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What is the true meaning of love and being in love?

Love isn't blind or deaf or dumb - in fact it sees far more than it will ever tell. It is going beyond yourself and stretching who you are for someone else. Being in love entails seeing someone as you wish they were: to love them is to see who they really are and still care for them. Love isn't bitter, but you can't have love without pain: sacrifice is the hallmark of love , the coin of love.

Being in love usually is used in a romantic sense when you meet your significant other transforming a normal relationship into a deeper one without further interest in others.

Love means that you trust the person, would do anything for the person, know that person is with you through thick and thin, isn't afraid to be seen with you. make sure they treat you right.

Additional Contributor Opinions:

  • Love means having strong feelings for someone that can be close friends, family or even someone in a romantic relationship. Love is a strong feeling that represents affection toward someone dear to you heart.
  • There is no true meaning in love. love with meaning is not love.
  • The meaning of love is prolonged mutual protection. Love is real when it is found. It is free when it is grasped. Can you tell with a kiss? Love is the magic/mutual in a kiss. There is no magic in a kiss if there is no love/mutual within it. A kiss with magic has no forced for love makes it gentle. There is no magic in just a lip kiss. Love has a different kiss. Some kisses are only stolen breaths. If you need to ask: "is this love" then the Answer is: "no" for when/if it ever happens you will know. Ravonseed.
  • The possible real meaning/purpose of love is: to reproduce. To stay together to protect each other long enough to continue your blood line/genetics. The meaning of love is prolonged mutual protection. Love is real when it is found. It is free when it is grasped. Can you tell with a kiss? Love is the magic/mutual in a kiss. There is no magic in a kiss if there is no love/mutual within it. A kiss with magic has no forced for love makes it gentle. There is no magic in just a lip kiss. Love has a different kiss. Some kisses are only stolen breaths. If you need to ask: "is this love" then the Answer is: "no" for when/if it ever happens you will know. Ravonseed.
  • Love is when you are certain that you love someone, and then you think you love someone else, then you both realize that you could never live without each other
  • The true meaning of love is found in the word "unconditional". Loving someone through their flaws and all. Accepting and embracing each others differences and compromising with their offerings.
  • Bokonon tells us:" a lover is a liar to himself he lies the truthful are loveless like oyster their eyes."
  • "Being in love is the connection u have with someone and feeling the same way they do. u wouldn't have a problem fussing and fighting with them at times because you love them"
  • What is true love? This is the question that haunts our everyday being. well, my friend, you certainly are in luck. For I have the intangible answer.. -love is devoting your God given LIFE to a person who
  • In my eyes.... why should it matter? I'm happy for the time being. Why should I tire myself with those bothersome questions if it is "true"-truth is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Life is a constant wave of change, accept it all as it comes, for it can never be stopped.
  • Love is Change-I have found happiness because i have embraced that change, that change has taken me many places i never thought possible. the past now dwells in it's rightful home, the past. never to live again..
  • Love is finding the beauty in one's self, and finding another to embrace it. No matter how strange one's beauty may be.
  • Love is learning to see the beauty in everything.
  • Good is walking away when she comes up pregnant with someone's else kid; love is staying long enough to carry her through the miscarriage.
  • Good is heading for the door when he tells you he's been with other people while you were dating; love makes you pray for him.
  • Good is realizing it just won't work and calling it quits; love makes you stay friends.
  • Love is caring about somebody just as they are, how they were before, and as they will be in the future. Love and sex are different. Also, its probably a good idea to decide what you think love is yourself, and have a mind of your own.
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How do you breakup with your boyfriend and stay friends?

If you are in middle school you can say you aren't ready to be in a relationship and say that you can still be friends. But do not, and I mean DO NOT!!!! Go and flirt with someone else, or you have lied to them and they will feel more betrayed that they ever have in their lifes.


How do you completely get over someone you love when they do not feel the same way?

