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US Congress

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The United States Congress is the two-chambered (or bicameral) legislature of the federal government of the United States of America, and consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives chosen by direct elections. The Congress convenes in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. This category expounds the functions of US congress and its various facets.
Yes, a Speaker is an elected Congressman (or Congresswoman) who is  then chosen by the House majority party. There are several cases  where the sitting Speaker failed to be re-elected in their home  district, and could not remain Speaker once their term expired.
This question is oddly phrased so cannot properly be answered. You  talk to people by going up to them and introducing yourself. You  change the 'limits' -- I assume you mean term limits -- for  senators by amending the Constitution. Lots of luck with that.
As of 2013, I believe it is somewhere around $174,000 per year.
Two.    Angus King (since 2012) from Maine and Bernie Sanders (since 2007)  from Vermont. Both caucus with the Democrats.
Richard Burr and Thom Tillis House has: 10R, 3D
I am not an expert, but I think they are called committees.
2, every state has 2 Senators and a proportional amount of  Representatives in relation to the States population.
To represent the thoughts of all types of people and to make the constitution.
She died of complications from pneumonia on January 17, 1996.
  Yes, John McCain supports the death penalty.
Yes, mostly that is the most positive choice. But they sometimes swich places to do that.
A few examples of delegated powers include regulating laws of  immigration, declaring war, printing money, and creating lower  courts. These powers are delegated across the government, meaning  that no one person or body is responsible for all of these things.  Some of these, like declaring war,...
Raul Grijalva represents the 7th district of Arizona, which includes Nogales. (2008) From his website: District 7 is the second largest Congressional district in Arizona. Out of the 435 Congressional districts, it is the 26th largest in land area, covering 22,872 square miles. The southern boundary...
They held the Constitutional Convention in order to discuss observable problems and possible solution.
The three parts that a business report is usually split into are  the prefatory part, the report body and the supplemental parts. The  Prefatory part consists of the cover, the title page, approval,  table of contents. The report body contains an introduction, the  main body or text of the...
The term of a US Senator is six years. There is no limit to the  number of terms a Senator can serve.
The legislative branch (or Congress) is divided into two parts called the House of Representatives and the Senate. These two bodies must both approve any laws before Congress passes them. Congress also has the power to impeach the president if it so chooses.
35,000 ang isang senator the the senate president is 40,000 400 Million ang Pork Barrel ng isang senator.. answer by: Al-haron Dalidig Datudacula :)
You can run for office as many times as you like. Where an office  has term limits, you may be limited in how many terms you can  serve, but that is different from running for election.    The US House of Representatives is not subject to term limits so a  Representative can serve as many...
Barack Obama received 27 electoral votes by receiving 4,282,074votes to John McCain's 4,045,624 votes.
No, the Supreme Court has no part of the law making process. If someone challenges the validity of a law, it may end up in the Supreme Court.
Mexicans. They lived on this land BEFORE even the Natives lived here. Added; Since there were NO nations, countries, or other political sub-divisions at that time in human history, historians agree that the so-called "Native Americans" (applicable to the inhabitants of BOTH continents - whatever...
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There are 538 representatives in Congress. There are only100  Senators (two from each state) and 437 members of the House of  Representatives.
In order to be elected to the US House of Representatives, a  candidate must be at least 25 years of age and a citizen of the US  for at least 7 years.
Unfortunately, yes. United States Senators have better job security than hereditary Peers used to have in the British House of Lords.
nominate   and dismiss officials in the presidential cabinet
The Congressmen from New York are: Lee Zeldin (R), Peter King (R),Thomas Suozzi(D), Kathleen Rice (D), Gregory Meeks (D), Grace Meng(D), Nydia Velázquez(D), Hakeem Jeffries (D), Yvette Clarke (D), Jerrold Nadler (D), Daniel Donovan (R), Carolyn Maloney, (D),Adriano Espaillat (D), Joseph Crowley ...
Joseph McCarthyÕs hearings heightened tensions between the United  States and the Soviet Union. Although the hearings proved  McCarthyÕs accusations unfounded, Americans and the government were  much more aware of and ready to act to the potential threat of  communism spreading beyond the...
The implied powers come from powers expressed in the Constitution.The 'necessary and proper' clause and the 'general welfare' clauseare examples of implied powers.
