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Hobbies and Collectibles has to do with things people do because they enjoy doing them; and includes such activities as collecting art, camping and hiking, crafting with wood or other materials, and collecting everything from coins to comic books and dolls to stamps. Whether you have a postcard that you want to know the value of or want to know where you can purchase a highly-prized collectible, how to plant a garden or something about your favorite craft, you can ask your question here.


That depends on how old it is and what condition it is in. at least 5 cents. Nickels are the Rodney Dangerfield of Coins. They get no respect. Out of all the Jefferson nickels issued since 1938, only a handful are worth more than 5 cents in circulated condition.
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Books for Stamp Collectors Any one of these would be a good starting point: Stamp Collecting for DummiesThe Official Stamp Collector's BibleStamp CollectingA First Stamp Album for BeginnersAll About Stamps: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Philatelic TermsThe Official Blackbook Price Guide to U.S. Pos…
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If the water is hot on your other faucets, there may be a safety on the shower faucet. take the handle off and look at the assembly. You may see a plastic sleeve or a plastic rib. try turning it to the left. This stops the hot valve from opening as much which restricts the amount of hot water. turni…
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The initials DLTC represents the Dali holding Co. Zhejiang, ChinaÊis responsible for such art. They seemingly stem from late 1800's forward.
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Meyers and Wenthe Juror Badge If the badge says Cook County, it was made in the 1950s and is worth about $40.00 to $44.00.
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I believe the older the better. But the answer to your question may rely on what the photo on the post card is of. And if its a used post card, the value may have a lot to do with who's names were hand written on it. GOOD LUCK! The Missouri Crack Shot.... Value of Old Postcards Many people collect …
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Go to the Antique Road Show and they will tell you.Also, go to Ebay and see what they are selling for. Once you come to the page with old/vintage valentines cards, click the "Completed Items" link on the left side of the page. It will tell you which ones sold recently and what they sold for.
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If it is in good condition it has some value. You can look on eBay or online antique shops to see what same or similar items are selling for.
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Look in Inglewood There are several antique stores in Inglewood.
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Ullman Mfg Co made LOTS of prints and photos, as evidenced by the many people on this board who are trying to ascertain the value of their particular print. Obviously, the more common this sort of antique is the less the value and Ullman Mfg. products are still quite common. Mass produced items for …
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This information is taken from Wikipedia:"The Allies were also collaborating with C-byrån, the Swedish military intelligence. Sweden allowed Allied spies to listen to German radio signals from a station on Öland, and in Malmö a location was established for British military to lead bombing actions…
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1901 is one of those dates that are not real expensive in the circulated grades but becomes very expensive in the uncirculated grades.A well-worn coin will be worth $15-$20 A lightly-worn coin will be worth $60-$200 An uncirculated coin will be worth $1,500-$11,000 or more!Professional grading shoul…
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The world wide web (internet) is most likely the best and the cheapest place to find them.Try visiting modeling websites and hobby websites.One of the least expensive hobby web-sites is hobbylinc.com, they have the plastic models and the slot cars at discounted prices.
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: like if you sold a letter from someone in prison?! nothing ,why would people want to buy a letter from a criminal!? The value would depend on the inmate. Collectors would pay for Charles Manson or Richard Kuklinski, Jeffrey Dahmer Ted Bundy and almost any other famous inmate as long as the item …
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just go to Chevy automobiles in toleto oh
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Yes these have great value because of the STRICT no trade policy with CubaYou should check on eBay for their value.
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Yes your old postcards are sellable. You can do it one of a few ways. Take to an antique store and see if they want to buy them. Museums are also a good place. My husband has purchased some off of e-bay as an addition to his collection of old military memorabilia. Hope this helps.Some collectors loo…
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Such a knife was likely produced in relatively large numbers. I would think it would be difficult to get more than $25 for this knife and less if you sold it to a dealer. This person was guessing.....some of these knives are worth 125-135 dollars depending on the print that's on them. The more rare…
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This link is an excellent source for determining values. Please see related link below!
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Try amazon or eBay.
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There are many links on the Internet that do online appraisals, this one may help. Please see related link below!
