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Chevy 350

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This category covers questions about the Chevrolet small-block engine variant 350. The 350 first appeared as a high-performance 295 hp L-48 option for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.
  == Answer ==   Roller rocker arm. The rocker are in the head that transfers the camshaft action to the valve. Opens and closes the valves. On a roller rocker, there is a small roller on the lifter end of the rocker arm. Some small gain in performance due to lack of friction. Very...
  Tear it dowm and rebuild.
  No, you don't "NEED" to change the cam, but it depends on what you're trying to do. You can pick up some torque by changing the cam but you need to be careful. If you go too far the engine will start to idle rough and you'll loose fuel economy. An RV cam will give you a little extra low end...
  to set the timing on your dodge ram look at your distibutor cap and on the left side you will see a nut that is at the base of your distributor stem when you loosen this nut you can turn you your entire distributor one way or the other all it takes is about 1/2 degree turn and then tighten it...
Shimming any GM starter is likely going to assist in better  performance of the starter. It cuts down on heat radiation and  vibration when not in contact with the block.
There are many tell tale signs. Color, Chevy will be orange, light blue, or black. Buick has pretty much, anyway, been proud of that gold. The valve covers on a SBC, will be flat on the top. Buick are usually more rounded, and say Buick, on them. The SBC water pump will extend out to make room for a...
No the 350 has always been a small block. The smallest big block made by Chevrolet was the 366 truck engine and the 396 car engine.
Type your answer here... Yes, the head will fit. Won't work without minor modifications, but yes they will fit.
Yes it will. To properly work you will need a wirering kit in the base and a vacume switch plus a kick down switch on the brake pedal.
timing is set on a ZX2 by finding top dead center (TDC) on cylinder number 1 and aligning the cams. Once this is done, properly set the tensioner. TDC can be located by using a crankshaft locking tool. the cams can be aligned by inserting a flat piece of steel into the slot on the ends of the cams...
It all depending on how big ,but they will weigh at least 10x more
Yes a chevrolet 350 small block will fit in a 1987 Buick Regal.
207 horsepower with 235 lbs of torque ;P right on the money
The three main functions of piston rings in reciprocating engines are:Sealing the combustion/expansion chamber.Supporting heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall.Regulating engine oil consumption.
Hard to say who's faster once you put in a non-stock engine. Corvettes never came with a 455, but it might be a fun swap.
  With a stock cam 700-750 rpm. With a performance cam it can be up to 1200 rpm.   With a stock cam 700-750 rpm. With a performance cam it can be up to 1200 rpm.
The 350 uses a cable for the kick down detent. The 400 uses a larger yoke to fit the tailshaft.
    == Firing order ==       The distributor cap is numbered 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 in a clockwise rotation. I believe you are probably asking a different question though.     More than likely what you really want to know is where #1 is at on the cap. This is not as easy as just...
I can't answer your question but I can say that my 260 hp 350 Mercruiser has 2 bolt mains and a 4 bolt rear main. Go figure! So I take it from your question that you also have 2 bolt mains with a 4 bolt rear main.
Probably not. Should be able to go to about .510 or .520 without interference.
carb probably needs a rebuild, or mtering rods are set too rich.
This is a good question. Yes, the keyway, is accurate. What is not, is the balancer. After 74, the balancer keyway is offset, from the timing mark. Any harmonic balancer you use, look to see where the keyway is, compared to the hash mark on it. Make sure they line up.
As long as it is not a tall deck, it should fit fine. If it is a tall deck, you'd need to add .400" shims under the collar to fit the small block.
can i have apart nembers the the rebeld 350 engine to get ahi hp
  == Answer ==   through the lifters then through the push rods
  == Answer ==     60-70 ft/lbs with sealant applied.   == Answer ==     When torqueing the heads, it is helpful to start at around 25 ft. lbs. and torque all the bolts, then go to 50 ft. lbs., and finally, your specified torque. Doing this in incriments will help give a nice...
will a 4 barrel edelbrock fit both chevy or ford with 4 barrel  manifolds
Anything is possible, it depends how fat your wallet is.
  == Answer ==     The 383 Stroker firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
10w30 unless it is burning oil, in that case use 10w40.
On this engine I recommend you use an AC/Delco filter.
The timing is controlled by the computerThe base setting for all GM 1988 and above years start with 0 TDC and usually range from 2 deg to 10 deg above TDC. The computer controls if from the base setting at where it was set.
  == Answer ==     By removing the valve cover from the engine, then removing the rocker nut on the bad rocker. Refer to a technical manual for torque specifications, as this must be properly torqued!!!
  The MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor monitors the intake manifold pressure changes and adjusts the fuel delivery based on its reading
they came with "186" casting number heads.........
You don't have a carb on that vehicle, it is throttle body fuel injected.
Those are 5/16ths NC, so I would go about 45. Also, remember to use Loc-tite on them.
If I remember right, it's the amount of time the points stay closed. How long they stay closed for the coil to zap the plugs. The longer the dwell the longer the spark. Too long a dwell then it uses up to much juice and there won't be enough time to recharge for the next zap. Too little then the...
  factory HP in pre-1988 - - around 280-300 HP depending on carb.   Nascars 350's - - over 850 HP.... if you've got the cash.