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  • First realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. If someone is not interested in you it is in your best interest to find someone who does love and adore you for who you are. Know that you are worth it, and there are plenty of people who will love you. Never settle for someone who is not treating you and respecting you the way you deserve.
  • Ask yourself what might be in his head or his heart; it takes two people to be in a relationship and even though you feel the way that you do, maybe it was meant to be this way. Save your love for someone who feels the same way about you!
  • In my case, I know I deserve better. I tell myself "He isn't worth my love, he's too young to realize what he's doing to me so I guess that's that."
  • It's not about getting over a person, it's about feeling good about yourself. It's about knowing that you are the most important and you need to be happy. If this other person doesn't feel the same way, it doesn't really matter.
  • This situation is always an unfortunate one. It is ideal for 2 people to love each other the same, and at the same pace, but life is never ideal. To get this kind of relationship to work, you need patience! you have to weigh either waiting for her or moving on as options. If your feelings are real, and you choose to hang in there, you must not scare her away with your feelings! If things are meant to work out, you should be great friends before lovers anyway. While you let both your feelings reach equilibrium, you'll find it becomes easier sometimes just to ignore your strong feelings for her and just kick-back and chill with her. It's not always important to impress her, or do nice things for her in a loving way. It may give you hope to know that she can see you in the same light, just not so quickly.
  • Tough circumstance - being in love with someone who does not feel the same way as you do. It's not a problem - you can fix those, this is almost like "it's raining outside" - just have to deal. Objective advice: If someone doesn't feel the same way as you do - walk off. Don't even give them the privilege of friendship because you'll suck yourself back into the delusion. Do things for yourself, keep busy, bury yourself in work and keep searching for what you really want and need. Don't do what I have done.
  • Firstly, love is a peculiar thing. There is an almost ludicrous asymmetry between two people. The person at the top of your best friend list may rank you only at the middle of his or her list. However, if you truly, truly loved someone, then you'd be able to realize that it's OK if they don't love you back. True love gives and expects nothing in return; a true unrequited love. So, I've moved on from my perfect potential companion. He gave me the strength to realize that I can move on. He gave me the courage to try something different. He gave me the wisdom and sense for me to also respect myself. So, if you truly loved them, it doesn't matter if they feel the same way, your love conquers all.
  • It is strange when you are hurting from rejection, to hear someone say move on things will be fine. No matter how much you love him, he never loves you back. For all those wondering what went wrong Just stop wondering say it really aloud "HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU". Only when one stops chasing and pursing someone who doesn't love you, will you open the door to that perfect person who will love you back with the same intensity that you will love him.
  • If you believe in destiny then you have know that things happen when they are meant to be. People part for reasons beyond human comprehension but the reality remains if you are meant to love each other and be with each other, it will happen. That's the power of destiny. Love always wins. Love is important and only it counts.
  • The older I get, the more I believe that some people are full of the capacity to love - like me - and others are incapable of it in the romantic sense, for whatever reason. Fear of committment. A distorted view of freedom. The desire to stay young forever? A deep unwillingness to give themselves over to another (aka, selfish)? It is an absolute rock and a hard place. Loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most impossible situation imaginable, especially when the love is so strong you are a slave to it.
  • I am going through this right now. For those of you whose situation is similar, this is what I suggest: Deal with reality. Stop hoping, dreaming, etc. Pray and tell God that you forgive them for not being able to love you. Ask God to take this from you - and He will. Then continue to deal with reality. Don't tell yourself, maybe someday... they'll change... True love accepts the person for who they are, even when they are evil and they don't love you. It means accepting reality. When you love and accept reality at the same time, you are forced to move on. When you deal with reality and move on without love, you take bitterness with you. When you love without dealing with reality, you hurt yourself. Love the other person, Accept the reality and pray to God for the wisdom and strength you'll need to do that continuously until it ceases to become a problem.
  • Try not to be in contact cos its almost like an addiction. You think that one little text will do no harm but the pain when he doesn't reply will just make things worse. That would be my advice.
  • There is one more thing I can recommend. There are times when you feel very weak and feel you need to talk to that other person even though they may have just hurt you again, you don't know why you want to talk to them, you just do. I've been able to get by these weak moments by writing down exactly what I'm feeling at the time, it comes out in a jumble of feelings and thoughts, some not so pleasant, but in the end it actually helps and I don't feel to call the person anymore. For everyone out there, keep strong and keep your head up, there are better days ahead.
  • Tough one. If we know for a fact there is no hope for a mutual love, then why torture yourself. Move on. Treat it like a divorce. FORCE yourself to live and keep meeting people. You owe it to yourself to be avaiable for when the right person does come along. Love is like a bus stop, there's always going to be another opportunity for the bus to stop again -- if we are ready for it at the bus stop. Sometimes we don't ever think we could possibly find someone better than that one we are in love with that doesn't return the love back, but that's not true. We just won't be ready to find it if we are pining for a love that is not healthy or returned. We owe it to ourselves to always know we deserve what's best and healthy. Stop being around that person if at all possible. If you can't, then think in your mind about how wonderful it would be to actually find someone special that returns your love. Tell yourself that you deserve it. We can't control love no matter how hard we try. It's just one of those things, but we can choose to love again. Work out, write your thoughts on papaer and then shred it but sometimes it helps to get your thoughts out of you, in writing. It's like a release or venting. Then rip it into shreds and flush it or shred it so it can't be found to possibly humiliate you later.
  • Staying busy can help a lot, but late at night, driving down the road, or at times when we can think are hard so blast some music, turn the tv up, read a book, watch a movie, take a night class, spend more time with friends, join an email group with those who share an interest. .. whatever, do things to force your mind not to be hurting for that other person. Don't ask yourself why you were not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, etc. Don't beat yourself up over something that didn't work out. If you made mistakes and were responsible for killing it. Painful as it is, learn from those mistakes. Don't make them again. We all have had heartaches that hurt bad and SUCK! A broken heart is never fun. Life goes on. We have to as well. We owe it to ourselves to know we simply go on. We will meet another person but we shouldn't while we are hurting. We'll often end up not being as clear headed. We want someone to love us and to feel wanted, but that's a potential for another mess. Or, you could end up hurting someone they way you were hurt. When your heart is mended, you'll know. Every single day we get just a tiny bit better. Ok, maybe not every day, but if we can just make it from one day to the next and keep doing it, pretty soon we will feel better, if only a little, but that's a start to total healing.
  • Time. Letting yourself grieve and actually being ok with that. Not forcing yourself to get over someone. Allow yourself to feel the hurt, cry, write about it, listen to sad songs. Soon you will feel so tired from hurting all of the time. You will be ready to move forward. Doing this without contact of the person you love is best. Anyone that will still see you, sleep with you, and spend time with you, knowing they don't love you, and knowing how you feel, is selfish. Everyone deserves more than that. You can't force love out of your heart so don't try, that just hurts worse and you end up lying to yourself. You are human for loving, but you have to love yourself more. I do agree with comments on staying busy, friends and family also help. Casual dating can backfire however, because if the dates don't go well, it will just make you miss the person you love even more. Pray, and remember the good times but learn from the bad. Don't you want, one day, to be truly happy? Life is to short to give up the chance of true love for yourself. Go out into the world and continue to be the wonderful person that you are. Someone will see this, and love you just as much as you are capable of loving.
