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Ever wanted to know the difference between a boysenberry and a blueberry? socialism and communism? Windows and Linux? Look no further. This category answers your questions about 'The Differences Between...'
Vaginal Mucus In my experience (I have two kids), your ovulation discharge usually looks like egg whites, and when you are pregnant, you may have no discharge at all, or a slight creamy textured discharge that you may not even notice, but it does not look like ovulation discharge.I have a great dea…
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A lot of women track their flow and if you are pregnant and you experience abnormal amount of blood, blood clots big or small, painful cramps it's a good chance that you are having a miscarriage. First off you need to know if you are pregnant or not, if you are and you are having any of those miscar…
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Right now you are at a very good age to conceive. The chances of conception decrease with a woman's age. Considering you are 21, there is a lot of years ahead of you. Men can father babies many years longer than a woman. I have read reports of 70 something men becoming dads. So not to worry and good…
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Ovulation spotting can sometimes occur midway through your cycle, infections can cause spotting, and implantation bleeding. Also i have had this and i believe it was because my hormones were so messed up.
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GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite-based radio navigation system. While common use of the term GPS began relatively recently, the system dates back to the 1960s when it was first developed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).In 1966, a Presidential Decision …
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%FOLLOWUPS% In general, parents have total legal custody of children unless otherwise decreed by the court. A grandmother can only take custody of a minor child if so ordered by the court.   Here's a start CA Family Law Code3040. (a) Custody should be granted in the following order of pref…
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Alan Moses provided this answer on the Home Education Mailing List:As I understand the way the Growing Without Schooling crowd uses the terms, unschooling refers more to the process of removing your child from school and overcoming the negative effects of the compulsory education process; homeschool…
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Your rifle was made late in 1951 at the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, CT. It would have been one of the last guns made by WRA, as the name was changed to Winchester-Western Division in January 1952.
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%DETAILS% Answer What's a barrel number? Serial numbers were not required on shotguns in the US before 1968 and most manufacturers did not use them. Many were marked with a "batch number" for internal record-keeping/quality control, etc. and various other numbers for various reasons unknown a…
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I am not sure about all parts, but i know many are. As for the price. I bought mine 4 years ago at a pawn shop. 28" barrel, great shape. stock is good(i just refinished it this year) action smooth. I paid only $150 for mine. My main concern with the gun is it didn't have interchangeable chokes. It w…
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%DETAILS% Answer You can start with a Rem. 870 12GA and go up from there. I've used 870's, Win. 1300's, 11-87's, and 1100's. An over and under or side-by-side is best. You get two quick shots. The Daley's are a bit light in 12ga and kick a lot for shooting over 50 rounds. A heavy gun is be…
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There are no as such social differences for homeschooled children. No home school bounds its students to socialize. Furthermore, it purely depends on the child if he/she is interested in making friends or not. There are many other ways to socialize like going out, making friends etc. It is a complet…
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normal bleeding will be the same as a normal period if a women misscarried she minght encounter servre stomache aches and pains low abdominal pains and a very much more heavier bleed may be slightly darker in color and alot heavier
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Answer SDTV stands for Standard Definition Television. It refers to TV that isn't HDTV (High-Definition Television). In the US, SDTV is 525 line with NTSC color encoding or 480 lines if the signal is digital. The figure of 480 refers to the number of active lines that make up the image. Note th…
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Adjust the striker plates. I have a 1996 Sub. The doors do not close as easily as they once did. Adjusting the striker plates is one way to fix it but in my case it would not help. One the suburban door hinges are two pins. There are small metal sleeves with slightly different diameters for the …
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No, but the bleeding that you wrote about "could" be a symptom of miscarriage as well as a number of other things. You should see your OBGYN, doctor or local health dept. without delay.
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It is normal for a new father to be anxious and a bit fearful regardless of his age. Having a child is a big responsibility, but the rewards are immeasurable. You will feel more secure and relaxed as time goes on. By the way, new mothers experience the same insecurities. It is perfectly normal for h…
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the make and model of the car would help in determining your problem   it is possible that this could be a problem with a switch that controls the position of a door that blends heat with cool air.aka-blend door actuator.
