Digestive System

Digestive System is the category for questions regarding the breakdown and absorption of food-stuffs in our alimentary canal. Questions about the stomach and intestines can be included in this category.
Abdominal pain and loss of appetite are very unspecific symptoms.They can stem from pretty much any disorder in thegastroinstestinal tract, and even from disorders elsewhere in thebody. A common gastrointestinal infection by rota- or noroviruses("stomach flu") for example can feel bad but might cure...
The part of the grain that remains after being refined is theendosperm.
When completely digested they become amino acids.
This could be down to a lack of fruit consumption. This happened toa cousin of mine and the doctor said more fruit and veg should beeaten. If you're really worried go to the doctor. Hope this helped!
There is no system as the names grew up gradually.
The pancreas is a glandular organ with two main functions. It functions as an exocrine organ by producing digestive enzymes, and as an endocrine organ by producing hormones. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes such as proteolytic enzymes which are responsible for the digestion of proteins,...
the organ that absorbs nutrients during digestion is the smallintestine. the walls of the small intestines will absorb digestednutrients into the blood stream
Bile is often green because of the presence of biliverdin, which isa breakdown product of haemoglobin.
Yes at any moment! Don't force too hard when pooping. Also, if you have been cut by a samurai. So beware of samurai's and get an enema.
There are a number of reasons for spots on the liver. Some causesof liver legions could be from Hemangioma (a benign tumor composedof abnormal blood vessels that form during development in thewomb), Liver Adenoma (another benign tumor from from the abnormalgrowth of liver cells), Granuloma ...
From another persons perspective, in the left just under the lung.
People vomit after exerting runs due to high intra-abdominalpressure.
Amino acids are the final product of the digestion of all proteins.
having too much fat within the body might cause pancreatic cancer..also Fatty liver disease ...but many a time pancreas are the mostaffected by increasing sugar levels.
No. Unlike skeletal muscles, the liver contains an enzyme known as glucose 6-phosphatase that can remove the phosphate groups and produce free glucose.
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It depends if you are male or female
Nothing will happen to the digestive system while vomitting and tobe simple, it will be gets cleared off the unwanted materialspresent inside it and so, the system will be gets functioningclearly.
If you ate rasions, they could look like that...
The water is absorbed by your digestive tract and transferred toyour blood. From there the blood will carry the water to thekidneys.
There are so many different things that can cause abdominal painsso it is important to specify other symptoms you are having. Somethings that cause abdominal pain include food poisoning, the flu,pregnancy, gallbladder disease, and appendicitis.
If you mean the body organ, there is no synonym. The old Greek wordwas 'hepar' from which we get the adjective 'hepatic', meaningpertaining to the liver. If you mean 'a person who lives', this isnot a frequently used word, and alternatives would often bedescriptions rather than nouns (one who is...
High levels of both soluble and insoluble fibre.
I am not a diagnostician but It is my opinion that it cannot effectyour sight.
This could be a hernia, a tear in the abdominal muscle wall. Seekmedical attention promptly.
A bowel movement is primarily what is left undigested from yourfood intake. It pends on the amount of food you have eaten over aperiod of item and the amount of indigestible material and fiber inthe food you have eaten.
Preferably soups, jiuces , toast , clean water(mineral) , tea and no alchol , surpressing medicine , sugar or fatty foods.
A long bone is described as being longer than it is wide, The femurand the tibia are the load carriers and the best known long bones.They are responsible for providing structure, strength andmobility.
You chew your food, swallow it and then it goes into your stomach. Your stomach makes the food into a strange sort of paste, and then that goes into your Liver. Your Liver sends the food down and through your Large Intestine, and that becomes your muck (Poo) If...
No, they come from special glands in the mouth called salivaryglands.
The gall bladder stores the bile the liver produces to aid in thedigestion of fatty foods. With the removal of this organ, the liverstill produces enough bile to digest fats, but has nowhere to storeit, so bile passes into the digestive tract whenever it isproduced. In general the person should...
Hydrochloric acid. Mucus. Pepsin . hydrochloric acid. mucus. pepsin
The liver acts as the body's glucose reservoir. The liver storesglucose as glycogen, based on what your body needs. When you areeating, your liver stores glucose (as glycogen) for when your bodyneeds it. When you are not eating, the liver supplies glycogen tothe body. The glycogen breaks down to...
A full stomach normally takes about four hours to fully digest.
