
They had good reason for predicting that. The Mayan Calender was  misinterpreted by most of the world. It stated that on 12/21/12,  the world would have a rebirth, which was misconceived by the  public. That never happened then, which was two years ago, so I  think we're safe.
I do. I think that in all the100,000,000 or whatever of stars out there, there must be some other kind of life form. there is so many stars, each with over 5 planets, and most of the planets have got moons.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, Ufo's should look something like a round cone, if you can imagine the likes of it. Try looking it up on Google, Youtube, stuff like that, and I'm sure you'll get an idea of what it looks like :]   Hope that helps Hun :]  -Xxxx
Hostilities ended in 1945 & occupation of Germany was ended in  1990.
Area 51 is a closed military area. The existence of UFOs there is probably a rumor, but since access to the area is closed, it is hard to verify.
No. Nobody has ever suggested that "alien spacecraft" ever crashed at Area 51. "Area 51" in Nevada is a training and testing area for secret US aircraft.
1. Aggressive lending by the central banks encouraged the governments of Europe to build up their arsenals with the latest 'invincible' technology. 2. The militaries of Europe had an exaggerated sense of their own power due to their huge arsenals- never stopping to consider that the banks had been...
I haven't actually heard the world was going to end in 2010. I've only heard 2012 and that is because the Myan calendar ends Dec.21.2012 or so I've heard.I'm not actually sure why a person might think the world was going to end in 2010 probably just because it's a new decade but again i can't be...
Relax. There are no connections between the earthquake in Haiti, the swine flu, and the balloon boy. They are not some signs of any kind of great doom. The earthquake is a natural disaster that is only caused by the forces of nature. The Balloon Boy Hoax was a parental disaster (the boy's parents...
People just stopped but nothing really
I certainly would because not only do they have a HUGE military , but also thousands of nuclear weapons from the cold war
Glen and Bessie Hyde were newlyweds who disappeared during a rafting honeymoon in 1928.
Yes, there is. A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object.
Oswald couldn't have cared less. He was just a headline hound whose repeated attempts to get famous in the past, had never worked.
Alan Premel (born 1975) is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and member of the National Clandestine Service. He was linked to the CIA's controversial extraordinary rendition program through a CIA front company in Houston Texas, Patriot Petroleum. Claims of US Government Involvement in...
There are a multitude of books on the subject of UFO's. Amazon has many and so will your local library.
Well aluminum comes from a substance called bauxite. Bauxite is a  fossil fuel. A fossil fuel is a fuel that is formed over the course  of many years. Hence, once we use up the bauxite supply, we will  actually be using up the aluminum supply, it will take a long time  for it to form again.  ...
Levitation is not possible. It is an illusion. Levitation is believed widely to be impossible, however there aresome eastern medicinal practitioners and magicians who claim tohave achieved this state. Among them are David Copperfield andseveral others who claim that supreme concentration allows them...
In 1986, a failed test led to its reactor being shutdown. This  caused a large explosion that sent out harmful levels of radiation  throughout the community. Everyone who lived in Chernobyl was  forced to immediately evacuate the area with no possible return.
Animals use it for survival: Why not you, too?
  Ninja. You learn honour.
Answer: Your knuckle joints are moved, releasing small bubbles of Nitrogen which creates the small popping sounds. It is not dangerous to do this, but if practiced to the extreme, your fingers will not bend slightly. Also, your knuckles may expand... Answer: It is suggested that you will get...
Some homeless shelters have limits while others do not.
simple people will say that every year for every single year so that they can say i told you so so dont believe that bullsh*t its ridiculous
Somebody claims they saw a diamond shaped group of lights behind his car. He sped ahead for a mile of so and when he looked back it was gone.
Most wars are over natural resources someone wants from someone else. The Japanese wanted oil in World War 2. Hitler needed oil too so he attacked Russia and Africa. Every country in this world needs oil and not every country has oil wells. If the price of oil keeps going up and it gets scarcer...
It's impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy; we wont know until the war is over, if the war even happens for that matter.
According to the national UFO reporting center there have been over 300,000 in UFO sightings in the past 15 years.
