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Most cars get us from Point A to Point B without much fanfare. But some makes and models are beauties to behold and admire. Ask questions about these antique and classic cars here.
It means that the car is all original, down to the paint and still in good condition.
need a front end alignment or thebearings may be going bad or even bad tires I would say though you need a front end alignment
Purchase the lastest issue of Hemmings Motor News.
Answer . \nI have the service bulletin for the rear door for a 3B (lat nineties)Passat which, I think, is your B5. If you would like to post your email address (or hot mail) I will up load this pdf document for you. Best regards
A lot of classic cars have titles similar to that. Salvage, modified, or otherwise. No big deal. Where that would be an issue, would be on a new car. A bank will not loan on a "dirty" title. It will have no effect on a classic. Chuck....
Location of the fuse boxes are in the following locations: . Passenger side e-box (under the cabin filter housing). . Glovebox. . Under front passenger seat (under carpet). . Trunk batterybox (above the battery). . Hope it'll help you.
If the vehicle was built with seat belts you have to have them but if it didn't have the belts from the factory your not required to have them.
Remove driveshaft,remove pinion nut that holds the driveshaft yoke on. Then remove the yoke and the seal will be behind the yoke.To pull the seal you need a seal puller or you could use a couple of screwdrivers to pry it out of the axle housing. Install seal & asm in reverse order.
usually less as your not using it for an every day driver and you can put the value on the vehicle that you want to be insured, if it's worth $30,000 you insure it for that amount.
Check Hemmings Motor No such car. It would have to be either an AMC or a Rambler. AMC didn't come into the picture until 1966. That car would be a Rambler and there are many models and body styles possible and it is all about condition. This site can help you,
not all classic cars have to have a that are from1963 or older is legal to drive without a seatbelt.
Anyone that can afford one.
It varies from state to state. And, most classics, didn't have emission equiptment, other than maybe a PCV valve. (Positive crankcase ventilation.) The catalytic converter was 74, along with the EGR, and "smog pump."
Electronic fuel injection, Breakerless/electronic ignition (no points),
If it didn't have emissions controls from the factory you don't have to pass any emissions test, check with your state as some are different, especially California.
Dodge Chrysler Plymouth is same company. It was made by the Plymouth division of Chrysler Corporation.
Try your local title department.
Get a Vehicle History Report. There are several sites that do them carfax is just one of the more well known ones right now. A history report will tell you everything from any wrecks it was in to each person that owned it.
There are no VIN numbers on a 1955 Ford. There are manufacture data plates. Look on the firewall, door post, inside glove box, in trunk.
use an air compressor hose with a nozzle designed to blow the airon it, or a can of compressed air.
Purchase the latest edition of Hemming's Motor News from your local news stand. If you can't find what your looking for in that magazine, it ain't out there. People who run junkyards aren't stupid. If they were to get something in that was actually a rebuildable classic they're not going to sell...
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Answer . what ido is use as seacrch engine like google type in you car name model and model number and press enter it can take a while
Several options: . road bike . track bike . TT(time trial) or Triathlon bike . or these days, maybe a fixie
Ford, Saab, Jeep and Fiat. ================================ there is one called "mine" Lada used to be sold in UK. Also, currently, Seat and Audi. Ans3 Nash, Yugo, Opel, Revo,
No. However, it pretty much has all the ingredients to become one, when it ages a bit. Classic means, to the car world, 25 years old, and, at 30, it becomes an antique. I read that somewhere, but, it is a pretty good guideline to follow. That BMW will be in a class of vehicles that will certainly be...
Fortunetly, lending institutions are becomming aware of the classic car market, and were, before the economy got so bad anyway, lending on them. I think it is usually the smaller places, and credit is a major factor. There is a book out, like the blue book, that actually gives a guideline as far as...
A UK answer. Triumph 2000 or 2.5. Ford Zephyr straight 6. Vauxhall Velox. Plus a few more. best wishes. Mike 2
The same way you do any other vehicle, go to the bureau of motor vehicles in person and do it.
under the hood or in the glove box
Answer . Depends on where it is cracked. If it is a small crack, J.B. Weld, found at any hardware store, can be used as a quick and temparary fix. Otherwise it would be better to get a new block altogether.
Yes in most states 20yo makes her an antique/classic I like to see old cars still around I had a 1973 coronet wagon until i sold it last year got $1200 but I miss her badly cool ride
The year, make , model and engine info would be helpful in answering your question.
A number of older Japanese models might be considered. Forinstance, the Datsun Z series (240, for example), often yields carsvalued for just a few thousand dollars. It is one of the earliestexamples of a Japanese sports car sold in America, with the Datsunname replaced by Nissan in the early 1980s....
That all depends on the engine in the vehicle, muscle cars got about 9 to 12 MPG.