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28.00 for the Limited Collector's Edition
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Old canning jars of various manufacturers can be worth anywhere from $1.00 to over $1000 depnding on who made it, when it was made, what size it is, and many, many other variables to numerous to mention. For every one worth $10 there are probably dozens worth less than $1.00.
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Finding the Value of a Basketball Card On beckett.com you can go to My Collections and start a collection. Then you can find your basketball card and it will say the price on the total value part.Vintagecardprices.com provides values for professionally graded pre-1989 basketball cards. All values a…
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The BCCA {beer can collectors of America} are one of the most knowledgable groups on beer cans and info. I have been collecting beer cans since 1974 and have several hamms flat top cans, none mint but your can is fairly common and is probaly worth 8-15 dollars. Check eBay and see what they are going…
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A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40. Additional Information The 800 was a roll film model made from 1957-1962. Film is no longer available and the value is virtually nil, even though many of these can be found in mint condition. IMHO, these were marvel…
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Ebay search The value of books is difficult to determine without more information. Is the book paperback or hardback? Is it a first edition? Is the title a common or uncommon one? Is it flat signed or is it inscribed to someone? Is the author alive, and how frequently do they sign stuff? Abeboo…
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Reading Watching TV Team Sports Shopping Traveling Crafts Watching Sports Bicycling Playing Cards Hiking Cooking Swimming Camping Skiing Boating Motorcycling Animal Care Bowling Painting Running Dancing Horseback Riding These are the most popular hobbies in US.
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Answer '92-'93 Skybox DP1...$15...Tuff Stuff Apr. '08....
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Answer About $85 for an 8x10, $125 for a baseball, and $200 for a signed bat.
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basically pews are the loads of line of wooden hard chairs
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1.9 billion
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A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40. More Information This model was manufactured from 1957-1962.It originally retailed for $126, so it was quite high-end in its day. Model 800 of the Land series featured a polished steel body with gray textured cover…
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375 if stamped on a gold necklace means it is a 9 karat gold peice. commonly found in Australian and European gold jewelery.
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A humidor is a box for storing cigars or tobacco products; 72 percent relative humidity is ideal, but between 68 and 78 is acceptable. 70, 70 is ideal. 70 degrees and 70 percent humidity. 72 percent humidity would be considered a MAX for storage only. Many brands will not smoke at 72%. 68 to 69 % is…
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Try listing your set on the popular auction site beginning with e, I can assure you, your set will fetch over and above $300 if in good order. Do not be mislead. Your set can be worth hunderds! And is very collectable.
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This site might be able to help.Please see related link below!
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Answer go out to the wilderness without food or water and stay there for a week or two. If you survive you are a wilderness survivor. Answer Wilderness Survival...http://www.wilderness-survival.net Study all you can from the experts in books, manuals, videos, TV, and the internet. Start a li…
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You have a model 583, serial number 1101. I have a model 583, serial number 19. Sears had these made by three different companies during their run, and the break down info was not readily available when they were new, much less now. If you need work done to it, a good smith will take care of it for …
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I have a set of skeet grade II engraved by Felix Funken. The historian for Browning said the value was much higher because of the signing and the year of prduction. FELIX FUNKEN ENGRAVED ALL OF THOSE GRADES. IF HE DID A GUN, HE WOULD SIGN IT. THESE GUNS IN ALL GRADE MENTION WOULD GO FOR A HIGHER…
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Like Christianity it depends on your belief.Try this websitehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_Cross#Conservation_of_the_relics Then again, without modern preservation, it is extremely unlikely any kind of wood from 2000 years ago can still exist.
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I use Ebay often to establish current market value, as collectable books are often obsolete in their pricing the moment they hit the bookstores. What I do as far as Ebay is concerned is I go to their advanced search, type in what I'm specifically looking for(or you can generalize) and click the box …
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That all depends on many factors like the year and issue of the card as well as the overall grade. Its like asking how much does a Ford cost.
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You can submit them through a few different sites or buy a price guide. try http://www.hummelshummels.com - they have submissions for free and also a price guide. You can also try www.ValueMyCollection.com to price Hummel collections as well as BUY-SELL-TRADE with out Hummel collectors.