UFOs(Unidentified Flying Objects) are believed to be the aircrafts or the like used by the alien beings for visiting other planets.There have been many claims made by several people from different parts of the world about their experiences related to the UFOs.Their existence is not yet confirm.There...
when a group of people wanna destroy every thing and worship the devil oh and devil backwards is lived and god backwards is dog so pleas don't get brained washed by the   Illuminati it is an bad thing don't whach nickelodeon Disney and cartoon net work they are brain washing you
=== Answer 1: ===   When it leaves Earth it usually sounds like a big boom I'm not really sure if there even is a UFO.   === Answer 2: ===   "Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
  == yes,in myths, legends and some true stories there have been some strange goings and scientist have guessed there is. ==
the estimated death amount when last checked is over 137,000 lives
The Antichrist, false teachers, false preachers, and false prophets
The Mayan calender says the world WILL end in 2012, but who says it is GOING 2 happen? I hope the world doesn't end:(
About 600 (aproximate) per year comes to 50 a month.
Well,It might be a bit babyish but a good myth is called The Boy Who Loved Bears!Its ok but maybe a bit babyish
Mrs. Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas is a character created by fiction  writer E.F. Benson. The first book that Emmeline appeared in was  Queen Lucia which was written in 1920, and she has appeared in a  total of 6 novels.
If we knew the reality of UFO's they wouldn't remain UFO's. Whether they exist is a good question. But it does seem with cells phones that can photograph and video there has been much more evidence then ever before. But if we wait for NASA to give us an explaination it's going to be a long wait. The...
Leave it alone and contact your police department. Get an unwanted animal to step on it.
Yes, the Bermuda Triangle is actually shaped as a tringle. Bermuda is an island but the Triangle is not an island. The Tirangle covers the area down from the coast of Florida all the way down by the Carribean and across, as shaped like a triangle.
They say the room President Kennedy stayed in two nights before he was assassinated is haunted. Do they mean by Him? I don't know, but they say it is.
Well, there can be many different reasons, one could be you lost your job and you can't pay your bills.
no it is an unidentified flying object-by red gold
People always come with predictions about when the world willend...but so far they have all been wrong. The world is not goingto end anytime soon. A good example of this is Harold Camping, a christian radio host,who predicted that the rapture would occur on May 21, 2011. Membersof his radio...
The calender doesn't indicate the end of the world... it means the calender is ending, not the world.     Imagine a thousand years from now, someone digs up your home, and finds that your computers calender wouldn't work after 3020 due to some programming bug... would that mean the world ends...
Objet non identifié de vol, or ONIV.
Because they find little evidence to prove their theories
Some people are afraid, but the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the area each year are not. The area referred to as the Bermuda triangle is also an extremely popular vacation area.
No one can answer this question.
the boats that dissapeared in the Bermuda triangle i do not know but there were a couple of boats and ships
if you look on google earth you will see craters where nuclear weapons have detonated. in those craters, you will see buildings and wires. i believe they have found a way to retrieve the energy from the nuclear explosions, or they have found a way to harness energy from radiation. and they are...
The Woman in Revelations is a symbol and likeness of the nationof Israel or the Church. The wilderness is outside the walls of thecity and is therefore outside the influence of the secular world.You can think of the wilderness as isolated from society. This hasnothing to do with sexual preferences....
This is not exactly the information you are looking for but what I did find shows more angles of what was seen. The only shot I have seen within the Pentagon grounds is the first segment. The others are from nearby businesses that show the explosion was taped.
A community can provide jobs, affordable housing, food and cash assistance, mental health and substance abuse recovery programs, and offer educational and job training programs suited to the homeless of their area. But even with all of these things, homelessness can not be eliminated because new...
At one point he did drive a pink sponsored car, but Kotex wasnot the sponsor of the race car.
  one of its uses was to cover unpleasant odors
The NWO is a hilarious myth created by people who are distrustful of the government and believe there is someone out to get them.
Well there was one in the second game, but that was only if you look through a telescope, so most likely yes but probably not to play that big a role in the game, except to abduct you like in the Sims 2.
hello, my name is john I'm 25 years old single and like to mingle. funny with charismatic personality once you get to know me you wouldn't leave me.
It's impossible to answer this question due to the fact that there are no details.
Local culture is usually enhanced by immigrants; they bring their food, their celebrations, and their individual talents to a community.
  It wasn't a UFO - it was a research balloon ("Project Mogul") which was considered top-secret at the time, hence the reason for the military to cover it up. The event occurred on July 7, 1947.
a guy by the name of john bullets.
Conspiracy Theory starring Jesse Ventura was cancelled by Tru-TV, which is owned by Turner TV, a subsidiary of Time-Warner. The reasons are not known,
It is possible that the world will end December 21, 2012 during the Apocalypse but if the world does not end on December 21 2012 then we may never know