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Keyboarding techniques describe the best ways to type properly and efficiently. Questions about how to increase typing speed, decrease discomfort, and other questions related to typing on a keyboard belong here.
you hold shift and press: this key then this key )and that's how u make a smile face
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1x1 (and its variant onexone,) is an abbreviation for a one-on-oneroleplay. That is, a roleplay between just two people. One-on-one roleplays are more intimate than large group roleplays,but ask more of each person, often requiring people to double, oreven triple the number of characters they take...
Press Alt Gr and then a letter. This gives you á, é, í, ó, and ú.
it's just a default posses from the program in windows or mac.
The backspace key erases characters to the left of the cursor. The delete key erases characters to the right of the cursor.
Put Alt+0174 combination to put ® ... in this way, you can put all other superscripts and subscripts with Alt+4 number combinations.. Superscript raises the text. Subscript lowers the text.
Near the top of the keyboard was the original place for thenumerical keys, and still is, but a second set of these keys isfind on the right side of the keyboard (or hidden on a few of theletter keys if it's not there) so that people can type numbers withone hand at an increased speed if, for...
To type the mathematical symbol π or pi Windows: Alt+227 = π Mac:Option key + p
Just search on the internet for full list of keyboard commands
Press Windows Key on your keyboard to open Start Menu and Press Windows Key again to close the Start Menu.
to copy text, you can press and hold Ctrl and then press 'c'. to paste, you can then press ctrl again and then press 'v'.
False. The "Escape" key, the "F" keys and the "Print Screen", "Scroll Lock" and "Pause" keys are located at the top row of most keyboards.
You wouldn't, u have to do insert, symbol and then find the tiny circle and put a C after it.
This is called subscript. In order to type in subscript on programslike Microsoft Word press the "ctrl" key (doesn't matter if it'slctrl or rctrl); while holding it down also press the "=" key thenlet go. From now on anything you type will be in subscript. Inorder to get out of subscript mode press ...
The key that says "shift"
On Microsoft word you press ctrl + + meaning control and the plus button, and a superscript is ctrl shift +
I use a websites called " sense lang". Just go to Google and searchfor "sense lang". It's not really a website that provides typingtests, but you can practice in there.
F8 False -- If you're on the Mac press option, do not let go until you're shown a device chooser.
If you needs to take notes on a laptop someday, and your teacherisn't giving you much time, so the skill of typing could make youtype faster and you can take notes easily, and fast enough.
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In pocket calculator-like programs (for example, Microsoft Calculator for Windows users), the enter key of the numeric keypad acts like the equal to (=) button to obtain the result of the previously entered operations. Usually the default button on a form is highlighted, giving a subtle visual...
Type something like ctrl shift u (release) then shift b (release)then 0 or 1 or 2 so on.. only works with chrome book or mac notwindows.
In Word, Insert Symbol, then look for the TM symbol in the accompanying list of letters, numbers, and symbols. Some fonts do not have the TM symbol, so go to the top of the Symbols window and select a different font. Try the common fonts, like cambria, arial, and times new roman.
Like on other Apple computers, the command or "Apple" keys on theiBook G4 serve as part of many keyboard shortcuts. They can be usedin combination with other keys when online or even for GUIapplications.
Lower case: Alt + 164 Upper case: Alt + 165
Hold down Ctrl and press C to copy.
1. Touch typing. 2. Sustainable rhythm 3. Thinking about what you're typing. 4. Proper posture 5. Ergonomically correct typing/computer station 6. Keyboard shortcuts 7. Practice, practice, practice
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ashtricks 1. It's spelt asterisk. 2. That is not the name of it. 3. The name of the key above tab (on English keyboards) is called accent grave. Pronounced graave
to help you type you can also have a choice if you would want the top or side numbers
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press the fn key and del
Typically to connect two KVMs together, one would need a 15-pin d-sub Male cascade connector to attach to the cascade port of one usb KVM to a console port on the second KVM. Different models of KVM may require different types of cascade cables.
No need to check settings for power settings, you might have option go in stand by at certain time.
Like this- B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) Ta da!
That is called Page Break-It is the point where you wish your page to end. It can be just after entering two lines or 10 lines. Beyond that point nothing can be written or added to that page. If content is already present there, it is moved on to the next page.
