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The Germans were a member of the Axis forces and the primary belligerent in the European Theater of war.
Yes Edit: Morning reports and rosters for infantry companies are in theNational Archives. You can contact them ( and ask verynicely, and if you are extremely lucky and your request is assignedto a knowledgeable person who feels like exerting the effort, youmight get them to send a copy....
I searched for a roster of the 10 Infantry and the 10th Armored Division in the Battle at Ardennes/Alsace. I could find notations about them but no roster. Perhaps you should contact the 10th infantry or 10 Mountain Infantry at their website or consult the Oxford Military History Companion.
Mouschi was Peter Van Daans cat. Mouschi was a stray cat that Peter found and adopted. Mouschi ran away during the night.
The people who were mainly kept at the concentration camps werejews.
No not all of them are violent, it's just a little bit harder forthem to process things.
Es geht mir gut, und Ihnen? is the correct form. It means: I'm fine, how are you? It is usually given in response to the question Wie geht es Ihnen?
The Battle of Stalingrad was widely viewed as Nazi Germany's firstmajor loss in battle. It marked the end of Germany's seeminglyunstoppable advance and the start of their retreat and eventualsurrender.
He was a fanatic, and the only good thing was show how we, as theUnited States, should not stand idly by while millions of innocentpeople in foreign countries are murdered. He massacred so many innocent lives and shocked the world with hiscrimes. Unfortunately, he was never able to pay for his...
the axis power in WW2 were - Germany, Italy, and Japan
Romania, Finland, Italy, Albania, Solvakia, Bulgaria, Vichy France,Spain, Yugoslavia, Japan, and other nations fought under Germanyand the Axis powers. There are several nations not listed here.
There were many bases where the WWII US Army trained. With the beginning of the draft in 1940 the Army cranked up its division creating process. Initially the army reckoned it would take 200 divisions to fight the war, but in the end wound up creating about 90. Some of these were National Guard...
Inger is not a German word, regarding surnames it's a suffix. Family names in Germany developed during the medieval times. At first people had only a first name. In a small village where people knew each other it wasn't much of a problem. But later, when the citys increased and people had to...
People go to the Nou Camp which means New Fields just to watch Barcelona play their great football.
Yes they did. Germany started regular television broadcasts in1935. Although most people didn't own televisions then, they wentto television parlors to watch.
An estimated 50,000 children were kidnapped by the Nazis in Poland.
Most countries simply stood by. They didn't interfere until they were drawn into to war, and even then it wasn't for the sake of the Jews but to keep themselves safe.
The house she stayed in after the attempt was extremely remote with no roads or tracks leading to it. She survived until 4 or 5 years ago.
$20 - $50, typically. If you have one in excellent condition, with absolutely no obvious wear, pitting, rust, etc., you could possibly manage $100.
The number One indicates unity, divinity, and wholeness, as exemplified by God.
Everyone did, the international press were invited to them whenthey opened in 1933. The New York Times did a two page spread inpraise of them.
There were close to 13 million people, collectively, who died inWW2 at the hands of Germans, not counting any soldiers. Of the 13million, about 6 million were identified as Jews. So about 7million non-Jewish people were killed because they were disabled,those with Mental Retardation, mentally...
I think you may be referring to the racial policies of fascist Germany under Hitler. They actively searched for persons of Aryan descent for their breeding program.
Depending on context on can be translated in many ways, e.g.: an der Küste - on the coast auf dem Tisch - on the table zu Pferd - on horseback
Luxembourg was invaded by Germany in 1940 and was an occupiednation for practically all of WWII. Germany annexed the nation intopart of Germany in 1942 and had a program of molding it into acomplete part of Germany during the occupation. Things like makinglanguages other than German illegal, and...
This excerpt from the history of Luxembourg comes from wikipedia and is a little long but it gives a good explanation to you about how the Nazis tricked several nations into signing neutrality documents and then invaded those countries any how. On May 10th, 1940 the Nazis invaded Luxembourg. It...
Actually, Germany was practically free from guilt. They entered the war and were hated so much that the Treaty of Versailles included a war-guilt clause. This clause stated that Germany alone was responsible for WWI. So yes, on the record they are, but in reality that is a definitive no.
Switzerland and Sweden are the various two countries which Hitlerdid not conquer. *************** I would like to add that he failed to conquer Britain and Russia.
You'd have to define 'first defeat'. Hitler's land forces were delayed or outmaneuvered in a number of relatively minor ways during his advance through Western Europe, but ultimately they were victorious. The Battle of Britain (which peaked in late1940 saw many defeats for the Luftwaffe. Those...
