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Cholesterol is an organic chemical substance and is a steroid of fat. High levels of this steroid fat can cause real problems with humans leading to heart and circularity problems as the fat builds up layers in vital veins thereby restricting blood flow to vital organs such as the heart and can n some cases cause heart failure. On the other hand humans require this essential and important steroid fat to keep us healthy, as it responsible for creating and maintaining membranes within our bodies, the trick is to get the intake balance correct. Cholesterol was first discovered in 1769 in the gallstones.
No. Bacon contains 30 mg of cholesterol, and 68% of the caloriescome from fat.
No, high cholesterol cannot trigger headache. But it's unhealthy ifyou have too much. A little is actually good and necessary for yourbody to function properly. Almost all drugs used to treat high cholesterol might sometimescause headaches
Your body converts cholesterol into Vitamin D. Cholesterol alsofacilitates memory.
AnCholesterol is made by your liverswer this question…
Eat less meat and dairy.
There is only one polar group that can be found in cholesteroldespite it being nonpolar. That one group is a hydroxyl group.
I really do not think this is possible.
VLDL CHLOESTELOL is bad for the body
No it's non saponifiable
Yes it is bad. it is one of the worst foods for high concentrationsof trans fats, but salami is quite variable in degrees of badness.The dryest densest sort of salami can contain twice as much transfats as the loosest type, and it also tends to contain more sodiumwhich makes it even worse. The...
Heart disease research doctors and scientists do not know the exact cause or causes of atherosclerosis . Scientists think that the buildup of plaque starts when the lining of the artery is damaged or injured, but they are not sure why and how the artery becomes damaged in the first place....
Cholesterol is the best known of the sterols (According to "Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies" by Sizer & Whitney)
Cholesterol is either absorbed from food or made in the body. Thissynthesis can take place in most cells in the body including thecells of the heart, however cholesterol does not only come from theheart. Cholesterol can lead to clogging of arteries around the heartleading to heart problems.
You can calculate your cholesterol ratio by dividing your high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or "good") cholesterol into your total cholesterol. For example, if your total cholesterol is 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) and your HDL cholesterol is 50 mg/dL, your cholesterol ratio is 4-to-1.
Vegemite is very low in cholesterol and fat. It presents no problems for people with high cholesterol problems. However, it is high in salt, so people with high blood pressure should only have a minimum amount.
There is no cholesterol in vodka .
All plant foods are cholesterol -free. Therefore peanuts have zero cholesterol. All animal foods have varying degrees of cholesterol. Therefore Turkey contains cholesterol. Turkey is moderately high in cholesterol 3oz. White meat, (w/o skin) has 75mg cholesterol, about 25% daily rec. maximum....
It can be lowered more effectively by reducing dietary intake of saturated fat than of cholesterol .
Is cholesterol present in oils? . Generally not; oils are liquid lipids, and cholesterol is an animal fat. Most dietary oils are vegetable extracts, and hence have no cholesteral whatsoever.
No. Jelly is made with fruit juice, sugar, and pectin, a vegetable product which does not contain cholesterol. You get cholesterol from animal fat or you manufacture it in your liver. Animal fat from animals fattened up in feed lots contains saturated fat and bad cholesterol.
It depends if they eat well and exercise.
yes all dry fruit have cholesterol
Normal cholesterol is 160. You should see a doctor if you have 244!
High cholesterol is caused by many factors; diet being only one. Blood pH is also a factor; eating acid causing foods can exacerbate cholesterol levels. Minimizing refined foods can help raise blood pH and lower cholesterol counts. If diet isn't helping, it is good to see a health care...
No. Cholesterol is a lipid.
Herbon cholesterol will raise very quickly. And semy cholesteral will raise slowly.
Cholesterol provides insulation in neurons to improve the conduction of nerve impulses.
by taking lipitor
Fiber helps the body collect and remove cholesterol Dietary fiber binds bile, blood cholesterol, and fatty acids together into a bulky package of waste. Because it makes stool bulkier, fiber encourage easier bowel movements, and assist in the transport of cholesterol out of your body.
it is cold blooded
here is a link to a website that lets you check it for free now by answering some questions. Hope this helps. You can also go to any local pharmacy for a kit to test it. Then of course there is blood work.
Most of the cholesterol in your blood is made by your body from fat so usually the fat you eat has more of an effect on your blood cholesterol than the amount of cholesterol you eat. Fatty foods that increase cholesterol include fried foods, most fast foods, processed meats (baloney, salami,...
Cholesterol is a waxy steroid found in animal fat, along with phospholipids and triglycerides. It can also be formed by the liver from molecules within the body.