The five major groups of keys on a standard keyboard are: . The typewriter keys (letters and numbers) . The function keys (F1, F2, etc.) . The numeric keypad (numbers organized like a calculator keypad) . The insert, home, page up keys and their opposites . The up, down, left right navigation arrow...
hold option or alt (alternitive) and press v this works on macs and it might work on pc's
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You can make lots of different emoticons on your computer using the letters, numbers and symbols on your keyboard. Here are some examples. 1: =_= 2: :) 3: :( 4: -_- 5: ^_^ 6: $_$ 7: @_@ 8: XD 9: *_* 10: :3
:( sad :) happy >:( angry >:o laughing :o surprised :v pac-man 3:) devil O:) angel :p tongue out of mouth :D big smile :putnam: human face
Hold down the (Alt+3) buttons, on the right hand side of the keyboard at the same time. There are times where it will not work depending where you are trying to create it.
okay this is actually real easy to do Do u see the equal sign on ur computer Than CLICK IT! = Do u see the 6 on ur computer If u do hold down the shift button and click it (It should look like this: =^ Then click the period (it should look like this =^. After that complete step 2 again After that...
The related links below give the complete lists of keyboard shortcuts for Windows.
To remove an administration password on Microsoft xp,simply go to start , control panel then go to user accounts .In user accounts,click on administrator and the click create a password .After clicking on create a password,type in the current password and click change password( Do not insert a...
1- use an ergonomic keyboard 2-use a padded wrist support 3-keep your wrist straight 4-sit up straight 5-learn to type 6-take frequent breaks
F and J you can feel the bumps on the bottom of the keys.
There is no dedicated key on a standard keyboard. Some applications may allow you to assign one.
select the letter and do Alt + 614
This is for two clicks (left and right) mice: 1. Move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the desired words. 2. Hold the left clicker 3. Drag (continue to hold left clicker) and highlight all the words you wish to "cut" 4. Let go! 5. The words should still be highlighted 6. ...
Shift then like A or Shift Q Q to turn off the pc or like Shift Ito get to console
Wrist rest: a mouse pad with built in gel for the wrist area. You would use it like any other mouse pad, except it has the gel inside of the pad for ease and comfort for your wrist. There are different kinds of wrist rests along with different sizes. The small one which sits beside you and a...
The function of ctrl-alt-delete may vary between operating systems. In windows, it is typically used to access the task manager to monitor or shutdown various processes or to shutdown the computer itself.
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well its started when the ABC were in random order then people used that random ABC order for the finger placement
That's the shortcut for copy. The shortcut for paste is Ctrl V.
Caffeine is a stimulant, which is the reason it could affect your typing speed.
To turn off StickyKeys, you must press Shift 5 times reallyquickly. (Windows and .Mac only) To turn them off on a Chromebook, go to the settings, then search"StickyKeys". It shall appear there.
Your can type " and e. it will do autimatily sorry for bad English I'm Dutch
YOU hold down : and keep holding it down then press ) Then it turns into :)
There is Notepad and Wordpad that come on your computer. Microsoft Word has clip art and special things, but you can type a regualr document on wordpad. Wordpad is more like Word than Notepad. Like it's name, Notepad is really just for taking notes. People who make websites can use notepad to write...
This is true! The average person's right hand does do most of the typing!
Between 52% and 56% in the average touch typer
Stab Stops are intergrated into Windows Office software, therefor you can't remove them, you can only adjust them. Sorry.
For quick and easy use of one hand for capitals to save changing the position of both hands to type a capital.
You hold down alt. On the side numbers while holding down alt, press 1. It should look like this... ☺ or☻
average can type about 3 seconds per word. unless its a long word.
The longest word you can type using only the top row of keys is typewriter
Yes, a page break in Microsoft Word, for instance, is one that youput in manually (between paragraphs), in order to choose where thepage breaks, rather than the place where it breaks naturally ascontrolled by the software. This allows you to keep ideas together.You can also put in section and column...
for copying a text or picture you need to press "Ctrl + Insert" Or " Ctrl + C" and for pasting the copied text you should press "Shift + Insert" Or "Ctrl + V". I hope that this is helpful for you.
They are the function keys.
1024mb (megabits) = 1gb (gigabits)
for people that don't know what the shift button does.
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You do not have to use the keys, they just make it easier for touch typists to locate letters without looking at the keyboard. Many people type with just their index fingers and a thumb, but using all of your fingers and learning how to touch type make typing much faster.