S-A-L-A-T like salad except with a t for the d.
During World War II, the German 'blitzkrieg' (or, 'lightning war')tactics consisted of armored vehicles and motorized infantryclosely supported by airplanes. A breakthrough would be achieved atkey points of the front line by these forces; then, the fast-movingunits would spread out behind the enemy...
Multiple words used as an adjective, like brown-orange cat, are hyphenated. So, it would be, ". . . at an all-time high . . .).
Given that Hitler was a mortal enemy of the US, Nazi Germany would never have issued dollar coins. Its value is would be given in Reichsmarks, the currency of the Nazi regime. That said, 1937 5 RM pieces were made of 90% silver and carry a portrait of former Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg. As...
Hitler created the Nazi by making tens of thousands of youngjobless men put on brown shirts and high leather boots of the Nazistorm troopers. By this way Hitler had organized the Nazis.
Seems approx 800,000 Axis vs approx 400,000 Allied forces.. As a start in your research, check out the Related Link below for more info.
On April2,1917, President Woodroow Wilson had pushed for waragainst Germany.
No that's a line from "A Chorus Line" and coined by Thommie Walsh.
He thought that pure Germans, especially Aryans (blond hair blue eyes) were at the top of the scale, with Jews at the bottom, Slavs ranked slightly above Jews, then there were Negroes and other races going up to Nordics, and Aryans. Gypsies were a bit more complicated as they were Aryans, but were...
Hitler was a radical Darwinian and took Darwin's book as his bible. He saw this as the fight for the fittest.
Ritter von Thoma served in the German Army in both World Wars and in the Spanish Civil War and reached the rank of General.. During World War 2 he served in the German invasion of Poland and the in the invasion of the Soviet Union before being transfered to North Africa. He was captured by the...
It was fair and carried out without judgement. . The nations could choose what sort of aid they needed and wanted. . The aid was not merely money. The nations could receive seeds, food, farm equipment; help from businessmen, doctors and scientists . Some of the aid came from volunteers which...
During World War 2, the Nazi exterminated 6 million Jews. More than one million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust, as were approximately two million Jewish women and three million Jewish men
Hitler was 43 when he and the NSDAP its first election in July1932, achieving 37.3% of the popular vote and 230 seats of the 608seats in the Reichstag.The Nazis were however not invited to formthe government. Instead, Reichspresident Paul von Hindenburginstructed Franz von Papen to form a coalition...
Many of the officials from the government of the defeated Nazi Germany were tried in the Nuremberg Trials by the main victorious allied forces, such as Britain and the USA.
Blamed Jews for the destruction of war world 1 and he sent Jews to concentration camps Almost, but there's more to it than that... Adolf Hitler not only plunged the world into yet another World War, however, he also succeeded at creating the very first industrialized genocide of a race. Many...
Hitler was an artist of limited ability and matching success inVienna prior to the First World War. After the war he was employedas a spy by the military with the task of infiltrating one of themany small, revolutionary parties that began springing up like wildfire all over Germany. Hitler...
Eastern European "gypsies" and handicapped individuals of all creeds.
yes, he went to aushwitz, where he was put as a plumber.
Genocides are oneof the most difficult things to prevent. By the time the outsideworld knows about one, it has gone for weeks, months or years. Morethan six decades after the Holocaust, the horrors of Bosnia,Rwanda, and Darfur are sobering reminders that preventing futuregenocides and mass...
Most of the Jews in the ghettos were sent to the concentrationcamps by the Nazis, but if they were fortunate and the war endedbefore the Nazis could take them, they would go back to theirhomes.
Hitler actually shot himself in 1945, at the end of WW II.
The murder of millions upon millions of innocent lives, including6.3 million Jews and 3.1 million Gypsies.
Depends how many you would like to kill...
This sort of question is hard to generalise because much depended on the fascist zeal of the commander involved in making that decision. In one solitary documented case, an SS guard couldn't handle the moral aspects of his work at a death camp and was transferred elsewhere quietly.
70,000 soldiers died during the Third Battle
He had good relations with some Muslims and following WWII many Nazis took refuge in Arab countries. Overall, he didn't really pay that much attention to the Arabs. Live and let live. Hitler was primarily interested in Europe.
Fumiko Ishioka is the director of the Holocaust Center in Tokyo, Japan. She received Hana's suitcase from the Auschwitz museum. She did further research and found some of her drawings from when she was in Theresienstadt. Fumiko then found out that Hana had a brother, George Brady, that survived the...