  • You accept yourself as you are, love yourself for who you are, forgive yourself for decisions and actions that have brought you pain, never settle for anything less then what you desire and deserve. Love is all about timing, make yourself the best person you can be both mentally and physically and do it for yourself no man. Once you do that, you will no longer waste your time on men who do not see you for who you are. You will see yourself as a beautiful women that has so much to offer the right man. But to be able to get over lost love you have to be able to forgive yourself, whether it was your fault or not for the break up. You also must make a conscious effort to get him out of your life. Keeping him as a friend will bring only more pain, this is from experience. Let him go, delete his name off your cell phone off your email, put the pictures away. It is your choice to be miserable about the situation, which for the first few months everyone chooses to be sad. I chose to be sad for 5 months when the man I loved dumped me. But you can also make the choice to be happy, but only you can do that. You have one life why sit there and waste it on a man who can't see all facets of your beauty. You have one life to be happy, love yourself, forgive yourself and you will see that that love will radiate and men will be attracted to that. Good men will be attracted to your positive self worth. And that positive self worth gets rid of all the baggage from past relationships that ruin current ones. But this is a choice, a conscious choice to leave the past and be happy and only you can make it. Know it wont be easy, but in the end you will have the love you have always desired.
  • All you can do is take it a day at a time and pray for strength.
  • You have to decide that there is now another step to climb in your life. There will always be happiness around the corner, everyone finds it. Happiness WILL come and find you. I wish you all the best for the future, keep smiling.
  • Time is the key. When you love someone you must know when it is time to let go. As hard as this may sound, strength, courage and knowledge is gathered from a broken heart. No one promised that love would last forever, nor that it wouldn't, it's just a chance. Life is a chance. Love yourself, pray, not only for you, but for that person as well. Never let bad feelings or experience change the person you are. No one wants a wounded bird, so understand that you need time to heal internally. There is no set time on when this will happen, but just let it take it's course. When the time is right, and you feel like you are ready to love again, don't look for it, let it find you. Keep God first, and never question his work. We will never know what the man has in store, and who is to say that you two won't love again, when the time is right, or maybe you both have matured. Life is short, so enjoy and savor your breath. Your battle is not lost, you are just beginning to live. God bless you and keep you strong.
  • This is not an easy question, and the answer is complex. I have several substrate beliefs that will take me where I am going to go. First, how you feel or don't feel about another says much about you. How they respond, says something about them. Think about that deeply. You may or may not know all of your reasons for feeling the way you do about that person. I suspect you may not have the whole story about them. Consider yourself for a moment. Is the first person of this personality type you have loved or is this a pattern? If it is a pattern, are you getting yourself involved with unavailable individuals? If so, you may need to look deeply at your motivation in choosing that type of person and why you are attracted to them. Now, lets look a them. Now, if you clearly did some misdeed that caused the breakup, you may have to live with it. That person may not trust you again. If you have not done anything of that sort, and you are blaming your self for something minor like "saying was instead of were." Then, you need to access if that person has some deeper issue that may not have anything to do with you directly. If they have issues, it is best to let them have the space to address them. It may take years. There is a song which has the lyric, "I can't make you love me, if you don't. You can't make your heart feel something it won't." You can give of yourself and offer your love and support. If that person does not, can not, or will not love you back, then there is nothing you can do about it. That is their choice. And you really do not want them unless they truly loved you in return, right? Now, do not think ill of that person. The care that person has for you may be all they have to give and they are just being honest. Now back to you. I am of the belief that "Love Never Fails." I believe that once you love someone it does not die. But I believe that love is about giving and not getting. You must give them their request. That is in many ways a great gift of love, a gift of respect. You will have to go on. Time will heal you wounds. Allow yourself to sorrow and feel the pain now for the time of grief will pass. You will learn to live with the loss. You will always love that person, but that does not mean you will not love again!
  • You have no choice but to get over this person... let them go and move on.
  • The answer is that there is no remedy or procedure to get over someone completely. It is not as simple as performing a few tasks or reading a certain book. From my experience only time will assist you in getting over a love in your life. Now the trick is this person must me completely out of your life to completely get over him or her. If this person remains in your life then time will never start the healing process. It took me exactly one year to get over someone I loved very much. It can be done, and in life this process can happen more than once, so learn from the mistakes you make in one relationship and apply them to the next.
  • Surround yourself in mates, journals journals journals, I play guitar which helps, and something really important; at least for a while, ALLOW yourself to be depressed, its inevitable your going to be! so fighting it just gets you mad and frustrated. Music helps A LOT.
  • The main advice I can give, which isn't much at this stage, is FOCUS. That's what you need. For days I was sitting around at home crying and getting stressed, I became depressed, couldn't eat and my dreams were haunted by my ex. But I got a job, decided to start work out and begun to get focused on life.
  • "You never stop loving someone; you just learn to live without them."
  • Free your mind from worries. Live simple. Give more. Expect less.
  • There is no easy way to get over someone, but you will get over them. The time it takes varies from person to person and depends on how close you were to the person you're trying to get over with. It's hard work to get over someone. The reason is you have to begin weeding them out of your life, and stop contacting them if you are, if they keep contacting you, then take longer and longer to get back to them. Remember to remain detached. Over time you'll go through the different stages of feeling where you get to the point of anger, in that you begin asking yourself, "why am I continuing to beat myself up over someone who clearly isn't interested, if they were, they're not anymore, I've done everything I can to show I'm interested and I keep getting knocked down." You will realize it's not worth it. Life is too short and their are millions of people out there, one who will love you completely, the way you love them. If you made some mistakes in the previous union, you'll know what they are and will do your best to avoid doing them again.
  • Forget about him for a while and get a new boyfriend. Just say you have never met the guy you love and say that you love him more. Then kiss him and go up to who ever you like and, "Do ypu wanna go out again or not because I am in love with you so much that i can't stay away from you." Then say (if you want to or not) "Ill do anything for you".
  • Maybe you should really think, are they the one for me, and do i really love them?
  • I know that when you love someone it's always going to be hard getting over them, especially when they loved you too. Like for instance I once dated this guy 5 times and we were in love but every time we had a fight we broke up and most of the time the fights were for very stupid things. Right now I have a new boyfriend and he loves me but I'm not sure I love him because I still love my ex. But he now loves my best friend. It has been a long time since I last dated him. In that period of time he had 3 girlfriends and I have only had 1 boyfriend and the 3 people he dated were all my best friends. He is currently single but like a ton of people like him. I would totally recommend to get a new boyfriend and if that doesn't help try talking to him and telling him how you really feel or you could always try to look your very hottest and that may help but its not the best approach. Also you could try to flirt with him but don't make it too obvious and while your flirting with him make a few jokes and if he laughs you laugh too and see if he can make you feel like your walking on air and if he doesn't get a new boyfriend.

