The cultivation of plants and animals through farming, mainly for food. Agriculture is also known as the Geography of Food.
Biofertilizers are for environmentalists. Chemical fertilizers getthe job done faster, better and with more interesting reactions.Hint: Look at the base of the flower root three minutes afterapplying any chemical fertilizer, and watch it change colour.
Restrepia antennifera
Hot aand dry except in summer it is rainy and stormy then.
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Ethylene accelerates ripening of the fruit.
it was mainly the problem of not producing enough
Rice, corn, cassava, and sweet potato (in this order) are the most commonly found crops growing in Vietnam
Most crops tend to perform the best in valleys, due to the more stable climate and topography. There are some crops that are still grown in their natural mountain habitat, such as trees for lumber and a US Pacific Northwest treat, huckleberries. But most of what we would consider usual crops will do...
Currently, agriculture remains the main economic use of the pampas.Herding, cultivation of wheat and corn, and other grains along withdairies is very popular here. In the pampas cattle was introducedfor the first time by the Portuguese in 1550's. During the colonialperiod, only a small portion of...
at the grocery store
The university as a whole is not an experiment station itself, but does have an extensive agricultural experiment station connected with it. Its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has departments that deal with research and education in nearly every field related to agriculture.
Agriculture in Chile encompasses a wide range of differentactivities due its particular geography , climate , geology and human factors. Historicallyagriculture is one of the bases of Chile's economy , now agriculture and allied sectorslike forestry , logging and fishing accountonly...
About 25% of Chile's land is used to growing crops and some place in Chile is used to produce copper, lithium, other minerals, foodstuffs, fish processing, iron and steel, wood and wood products, transport equipment, cement and textiles
Crop rotation, developed in Great Britain during the Agricultural Revolution greatly enhanced crop yields. This method of alternating crops in different fields on a yearly basis kept the soil nutrient rich and fertile.
Organisms in theground consume organic matter and deposit theremnants as nutrients and minerals in the soil in a form that plantlife can more easily absorb. Larger organisms, like small animals,burrow in the soil which increases the airiness of the soil.
Get a mouse trap or a mice snake.
The first time camels were brought into Australia was for anexpedition which was in 1846, and was Harrocks expedition. Thecamels were lead by afghan cameleers who sought to unlock the mystery and potential of the vast,inhospitable interior of Australia. Horses, and to a lesser degreedonkeys and...
There are many plants with tap roots, including the carrot, beet and SUNFLOWER.
Maybe because there body can't hold all of that heat. It's like uswe sweat when the temperature is 99 - 102 . It's just a lower heat
It is a Kharif crop
The purpose of pesticide is to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigateany pest.
Maize is normally a kharif crop, planted for an autumn harvest. In the US, it's called "corn", and is usually planted in mid-spring for an autumn harvest.
yes, living in a farm will really gives you a healthy life. As, thefarm will helps you to breathe the natural air.
A number of different reasons exist for the use of various crop sprays, though the most common is to help prevent or suppress the damaging effects of insects or disease. Another common practice is the application of fertilizers or plant nutrients.
A seeder is a a piece of agricultural equipment used to plantseeds. They come in various shapes and sizes; some are like bagsand others large items pulled by horses or a tractor. I have never heard of a "seeder" related to sewing, although itcould be some specialized piece of equipment. A "serger"...
There are many yield-improvement systems but a well known one iscrop rotation, where fields would have different crops and befallow (empty) for a time in between. The reason for this is that different crops need differentnutrients, so the soil would be used to maximum effect. The fallowyear would...
Some famous cattle trails in Texas were: . Goodnight-Loving Trail . Great Western Trail . Chisholm Trail . Sedalia (Shawnee) Trail
it is not yet certain, due to many factors. given how often land in organic matter.? more often and with much volume, the soil will be quicklyrecovered. how often a given soil biological fertilizer.? the contaminated soil will make positive bacteria will die and thepopulation decreases, so when...
Still a family farm, despite the size. Here's a fascinatingstatistic that most don't realize: According to the EPA, 87% of allfarms are individually or family-owned and operated. Corporatefarms make up 4% of those farms, and only 1% of such corporatefarms are solely owned and operated by other...
As a whole rodeo competetors are not cruel to their animals. Their personal horses are well trained and very expensive to replace. They are well taken care of. The broncs and bulls for bull riding are owned by companies that supply them for redeo events. These are also will taken care of. If they...
There really is no such thing as "over-harvesting" something. Either it's going to be harvested or it isn't, it doesn't matter if it's a plant or animal.
It really depends on the area in the state. Generally $1,600 to $3,000 an acre. You won't find any cheaper than that, unless someone is really hurting for the cash, but in major cities it can run as high $5,000 an acre or a bit more if the lot is located in a prime building area.
Yes he does he pretty much cares for her and loves her.
it lead to the growth by when they were planting and the leader is in charge
\nI am not sure exacty what you are asking but it may be short for highway fence.
Much depends on where you live and the amount you are growing. A very good outlet is the Farmer's Market. There is usually a web site for the local market with their particular rules, the schedule, etc. In our area there are six markets a week, none of which are at the same time.. Get a table and an...
Since Oklahoma's area covers 68,667 square miles, there would be roughly that many sections. One section equals one square mile according to the public land survey system of the US.
Seeds are inside fruit; fruit is a vehicle designed to transportthe seeds by falling/rolling (apple), water (coconut) or beingeaten and seeds deposited (berries).
Kharif. In the US, it's normally planted mid-spring for autumn harvest.
No. All offspring from first-calf heifers should be sold because they are just going to be too small to be any good as replacements. I'd wait until your first-calvers are older, like after they've had their second calf to consider keeping any replacements from them. You may have an opportunity to...
