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Brain teasers are puzzles that involve high level thinking to solve. Ask your favorite word brain teasers here!
The reference is to Odin (Woden), where Odin only anagrams to Dino,I nod, or I, Don . Anagrams of Woden are endow and owned. The phrase has no particularly apt anagrams, although it can spell: "So many pets never won a duel" "Newsrooms evaluated penny" "Demons unwoven separately"
Pi is a Greek letter for the "P" sound.
ripe   pig   peg   rip   rig   grip   riper   prig   peg   prier   peri
  == ANSWER: ==   100 cents in a dollar.
There is no seven-letter anagram.   Common (non-Scrabble) words made from the letters include:   comped, compel, clomp, coped, loped, model, moped, poled, clod,  clop, code, coed, cold, come, comp, cope, demo, dole, dome, dope,  lode, lope, meld, mode, mold, mole, mope, oped, pled, plod,...
People eat . People sleep . People learn . People earn a living . people have relationships . people marry . people have babies . people raise children . People die
There is no single word, or phrase, that use all of these letters.   The longest single word you could spell is "apace" with two A's  left over.   Shorter words that could be spelled are :   ace   ape   cap   cape   pa   pace   pea
Jackrabbit, jerboa, jug, junk.
There are too many three letter words that can be formed using the word handwriting. Especially, if it's including Scrabble words. Below are some examples. Handwriting: ...
There are no one-word English anagrams, but there is the two-word "water cycle".
Clue: He didn't laugh at the boss' jokes because he was… Answer: Musty, quota, elicit, lading, and QUITTING.
You can make about 110 common, non-Scrabble words from the letters  in ambassador.   It also anagrams to "a drama boss."    The longest words are 7 letters long:   adsorbs, armadas   Shorter words are:   aboard, abroad, adsorb, armada, aromas, boards, broads, dramas,  madras,...
Using only those letters, you can spell about 17 common English  words, none over 4 letters long.   They include:   rand (currency), darn   and, adz, nap, pad, pan, par, rad, ran, rap, van, zap,   ad, an, pa, a
There is no anagram. If you had an I, it would spell voting.
Anagrammists.   Staring Mamas.   A smarting Sam.
4-letter words begs, bens, bice, bine, bins, bios, bise, bogs, bone, bong, boom, boon, boos, cine, cion, cobs, cogs, coin, comb, come, cone, coni, cons, coon, coos, ebon, eggs, egis, egos, emic, engs, eons, gems, gens, gibe, gibs, gien, gies, gigs, gins, gobo, gobs, goes, gogo, gone, gong, goon,...
1. Take fox and seed, bring back seed2. Take chicken, bring back fox3. Take fox and seed.
It depends upon the type of "word" but for the most likely, which  is TEXT MESSAGING, the average size of a text message is 1 to 2 Kb,  but can be much larger, depending on the data and/or size of  attachments, up to a practical limit of 300 to 500 Kb (as of 2015).  So 1 Gb could accommodate...
The answer to this question is so easy! It's a coffin.The maker doesn't want it because he or she is not dead.The buyer doesn't need it because he or she is not dead as well.And of course the user doesn't know/see if he or she is using it because they are dead.    
Give it the old college try.
Daily Jumble 2/3/10 Clue: What the wine collector   invested in.answer: “LIQUID” ASSETS (basis,   testy, quaint, stolid)      
'Panel' is an anagram for 'plane'.
It took over two hundred years for Australia Day to be celebrated annually and consistently as a public holiday, Australia-wide. The first celebrations of the landing of the First Fleet were held in 1791. By 1804, 26 January was referred to as First Landing Day or Foundation Day. From that year...
The anagrams are hurricane and raunchier.
The anagram is the former "page 3 girl", Madison Welch.
  In Hindi, you say "main tumhe samajhta/samajhti hun"
What impacted Canada was when both French and British came to live there.If they both never came there,Canada wouldn't be what it is today.
The odd word is orchid.While both the orchid and iris are flowering plants, the three terms retina, pupil and iris are all parts of the eye, while orchid is not.
Those letters will spell the word nudism.
There is no anagram. One or more of the letters is wrong or  missing.   The letters turpis spell upstir.
There is no anagram other than the phrase "bat lard." The longest word is altar.
