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Famous People are those whose names are well-known by scores of people. Questions about historical and present-day's most influential people; be it scientists like Nicola Tesla and Isaac Newton, celebrities like Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, philosophers like Aristotle and Francis Bacon, politicians like John F. Kennedy and Tony Blair, philanthropists like Bill Gates and Andrew Carnegie, and other famous people, will be answered here.
Henry Sampson, horoscope for birth date 22 April 1934 ,born in Jackson,
He was a boxer with a big punch and an aggressive style, so he wasgiven the nickname.
Yes. His name is Raheem Ruben Carter. He was born in the 1970's.
Yes. Apparently her maiden name was Maria Green. She was born in1837 and died in 1902.
It was a Lockheed Vega 5B:Seven-seat passenger transport version,built for higher gross weight operations with commercial operators.
In his lifetime Nobel was known as The Merchant of Death forselling explosives to any and all as long as the price was right.The idea of the Nobel Prizes was to whitewash that reputation bygiving away a portion of his prophits as a philanthropic prize ofexcellence, much as the yellow journalist...
The system of proportional representation is used in the election of ?
George Washington Carver (c. 1860 [1] [2] - 5 January 1943), was an American botanist and inventor . The exact day and year of his birth areunknown; he was born into slavery in Missouri, either in 1861, orJanuary 1864. [2] . Carver's reputation is based on his research into and promotionof...
When translated, pendura is a word that means something is hangingoff of something else. A shirt hanging on a hanger in your closetwould be a good example.
Franklin was one of the people working on the Decleration of Indipendance.
See the recordings of temperature over the last 10 or 20 years.This could show an increasing temperature. Also, you could see howmuch of the ice has melted or the rise of sea level (not to beconfused with tides). If the Earth is getting warmer, then moreicecaps would melt, resulting in higher oceans...
The basic circumstances of his death are clearly stated onWikipedia. If you require more details, I suggest Googling forwebsites dedicated to Mr. Carver. Here's a snippet: Upon returning home one day, Carver took a bad fall down a flightof stairs; he was found unconscious by a maid who took him to...
Metaphysics is not a school or tradition but rather asub-discipline within philosophy, as are ethics ,logic and epistemology . Like many philosophicalterms, "metaphysics" can be understood in a variety of ways, so anydiscussion of Bertrand Russell's metaphysics must select from amongthe various...
she had two kids George, and James
Kim the South Korean singer lives at Seoul, South Korea
First, it is unscientific to accept any theory as fact. Afundamental rule of the scientific method is fallibilism, whichrecognizes that all knowledge we have is only the closestapproximation to the truth that we've found up to now. A great example of the need for this is uniformitarianism. What...
For the most part, a successful underdog, in the sense that he beatthe odds when they were against him.. George Washington Carver wasborn into an economically struggling family, and through botany andgrowth observations, was able to bring a new food to the tables ofbillions. Now Carver is known...
Yes. Charlemagne was born in the Frankish kingdom circa 742 AD anddied in 814 AD.
No, Isaac Newton was born in England and always lived in England. As far as mankind knows, the United States of America didn't even exist when he was alive.
Sir Isaac Newton did not speak directly to the laws of thermaldynamics but he did say "Energy is not lost or destroyed, it ismerely transferred from on party to the next.'' . Which is similar to, the first law of thermodynamics. "The total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy canbe...
George Washington Carver is important because he discovered manyuses for peanuts.
Cogito ergo sum = I think, therefore I am .
He had to consistently come up with new inventions all the time.
Eduard Einstein July 28, 1910 Lieserl Einstein January 1902 Hans Albert Einstein May 14, 1904
Your question is confusing, however, morality
The school's name was the Periapetic school. Periapetic means walk in Greek. He named it this, because he had long talks with his smarter students while walking through the gardens of Lesbos.
He showed us about gravity, giving a huge boost to the scienceof astronomy. . ++++ . He also invented (or discovered?) the profoundly important fieldof Calculus - though others argue the credit belongs to the Germanmathematician Leibnitz. Generally now though, both men arecredited, as they...
that acoustic signals could be transmitted in the form ofelectricity through wires.
He pioneered sterilizes milk for safe drinking. (Pasteurizing)
He got his ideas from Sigmund Freud.
If you mean the microbiologist Louis Pasteur then no, since he was born a year after Napoleon died.
With the discovery of electricity, everybody expected that all cars would be electric and run on rechargeable batteries. Tesla had gone one better and actually produced a working automobile that ran on electricity taken from the surrounding ether like an antenna picks up radio waves. This would...
each newton of force equals 9.8 pounds . +++ . I am afraid you have mixed both units and systems there. Theyhave equivalents but are not equal. . The Newton is a unit of Force or "weight", not Mass. . The Kilogramme and the Pound are units of Mass, not Force, andby totally different systems of...
