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Twitter is a communication service that enables you to quickly send out short messages about what you are doing to a network of people
I Dont Think Its twitter Its Facebook I Think That Offer Has Ended By Now! Sorry
YOU sign up for twitter. and setup a accout on phone
Yes, but it's better to use an actually Survey too.
No. It is completely different to email. It is more like Facebookor Instagram
seanconneryuk If would have had been better if you searched it in Google. Rather,thanks for questioning. And please question more appropriately nexttime. Because in this question, most find it confusing which SeanConnery you are talking about. Perhaps, there is also Sir SeanConnery.
Unless you also have their unlimited data plan, it does. Unlimited txt only applies if you use *their* txt msg software. Even if you use the pre-loaded stuff, like aim or yahoo, it costs you. I found out the hard way when one of their incompetent boobs "accidently" took me off my grandfathered...
It is no longer in existence or is not mentioned about anymore oras much as it was before it's state of being "dead".
elmasqueridop15 ahi esta Arnaldo Vallellanes ...cantante conocido como "El Mas Querido"... síguelo en twitter como elmasqueridop15
elmasqueridop15 ahí esta Arnaldo Vallellanes, cantante conocido como "El Mas Querido" síguelo a través de Twitter en elmasqueridop15
If you are meaning putting a link to your Twitter profile, by adding a Twitter button, then simply Google "Get a Twitter Button" and you can find various results. Simply copy the HTML code that they give you and put it where you want it on your website.
Contact the pizza store across twitter if they have a page andplace an order.
telling about their followers about one of their people to follow.
The best way is to have a picture of Justin as ur display pic, and have JB in your username and tweet him all the time
You can make trivias on twitter by searching some facts and thenposting it on twitter :)
None that i know of... besides facebook & Twitter.
Retweet is when someone tweet something and you retweet it. by clicking the refresh looking button.
Yes, his username is @richardwisker4
Yes - @hyungJun87
Only people with pictures, videos, or writing of illegal things!
yes, this is legal but you can write bad words not so bbad.
no. me and my friend each have our own twitter accounts, and i sent my friend a direct message. she received the direct message. then i deleted it out of my account, and it disappeared from her direct message list. so if you delete a sent direct message, it will indeed delete it out of the receivers...
Nine does not equal thirteen! I suggest not lying, because you can be banned forever.
em i dont really know ?. thousands probably
Click the "Sign Up" button on the home page.Give your Full name and Email.Choose a password and then username.Then click on "Sign up" or 'Get Started' or whatever it is.Start by following 10 people.Confirm your email.You're done.
There are no age requirements to have a Twitter account or use a Twitter account.
It is suggested that you should be 13
Yup, it's called Direct Messaging. It's located on the right-hand side of the screen.
Google Buzz is Google's latest product launch. It is Google's new way to share on the web and its next innovation in social web.
They are very different websites Google Buzz is just for you and your friends, whereas twitter is for the world to see and you can follow famous people easily, but google buzz works much better with just your friends. Google buzz is also much safer.
Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now. Simply say "Micro blogging" Google Buzz is the conversations about the things you find interesting. Share updates, photos, videos and more with your friends with a vast platform of Google.
Here is a whole tutorial to do this: How to automatically tweet Now Playing song on your computer to your twitter profile ?
Yes they sure can.
The actual age you're supposed to be over is 13, but I'm guessing that over 15% of users are younger than that.
Her account is @rihanna Yes, see the related link below for her account.
Tweet, re-tweet, Follow Friday are all examples of terminology found on Twitter.
If you die with a Twitter the twiter bird will tweet for you for payment of your tortured soul Sources : Michal Jackson R.I.P.
is zarine khan sister of Katrina kaif
What do ya mean by follow Justin like stack or like Twitter or onlin
If you go on to your Twitter page and look to the right at the top, it should say 'Settings', click on 'Settings'and it will take you to your account etc.
1. open skype 2. press don't have skype name 3. write in what it asks you to if you have skype downloaded, click on it. a box will appear. click "Dont have a skype name?" go through the step by stem instruction that are required.
You can protect your tweets but all of your followers will still be able to see the tweet and not just one specific person. To keep a message completely private then you should use the direct messaging option.
OK...that'd be cyber-illegal. Better forget it.
There's too much vulgarity in social networking sites (eg:facebook, twitter, orkut) better not to join it u cn join at 15 cuz 13 is still to young.....
Once you login on the web, click settings in the top-right hand corner and a tab menu will come up. Click on Picture and it will have something for you to upload a pic.
Why don't you check and find out.
Well, it really depends on the plan they use, I guess. They should contact their network operator for more information.
It can be both good and bad, it depends on the person using it.
There actually IS a way. IF you have the secret code or a secret code from your webkinz account then you can go to and click on log in then Forgot Password? and type in your username and secret code. But if you forgot your USERNAME and your password, you're proaboly out of luck. If you...
i think it was close to 1 million? heres her song about it: copy and paste that and you can see the vid from her youtube channel
it means that you are obsessed with a social network site (eg twitter/facebook) and you literally CANNOT part with it. I think its an illness xx
No there all fake its just the JLS one that they all got Welcome x
If you both have a Twitter account and you know what their username is then yes.
he only has the JLS Official one which is @JLSOfficial
Myspace is more popular.
Go to their profile and click on the "unfollow" button.
he tries to follow everyone who are following him
Renegade Reporting
Not unless you intend to blackmail, threaten, stalk, or intimidate them... Famous people live under the same laws as the rest of us, they just have better lawyers. You are able to send them anything you might send a neighbour.
It benefits people because everyone can blog about different stuff
Taylor Lautner, Noah Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Taio Cruz, Snoop Dogs and many others I imagine!
Twitter because the invented twitter so they follow it the most
It depends who you follow... Seriously it's called common sense
@twitter then @biz and @jack @spam
It's impossible for him to reply to everyone but he tries to reply to as many people as possible.
Only if they are responsible!
Just put a pound sign (#) in front of the topic, and type whatever you want. The #topic can go anywhere in the tweet.
Facebook and Twitter serve two very different purposes. Facebook keeps you in touch with your loved ones through chat, photo publishing and messaging. Twitter is basically a forum to share any major event or follow what other people are doing. It is social networking based on a new format of...
You can talk to any user on Twitter.
Yes, it is actually quite easy I just made one not to long ago maybe a few weeks all you have to do is have a valid E-mail address and be over 14 I think it is or lie like most kids do now a days and just go to sign up, Enter E-mail, Password, DoB(Date of Birth), and a username and that is pretty...
@OGOchoCinco your welcome. He blocked me a long time ago. LOL @CoronaInYaEyez
There is usually an application that allows you to twitter from or to myspace via twitter or Myspace. If you go to myspace and seasrch twitter in the applications or even go to the twitter site they should be able to let you link your account from there.
yeah, i think so. just relpy to yourself like you would reply to someone else. sounds weird, but you know. :)
Just go to the login and press sign up.
Yes, he shares one with J-Boog (@BooGiE_P), it's @fizzandboog and he has his own twitter account which is @LAfiZzo (old page). His new/current twitter page is @AirFizzO.