It can be, but that doesn't mean that exercise and eating fruits and vegetables won't lower it.
they can eat any food in 5g of fat per 100g on a box or packet.
no cholesterol in the bread
Alaska king crabs have 15mg of cholesterol per ounce, which is a fair bit less than Dungeness crabs, which have 22mg per ounce, and still less than blue crabs, which have 28mg per ounce. By comparison, lobster has 20mg per ounce, white meat chicken has 22mg, and a sirloin steak has 25mg.
Because it can clog your arteries and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. That's the ugly truth. When there is too much bad cholesterol in your body, it can slowly build up in the walls of the arteries in your heart and brain.
Examples of foods that reduce cholesterol: - oats - barley or other whole grains - fish - olive oil - apple - beans - and many more
Does donating blood get rid of cholesterol ? I'm Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update. People who give blood generally do so out of a desire to help their fellow human beings. But listener John Davis of Redmond, Washington, wonders if a blood donor can get even more out of giving the gift of...
Cholesterol can be wedged between phospholipids, which will slow their movement. Cholesterol also makes membranes sticky so plagues will form.
There are two atriums, and they are two major muscular pumps within the human heart that pump it's blood.
no because fruit are high in vitamin and minerals
heart conditions which could lead to heart attacks
Cholesterol causes the blockage of the blood vessels, thus causing atherosclerosis.
Yes, cheese contains cholesterol. Any animal food product will contain cholesterol. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, etc.
According to the nutritional data on the egg carton, one large egg has 215 milligrams of cholesterol.
In 1970, the rule-of-thumb for a healthy serum cholesterol was 200+age.
Oats and maybe beans
It will never happen. No one suffers from an excess of high density lippo-proteins.
"Dyslipidemia" refers to any of several lipid abnormalities.Lipid abnormalities can be divided into 3 categories: . 1. High Cholesterol. This refers to high LDL (low-densitylipoprotein). . 2. Low HDL. Your "good cholesterol" (high-density lipoprotein)should not be too low. . 3. High Triglycerides....
Test and manage it by drugs
Cholesterol is found outside the body.
Unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, Lowers your bad cholesterol LDL
Cholesterol is an animal product. It is not present in fruits or vegetables. Corn oil, canola oil and olive oil, and just vegetable oil all contain 100 calories a tablespoon. What these oils have, or don't have, is an unsaturated or saturated value or have the property of being hydrogenated or not....
Cooking vegetables makes nutrients more available for the body to absorb, but overcooking can mean losing nutrients. Plant cell walls are broken down in cooking, which means the food can be more completely digested and used by the body. While potato should be well cooked, overcooking less starchy...
soup Pine-nuts are said to lower cholesterol while the consumption of meat should be avoided. Fish, however, seems to be beneficial too.
high density lipoproteins
yes banana is contain
poly unsaturated fats can lower your cholesterol, e.g. sunflower seeds, soya beans and walnuts.
It is unhealthy cholesterol that makes you fat.
Red wine is recommended for good cholesterol.
White chicken without the skin, lean cuts of meat that have little or no fat, but if you want to avoid cholesterol eat more fish. Answer The kind without meat in it. Meat consists of animal cells. All animal cells contain cholesterol. Red meat contains more cholesterol than other types of...
The liver produces and regulates cholesterol . It uses cholesterol to make digestive acids (bile). For several hours after you eat, the liver takes up cholesterol from the bloodstream. When no cholesterol is available in the blood, the liver makes its own. The organ also removes excess cholesterol...
important for circulatory system
Assuming you mean Why , alchohol dialates the blood vessles, relieving pressure that could be cause by high colesteral. If you do mean what, it doesn't realy matter, it all has the same effect.
Fitilatalable Cholesterol
Immediate changes in what you eat can begin to bring down cholesterol levels. Reduce the fats and foods cooked in fats (i,e. most fast foods) and eat more fruits and vegetables. You must also begin a committed program of exercise; walking is one of the best ways to rid the body of excess fat, which...
HDL is the cholesterol that is BAD for you?
Cholesterol is a good thing... in very small amounts. All humans have cholesterol in their cells, but people run into trouble when they ingest extra cholesterol through their diet. Cholesterol is a sticky substance, that when in the blood stream, wants to stick to the vessel walls. Too much will...
They belong to (two different groups of) the 'fats' compounds: hydrophobic, slippery, not mixable with water. Both have ONE double C=C bond (mono-unsaturated), in chemical name recognisable as - en - Cholesterol: C 27 H 46 O is a polycyclic hydrocarbon mono-unsaturated alcohol 10R,â€...
Turkey is generally low in fat (meaning it is low in cholesterol ). As a general note, contrary to public belief, most of the cholesterol in one's body is a cause of fat in their diet and not cholesterol in their food sources. (Means eggs, for example, will give you less cholesterol than steak,...
I read somewhere , mango increases ldl , which is bad cholestrol