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What causes dandruff?

The cause of dandruff is fungus, a bacteria that you have to treat. It is not contageous, and can be effectively treated by some topical solutions, like Luxiq, and shampoos li (MORE)

Why do you get dandruff?

1 anti-dandruff, dander Bacillus impact: There is a micro-organisms present on the scalp, which is a fungal scalp Bacillus, under normal circumstances no effect on the scalp, (MORE)

What is the treatment for dandruff?

  There is a shampoo named Nizoral that you can buy in any Drugstore or Supermarkets. Just use it twice a week. And one way to prevent dandruff is to wash your hair thorou (MORE)

Why do people get dandruff?

Dandruff is an hair problem which is known to be caused by a fungal infection. Dead skin cells accumulate to form thick white scales, on the scalp and shed randomly. Itchy and (MORE)

What are the causes of dandruff?

Dandruff can have several causes including, Dry Skin. The kind you get during winter when the air is cold and rooms are overheated. It is the most common cause of itchy, fla (MORE)

When do we get dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by a fungal infection or physical or chemical irritants meaning if you dry your hair too much or colour/perm too much. Dandruff is irritating flakes of skin (MORE)

Why does and how does dandruff occur?

Dandruff caused by the internal and external factors. Internal factors may include; poor hygiene, proper diet, emotional stress. While external factors are infrequent shampooi (MORE)

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

put some hairtreatment in your hair and put a shower cap on and after 30 mins /half an hour take the cap off and apply any antidandruff shampoo and after 5 minutes wash your h (MORE)

Do you inherit dandruff?

Everyone has some dandruff, it is just dead skin cells that fall  off.   This happens everywhere on the body all the time, but on the scalp  it gets caught in the hair m (MORE)