Surprisingly this 'crumbly' substance is actually minute fragments of gold. It is usually found in small quantities, however large quantities, if properly sanitized are of considerable value.
Yes. As a matter o' fact, inadequate diets that are low in protein,too low in calories (less than 1,200), or contain too manyprocessed or fast foods will lack all the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Sleepdeprivation and stress are other conditions that can makeyou more...
Lactose intolerant individuals can consume lactose, but it must beconsumed in moderation.
yes. it's called the dirt.
The liver is much larger than the kidneys. However, they are partof the same general system, filtering the body.
The laryngopharynx is continuous with the esophagus.
The diaphragm is located behind the stomach if looking at a humanbody from the front.
Oh i don't know maybe that you go to doctor maybe?
Columnar epithelial cells.
The pancreas is located in the abdomen behind the stomach; thisorgan is responsible for converting the food which we eat into fuelfor our bodies. The type of juice that can be found in the pancreasis called pancreatic juice, which is made up of digestive enzymes.
Lipase is the digestive enzyme that hydrolyzes fats. Fats are often large, complex molecules, and their digestion usually takes longer than that of simpler molecules like carbohydrates. Fats are also hydrophobic molecules, meaning that when they are placed in water, they clump together into large...
Food coloring. Often consuming large amounts of foods such as colored cake icing, kool aid, and snow cones will turn feces green.
Grains, dry beans, peas, fruits, and vegetables.
The liver is the first organ to receive nutrients that are absorbedfrom the GI tract.
A gastrologist is treats and diagnose conditions that affect thelarge intestines, small intestines, the biliary system, thestomach, and the esophagus. Gastrology is a sub-specialty ofinternal medicine.
You will not be able to break down fats.
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Small Intestine,Stomach and third one i don't know
When porcupines are feeling threatened, they release a verydistinct pungent warning odor when their quills are erect.
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You may get repeated attacks of fever and upper and right sided abdominal pain. On ultrasound scan, you may find the multiple stones in gall bladder. At times the gall stone may enter the common bile duct, causing obstructive jaundice. That is quite trouble some.
It all depends on what you ate before you puked. If you ate red pringels (this happened to me) your vomit would be areddish color. However, if you ate broccoli, it would be green (didthat one too)
\nBarf is an acronym for "Bile And Regurgitated Food".\nnot slang, but an acronym.
Bile is produced in the liver and is stored in the the gall bladder. When fatty foods move from the stomach into the small intestine, bile is released into the small intestine to help digest the fat .
The peristaltic movements are muscle contractions and its functionon the esophagus is to push food down into the stomach and preventit from going back into the esophagus.
Although the stomach is responsible for digestion, very littleabsorption happens in it. Instead, the stomach is more like awashing machine; it agitates foodstuffs. It stirs up ground up food(mechanical digestion from teeth / gums occurs in the mouth), withstomach acids in the stomach and bile salts...
Every animal has a digestive system; only plants don't have them. Even a unicellular animal such as an amoeba has digestive vacuoles.
The first region is called the Duodenum.. The second is called the Jejunum.. The third is the Ileum
Small intestine is where the food enters the blood.
c. bile. Bicarbonate is used to neutralize HCl. Mucus is used as a protective layer of the mucosa of the digestive system. pancreatic juices contain the enzymes that would digest the fat; it contains other enzymes as well.
Extracellularly in a digestive cavity.
Not in any real quantity, if any. Though acid reflux can cause hydrochloric acid from the stomach to be pushed up to the esophagus.
Protein is one of the three major food groups needed for proper nutrition. Protease is the digestive enzyme needed to digest protein.
Very rarely. Over time, huge amounts of fiber can cause large stools, and the body can develop a dependency on fiber or laxatives, and when you suddenly stop, you might suffer constipation until the body can get used to the changes.
No, they are not. Mexicans (in Mexico) drink lots of milk, and eat lots of cheeses and other dairy products. They are not all lactose intolerant. And no, not most of them, either.
Microorganisms inside its digestive system help the buffalo digest the food it eats. In this kind of symbiosis, both species are helped. The tiny creatures have a meal brought to them, and the buffalo can digest grass and leaves. Copyright © Pearson Education, Inc.
The pH of your stomach changes depending on what you are eating. Ifyou are digesting a fat the solution can increase.
Diverticulitis is a condition in where a person has pockets in thewall of the colon. Diverticulitis is very uncommon in people underthe age of 40.