The classic car in that movie was a Stutz Blackhawk. The car was produced from 1971 to 1987
That is the Ashoka Chakra, it has 24 spokes as represented in thewheel at the center of the flag of India
You should Inquire at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.
yes you can but you need to have all your paper work so they dontthink its something illegal
The fusible links are in the fuse box located under the hood behindthe battery. Pop the cover. They are little square plastic boxeswith clear covers on top. They are right behind the row of fuses,in that under hood fuse box. Pull each one and check them with atest light or ohm meter.
The older, more established insurance companies, (I use State Farm) have what is called "stated value." You state the value, they take a bunch of pictures, charge you accordingly, and upon loss, give you cash. Not, a replacement, or a line of crap. Just cash.....Chuck.....
Some limited production modern Bugatti's have V18 engines. Although rare but more common than the V18 is the V16 dating back to Cadillacs of the 1930's.
the VIN on a 55' f-100 is on the inside of the glove box door. You may also find it on top of the drivers side frame rail, between the firewall and the steering gear box.
A correctly set up turbo typically can add as much as 50% more power to an engine. With that said, the power a turbo adds is very dependent upon the wastegate, and fuel curve set. Turbo's are notorious for being very sensitive to the fuel/air ratio. You almost need a computer controlled fuel...
The Green Bay Car was the fastest car in 1890
I have a 1916 1/2 Mitchell 5 person touring car for sale. It's all original and ready for restoration. It is the only Mitchell Touring car registered in the U.S. It was running when parked 2-3 years ago. If Jay Leno might be interested, please have him contact Dave Rumfelt @ 704-616-0664...
To use the paper clip code reading method on OBD1 vehicles only (will not work with OBD2) locate your cars on board diagnostics port - usually under the steering wheel, around your left knee. It resembles an old parallel port for computers.. There will be 12 "pins" or holes on this port - a top row...
the best way is to sell it in a car show like mecum auto auctions
Short Answer: No. Long Answer: No, it isn't- as with a bicycle ('bi' meaning two, in reference to the amount of wheels) a motorcycle must have only two wheels. If a vehicle has three wheels, it is either a tricycle (if it is not powered by an engine- if it is a tricycle it's more likely powered...
You need to be more specific.
The exact amount varies by application and pan style. Assuming it's completely dry, converter and all, the correct procedure would be to add about 7 quarts before starting, then add fluid with the engine idling till it comes up the the full mark. Total amount needed could be 9-12 quarts.
There is an override code provided to the original owner, which may be available through a dealer. This allows personalization of the code using a keycode sequence, or resetting to the unerasable factory/dealer code. It is possible, though unlikely, that the decal with this information is still...
In most places there is a something called a salvage title which allows you to establish ownership. Contact your local motor vehicle office to determine what paperwork is required.
Only Non-awd vehicles with manual transmissions, 4x4 needs to havea neutral selection for the transfer case. If it is a RWD automaticyou must disconnect the driveshaft to prevent transmission damage. I have heard the Saturn Vue can be flat towed.
Sorry, I checked the site and only saw a picture of a boat. Add alink to the page and I will look again.
Virtually all early car makers had an ornament , logo or icon displayed on the car, often called by a unique descriptive name and more recognizable than the car's name. Before the 1940's radiator caps usually featured an auto maker's ornament. As the radiator was moved under a hood. the ornament...
Here's the deal..why would John Deere release FREE operator's manuals to everyone? They won't, never will and anything else is plagerism and infringment of copyright law. To order a manual for a cost call Deere & Company's Distribution Center at 1-800-522-7448.
It looks like the video has a Ford Mustang and a Buick Riviera both from 1965. Also, towards the end it shows a Lincoln Navigator with a possible model year anywhere from 2007 to 2010. I can't tell what the red car is though.
You need to provide more information. Kelley Blue Book alsorequires the model year, the trim level, mileage, and a list offeatures. Ultimately, the answer to this question should be foundon the KBB site as the details are specific to your model and whereyou live.
Well, that would depend on which classic car we are talking about. More specifically, which engine we are talking about. Compression ratio, is the key, here. There are many options. First, there is aviation fuel. This is not really advised for street driving. However, most of your smaller airfields...
You will hurt somebody, maybe yourself. Get them checked NOW!
You can click on the link below and see what one person thinks each piece is worth. But it might be better to search for each of your pieces on Ebay and see what they sold for, or didn't sell for. Sometimes these prices are a truer indication of what the world thinks your items are worth.
The definition of what represents a classic car varies around theworld. However, the Classic Car Club of America defines suchvehicles as those produced between 1915 and 1948. Hagerty Insuranceexpands that category to include any model built through 1979.
This race was run from 1927-57. The original race was run from Brescia, Italy to Rome and back, a figure-eight shaped course of roughly 1500 km - or a thousand Roman miles. Later races followed twelve other routes with varying total lengths. So a map of the exact race course would depend on what...
go to the mva and show them the bill of sale
Tractor and trailer . Semi . 18-Wheeler
In a dream, a car represents someone who properly manages his life, for a car is made from many well coordinated parts, and carries many things and transports them from one location to another. If one sees himself riding a litter that is carried by people in a dream, it means that he will...