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How do you get a MySpace?

The way that you get a MySpace account. Is by clicking on the URL bar in your browser, such as, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 1.0, AOL 9.1, or Safari. An (MORE)

About you on MySpace?

About you being on myspace is very exciting but being on to much can rot your brain it is smart to just to be on it for just about 2 hours or 1 hour 30 mintues.

How is MySpace?

Everyone has their own opinion about MySpace. Personally, I love it! You would just have to give it a try for yourself to see how you would like it.
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What is myspac?

Myspace is a social network where only people that are 18 and older can join. Its a place where you can make your own page with your own back rounds and you can have your info (MORE)

What you can do on MySpace?

Myspace is all about meeting people, keeping in touch with friend and looking at your friends pitcures. To be honst myspace is a lot of drama.. Look on and type i (MORE)

What can you do on MySpace?

Make friends. Network. Comment and message people. Share pictures and videos. Tell people about yourself. Post Bulletins that go to all your friends with surveys, links, pict (MORE)

Myspace is for what?

It depends.. .. Whether you like talking to friends,. hooking up, or just staying in touch with relitaves.. Myspace is for all sorts of things.. )