Answer . italian flat parsley or basil . Answer . You could also try a prostrate sage, parsley, mint, thyme - especially the creeping sort, and chives. . Answer . You can grow any types of Herbs in a window box, including all the herbs mentioned above, as well as Taragon, Cilantro, Oregano,...
If the soil is hot heat rises and the air near and around the soil will rise to affect the other particiles of air.
Get it used to being handled when its young (under a year old)
I would say water and carbon dioxide, but those are just guesses.
cows live in all different parts of the world. including alot of cities in Mexico
The roots of trees are of primary importance in preventing soil erosion, because they physically hold the soil in place, and also because they transport water up from the ground, thus supporting other plants and preventing salinisation of the soil. The leaf canopies are also important for soil...
Plowing a hillside field straight up and down, from top to bottom, provides channels for rainwater to flow, unimpeded. This will strip the topsoil off in a few years, making the land worthless. Plowing the other way, along the hill, slows the water flow, and lets it soak in more, instead of picking...
Piglets are born with soft hair on their bodies, as the pigletgrows, that hair will become more coarse as will their hide. Pigsdo not have a thick coat of fur, they have a thin layer of hairmuch like body hair on humans just more coarse than ours.
In Strip Cropping, grass and other plants that grow close to the ground are planted in strips between bands of grain crops. .
My opinion is: since the world's population continues to grow at an astronomical rate, I believe it is better to use chemicals and continue to be able to feed all those people rather than just let them starve. When better alternatives come along, as they do all the time, then we can continue...
no . One opinion is stated above. Mine differs in that since the world's population continues to grow at an astronomical rate, I believe it is better to use chemicals and continue to be able to feed all those people rather than just let them starve. When better alternatives come along, as they do...
A plethora of seeds is inserted laterally into the rich, loamy soil. It is then left until it is located by a Canadian Albatross, which fertalises the seeds and makes wheat. Live Long and Prosper.
mountain soil is earth that is rich in moisture, and it's texture ranges from rocky to sandy.
Yes. Lots of people raise cattle in Louisiana. Cattle is a common industry for that area.
Coffee, corn, and citrusfruit.
Relative to the cost of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, they are quite expensive. Since natural ones are less effective in varying degrees, the final yield of the crop drops off to some percentage less than it would have been. When you take the loss of income and add it to the higher cost per...
No. Not naturally but it can be done (rarely) when developed out of the shell. Fertilized double yolk eggs do not produce twins as the restrictive interior of the shell will not support the needs of two fully developed chicks.
Wheat requires the sun temperature around 70 to 75 degree F.Whereas the minimum temperature needed is 40 degree F and if thetemperature exceeds 95 degrees F means,then the whet will not grow.
It would have to be the part that involves influencing producers to actually do the change. Farmers are typically slow to change, and tend to resist any new changes because of a) the potential for increased costs, b) it's easier to do things as they were done before than to learn anything new, and c...
If it is a meat animal, the ability to convert food more efficiently into meat. And for many plants, the ability to resist diseases common to that plant.
Agricultural means pertaining to farming or the growing of crops.
Answer . It depends on your height. I think that you're approximately at the right weight though, if you aren't 2 foot three or eight foot eleven.
Charles Towsend popularized a four-year crop rotation with rotations of wheat, barley, turnips, and clover. Before that farmers had use a 3 year crop rotation of rye or winter wheat in year one, followed by spring oats or barley in the second year, and followed by a third year of no crops.
The Old Spanish Trail began at Santa Fe (now New Mexico) and ended at Los Angeles. It was a path for Spanish explorers and traders beginning in the mid- 1500s, and reaching its widest use during the last years of greater Mexico. from about 1830 to 1848. It was still in use even after the majority of...
Like other US federal Cabinet offices, the Secretary of Agriculture is nominated by the president, but has to be confirmed by the Senate. While this is normally a formality, the nominations have, on occasion, been challenged.
because they use the milk from the trees to eat and because they have no food or money to buy food and it doesnt harm the trees
No, when the mother goes into labour and does not deliver the fulllitter of piglets, the piglets die. In as little as one day thedead piglet(s) will start to decompose in the womb therefore,releasing toxins that the mother will absorb into her bloodstream.If the decaying piglet is not removed the...
The predators that ostriches have usually go after the eggs forfood. These would include vultures, mongoose and jackals. As theostriches grows, they gain other predators such as hyenas,cheetahs, lions, African wild dogs and leopards.
Idaho. Producing over 6 million tons annually, potatoes are its number 1 crop.
There are a number of possible reasons. In some areas, organically grown produce can bring a premium price that may bring the farmer higher profit. The farmer may have made the choice to produce organically because of a personally held belief that it's better for the soil. The farm might be in an...
pampas landmark was the agricultural region argentina's economy was mainly dependent on..
Irrigation, if there's any water at all. Some methods of irrigation, such as drip tubes, use very little water and can keep the crop growing quite nicely. If there is no water available, then perhaps growing low-water-use species might work.
There's not enough rain to water the crops. The farmers have to get the water that runs off the mountains to where the crops are.
All sorts of plants: grasses, forbs, trees (including fig and olive trees), shrubs, etc.
reproduction of plants through annual introduction of seeds, which result from sexual fertilization.
the uppermost layer of soil is loose.when wind blows , it can carry away topsoil.when rain falls and water flows on the land, much topsoil is carried away.erosion by wind water removes much of topsoil.
...contains DNA which makes the plant produce a protein which is toxic to certain insects of the Lepidoptera family. The protein is the same one produced by the Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, from which the name "Bt" comes.
Often they were over hundreds of miles long, particularly if you measure the distance from Bandera, Texas to Dodge City, Kansas for example.