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Ray Manzarek is the best pianist of all time!! I would say at least 70$. if you dont know who he is he is the former pianist to the doors. type in when the music's over by the doors on youtube. youll know what i mean.
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This is probably a Stevens No 14, also known as the Little Scout. It is a single shot rolling block action manufactured from 1906 to 1910. With the Springfield name, it would have been "priced down" for a boy's first rifle. My catalog lists it from $125 in Poor condition and $300 in Excellent, but …
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That depends on many variables- what year, what brand, does it include a jersey piece, etc. Those variables are needed to properly answer the question.
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You might be able to get a few dollars for it from someone looking for World War 2 memorabilia. Book 4 was a sort of catch all for things like tires and shoes and not one used often. A few dollars to the right collector. Everyone that lived in the US was issued ration books, so they are pretty com…
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Getting a COA Two of the top, and most trusted authenticators are PSA/DNA http://www.psadna.com, and James Spence Authentic (JSA) http://www.spenceloa.com. Collectors will pay more for signatures authenticated by either one. They both do business through the mail, and also travel across the count…
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The first issue of Sports Illustrated is worth about $225.00 - $350.00 in Excellent - Near Mint condition. If you have all the issues in mint condition, it may value between few thousands to ten thousand of dollars. Check out from an eBay auction.
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Many of these lamps are valued in price close to $50 to $75 each. The amount of each lamp will vary depending upon its condition.
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not really. but if the other person really is wanting that kind of bear then yes it would be a lot of money. :D
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Nothing. Anything they try to do will only increase it more. But advertisers sponsors and government corruption agents get lot out of these green garden schemes and strategies
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Vendo was a major manufacturer of soda and candy machines. The Vendo model A23B5K Coca Cola machines are extremely collectable, selling for around 2,500 to 3,200 dollars, depending on condition.
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Many of the wine glass chillers are valued in price close to $200 each. The exact amount will vary depending upon that condition that it is in.
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Do a search online for collectors and look up Fender and Gibson since those are the top two brands that are popular for guitar enthusiasts. The value of a Fender depends on the age and condition of the instrument and how well it's been kept as collection piece. Collectors who are interested in purch…
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Many of the sets are worth a price close to $75. The exact amount will vary depending upon the condition of the books.
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Many of the records are valued in price between $25 and $50 each. The exact price will depend upon the exact record and their condition.
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Answer A McClellan saddle tree is made up of five wooden parts. The pommel, two side bars, and the cantle (which itself is comprised of two parts joined together with an iron strap). The entire affair is then covered with rawhide which is sewn together using rawhide lacing. This method of tree co…
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Many of the old postcards are valued at prices between $5 and $15 each. The exact amount will depend upon the exact postcard.
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Get the opinion of several well respected jewelers and antique dealers. Determining the value of vintage designer jewelry is a specialized appraisal field that requires a great deal of vintage jewelry knowledge and experience. Most vintage jewelry experts are those who sell jewelry online from thei…
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Just seen one on desert car kings tv show if it works $500.
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Many of the records are valued in price close to $20 each. The exact amount will vary depending upon the condition and how it is displayed.
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That all depends on many factors like the year and issue of the card as well as the overall grade. Its like asking how much does a Ford cost.
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Many of the cards are worth a price close to $15 each. The exact price that you will get for the card may vary depending upon the card's condition.
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I was also wondering about the same, and according to the railroad they never made any glass signs. So any glass signs are fakes. Kinda hard to believe they were making fake signs in the late sixties when the one I know of was purchased
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A fully authenticated signed Elvis Presley photo can go from $500 to several $1000's, depending on the age, condition and rarity of the photo. He signed many items during his lifetime, but there are many fakes out there. It must be verified by a UACC or other Presley signature expert to be considere…
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country of origin please ??Commandaria is another legendary wine to be recommended as sweet red wine from Cyprus. An amber-coloured dessert wine, it is know to be produced in the island of Cyprus since 4000 years ago. Produced by local Cyprus grapes mavro (black) and xinisteri (a fruity white grape)…
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Well you see...if you can contact the manager...and get him to give you an electron microscope, you can see a Narcamon (A figure from a Netherland animated movie). Narcamon is a highly respected cartoon character in Netherland. So the answer is Narcamon. I hope i helped!