During World War II, Germany was pushed out of North Africa onceand for all in May of 1943. Large numbers of soldiers and material(including Italian forces) were lost at this time, althoughresistance continued from Italy's home-territories.
The Germans have the same standard of living as the Americans have in the United States. They may have better primary and secondary education than in the USA.
You probably had measles, German measles or chicken pox or even a simple outbreak of dermatitis. Chicken pox will leave scares when you scratched at the scabs. If you have these scares I would figure you had chicken pox.
Stalin bought time by signing the pact even though he knew Hitler would invade Russia. Stalin was able to build up and train his forces. He was able to accumulate more weapons too. It also kept Japan off the eastern end of his country.
There are thousands of business in Germany ranging from technical to agricultural. Contact this not for profit association if you need names and types of business in Germany.
Hitler used fear tatics, deceptive tatics, manipulation and oppression. Read the attached link to get a fuller idea of his tyranny.
In September 1941 the emigration of Jews from Nazi Germany was forbidden altogether. Before that it was generally possible for them to leave Germany provided that they had somewhere to go to and could actually get there . One of the biggest restrictions was the reluctance of other countries to...
Some notable Nazis authoritative absented at the Nuremberg trialsbecause of their death. There were Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler,Reinhard Heydrich, and Joseph Goebbels. Robert Ley and HermannGöring managed to commit suicide during the trials. 3 of other 24notable Nazis were acquitted: Hjalmar...
The Magen David or Mogan David.
The low-ranking ones weren't paid very much. Probably only like 4-5bucks an hour. The officials, on the other hand, were paid well.Well, depending on how much 'work' they did. I say 'work' becausetheir only "responsibility" was being unimaginably savage toinnocent people.
That was the time of the "baby boom", when people became eager tostart families since the Great Depression and World War II ended,which was when families did not grow as much because of thehardships they had to face.
Well the Germans who ran them just plain hated the Jews. They thought all their troubles were originated from the Jewish people. So then they made them work, put them in gas chambers, and tortured them.
because they were funded by the bakers from the wall street and allied with the vatican, third Reich is nothing but a vaticans war against the Jews and orthodox christians which was fought for hundreds of years and they have also succeeded in us the UN 2.driving the Jews out of...
The German people believed that Hitler would bring power and gloryback to Germany.
it is possible because Hitler tried to send the disabled people to concentration camps and everyone protested so if the Germans who were not the subjects of prejudice had complained about the Jews and roma/sinti and poles etc. being sent off to concentration camps it is likely. also if during WWI a...
Gehen is the German verb to go. Ich gehe Du gehst Er/sie/es geht Ihr geht Wir gehen Sie gehen
General Eisenhower accepted the surrender of the Nazis through Field Marshall Montgomery.
RMS Lusitania was an ocean liner owned by the Cunard Line and built by John Brown and company of Clydebank, Scotland. She was torpedoed by a German U-boat on 7 May 1915 and sank in eighteen minutes, eight miles off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. It killed 1,198 of the 1,959 people aboard. The...
Answer . Hitler wanted to purify the Human race by killing what he used to call half humans. For Hitler the ruling race was the blond hair people with blue eyes ironically enough he never looked in the mirror. . Answer . The whole world. He was a megalomaniac.
The Nazis did not exist yet in 1919. They came along in 1920 and presented their points to the Germans.
The auto manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler and General Motors converted their factories in Detroit for making weapons, engines, planes. They lacked enough manpower so thousands came from the south to fill the need for workers.
He published a book called mein kampf and soon became the leader of the nazi party.
The ability to view herself objectively.
it meant going up to a person and teabaging it until it is dead
It became a horror for Peron and the Argentenians. They failed torecapture it from the British
By that time Hitler had already committed suicide.
The Nazi ghettos were never intended to be permanent; they were in many ways like vast transit camps, where the Jews were held till they were transported to extermination camps or killing fields.
Poland was destroyed by mechanized warfare and air attacks within amonth. It was not prepared for such a mobile war.
Hitler had to be smart to get most of Germany to !!!!!!!!!!!!!HATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Jews
they taught the Aryans about city life i know that because ihave an A+ in history
Hitler himself didn't really personally do much of anything in theway of "torture". He was much more interested in eliminating them(and confiscating their property, or in using them for slave labor)than torturing them. . Of course, that also meant he didn't object too strenuously ifsomeone else...