A president's veto can be overridden by Congress with a 2/3 majority in the House. If it is a pocket veto though, the veto cannot be overridden.
John McCain's campaign slogan is "Country First."     === Another Answer... ===   Reform. Prosperity. Peace.[1]   ----   1. Private conversation 6/26/08 with Brian Rogers at John McCain headquarters.
The Clayton Antitrust Act was passed during the Wilson  administration, and placed further limitations and regulations on  corporations. It was enacted in 1914.
The us congress is bicameral, which means it is made up of two houses. The two houses are the Senate and the House of Representatives. Within those two houses and even between the two houses, there are many different committees that serve different purposes.
One hundred. Two from each of the 50 states.
Yes. Authority of passing a bill is denied to congress because the power goes to house of representatives.
Barbara Charline Jordan was the first African American woman  elected to the Texas Senate, in 1967.    She was educated in the public schools of Houston, Texas,    Graduated, Phillis Wheatley High School, 1952   Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, LL.B., 1956;   Boston...
The Tenth Amendment doesn't mention the powers of Congress; those are discussed in the seven Articles (primarily Article I), the body of the original Constitution. The Tenth Amendment is about powers reserved to the States (or to the people). Amendment X "The powers not delegated to the United...
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The two United States senators that represent the state of Florida  in 2014 are Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson. Marco Rubio was elected in  2010 and Bill Nelson was elected in 2000.
The Congress is part of the Legislative Branch.
The Speaker of the House is the leader of the House of  Representatives. As of June 2014, it is Speaker John Boehner.
  This is an international website - and in most places "congress" is not elected, but individual politicans are. Please clarify.
The current speaker of the House of Representatives is JohnBoehner. Essentially, the Speaker of the House functions as theperson in charge while the House is in session.
    == McCain is the senator of Arizona! ==  
  The US House currently has 23 active committees of which three are special committees and 20 are standing committees, which are divided into 104 sub-committees. The US Senate currently has 17 standing committees, which are divided into 70 sub-committees.
Richard Burr & Kay Hagan are the current senators for North Carolina
The Great Compromise occurred in the US Constitutional Convention of 1787, about 230 years ago. It established the bicameral (two-house) legislature of the US Congress, wherein the lower House of Representatives is constituted according to population while the upper house provides equal...
Learn some english. "there" not "ther""there" (see what i did "there") are 3 branches in our government. Go learn some civics please. Tu madre and tu padre .
In the U.S., you must be at least 30 years of age, and a U.S. citizen.
The Illinois General Assembly has 59 Senators. Illinois, as with  the other 49 states, is represented in Washington by two United  States Senators.
It is considered a concurrent power.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act Originally designed to reinforce the American ideals of "free trade," the Sherman Anti-Trust Act sought to bust up monopolies like those formed by John D. Rockefeller. Unfortunately, its vague language, including the phrase "restraint of trade," left it open to interpretation...
The Senate and the House claimed authority to re-admit the Southern  states.
One US state senator is Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama. Another  US state senator is Senator Mark Begich of Alaska.
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Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware, Vermont, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Smile ( :
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Both houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  Conference committees operate after the House and the Senate have passed different versions of a bill. Conference committees exist to negotiate a compromise bill that both houses can accept. Both houses of Congress must eventually pass the identical legislation for the bill to become law. (See...
It didn't start out as President's Day as we know it outright. It stemmed from the celebration of Washington's birthday, and this first became a holiday for federal offices in D.C. in 1880, and for all federal offices in 1885.
  the first continental congress took place sep.5-oct.26 1774
The President, with the "advice and consent" of 2/3 of the Senate.
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The Senate (Legislative branch) votes to confirm or  reject the Presidents' (Executive branch) US Supreme Court  (Judicial branch) nominees. Approval requires a simple majority of  the Senators voting, unless a Senator attempts to block the vote by  filibuster, in which case cloture (stopping...
There are 6 US Representatives from Kentucky. In the 113th Congress (2013-2014), these are the congressmen by district: 1. Ed Whitfield (R) 2. Brett Guthrie (R) 3. John Yarmuth (D) 4. Thomas Massie (R) 5. Hal Rogers (R) 6. Andy Barr (R)