Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana was a Disney Channel show that aired from 2006 to 2010 and starred Miley Cyrus.
Stylist Simone Harouche helps createHannah's outfits.
November 23rd 1992
Yes, it was the "stage name" adopted by character "Miley Stewart"in the TV series Hannah Montana. The actress, Miley Cyrus, has never used it as a stage name oralias.
okay, 1. Hannah Montana is a Fictional character, her name is Miley Cyrus; 2. no, probably not
her dad did! because he was famous he wanted miley to be too! FACT FILE: Hannah montanas name is autually destiny then changed to zoey and know miley !
I think Miley's Hannah Montana outfits are simply yuck! They're so poofy, short and girly. And she looks like a hunchback in the Hannah Montana outfits. Her Miley outfits are so much better and somehow real. Her Hannah outfits are completely unrealistic. She looks like a clown wearing them!
Honey. She is a celebrity. CELEBRITIES are celebrities. If you are that big of a fan just get yourself a MileyWorld account. mileyworld.com
yes,you can go to disneychannel.com and there are some games abaut Hannah Montana! and miley too
\nA major difference between Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus is their song styles and lyrics. Hannah Montana is more optomistic pop and lovey-dovey lyrics. Miley Cyrus' lyrics are a lot more vulnerable, and range through many different emotions. The songs from both artists are great (even though...
Miley Cyrus became Hannah Montana through hard work, determination and a good bit of sheer luck. She originally auditioned for the part of best friend, but the producers liked her tape so much that they asked her to instead audition for the lead character, Chloe Stewart/Hannah Montana. After flying...
Some songs from hannahmontana the movie include Hoedown Throwdown, The Climb, and You'll always find your way back home.
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i thought Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana u should know dummy!Then y r u on this site
No. Hannah Montana is a fictional pop star from the Walt Disney TV series of the same name, and the alter-ego and secret identity of the equally fictitious Miley Stewart. Neither character played sports in the TV series (Miley was still at school).. Miley Cyrus, the actress who portrayed both...
No. If you mean did Hannah Montana go out with Nick, then yes she did. well Miley Cyrus did. Hannah Montana has never dated Nick. Who's Hannah Montana's dating depends on which episode you're talking about.
yes she is this year in 2010
40 years old cuz the other guys cant get her
Yes, she did. Her current address there is:. Cyrus, Destiny Hope 9255 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 800 c/o Edelstein Laird & Sobel, LLP Los Angeles, CA 90069 United States
Best of Both Worlds, The Climb, Hoedown Lets Get Crazy, Butterfly Fly Away, He Could Be The One, Make Some Noise, Rock Star, Got Nerve, I Wanna Know You, Wanna Be Torn, Who Said, Are You Ready, And Party In The USA are some songs by Hannah Montana!
Yes, because she decided to be two different people. She has to answer one question as Miley and another as Hannah. So, Hannah's answer is different than Miley's. Hannah + Miley + the same person = fake personality + fake person + fake everything!!
likes: fame, makeup, boys dislikes: people
No he is not. The only family members of Miley's in Hannah Montana are herself and her dad. Sometimes Noah is in it too.. Brandi Cyrus has cameo apperances too.
A singer and songwriter.
miley has not said yes no so i think she should be left alone
Franklin, Tennessee. :D
Your bored aren't you? Or are you talking about Halloween? Lol
2011 as she wants to be a movie actress and is growing up. (i don't want her to she is so cool)
My favorite song is best of both worlds and girl night out.
Yes, Hannah Montana will end in 2010. Season 4 filming started around the end of january. They will film 11 half hour episodes and a 1 hour-long season finale.
Yes doesn't everyone!! Well if her real name is Miley then.. yes, every time she says she's Hannah.
The producers either get some band members who are professionals or set up auditions for them or they probably already had band members as friends?
25 years old Are you mad. He is not 25 years old. He was born in 1994. Okay. Crazy. He is not really 25 years old. supid.
Hannah's First song ever was "The Best of Both Worlds"!
no because she pregant and hasn't told anyone but me im her mom so don't tell anyone please
You can bye Hannah Montana invitations at wal-mart!!
Hannah Montana was a popular Disney Channel show starring MileyCyrus, Emily Osment, and Mitchell Musso. Miley's brother and fatherwere played by Jason Earles, and Billy Ray Cyrus, respectively.
Hannah Montana is going to end in 2011, with it's last season, and that means that if Hannah Montana hasn't had a tour yet, she probably won't until the Hannah Montana Forever CD comes out.
yes there is, you can either buy Season 2 Volume 1,2,3,4..... or you can buy the season 2 box set, which works out cheaper....
He is the choreographer that Hannah hired after she pushed her other chorographer Tina out the window. He is really mean and yells at people and had a dance where he contols Hannah with a machine like she is a puppet. He also saves Robby Ray's life.
Yes, they are going to stop with Hannah Montana because Miley gets too old and she doesn't like the fact that that people see her as hannah, so she wants to be more adult.
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NO, i have kidnapped her and she is sitting in the corner right now
Yes, she is 17
My cousins know Miley, and I think they said that she wasn't going to keep doing the Hannah Motana series once the contract expired. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah, if they really are quitting, hurray. I always...
I dont think so, what was it about ......
On Hannah Montana, Miley's brother is Jackson Stewart and he isplayed by Jason Earles.
since 2006, when she was 11 yrs old
Hannah Montana is a fictional Disney character played by actress and singer Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus lives in LA in a $3.4 million house.
kinda, she and Emily arent the best of friends but pretty much.
she didn't? and she probably will by her stupid crazy annoying fans.
Some people are like sheep; they follow because everyone else is. Some others also genuinely like her.
Round about 200,000 have been sold ;)!love ya mileyy ! Xxx
well season 3 over now but there is a season 4 coming out in march or April time
i think you are supposed to go back to school and go to a locker that is open or a locker that has decorations on it and click on it and then you go back to the beach and press the arrow on the top right hand corner click on the homework, click on give and then press the arrow again and click on...
she is a singer and a actress.
As a former Hannah Montana Fan... I would say NO !
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\nI'm not sure they havn't even showen it in the usa!
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YES! Everyone is saying she's not but she is. I watched an interview live and she said Hannah Montana Forever is the LAST season!! But do you really think that Miley would keep doing the show whenshe was like 25?? No! She is getting older and moving on. She is also going to be in Sex In The City 2!
Answer . BURNED by wwe corperation
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it would be between Michel musso and Selena Gomez and demi lavoto
well I remember the day when he was on HM. It was a good day. And I can feel it in my bones that he was precisely 15 or 14 99/100.
yes because i checked it out and i was like whoa she is i saw the baby and it was a girl
It's coming out in 2010 March. I'm here biggest fan, FTW!