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%DETAILS% Answer No, it wouldn't. Is it standard or automatic? If it's standard and shifts hard, check the clutch and clutch barring. If it's auto, check the tranny fluid level ... not much else you can do with an auto.
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Close one hole of your nose and try to breath in. Feel any difference. Coming back to the subject. By increasing the # of valves you get the below features. a) better combustion chamber shape, resulting in better combustion, resulting in better power and fuel economy.   There are intake valve…
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Is this a automatic? if it is my guess would be the transmission and or the overdrive converter. More info would really help. , EzForJesus   I was told by a friend who's a mechanic to remove the EGR valve (a little penetrating oil first on the 2 studs so that you don't break the studs when …
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It depends on how bad it is. I would take it to an auto trim shop and get an estimate. If it is too bad the dash may have to be replaced which is a BIG job. Besides checking with an upholsterer as mentioned above, Here are some other options available to you - from least costly to most costly: 1 Y…
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The economy is ever-changing, which suggests technology needs to modification with it. Fuel saving cars is merely one among the numerous changes that have occurred over the years. With oil at Associate in Nursing all time high this can be a significant thought that has been taken on by automobile ma…
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The engine VIN code 5 or VIN code 6 is the 8th character of the VIN stamped on the engine or on plate at bottom of drivers-side windshield. Both were OE with platinum-electrode plugs. The ignition and distributor are different between the two engines because the cylinder heads are different. There i…
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%DETAILS% Answer I know of no way to completely clean an engine without disassembling it.
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You need to get a plug from a junkyard to figure this out. Mitsubishi wont even help because they figure it would be unsafe to wire it manually even if done by a PRO.
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So you've checked the fluid level by pulling the dipstick out of the dipstick holder? Well, just add new fluid right in the dipstick holder. *****!!!!!!!DON'T OVERFILL IT!!!!!***** There will be a MAX mark on the dipstick, and it is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the low mark. Seriously. It's a pain in the b…
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%DETAILS% Answer Hey Tia== Make sure they are replacing it with the correct coil. Then have them check the voltag going to the coil . It should be about 8 NOT 12volts. It has a resistance wire cutting down the voltage. GoodluckJoe
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follow the wiring harness towards the pass. side of the engine compartment from the distributor,it only leads to one thing!!! If you have an A/C equipped model like I do, the SPOUT connector is right up against the evaporator housing on the engine side, hanging out of a wire harness. It's a black co…
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The channels to find are located behind the inside (boot)trunk left and right plastic covers. You have to remove these to get to them. You may have to take the lhs and rhs seat backs of them and you can work easier if you lower the partition part of the seats. I was sick of having two showers in the…
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The rear air also runs off the freon from the front air so more than likely you either have a restriction in the rear lines or maybe a temp blen door problem at the rear unit remove interior trim panel and see if the actuator that controls hot to cold door is working may be just a blend door failer.…
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Up against the firewall on the driver side. Look for the small barrel that has a vaccuum line attached to it.
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NO. 403 is an Oldsmobile engine 400 is Pontiac engine   no it dows not i have a Pontiac 400. uses diff. parts not interchangeable.403 is Oldsmobile
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you can have it retrofitted at any garage that services a/c systems for around $200 - $300 Answer The price varies as to the part of country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates/ Retrofitting to the new freon is cheaper than charging with the old freon.
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Take it to a professional, It not only will get done right but he gives a warranty on the instulation.
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The pick up coil for this engine should be right underneath the rotor inside the distributor cap. Unscrew the two screws holding the cap on, remove the rotor below it, then you should be able to lift out the pick up coil. I don't recall anything additional used to attach it, just the distributor cap…
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i cant even seem to find thru the dodge book what fuse to disconnect can some one help - your fuse box is on the drivers side on the side dash near the drivers side door. look for cavity 12 it should be a red 10 amp fuse. I have a 99 dodge ram also i looked it up in the owners manual good luck.