    Try to forget him/her and distract yourself.

  • Spend time with your same-sex friends, watch TV or movies, read books. Under no circumstance have contact with him/her. That means no texts, no face-to-face contact, no email, no social networking, nothing. If you're close friends, just avoid him/her. Next, try to find someone else, not necessarily to replace them, but just so you can have feelings for someone else. Don't have a one-time fling, however.
  • The thing you should ask yourself is if it's necessary that the person whom you love should always love you back?
  • If you love someone then you should know that you would never force your love to do something... these things are always natural which comes with the glimpse of feelings and you have to give time... everything will be alright.
  • You don't, I guess; you just sort of learn to live with it. And if you can't, then just try to suck it up.
  • Yes. You can love this person - not be in love with them. Think of the negatives about that person, think of better people out there, think that this person isn't worth your time. People say it helps to get another partner. Most importantly, pray to get over this person so you can move on.
  • Try your best to forget about that person. It may seem hard, but there are ways to forget the person by trying to go out more often with other friends, making a new hobby, or simply just meeting new people. Another good way is to avoid communicating with the person as much as possible - no texting or calling them.
  • Time. Everything takes time. Either way, it'll take a lot of time if you really love him. Don't harm yourself either. It's not worth it. Just try to get rid of everything and anything that reminds you of him/her and try to stay away.
  • Personally, I find that you don't. No matter how long you wait, you will always love them just that little bit!
  • Well I have got over my first love by meeting someone new and much better. Now I'm so glad that I am over him and am in love with someone 10 times better!!
  • It is not a problem to allow someone to leave your life... know in your heart YOU are better off! I have learned this and learned self respect as well! I am deeply in love now and I am loved beautifully in return! We each have someone out there! KNOW THAT and LOVE YOURSELF!
  • If this person that you are referring to is not reciprocating the love you have to offer, it would be best to do everything you can to forget this person instead. This way you are doing yourself a big favor and saving yourself from heartache. You can start by making yourself busy with other productive things, like work or engage yourself in a new business venture you know you can handle. Time will pass and you will see that you have completely gotten yourself over this person.
  • I think you should take it a day at a time, see if they still want to be your friend. If you can't be with them the next best thing is to be friends.
  • It's going to take time to heal....but don't worry You can still be friends with that person if you want. But to get over it, hang with your friends go see a movie, do stuff that you enjoy doing, take up new hobbies, something that takes your mind off that person. Also just because they don't fel the same don't treat them hostilely or rude just be nice and don't make them miserable.( I'm not saying that you would I'm just saying don't because you'll regret it later.)
  • You wont get over them you have to just move on. Take it from a guy that's been there. I'm not with what was said above.
  • All the things above are wonderful tips here are some of the things i did to get over my ex
  • dont beat yourself up and question it.asking yourself why it happened or what went wrong wont help
  • dont try to be their friend lose ALL contact
  • do the things you used to do before you met
  • talk to your old friends,they will help you remember who you were and maybe help you find some one new
  • make a list of things you want to do with your life like your dreams
  • write,sing,dance dont just lay around sulking about it
  • remind yourself every day YOU ARE WORTH IT,YOU ARE BETTER OFF
  • even tho it hurts now trying to get back together will most likely hurt more take that from a girl whose tried.
  • Just go out with your friends and get on with your life and chin up!!!
  • Find a new men sister. he's not worth it! maybe you c an get over it with a new guy. try to fall in love agin. someone else is there for you.
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What do you do if you love someone but she does not care about you in the same way?

