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Michael Jackson

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This category is for questions about the the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died June 25, 2009. Some of Jackson's most popular songs include 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean', and 'Thriller.'
Gone Too Soon has tons of similes. Example: Like A Comet Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky Gone Too Soon Like A Rainbow Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye Gone Too Soon He's comparing all these things to death. How something is there and then in a blinking of an eye, it's gone. Hope this helps. ...
Dragoart.com can help you with two
A stunt man was used for the part where he slides down the hand rail and crashes through the window in Smooth Criminal, other then that it was all Michael.
she is going to Harvard
Michael Jackson sang with Mick jagger on a song named "State of Shock". It is available on "Michael jackson: The Ultimate Collection". Its a good song!
Michael liked to read books. He had more than 10,000 books in his Neverland library. He liked shopping, traveling, peterpan, arts, rare collections, music, climbing trees, animals, helping other people. He enjoyed helping other people especially ill children. He gave more than 500 million dollars...
25 years older as of 2008 so 27 years when he died.
The season is over. At the end of the last episode it doesn't show what happens next and one of the brothers said you haven't heard the last of the Jackson brothers. On TMZ they asked Jermaine would their be a next season and Jermaine said it depended on the brothers if it was going to happen.
No Michael wasn't into the rough types of sports. He views water balloon fights and tag as sports.
no! he was born normal and now he is just growing old normal. he didn't get any surgery.
It is on the HIStory album disc two.
because he was scared that his father would do the same things that he did to Michael in Michael's past life. he would never want to put his children through this kind of torture.
Micheal Jackson was a lead singer in Jackson 5 along with his brothers when he was just six years old but he started his solo career in 1971 when he was 13 years old . he produced ten studio albums then.
no... why would his # 1 music video "thriller", be an exciting horror movie?
He plays for the New York Mets farm system.
No I don't even think they were really friends either.
They are rumoured to be appearing and to be giving a speech, the story keeps changing, one minute it's confirmed the next it isn't, just have to watch and see.
Michael didn't have a wife when he died, his ex-wife and mother of his first two children has visitation rights, but that's as far as her involvement goes.
So much. Every song he has ever written has a message behind it. Michael even said that he wouldn't ever sing it if he didn't mean it. He has saved many lives before, such as a little boy who needed a liver and he went all around the world with this boy to help save him and in the end they found a...
Move on. This story is several years old and to date largely unproven. Leave the man alone.
They didn't have any kids together.
its kind of hard to believe,but Michael Jackson hated going on tour
If you are talking about Randy from American Idol it's because he is not related to him, the Randy Jackson that is Michael's brother acknowledges him.
Yes but I heard he didn't get it as much as the others because he was apparently like his star child.
I heard somewhere that he at one time had his license and had a very nice sports car, but there was no point anymore because every time he went somewhere by himself he would get mobbed.
Well, Michael Jackson's children are bi-racial which means that their mother was white and their father was African American. They look like they are a little bit of black and a little bit of white, they are bi-racial.
Murray never said he was frail in fact he's never actually mentioned Michael, as for the concerts there was much speculation that all 50 of them were never going to happen one way or the other.
You just cut the hair like any other person. If you were trying to ask why it's because they were going out of style and his was getting too big and u can just cut part of an afro off.
He was there, there are pictures of the three of them backstage, he just didn't go on stage with them because he is too young.
He Invented Some Special Shoes That Could Make Him Do The Lean.
If it's the original record not opened it is worth a lot. If it's just a CD anybody can go to the store and buy the CD brand new.
For quite some time Prince has been showing signs of vitiligo, the same rare skin disease Michael had which is inherited, Blanket looks like a long haired version of little Michael (early J5 days).
No, Michael Jackson's Mother was not in the music business.
Yes, there is a Blood on the Dance Floor album, released in 1997.
Michael Jackson made songs like : heal the world,we are the world,man in the mirror ANSWER B: he also donated to tounes of charitys
Because they are close and probably a bit scared sometimes so they lean on each other for support.
Michael Jackson was born on Aug. 29 1958 at 12:13 am
If you mean who is Prince Jackson's sister, the answer is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Prince was born in 1997, and his sister was born a year and a bit later in Apr 1998. They are very close, often seen holding hands, kissing each other's cheeks hugging and walking beside one another. Prince...