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You ned a special tool to release the garter spring holding the connection together. These tools are available at just about any auto parts store for about $20.00
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I am having the same problem with my 1991 GMC Sonoma. These latches are notorious for sticking. Let me explain how I got the driver door open on mine. All of my connecting rods are broken, so I didnt have to remove them.1. Remove door panel. 2 screws on the arm rest and then just carefully remove th…
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How alternators work An alternator is an a.c. motor in reverse; the coils of the armature (the part that rotates) cuts through the magnetic field of the stator (the part that is stationary, which is what "stator" means). A current is produced whenever a wire cuts through a magnetic field; the amoun…
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I have a 1.6 L motor, it was; torque to 21, then torque to between 51 and 54 lbs. completely loosen bolts then repeat tightening pattern above.
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It's on the passanger side in the engine compartment above the wheel. Follow the front throttle cable right to it.
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check the weather stripping along the roof over the doors (both sides). if the car is in good shape, replace stripping with original equipment from dealer. otherwise, run a bead of clear silicon.
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It appears that you may be suffering from the same problem i had a while back. Have you checked the wires to the alternator or even the plugs because the rev counter on a lot of cars runs of the alternator. Or it could be the alternator on the way out.
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Connect to two wires you have to the the spade connectors and forget the ground connector. The spade connector wires should be black and white. Black to gold and white to silver. If the wires coming from the heater happen to be red and white, then red goes to black. You could buy a simple lamp cord …
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Yes it can. 1973-1987 were almost the same.   It can as long as you use all the components from the '87, including the TV cable to the carb, and adjust it correctly as the 87 uses a TH700R4 trans and New Process transfer case
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Personally if you dont know the answer to this question I would advise you to take the vehicle to a pro that is certified in auto ac's. , EzForJesus
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Can be done with the distributor installed-the reluctor is held on by a roll pin that runs the length of it. Usually you can remove the reluctor with a couple of screwdrivers or a battery terminal puller. A few other clips and the pickup assembly comes right off....Good luck with the rest of it
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you certainly can but the only engine that is made disesl that would fit that truck would be an Isuzu and you would have to modify some stuff on it
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The name blower comes from a type of supercharger, the roots supercharger actually, this is because unlike centrifugal or twin screw superchargers the roots does not pressurizes the air in the super charger. It ?blows? it into the manifold where in then creates pressure. Answer They are actually…
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A dog box is the term for a transmission utilizing a dog engagement. A dog box can have either helical or spur gears or both. Dog engagement are basically no more than cogs on a slider. The shifter pushes them into a receiver ring which engages the gear it is attached to. There is a separate dog an…
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A diode is a one way valve for electricity. It will allow current to flow in one direction but not in the opposite direction.
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under the center console. That was were my preowned 97 LX 450's amp was located.
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I had this problem some time ago. If I remember correctly, I removed the plastic panel beside the driver's seat to access the mechanism that controls the light. Again, if I remember this correctly, I simply cleaned the "contacts" in this part. I did not purchase any parts. .
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Hello, I have a 97 Sunfire GT and had the same problem. The cap on the overflow bottle is pressurized and mine lost it's pressure. Once I replaced that I didn't have the problem anymore. !   You could also have a hole or crack in the overflow container
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Good change a plugged heatercore. When it runs, feel the two hoses going into the firewall that carry coolant. If one is smokin hot and the other isn't, then that's the problem. Post you results.
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Honda Man's Answer The coolant temperature sensor is on the rear of the engine, towards the top near the air intake hose. Move the air intake hose and you will see a single wire connector going to small sensor. Answer The CTS is located on the block on the cylinder 4 side of the motor.
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retard the timing a bit   better gas.. tune up
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I have a ranger model 101.13 that my father bought new in 1946
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You would have to buy a whole turbocharger system. I am uncertain if a kit is even made for the Altima 2.5. If the Altima 2.5 is a manual, then the transmission is quite capable of handling up to 300whp. The Altima 2.5 shares transmissions and engines with the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V which has the…
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You have to remove the door panel (inner or outer, pick one) and disconnect the wires from the switches and window motor etc inside the door. Feed the wiring back through the side of the door. Then the door can be removed.