  • Sweetie, if she does not care why should you? Don't keep fighting for someone who will not fight for you in return. Life is too short and there is someone out there that will be just as interested in you as you are in her. Take that advise from someone who knows.
  • Well, I definitely and absolutely agree with the answer above me. If she doesn't show any signs at all of even caring about you at all even in the future, just try and forget about her. No matter how much it hurts to even consider driving her out of your memory. You have only one life to live, and you shouldn't spend all your time dwelling over someone who doesn't care about you. There's someone out there that loves you just as much as you love her, just don't loose hope. She's one girl, there are plenty in the world.
  • Look, I'm a girl and the same situation happened to me, it was reverse, because he said he loved me, but I didn't nor do I feel that way for him. So, to tell u the truth there isn't really a way for u get back with her in the way you want. My advice is to avoid her when she's flirting with a guy or closely talking to a guy, because you are going to cause yourself pain. Maybe, the feeling for her will enviably form into a different form of love the way she has it for you.
  • I sorry that she hurt you.
  • I am a girl, and have been told those three terrifying words more than once. If someone doesn't love you, the smart and rational thing to do. But love isn't smart OR rational. If you stay patient, and get closer to this special person and maybe, things might change. You may see the real them, and decide that they aren't worth the time. Or they might see the real you, and realize that you are more special to them than they previously thought. You can never give up hope!! Keep going. Pursue everything.
  • I think you should carry on trying for them because you only live once and at the end of the day if you really have bad feeling for them then you shouldn't have to forget about them till you know if they definitely don't like you back.
  • TRUST, I'm in the same boat at the moment and its killing me that I can't tell the person how I feel but keep trying till you know for sure. don't give up but don't look desperate at the same time.
  • if you loved someone and she does not feel the same way maybe she is not ready for a relationship i wouldn't give up but i also wouldn't make any advances towards the person. if he knows that you are interested and knows that you will always be around, then make yourself scarce and maybe he will get the idea you don't care anymore and if he cares at all that person will come to you if it was meant to be. men don't like to be ignored or snubbed, they like the attention, so just sit back and see if he comes to you and if hr don't then move on there's plenty of fish in the ocean
  • I'm a girl and I had to change my mind about guys before. If you keep on trying I'm sure she will fall for you in the end.
  • Give up because if she don't care bout you then why waste your time in life there are people who you can sometimes never have is sucks to her buts its the truth!
  • I'm a girl myself and I have been told that many times but if you tell her or him and you know they truly love you back then i just want to say good luck with your love I have been called A misses clause, I love you, baby girl, hot stuff and I'm just 12 but I think you should say it at least once.
  • Just make sure that you have told her to her face that you really like her and if you definitely no she doesn't like you move on there's plenty more fish in the sea.
  • tell her but if u don't want to do that hold on 2 her make her feel like shes really special.
  • I agree with the first answer, if she doesn't love you there is nothing you can do. I know it hurts to imagine yourself forgetting about her, but how can you honestly be happy with someone who cant return your love.
  • This is for face and looks the other way. Give a girl a compliment and she says "whatever". Am I really going to tell her I love her? I' am afraid she might kill me.
  • A girl would just do her best to be polite in saying that she can't return the affection, and if she does like you she will possibly have some affection for you. Ask her what she thinks of you but don't just dump her without talking to her because that is just rude anymore and we were 3 days! I was in the town in a shop I checked my Texts and there it was! I nearly had a break down.