No, it was 1984 and 1995.
surley all of them but is one hit wonder was THRILLER.
Μichael loved his children a lot, he would never hurt them.
JACKSON POLLOCK didn't have any kids
There is footage of it, it's just never been released, just pictures and audio.
Hell yes he will always be a legend and no-one can compare to is legendary skills
it premiered in los angeles. the theatre that is in "thriller" is also the same theatre in the "smooth criminal" video in the movie "this is it".
Well a lot of his songs like the earth song, man in the mirror, and a lot more were simply because he did want to make the world a better place and help the sick and needy children. I think most people do but don't take action in doing so. All the other songs were simply from his heart and personal...
I'm not sure but i think he was embarrassed of the situation and it was a private matter so he didn't release the footage of that concert.
Maybe because she loved him? You better let her answer that.
Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Smokey Robinson, and Celine Dion.
Hold my hand, feel the touch of your body cling to mine You and me, makin' love all the way through another night I remember you and I walking though the park at night Kiss and touch, nothing much, let it blow just touch and go Love me more, never leave me alone by house of love People...
mostly pop hence the name "king of pop" and also some Rock with the songs We are the world and the song Say Say Say. he also did a little R&B/Soul and also some Dance from his Album Blood on the Dance Floor
i don't think nobody is better than Michael Jackson but James brown and Michael Jackson is about the same thing
YES! He has done so much for the world I really think he deserves one.
The two eldest children are Debbie Rowe's. Prince Michael and Paris Jackson.
Μichael loved England, Africa, Ireland, Romania, Bahrain and I think China. In Us i think it is Las Vegas.
Michael Jackson is important to everyone in the music industry.He was a very loved man.
It wasn't planned she just decided to do it when he bit his lip, it made him mess up the song and various people who have worked with him have said he didn't like anything going wrong or having something unplanned in his concerts because he was a perfectionist, if it was planned by both of them and...
Medical records are not in the public domain. So far as it is known he never broke his arm
Actually, Bart finds out later that it isn't really Michael Jackson. He was a white man, fat, and he was short.
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Michael's maternal grandmother was Martha Upshaw-Scruse. She gave Katherine the idea for the name of Michael. Martha passed away on April 27, 1990. Michael's paternal grandmother was Chrystal King-Jackson. Chrystal lived in Pheonix for most of her elderly life. Chrystal passed away on November 4,...
No, both of his grandmothers are dead, the exact date for his paternal grandmother isn't known.
Different types of dance. Michael Jackson is a legend and wins with the moonwalk however.
No. His sister Janet did. Janet plays Penny Gordon Woods, a mild- mannered soft spoken girl who was adopted by Wilona after being abused by her mother. A lot of people think he did because there was a character on Good times named Michael Evans portrayed by Ralph Carter. Ralph Carter could also sing...
head:23 collar:14 across front:15 across back:16 chest:35 waist:29 and a half hips:35 adn a half sleeve:35 upperarm:11 weist:7 girth 1:25 girth 2:60 thigh:19 and a half knee:15 calt:13 ankle:11 back to waist:19 wack to seat:29 and a half back to knee:41 back to floor:62 waist to knee:22 waist to...
She kissed him and it wasn't part of the show, Michael had to have absolute control over everything that happened when it came to his performances and she messed up big time by over stepping the mark, and he couldn't have liked her that much because he never spoke to her again despite her trying to...
In the U.S; With the Jackson 5; I Wan't You Back (1969) ABC (1970) The Love You Save (1970) I'll Be There (1970) Solo; Ben (1972) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (1979) Rock With You (1980) Billie Jean (1983) Beat It (1983) Say Say Say (with Paul McCartney-1983) We Are the World (with USA for Africa...
It hasn't happened yet, it's still in the planning stages; who's going to be on it, who will sing what part and things like that.
They never met, Michael saw his Britain's Got Talent audition on Youtube and liked it/him, same with dancers Signature and Diversity.
No his siblings and father were not included in his will, the only ones provided for are his mother and his children.
He grew up in a very small home with many brothers and sisters in Gary, Indiana. His father was VERY strict, and made them practice all the time. Michael has said that he believes his Mother Katherine is perfection. He has said "I just wish I could understand my father.", which really shows the...
No, they never had any sort of relationship, Tatiana pretty much admitted in her book that she lied.