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All styles of cleats are different depending on brand and preference. The main difference between soccer cleats and cleats for baseball is a "toe spike". Baseball cleats have a spike at the front of the foot, where the toes are to provide traction when taking off running in dirt, whereas, soccer cle…
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A player can lead off 2nd with less than 2 outs but not too far because he must tag up to advance with a hit in the air, or steal if he likes, therefor leads tend to be farther. If there are two outs he will take off with the crack of the bat at his own risk if the ball is on the ground. Some Coache…
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Differences Between Softball and Baseball The softball is usually about 12 inches in circumference, compared to 9 inches for a baseball The ball is pitched underhand in softball, overhand in baseball The bases are 60 feet apart in softball, 90 feet apart in baseball There are 7 innings in a so…
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Great question. The pitchers command means that his pitches are doing what he wants them to do. If his intent is to throw a curve ball, then the ball will curve. The pitcher has control when the pitches he throws are staying in the strike zone like he wants. If he wants to throw a ball, then he is …
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No.More info on the ruleHarris, (pitched with both hands as an Expo in 1995) was with six clubs over a 15-year career. When he was with Boston, word of his odd talent got out and Bobby Brown, the American League president, gave umpires these rules: The pitcher must indicate which hand he intended to…
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Well, basketball started out with only whites playing because the U.S. was a white enriched country at the time. However, once African Americans and ethnicities of all kind started coming over to the United States from countries all over the world, the cultural diversity was huge. African Americans…
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There are very few differences between girls and guys basketball. The only differences are the length of the three point shot (girls three point shots are closer), the ball size (girls basketballs are smaller), and the free throw line (girls free throws are closer).
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Answer The half-back is the primary rusher on an offense, and had a main job of gaining yardage by running the ball, or running a route and making receptions. Half-backs tend to be small (5'8"-5'10") and agile. The fullback typically runs much less than the halfback, and primarily blocks for the h…
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The coach may communicate with the quarterback until the 40 second clock reaches 15 seconds. At that time the communications link is broken and the coach may not communicate with the quarterback.
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the strong safety lines up on the strong side - whichever side the tight end lines up on The strong safety will usually defend the tight end in man-to-man defenses while the free safety will read the offense and determine where the ball is going to be thrown and try to be there to help in defending.…
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To begin with the balls are entirely different. A soccer ball is a sphere while a football is an ellipsoid. There are very few pauses in soccer. Soccer players wear little protective equipment compared to football players. There are no wholesale substitutions from offense to defense and back in socc…
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the wwe didn't have permission to release them due to what happened in the ppv   they are all out! ive got 2 of them on DVD(judgment day and vengeance) on DVD and my dad has dx 97 on video. YOU CAN GET THEM!   they were all out on home video but DX ppv has been deleted due to the WW…
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The Shootout: The NHL has adopted the shootout for regular season games only. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, teams play overtime until a tie-breaking goal is scored. In the Olympics, tied playoff games are followed by ten minutes of sudden death overtime. If the game remains tied, it is decide…
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Normally on one-peice sticks, the higher the number of the flex the harder it is to bend a stick so the 140 would be a stiffer stick, a stick with a 140 or 120 flex would be extremly hard to bend and is not recamended for anyone who takes many slap shots.
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It all depends on your swing speed and tempo, graphite is normally for a slower swing speed so you get more flex out of your shafts on the down swing. Go to a golf shop and ask to get your swing critiqued, they should be able to tell you what type of shaft you'll need for your swing. Hope that was h…
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offset woods are designed to give the golfer a different angle of attack that differs from the regular woods. A golfer who has trouble getting his/her shots of the ground with woods, should try the offsets. offsets help the ball come off the face with a higher trajectory. NO, offset woods, help pe…
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%DETAILS% Answer I have drivers with both shafts. I like the Graffaloy Prolite(3.5)shaft because my swing speed has slowed, at 52yrs old, and it is the most responsive shaft I have ever had. More swing speed helps you get the ball up higher and the Adila NV 65 has a high kick point which keeps …
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obviously if you need to go over something like a tree, bunker or lake then yes. but otherwise not really. it gives you a bit more control on the spin of your ball though
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As a general rule, women's clubs are shorter, lighter, and have more flexible shafts then men's clubs. Sometimes the color of the grips (powder blue, etc.) or the model name (Annika Sorenstam, etc.) may give it away. However, anyone can have clubs custom made to any length, weight and shaft flex so …
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Adults generally would have had ADHD symptoms since infancy.There are different degrees of severity of adult ADHD. Low initial ADHD severity, low parental depressionLow initial ADHD severity, high parental depressionHigh initial ADHD severity and high IQ, high parental depressionHigh initial ADHD se…
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I think these days boulevards are those streets that run from point A to point B without merging into any other street/avenue/place. While Avenues always run east to west direction and also merge into other avenues.   From what I have gathered, Boulevards connect parks, Ave's run N/S or there…
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1600 Pennsylvania ave NW Washington, DC 20500, United States. That is the answer.