Can a 21 year old woman date a 30 year old man?

9 or 10 years difference is not as much. i see many couples having 10 or 15 years difference in age. it depends on understanding and peace of mind between two couples. if u date 22 years guy and he is not mature enough to respect you or give you attention what you expect from him. then it will also mentally depress you and make your life hell for couple of years at least. it is better to take time and think and find out suitable partner who is mature enough to understand hardships of relationships and life.


How can you get your Pisces girl back if you are a Leo?

Your star sign doesn't matter in a relationship. Just try your best and be yourself! You might also consider the fact that it may be time to move on and find someone else. In general, though, Pisces is sensitive and would most likely respond to romantic, sweet gestures.


How does dyslexia affect relationships with other adults and partners?

No my sister is dyslexia and she loves her relationship


How do you get your wife to love you again when she has walked out and said it's absolutely over?

First of all, don't listen to anonymous hes being a downer. Try talking to her and figger out why shes leaving. If that dosn't work have a nice dinner with her. (complement her at least 3 times). Ask her to go on another date if she says yes, it worked!

Love, The Queen Of Love


What is a lover's quarrel?

  • A lover's quarrel is when two people who love each other argue over a certain subject and later they make up and all is right with the world until their next lover's quarrel.

What is it like to be left at the altar?

“My entire fourth grade class was in attendance at our teacher's wedding where she was left at the altar,”

“The whole situation was ugly. My teacher was the bride and was about 3/4 down the aisle when the groom decided he couldn't do it. He walked off to the side, and at first, my teacher and her father didn't notice and kept walking, smiling radiantly.”

“There was about a minute of really solid confusion (Last-minute cold feet? Bathroom emergency?) before everyone realized what was going on. My teacher was whisked out of the church and an announcement was made that there was not going to be a wedding. This happened the second or third week of June; she didn't come back for the last week of school.”


Elections and Voting

What are two good reasons to exercise your right to vote?

