The Republic of Serbia is a landlocked country in the Balkan Peninsula at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. It covers 34,116 sq mi and has an estimated population of 7.31 million as of 2010.
Belgrade, as the rest of Serbia, has moderate climate without extreme weather conditions. Summers are moderately hot, winters moderately cold. There are no extreme storms, nor earthquakes. All in all, a pretty pleasant climate in my opinion.
Secret society in Serbia (Црна Рука/Crna Ruka). Said to have beenconnected with the Young Bosnia / Mlada Bosna Society and theassassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (28 June, 1914), whichled to the start of the First World War.
There were more than three, but the most popularly discussed ethnicgroups in Yugoslavia were the Catholic Croats, the OrthodoxChristian Serbs, and the Sunni Muslim Bosniaks. Other Yugoslavethnic groups included the Orthodox Macedonians, the Sunni Muslimethnic Albanians/Kosovars, the Catholic...
Slovenia, Croatia, Boznia-Hertzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia andMacedonia were parts of Yugoslavia.
The exact amount of armor both operational and garrisoned of theSerbian Army is estimated. The main battle tank of the Serbian Armyis the M84 with some 200+ in service. There are also a small amountof remaining Soviet built T72s.
Yugoslavia broke up in the 1990's following a harsh Civil War during the breakup of the Soviet Union. Today the states that make up the former Yugoslavia continue to fight with one another whilst the EU(European Union) continues to try to make peace in the area and incorporate them into the...
Russia was the first Allied Nation to mobilize troops againstAustria-Hungary for its declaration of war on Serbia.
yes it did, it also had a very strong ally, the soviet union
There is no such language as Yugoslavian. Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene
Serbia as inland country, with no exit to sea, had none warships, except several smaller river military boats.
Anywhere from $200 - $400 for an M59/66 (model with the grenade launcher attachment, gas cutoff valve, and flip-up grenade sight), with $400 being for an unissued rifle with all accessories.
1)The country has the capital (Belgrade Serbian: Beograd) of the Former Yugoslav Republic, city is inhabited for around 6000 years and was razed down around 42 times. 2)Duklja was the first Serb Kingdom. It was based on modern Montenegro territory and had parts of today Albania, Bosnia and...
It's not a good idea to talk about everyone in one country "hating" everyone in another country. People aren't just stereotypes based on their nationality - they are individuals who have their own views. ******************* The war between Serbs and Croats had its origins partly in the breakup...
No, they are not a recognized member of the European Union.
Yugoslavia's leader who kept his country independent of the Soviet Union after WW2 was Jozip Broz Tito. Tito was a nickname he adopted when living underground as Secretary of the Yugoslavian Communist Party before the WW2.
Serbia - 39,517.54 square miles.
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Answer . Serbia and Russia have a long rlationship as allies. They are both mostly Eastern Orthodox and have the same roots.
No, In historical terms the area once covered by Yugoslavia has generally been fought over for centuries by the Austrians and the Turks.
There is no such language as "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene.
Not united, but a part of a federation.
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In 1878 Montenegro, Romania, Serbia were recognized as totally independent countries; Greece was independent from 1827.
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He wasn't. Serbia was a tiny, independent neighboring country. The Archduke and his wife were on a tour of inspection, visiting the capital of a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Sarajevo. He was in his own Empire. One reason he went there was to show his wife a good time. She was a commoner...
Serbia had recently gained complete independence from the Ottoman Empire. Some Serbs longed for a return to the good old days of the Serbian Empire of the Middle Ages. There were ethnic Serbs living in the neighboring Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Pan-Serbian nationalists wanted these Serbs, and the...
Russia helped Serbia when Serbia had rebelled
The 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo.
Black Hand claimed responsibility for the assassination of thefuture king.
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For a few years before the war, the Austro-Hungarian government, always with much strife. Before that, it had been part of the Ottoman (Turkish) empire for centuries.
\nYugoslavia began her turn towards the Axis powers in the mid-Thirties, largely due to the economic crisis brought on by the Great Depression. In 1941, the government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia signed the so-called Pact of Steel, which brought them into alliance with Germany and Italy.\n. \nThis...
The majority of young and urban people wear Western-style clothing. In villages, women wear more traditional outfits that include a plain blouse, a long black skirt, and a head scarf. During more festive occasions, unmarried women will wear a small ref, felt cap adorned with a gold braid, and...
establish independence and self-government. (: A+
At the close of World War 2, Yugoslavia had managed to liberate itself from the Axis powers with only limited direct support from the Soviets. This meant that at the end of the war the Soviet Union did not have a military foothold in Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Communists were not 'indebted' to the...
Veridba is a Serbian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Proposal'.
Yugoslavian is the proper adjective for Yugoslavia.
Zrno utehe is a Serbian equivalent of the title to the movie 'Quantum of Solace'.
Serbia is located in Central-Southeastern Europe, and borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.
The biggest difference is that Czechoslovakia broke up peacefully while Yugoslavia broke up violently with wars in Bosnia,Croatia and Slovenia
Nobody. Slovenia Croatia and Macedonia declared independence in 1991 but the government did not want to allow it and it sent its army
Because of the death of Yugoslavia's greatest general, Josip (Yosip) Broz Tito, in 1980. Yugoslavia was a conglomeration of five nations, four of which share a common language (Serbo-Croatian), two of which are primarily Catholic nations (Croatia and Slovenia), two of which are Orthodox Christian...
Pisac iz senke is a Serbian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Ghost Writer'.
Serbia's first Winter Olympics was the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Serbians previously participated in the Winter Olympics under the flags of Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro prior to declaring independence in 2006.
heres how you say it: Je (pronuction tip: For the slavs, The J is actually a Y) mi srodan?
The claim of such is disputed. The Serbs say it is, most of the people there say not. Yes, Kosovo how it is pronounced is in the southern part of Serbia, but due to the war in 1999, Serbia has no governing in Kosovo.
Alexander I changed the name to Yugoslavia in 1929 while Peter II was the last king
There is no king. It is republic, not monarchy
Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia.. Russia backed Serbia. As Russia was allies with Britain and France through the triple entente, Serbia had their backing as well. Eventually, America and Belgium supported them too.
All countries involved in World War 1 had huge debt following thewar. Te exact amount that Serbia borrowed is unknown, but debt wassomething that all nations involved had to deal with and it wasworked out in the Treaty of Versailles.