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May have been made by CS Bell Co. Hillsboro OH. http://www.prindlestation.com/index.htmhttp://www.highland-ohio.com/c_s_bell_company.htmhttp://www.towerbells.org/HillsboroFoundry.htmlAlmost certainly it was not made in 1886, but at some later date.
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Answer Shotguns marked 'T BARKER' were sold by various hardware store and catalog stores in c.1880-1910 (or so). They were generally imported from Belgium and distributed by the H&D Folsom Co. Look for the telltale Belgian proofmark underneath the barrels and on the water table (flat part of …
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Answer well the most i ever seen that somewon boughy was 80000$ so about 500$
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Answer It looks like about $50 on eBay. Depending on the model .99 cents to $80 I sold mine for $300
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The only thing I have found so far is a list compiled by Gege Reed in the Courier-Journal, July 1, and they were only October festivals. I was thinking about starting one in Crofton, KY but I didn't want to take a weekend that was already taken (at least in the same vacinity).Some good art and craft…
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probably about a hundred bucks
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Answer Automatic, Butterfly, Out the front, spring-assisted and such knives are legal to purchase in 8 states. Some include Oregon, Arizona, Texas. In California, for an automatic to be legal, it has to be less than 3 inches total length (including handle). In Oregon, you can buy and sell automat…
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I found a couple of links that has a lot of information, the first link has Coleman: Lamps. Lanterns. Stoves. Irons. Heaters They also have Information Sheets. Please see related links below!
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actually it was Star Furniture Company 1905-1918 then it became Michigan Star Furniture Company 1919-1922, if you would send pics to susan_koole@hermanmiller.com they could help you or 616-654-5709
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$18.86 an ounce as of 05/17/2010  More: $24.32 an ounce as of 10/17/2010 $28.01 an ounce as of 11/30/2010 30.00 an ounce as of 12/11/2010 $40.15 an ounce as of 4/12/2011  IN SUMMARY: Precious-metal prices change so often that any answer posted here would be out of date almost immed…
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Well, I own one, and there should be a six number serial code by the top of the seat hole. Also there should be a Iver Johnson badge on the front fork. Also I believe there should be "Iver Johnson" written on the downward bar to the pedals. That's all I know really.
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If you can paint it, paint the drawers to remove musty odors.There is a product called Niloder on the market. Available from some antique supply houses.Or you could remove and bury the dead cat.
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Marie Laurence partial answerMarie Laurence was a pretty big name and lived 1885-1956. There is a Wikipedia article on her and you can find more by goggling her. If you have an original watercolor it is probably worth thousands, perhaps tens of thousands. I saw an oil listed on an auction expected t…
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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it!
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Answer i owned one of these and seen them at gun shows for 800- 1200 dollars i also found this story Built by the Springfield Armory in the 20's and 30's for training purposes. It simulated the weight of the 30 caliber rifle, while consuming the much cheaper .22 ammunition. To keep the weight …
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Value of a Basketball Rookie Card There is no specific answer for this question - it depends on the the the player, the condition, and the current going rate for that specific player. There are books out there that can tell you the going rate for your card(s) or you can take it to collectors t…
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It can mean either, the price tag, how much an item is worth based upon the quality. Good Luck The value of something refers to the numerical quantity that is assigned to something.
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blergh, Another Troll question?........ =.= Well, its Pepsi, kkthxbai
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The only camera Polaroid made in 1950 was the Model 95 Land camera, which originally retailed for $89.75. The company manufactured approximately 900,000 units between 1948 and 1953. The value of the camera depends largely on its condition. Auction prices range anywhere from $10.00 for one in slight…
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Answer You can find out by seeing how much was paid for them on eBay. VintageCardPrices.com tracks their sales history. It costs money but there is pricing for every 1977 Star Wars card made by Topps here: http://www.vintagecardprices.com/set-profile/3276/1977-Topps-Star-Wars-Non-Sports-Card-Val…
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