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Earth Day

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This category is for questions about Earth Day, created by former Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson. It is held every April 22nd in the US to educate people about their environment and to inspire appreciation for the world we live in.
ok i guess schools celebrate by having a party!!
Deforestation started as humans needed more of the resources tolive. As human populations increased, their demand on the naturalresources of the area increased. Some intentional deforestationoccurred to make room for agriculture.
how earth day is celebrated is we clean up the earth, we plant plants, and we recycle so we dont use up earths stuff and why not recycle the stuff your drinking out of right now has probably been used and been recycled!!!!!!!
Styrofoam is designed not to break down, so making it break down into its chemical components is difficult.
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gray wolves don't have any enemies to my knowledge. bears, moose, deer, foxes, rabbits ect. are all wolf food. the only thing a wolf fears is other rival wolves and humans (they seem to realise that humans are the only species that has such destructive and lethal capabilities as us)
It seems tremendously unlikely that the human race would ever become that ethical, but if everyone in the world helped each other we would be much more successful in solving the various problems which we face as a species. We might be able to create a very happy world.
Chemistry is everywhere. It has been known to man from the day when coal was burned. As technology improves, the impact of chemistry on everyday life is increasing. Whether it's food, clothing, entertainment or relaxation, office work, industrial work, teaching, simple house chores, collective group...
Do reclamation. Recycle water by watering plants if it is not drinkable, turn off any water you are not using, and get rid of leaky faucets, etc.
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They are a benefit in that they sequester CO2.
Some slogans for Earth Dayare: . Reuse the past, Recycle the present, Save the future! . GO GREEN! . Root for the Trees . Trees are the root of our existence . Trees are life . Trees provide life . Save the trees of our life . T.R.E.E.S. = Treat our existing ecosystem sacredly . Pssst...that...
almost every country.............
it generates power without burning oil which puts pollutants into the atmosphere
Answer . Reuse the past, Recycle the present, Save the future! . GO GREEN!
Wisconsin. See reference below. ~ TCK, AZ News results for What is the history of "Earth Day"? . Telegraph.co.uk . Earth Day 2010: A Brief History of Earth Day and a Look Back at 40 ... ‎ -2 hours ago Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the...
earth day is important to us because we should clean earth
John McConnell :)
Earth Day started in the US in 1970. The original Earth Day wasactually thought of in 1969, but used in 1970. Refer to the relatedlink below, the Epa site, that shows a timeline since 1969.
because they arnt biodegradable so wont break down.
Some recycle products are paper, pop cans, milk cartons, and cardboard. MAke sure you recycle these things, and many more!
I am pretty sure that Canada does something similar, but I think that the U.S. is the only country to do that kind of thing, and call it Earth Day. (hes probably right but china does it to.
Type your answer here... A catchy slogan for earth day would be do your share for cleaner air or T.R.E.E.S.= treat our existing ecosystem
Simple, Just plant a tree and/or recycle more and/or use the least electricity that you can.
They give oxygen and oxygen brings life
Answer . Sounds like you have a bad valve. It would be best to replace the valve, most last a long time, but they do wear out. It is probably a gate valve, they are not that costly and are not difficult to replace.. Another Thought . Before you replace the valve, you might want to check the...
Senator Gaylord Nelson (the main founder of earth day) had a colleague that had a birthday on earth day so after much thinking and some help he came up with earth day
According to the Wikipedia article on Earth Day (related link below) approximately 20,000,000 Americans participated in the first Earth Day.
all types of companies help on earth day but alot dont
Earth is important it should be restored proplerly
because it causes awareness among the people of earth and it encourages people to reduce pollutants and recycle more.The idea is to make this planet better for this generation and the more to come.
Richard Nixon was the president in 1970 when earth day started
Earth Day is not a federal holiday so states are not required to observe this day. Many states have certain things they do during the day. Most other countries do not observe Earth Day.
the purpose for earth day is to help save the earth
Earth day is celebrated on April 25th at schools. But most people celebrate it on April 22nd- Earth Day.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:) Save a TREE! Love the Earth like you love a puppy:)
earth day is gay.
Give them rewards or free-stuff. Something like little chocolates or a small breakfast/lunch if they did something to help the earth that day.
to protect the earth
Earth day is held on April 22nd every year. It was chosen on this day for a few resons.. 1) It is late enough in the spring to be able to expect decent weather. 2) It will never fall on spring break, school exams, or any other holiday so people can concentrate on the environment. 3)April 22...
Earth Day is a vehicle for interacting with the general public on matters pertaining to environmentalism, sustainability and conservation. As such , Earth Day has helped to: 1] raise the baseline of public consciousness with respect to environmental responsibility, sustainability and conservation; 2...
You can pick up to yourself,Dont trow trash in the grond
'One world, one you, one chance' is a good earth day slogan. Ans#2: Root for the Trees Trees are the root of our existence Trees are life Trees provide life Save the trees of our life T.R.E.E.S. = Treat our existing ecosystem sacredly Don't bark up my tree Save a TREE, kill a...
Basically cut down on water use, turn off your lights when you are done in a room and cut down on pollution all together.
We can help by sending people food , picking up trash, and start to recycle or even make a baking sell to help West Randall earn some money for their school.
Recycle, Recycle Recyle. Turn off lights/electronics when you leave the room, don't litter.
If any particular disaster led directly or indirectly to the founding of Earth Day, it was probably a massive oil spill that occurred in 1969 near Santa Barbara, California. In the event, a ruptured pipe on an oil platform six miles offshore released an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of crude...
Take a shorter shower . eat less meat . don't eat processed food . wash a full load of laundry . turn off the faucet completely . turn off the lights if you don't need it for 2-3 minutes. . watch less tv/ use less computer . recycle . compost . use energy star appliances
Gaylord Neilson and he thought of this in April, not in March.
Today is the official Day of the Earth day, if that's what you mean.
Earth Day was first thought of by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as a sort of teach-in on April 22, 1970.
Going green for a day would help. You know, recycling, turning offstuff when you don't use them, the works. We use our coats oninstead of turning on the heating.
Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson created the idea for Earth Day.
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Earth Day was invented by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970. You can probably assume he came up with the name.
We should support Earth Day because we live on this planet and need to save it for our children's children so that they will have a home too.
Earth Day came from the people that started to clean up and help the Earth!
Well the universe wa created 4.6 billion years ago but it took a few million years to get a proper world out of it but if you want the date when it was created it was approximately 4.6 billion years ago.
it's free on earth day
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Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrate the earth and bring people to plant a tree.
No ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Earth Day is generally a 24 hour period of time, relative to the time zone you live in. It seems, however, that some areas of the world celebrate an Earth Week. ~ TCK, AZ News results for What is the history of "Earth Day"? . Telegraph.co.uk . Earth Day 2010: A...
go green means being friendly to the earth, such as planting a tree, or turning off the lights when your not in that room, and recycling. Your trying to help the earth, and the green part in go green is the leafs on the tree's, their green.
plant a tree! recycle! ride a bike! grow something! just be kind! anything good for you or the planet is good for earth day :))
When ever you feel like turning them off.
If you want you can do something to help the world, or alert other people about it.