She became interested in gorillas during a trip to Africa in 1963according to Biography.com.
The idea that a person studying ethics in moral philosophy is justgoing to end up running into misconception after misconception.
Grover Cleveland. I keep that in my pocket daily.
Meredith Hodges, Amy Schulz, Craig Schulz, Jill Schulz, MonteSchulz
1845, settlers towns named for an early settler or famous person?
Wilma Rudolph was married twice. She married a man by the name ofRobert Eldridge(1963-1980) and a man by the name of WilliamWard(1961-1963).
Telephones converts sound into electrical signals, and backwards.Speakers with dynamic-coil transdusers convert electrical signalsinto sound by using the properties of electromagnetism.
Madame Curie is most famous for being a French physicist andchemist . She is known for her discovery and studies inradioactivity.
Geologists study the Earths surface
I guess George washington since he was with him when napaleon and washington had war
He didn't invent, but rather used the word, "al-jabr," which means "restoration" in Arabic, to describe his method of defining an unknown quantity as a variable and then manipulating it within an equation to arrive at its value. In other words, "al-jabr" means to perform an algebraic process, hence...
founder of modern human anatomy.
sorry but he was either never born or it is unknown
Gandhi believed in equivalence in the Hindu Caste system &Hinduism.
His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations and supportfor Copernicanism .
They made many people work as slaves and even humiliated them.
The first successful powered airplane was flown by the Wrightbrothers on December 17, 1903. The plane was named the WrightFlyer I . The Wright brothers designed gliders previous to the creation ofthe airplane. The gliders were named the Wright Glider .
Germany, Japan, Poland and everyone else that got taken over by Germany and Japan like Poland
Contrary to popular belief, George Washington did NOT chop down acherry tree. It was actually a lie that was published by achildren's author after our first president's death.
The incredible 2 of the Mississippi
No, doing nothing is impossible. To do nothing means not do anything at all, but doing nothing also means that you're doing something: nothing. Therefore, you're doing something even if you ever manage to do nothing.
His model of the atom was the poistive charges in the center andthe negative chages orbiting.
Some say the purpose of life is procreation, however if this is the only purpose of life that we experience then what is the point of anything? The continuous Circe of birth and death is fueled by the belief that continuing to breed is the reason we are here, however this may be a personal purpose...
Pythagoras thought of triangles and a system of them in mathematics, he would take in people and teach them, they had their own "secret society" and did not explain information with outsiders. I'm not sure if information explaining their belief in universe exists but I could be wrong.
Because He found and named NH
Aristotle had two wives his first was Pythias, who died. Then he married Herpyllis who together they had a child named Nichomachus.
Unbalanced force=mass of object x acceleration of object
"Global culture", meaning a culture interconnected worldwide? "Aculture of conflict", meaning a culture that is in conflict withitself? I think the statement makes sense, as human nature hasalways been in conflict with itself, which leads to tension andconfusion in all areas of human culture ...
He rebeled against the British rule over India. He felt like they were being opressed and mistreated.
"All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursuethem" This is one of his quotes, which is also I think the most inspiringone to me hope it helps:)
He proved that lighting is made up of electricity.
Yes she made a book and a movie
No-one "invented" electricity. It is a natural force. Howevermany people discovered its nature and laws, and it was MichaelFaraday who realised the relationships between electricity andmagnetism, hence making possible the generation of electricity, andthe electric motor.
Yes, uniquely so. The people, the cultures, languages, natural wonders, religions, and ethnic groups of the world are simply beautiful and amazing
Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician
Moral rationalism which is also known as ethical rationalism is aview in meta ethics, according to which moral truths are knowable apriori,by reason alone.
Black Hawk was a war leader and warrior originated from SaukAmerican Indian Tribe which is the mid west of united states atpresent.
By looking at the equation F=ma we have two ways to increase acceleration. If we keep the mass constant and increase the force applied then the acceleration of the object will increase. If we keep the force constant and use a smaller mass then the mass will experience a greater acceleration...
The theory of endosymbiosis states that eukaryotic cells evolvedwhen some prokaryotes were engulfed by others and avoided beingdigested. The theory states that chloroplasts developed fromphotosynthetic bacteria and mitochondria from aerobic bacteria. Evidence in support of the endosymbiotic theory...
Sometime in 1932. It was an Academy Award for creating Mickey Mouse