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What is terrorism?

Answer 1 Terrorism is the process of instilling fear in a population orcommunity in order to obtain or stop some specific behavior. Answer 2 The definition of terrorism i ( Full Answer )
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What is a terror?

Terror is based on the French word terreur which means, great fear,or to frighten. . This word was first used by the Jacobins duringthe French Revolution.
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Is terrorism the only solution to terrorism?

No. terrorism is not the solution to terrorism. As we have been given a brief and complete code of life through Islam; Islam tells us to be moderate in all conditions and circ ( Full Answer )
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When is there terrorism?

all the time but mainly terrorist attacks take time to plan so ou mot likly not see one every day of the year. there might not even be one in a year.
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What are true about terrorism or acts of terror?

Preparing for terrorism is similar to preparing for natural disasters Acts of terror are committed toward the fulfillment of social or political objectives apex :)
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What is true about terrorism or acts of terror?

Both biological attack and nuclear warfare Mr. Hoffman's definintion of terrorism. I believe his association of terroism with violence does not encompass terrorism as a whole ( Full Answer )
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Are you born into terrorism?

Really interesting question! In that most "terrorist organizations" come from closely knit cultural groups, and one is born into a given culture, the answer is an oblique "yes ( Full Answer )
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Is there terrorism in the Netherlands?

Only a little bit. There isn't much terrorism in The Netherlands. Of course there are fights and some thieves who are trying to break into your house or are stealing stuff fro ( Full Answer )
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Why is there terrorism?

The very definition of the word explains what it is and why it exists:Terrorism is the use of threat or violence mainly as a means of forcing others to do what one wishes. Ano ( Full Answer )
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What was the Autumn of Terror?

The Autumn of Terror was the time period from August 1888 to November 1888 in Victorian London's east end or Whitechapel. The Ripper was on the loose and no woman felt safe, e ( Full Answer )