The anagram is "nudism."(which coincidentally has the anagram mid-sun)
The answer: new door = one word.
The letters UBTOEUQ are an anagram of "bouquet."
The anagram is "greeting."
A nine letter word that can be spelled with those letters is  ancestral.
When the dentist drills, a patient is… Answer: Unwed, raven, botany, mislay, and ALWAYS "BORED".
Clue: The lazy student flunked the math test because he made… Answer: Armor, rural, soothe, subdue, and "SUM" ERRORS.
Those letters spell the words option and potion.
What the couple enjoyed when they were bumped to first class. Answer: A FLIGHT OF "FANCY" (hyena, taffy, eyelet, facing)
Anagrams for veil are live, evil, and vile.
Clue: The candidate's dogged response in the debate was described as… Answer: Jerky, blimp, socket, balsam, and MOSTLY "BARK".
Interactive Advertising Bureau
The most likely prime number with a homophone would be 2, which could be "to" or "too". A synonym of "too" is "also". An anagram of "also" which is the name of a country is Laos.
Those letters will spell apartment.
The only common English anagram is "attorned" (from to  attorn : acknowledged a transfer, or changed allegiance). The  scramble may have been miscopied. The letters also spell "not  rated."    Shorter words include   notated, rotated,   atoned, ardent, attend, donate, ornate, ranted,...
It is the day before yesterday. :) LOL if u didnt know that your VERY, VERY dumb if your over 15 under that its not easy to remember IM 11 :) BTW the dude who wrote: "It is the day before yesterday. :)" is NOT me so yeah... I'm Pretty Sure It's Today What Is Today But Yesturdays...
39 states: California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico ...
  Good question - I could only come up with two words that have 6 vowels: facetiously, abstemiously; these words have 7 vowels: adventitiously, and sacrilegiously.
Virgin queen: enquivering
'France, l'armée, tête d'armée, Josephine'which translates to : "France, the Army, Head of the Army, Josephine." A nice set of priorities. (But then, Napoleon was a man driven to be France's greatest military leader.)
You can make about 105 words from 1 to 7 letters. The longest is  "diagrams" (R left over).   You can create word groups such as "I drag arms" or "rig dramas."   Some of the shorter words are:   diagram   disarm, radars   grams, grids, maids, raids, sigma   aims, amid, arid, digs,...
There are no common 4-letter anagrams. The letters can spell the  acronym gLAB (GNSS-LAB) which is a software suite developed for use  with the Global Navigation Satellite System.
Words that can be found in the word chocolate are: lateatecolahoWords that can be made with the letters in chocolate are...
The anagram is "augur" (to forecast the future)
The word is assistance. The letters  in assistance can be used to spell satin cases. 
There is no one-word anagram, and no valid hyphenated form.   The letters spell the word pairs "coauthor is" and "auto choirs."   It is likely that the scramble was miscopied.
  == Answer ==   Should be at the firewall on the passenger side
  == To make a new life and to have children ==
Those letters will spell the word vinegar.
The planet is Uranus.
Some words that can be made from the word remember are:bebeebeerbermembererrmemerememberrem
if he has beside it, it would keep going, because the touch would not be able to activate the rocket in time-pause...it wouldn't be registered...however, if he was in front of it, it would explode when it hits him...lol, but yeah...it shouldn't do anything unless he HITS it...then it would explode.....
What the homeowner sought when he bought earthquake insurance. Answer: Uncoil, influx, frolic, joyous, triple, martin, and A NO-"FAULT" POLICY.
The anagrams are seminar, or the plural nouns marines and remains.
  The only one word answer found is Astrakhan There are 128 other results that are not one word answers
One anagram of those letters is "Arise, vanity" and a proper term  is "Syria native."   However,   ...it looks like the first "i" in the scramble was supposed to be  an L : lsnteaiavyr = antislavery.
it means potential (as in my case, Gravitational Potential energy)
Clue: Another name for witch. Answer: Trill, elope, nether, sexton, and A "HEX-PERT".
25 four-letter words are:   bald balm barb bard blab blob boar bola bold bomb   brad dado dorm drab dram lamb lard load  loam lord   marl mold oral road roam.
Those letters spell the word elements.
The anagram is metalloid (does not appear in many spell checkers).
The expression is 'few and far between'.His visits are few and far between.