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Who released knights in white satin?

  The song Nights in White Satin was recorded and released by the Moody Blues on the 10th November 1967. Taken from their best selling album Days of Future Passed, and wri (MORE)

Can you paint without sanding satin paint over satin?

Yes but there is no guarantee that the colour on the surface will not streak or show a different colour through. Added to this is the fact in many houses in particular there a (MORE)

Can you paint over satin with gloss?

Yes. As with any prep, the old paint must be given a "tooth" for the new paint to grab. This is done by sanding or painting it with a special primer that will give it a "tooth (MORE)
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Is satin breathable?

Satin is not a breathable fabric.  I have had various satin comforters over the years finding them  comfortable in both summer and winter and I have loved each of  them. Ho (MORE)

How do you make satin ribbon curl?

This is a fun one...go get your curling Iron! Set the iron on low, and let it heat up. Then curl the ribbon with the curling iron. The ribbon will hold enough heat to curl per (MORE)
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Can you wash satin?

  Answer   I would hand wash or use the gentle cycle, regular washing could cause the garmet start to frey at the seams.
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What is satin yoryu?

  Satin yoryu is a synthetic fabric, often made of polyesther, which has the look, feel, drape and movement of many satin and stin-like fabrics.
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Were did the satin rabbit originate from?

The Satin Rabbit Breed originated in the United States created by Walter Huey of Pendleton, Indiana and occurred in a litter while he was trying to improve his Havana rabbits. (MORE)