This answer is subject to varied opinions. Here are a few opinions of contributors:

Two reasons to vote

  1. If you do not like who is in office or who is running then by voting, and if you live in the U.S. by voting you may be able to get those you least desire out of office and add more seats in senate for a balance. Soldiers died to keep America and Canada free although that freedom seems to be waning little by little we should vote even if it means voting between the lesser of two evils
  2. The right to complain. Many people feel that if you do not make your voice be heard when it matters, you do not have the right to complain later. If you feel strongly on certain issues, such as social security or abortion, than you need to look for the candidate that best fits your views.

Another view

I wish this was true. Politicians are put there to give you the illusion you have a choice, you don't. Banks and corporations own and run this world, and they own us. Your system of elections illustrates this. How many senators are from poor backgrounds? To even run for the office of president requires substantial financial backing. Voting only perpetuates this myth of democracy.

A rebuttal

Not to be too strong here, but the last paragraph above is one of the major reasons why the current system has serious problems.

Failure to vote results in the system being dominated only by those who are strongly motivated by some idea (and thus, tend to be single-issue voters), and thus, extremism (of all forms) holds much larger influence than belief in those issues actually has.

In essence, since by giving up on the existing system as bent, corrupt, or otherwise "not perfect", you actual reinforce the system's tendency to be all of those negatives. The system BECOMES corrupted because people refuse to take responsibility for fixing it; by abdicating the responsibility to vote (and, be informed about the vote you are casting), you, the citizen, are DIRECTLY responsible for the lack of "quality" politicians. That is, people get EXACTLY the kind of representative they are asking for, and if you, the citizen don't ask (by voting) for anything, then how are they (politicians) supposed to know what you want? Public opinion polls? Door to door canvasing? Prayer?

Voting is the only sure-fire way to indicate to politicians what you, the citizen, actually want and desire.

To put is succinctly, the two major reasons why you absolutely, positively MUST vote if you want a functional representative democracy are:

  1. If everyone (or at least, the very large majority) votes, then politicians know exactly what the electorate as a whole wants, and which ideas/opinions are merely those of who like to scream loud, but which have little actual popularity. That is, by voting, marginal ideas and groups are given exactly the amount of attention they deserve: very little.
  2. While money can buy influence (and media time), in the very end analysis, it can't buy an election. Votes are what actually elect people, and while money can sway people's minds, having virtually everyone vote means that it becomes much harder for that money to influence everyone, and it can no longer be effective by only buying the loyalty of small groups. In the end, this means that politicians will (by necessity) become more interested in finding out which ideas are truly popular with everyone, not just those ideas which have some money backing them.

Change does not come overnight; if more people vote, then, slowly, we will get better quality politicians. Frankly, it is the fault of the people who don't vote for why the current generation of politicians are so miserable, not the fault of the people who voted those people in; to put it even more bluntly, if only 10% of the TOTAL ELECTORATE bothers to vote in an election, how is it NOT the fault of those other 90% that the elected person doesn't properly represent the entire population's views? And, yes, we get less than 10% voting in many elections; even in hugely contested elections (such as the 2008 Presidential election), the US had barely 62% of all eligible votes bother to vote.

And you wonder why politicians are crap. We get exactlythe kind of politician we deserve.

Mobile Phones

Why would a man keep a ex girlfriends phone number?

You know the answer to this... he may still have feelings for her. It is not easy to get over someone.


What is the meaning of you didn't rock my boat?

  • 'You didn't rock my boat' means that you did not excite or attract that person.
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What do you do when your ex-girlfriend's family does not trust you?

Since she's your former girlfriend you really don't have any reason to be around her family anymore. Since you aren't involved with her and her family then move on. Whatever you did to make her family distrust you is over and done with. Address your personal behavior now and make a plan to act in a more mature and responsible manner so people will see you in a more positive light. Trust is something you have to earn. Once you have lost it you need to work harder to prove you are trustworthy. Start working at it.


What is dogging you out mean?

I take dogging someone out as mistreating them or using them or making a fool of them. When someone is dogged out they are mistreated to the point where they're at their lowest, and most of the time, they don't even realize it because they are so used to it. Someone can be dogged out sexually, mentally, or emotionally.


How do you avoid someone you love?

Move to another city or country.

Dreams and Dream Interpretation

What does it mean when you dream about your ex but your datting someone else?

well it depends if you dream about killing him then you hate him but if you dream about hugging or kissing him you just may miss him


What does it mean if your ex becomes openly hostile to you and parades his new girlfriend in front of you?