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National (DETC) vs. Regional There is no fundamental difference between the two forms of accreditations. Both are conducted by non-profit associations established by consent of a group of institutions. Both accreditations are based on the principle of voluntary application by an institution, both …
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Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees In general, Associates and Bachelors degrees are considered undergraduate course work, while the Masters and Doctoral degrees are considered graduate course work. Graduate course work - in most cases - is very specific and particular to one field of study. Thus, th…
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A doctoral degree, or doctorate, is the highest academic level that can be achieved. It signifies superior ability and competence in research and academic knowledge and is awarded in a particular field of study. A Doctoral Degree in Business Admninstration is a Ph.D in Business Administration and i…
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Colleges vs. Universities vs. Schools: The difference between a college and a university is that a college just offers a collection of degrees in one specific area while a university is a collection of colleges. When you go to a university you are going to be graduating from one of their colleges, s…
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The difference between "university", "college" and "school" is the size of the student body, where "university" is the greatest, and "school" is the smallest. While you can have a standalone college or school, a university is comprised of smaller schools and/or colleges; e.g., Barnard College (circa…
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in C++/java if you want to perform data hiding(one of the concept of OOP's) you need to use Private. i.e. only functions in that class or object can use that. public can be used any where in the other program which is not a part of that class. Private classes are defined in order to increase the se…
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Answer The only difference would be some of the electives and general education requirements. BA degrees usually have a foreign language requirement. Answer You probably would have to take more math, sciences, and computer classes (and less language and social science classes) with a BS. When…
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Nothing, Regionally accrediated schools will try and say they are better, but there is no actual difference in the quality of the education. It still will depend on the quality of the institution and their instructors, the student support system before, during, and after the student graduates. It co…
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Foods are made up of mainly three major ingredients - fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Starches are complex carbohydrates which are produced by green plants in order to store energy. Starch is most common cereals and root vegetables.
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  By changing your lifestyle and eating habits.Adapting healthy eating habits together with regular exercise is the best way to lose weight effectively and keep the fats off permanently.Dieting may conjure up visions of eating little but lettuce and sprouts. But you can enjoy all foods as par…
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Eat more protein, eat less fat. This is the general formula to complete your task. Also, eat carbs (fruits, vegetables, pasta-- all without butter or oil) for quick energy. Exercise: Aerobics will cause you to look thinner, free weights and weight machines will build bulk. The middle ground will mak…
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You would not place a sealant over a filling in all cases, but it can be done and in fact is indicated in some circumstances. There is considerable research to support this technique in a number of dental studies. It is true that some sealants are opaque and you cannot see through them, but you cann…
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%REPLIES% Answer Probably not much. But you can try brushing really well a couple times a day and flossing at least once. And rinse a couple times a day with warm salt water. Try not to chew your food on the side of your mouth with the achy tooth. A gum numbing gel may help a tiny bit, …
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In general, people will work harder when there are other people doing the same thing next to them. And with an instructor giving you every move. If you do it on your own, you are more likely not to work as hard or do as many reps. It's just the way most people are. A class also give you moves you ma…
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Washing Machine Repair agitator cap can be unscrewed, then the retaining nut removed, then the agitator pedestal can be pulled up off the drive splines.
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The UK uses 50 Hz, and the US uses 60 Hz. (US is 120/240V, 60Hz; UK is 230V, 50Hz, though formerly it was 240V.) It's correct that 230 v is the nominal voltage in the UK but the actual voltage nearly everywhere is 240 v. For more detailed information see the answers to the Related questions shown b…
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Check to see that the jumper tab on the side of the receptacle isn't broken. If it is, this cannot be reversed but the receptacle must be replaced. My concern is that if the receptacle is GFCI protected, it is protected for a reason. Therefore the top and bottom of the receptacle should be GFCI prot…
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