  == Answer ==   around 80 ft.llbs. or higher is usually good.
Yes it will bolt up but you will have problems making the front end acuator work
Run engine to temp. Turn off key. Unplug tan wire under hood. Start vehicle. Set timing at 0. Turn truck off plug in tan wire. Disconnect battery for 5 minutes
Drivers side, first one up front.
Answer . \nI've replaced one before, you don't need to lift the engine, but there is some there is some crazy angles to work with.
Take off the old one, put the new one on.
68, to 73, point type. 74, to 89, HEI. After 89, first gen vortec. Chevy only made 3 special distributors, that I know of. The early dual point, with a second version with a mechanical tack drive, for Corvette. And in 69, in the DZ302's, and L-88's, and again in 70, in the LT-1's, LS-6, LS-7, and...
are giraffes eyes on thir side of their heads or in the front
Lightly turn the idle/fuel adjustment screws in the front of the carb (they run thru little springs) all the way clockwise til they stop, then out 1 and 1/2 turns. If it won't start and run there, its got other problems.
There are some good aftermarket suppliers of Chevelle and El Camino parts that advertise in the back of car magazines. Year One has a good reputation for quality.
The size of belt to use to bypass the ac on a vortec s usually  5.7L. You should ensure that you have the correct bracket and belt  size.Ê
4, to 6 degrees advanced, depending on your altitude.
  A flashing "check engine" light indicates that you're having a serious problem with one or more of the EFI circuits. You need to connect it to a diagnostic code reader to find out what's wrong. I suggest a visit to your local auto parts retailer where you can usually borrow, rent or buy a code...
  You can look at a diagram for a Chevy V8 here...   http://www.hotrodders.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=17192     == Answer ==       We're talking about small-block Chevy engines, and they both have the same firing order. The 350 and 305 CIDs are basically twins...
== Answer ==   Not sure if the 95 is the same as the 93. On my '93 there is a timing advance wire you have to unplug (brown wire near the distributor on the firewall with a plug connector.) Start it up with the wire unplugged and set timing to 0 degrees BTDC. Turn off engine. Plug wire back in...
More compression, bigger cam, better flowing heads, improved intake and exhaust, supercharger, nitrous oxide injection.
When doing major work you need to have guidance. Get a manual on your car from the local parts store or from the related link below.
Start by squirting a little gas in the throttle body and try to start the engine. If it starts but only runs long enough to burn the fuel you put in it, then it's probably a delivery problem. If you're not sure how much fuel is in the tank, put 5 gallons in to be sure there's enough. Listen near the...
All V8 Chevrolet's firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2. 1,3,5,7 is on the left bank and 2,4,6,8 is on the right bank. The distributor turns clockwise.
1968 the Chevrolet 350 V8 could be ordered in 1967 in the camaro only as the L48-295hp option, in 68 they were put in novas and then in 69 in any thing you could buy, which is pretty much a stroked 327, harry
There is no way to tell exactly how many miles to the gallon will  you loose with a bad EGR. It depends on the car.
The temp sensor is either (depending on the year) is on theintake manifold beside the thermostat housing or on the driversside head between #1 and #3 spark plugs also the oil pressureswitch is beside the distributor. . the oil pressure switch is not always behind the distributor, itdepends on if its...
ham radio equipment35 foot telescoping tower  2 another tower bolt together  3105 feet of tower hook up cable  4arial 35 feet long by 27 feet wide  5another large arial  6 tower arail
Small block 350's came with different size flywheels therefore 2 different noses on the starters. Most blocks have have holes to accomodate both. For a 12.75 inch flywheel you will need the starter with a straight across bolt pattern. Gm part #10496870. The other flywheel which is 14" will take the...
It requires an engine scanner to set the timing on that year engine.
usually 5-6 quarts with filter
== Answer If that doesn't get spark try a new ignition module it is located under the rotor with 2 wires toward the fire wall and 1 plug on the front side I just changed mine and it fired right up,that's if you are using an HEI distributor. ==Take your distributor cap off but leave the wires on it....
unless you really know what you are doing i wouldn't suggest it because you can get pinging noises,spark knocks,and if not careful you could end up with a hole burned in a piston or a burnt valve. it shouldn't cost much to get a shop to time it for you , cause it is a fairly simple job unless you...
You need a dial indicator and a degree wheel to measure both the lift and duration. Now you CAN check it to see if you can find any numbers, if so, you might be able to look up the part number you find and see what you have that way.
If you have to ask, I suggest you take it to a garage.       Jack the car up by the transmission pan if you have to...
Usually between 170-200 if you have an early small block.... 190-220 for the newer models, usually LS based motors....
  If you're asking this question one must assume that your idle oil pressure is down so here's a brief explanation on oil pressure and what's going on inside the engine when the oil pressure light goes on: The oil pump is in the bottom of the engine, and can only be accessed by pulling the oil...
Answer . \nthe chiltons manuals have very good instructions on how to set the valves
Sure. There were some crate motors that came that way to suit newer and older applications.
There could be several reasons. Are the heads torqued down properly, to the right value and in the correct pattern? Is the intake leaking? Is the distributor in the right way? What is the timing when a timing light is shown on the pointer? Are all of the vacuum lines hooked back up? Are the lifters...