Well, for me, it means that he wants you to get jealous. And it's like him saying, "Hey, look at me! Get envious, I got a new girl now." But don't get upset when you see them, okay? Or at least don't get it too visible because he'll think that you're losing and he's winning over you. So don't lose hope, he'll get tired. And then victory parades in place of that girl.

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What is a break in a relationship?

A break in a relationship is when both parties take a physical, mental and emotional time out from eachother. be sure to discuss what a break means to both of you to be exactly sure what to expect. potentially a break also means u will eventually get back together

Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence
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What should you do if you are remarried but still in love with your ex?

This actually happened to me... I left my wife for another woman, divorced one and married the other.

Now the problems started because I was still very much in love with my ex, and the steamy 3 year affair I had with my new wife wasn't as steamy anymore. The sex was still real good (better than with my ex), however, my heart was not as involved as my man parts were and it was killing me to see my ex, even when she wasn't there to physically see. I actually left my New wife after less than 1 year married to her, and was fortunate enough to be able to get back with my ex. Now I am home where I have always belonged. And after the last 7 years that we have been remarried to my original wife, I finally have her trust back. There's no place like home in the heart.

And you have to ask yourself... why are they an ex? Are they your True love? Will it really work? Are they still available? If all checks out what are you wasting time for? Go get them back and don't look back. Life is short get what's yours.

The grass really isn't greener on the other side, lust is sometimes a nasty foe to LOVE.

Another view

I also felt this before, then I was thinking, why marry someone that you don't really love? Because before, when we were still together, he just hurt me. I finally got tired of it so we broke up. But still, there is that feeling that you're missing him so I tried to look for someone who would help me forget him. Then there came a time that he asked to be with you again. But of course, you're afraid that he might hurt you again. So I chose the one that I have now.

Two years ago we met again and I just found out that he was still waiting for me, I was really overwhelmed and that happy feeling came back again, but it was too late. I was already pregnant. He was really hurt because he thought that I still loved him and was also waiting for him. Actually he was correct, no one can make me feel the feeling that he brings out in me, even if I just saw him.

So, before making a move, think about it first. Because it's really hard

when it's too late and you can't get back what had been yours before.

Another view

You need to choose. Marriage is about committing yourself. Not about being with someone you love but at the same time thinking about someone else. It's a bond and a commitment. You can't do that to someone if you don't know how it would feel if someone had that happening to you. It wouldn't be nice to be married to someone you love but they don't love you as much or are thinking about someone else. You need to choose. Either that or break it off and stay single for a bit. Maybe flirt around a while and you might seem to figure out if she/he was really the one or if you need to move on and find a better person in your life.

There are more fish out there in the sea than you think. You just got to find the right one.

Another view

Hope for the best or divorce, to figure things out instead of hurting the ones you love.

Another View

Everybody had feelings for all their relationships. Even if its a set up, eventually they will fall for each other. You got to interfere with your spirits. Get a paper and pen. Say what you dislike about each one of them. Ask your self who will be best for your life, kids and who is better in being a husband or more as a father. Love is all a trick, you have to be careful and put your love instincts behind your thoughts.

Idioms, Cliches, and Slang

What does the idiom feeling blue mean?

  • Feeling blue means you are sad or possibly depressed.

How do you know it is really over?

You'll know it's over when the "sketchy play" is over. When your ex starts to want nothing to do with you, when he/she's moved on.

when you have no interest at all and move on

youre not only saying it but youre doing it

and by the way good luck

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Should you meet your ex boyfriend after 10 years to talk?

It all depends on what happened to cause the "falling out" between you two. You'll need to ask yourself how you feel (or did feel) about this guy, and then consider if any good can come out if you allow him back in your life. No one pops up after ten years just to talk. Chances are he's realized you have something he's missing, or just wants you back.

If you plan on going, prepare yourself to either accept or decline his offer. He must have had quite a big impression on you; and you left one on him as well or he wouldn't be coming back after all these years. Who knows, something might work out for both of you.

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How can you tell if a guy doesn't like you or is not interested in you anymore?

First of al you may notice a change in your conversation, for example the things you talk about may be more general or the conversation may be shorter than usual. Also he might have alot of excuses not to go out or talk to you (he might say he is too busy etc.)also notice the way he looks at you. If a person is in love they look in to their lovers eyes and if they are not inlove they might try to avoid eye contact.

Good Luck

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Should you break up with someone after a week?

I say if your heart is not in the relationship, then yes you should end it. you dont want to make it harder to the other person by staying with them. It also depends if you like the person if you don't like him or her then break up with him/her


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