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Chevy 350

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This category covers questions about the Chevrolet small-block engine variant 350. The 350 first appeared as a high-performance 295 hp L-48 option for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.
  what year - size - v or straight, check autozone.
  yes , go to the computer on your local library on all data you will get all the inf. with graphics for hands on for diy
A 79 shouldn't have points to gap. It should be an HEI distributor.
  Disassemble it as far as you can then take it to an automotive machine shop. They'll need to magnaflux and bore the engine and head(s) before you can trust it. They'll get the piston out and if the block isn't damaged beyond repair they can help get your engine back into shape.
NO, After 1987 everything went to Fuel injection.
Idea: I had a "1986.5" model which had plenty of power but my 2000 Frontier model requires very close monitoring of the transmission fluid.     == Answer ==       Could be a number of things. As you have stated that fuel treatments help a little, I would do two things. First...
  == Answer ==     My guess is a stuck ring.
    == Answer ==       yeah u can.. u can put a super charger on most engines its just the fact of having to get a new computer for it       ---     Blowers and turbochargers raise the effective comp ratio of an engine. If you use a stuffer on a high...
I have a 1994 Chevy 1500 pickup the whole truck has original 350 engine ,trans and rear end with no rebuilds at all.The only major repairs I have done myself were rear main seal replaced and intake manifold gasket and my truck runs great and has 400000 miles on it now i once heard of someone haven a...
There is 2 on the back of the engine where the transmission bolts to the engine. There is 2 on each side of the engine. 1 behind each motor mount that's on the side of the engine that you can not see. There is 1 on each side of the timing cover on the front of the engine too. That makes 8 of them...
Need to know the year, so WE can answer your question right. You will need to ask your question again with that info. Thank you.
== Answer ==   There is a routing diagram under the hood on a placard.         If you don't have this card you can go to any Autozone and they should be able to print one for you
  == Answer ==   torque specs are lower intake 115in-ibs upper intake 18ft-lbs
Yes it will im running that combination now just gotta plug the dipstick tube hole if you use a rear sump pan and block off the fuel pump mount if you dont use a mechanical fuel pump.
Gap is 0.2 - 0.4mm or 0.008 - 0.015 in, for 1987 and 1988 ER, Metro and Base models.A quick check at rock auto shows all the usual ignition components except points, so I'm guessing there is some disambiguation here.The previous answer may well be correct if the distributor has a set of points in it...
  == Answer ==   First off you may not be able to do this as spring steel has a lot of carbon in it . Soft wire is not going to get hard . Tempering steel is done by heating it up and then cooling it off fast to freeze it hard and then heating again and cooling slower in say some oil to...
When you run a compression test, you are really looking for a cylinder that is way out of line with the others. 40, or 50 lbs lower than the rest, would indicate trouble. As for a number, well there is a lot that contributes to the actual answer. On my race engines, I come in as high as 180, to...
I just rebuilt my Edelbrock 1405 Preformer carb. During the rebuild once I had the carb almost completely dissassembled I removed all four jets and replaced them with new ones from the kit.
Both process enlarges an existing holewith a difference that in  boring,the existing hole is enlarged throughout its length.    Whereas in counterbore.enlargement is done upto a certain depth so  that,say a bolt can fit in.
take off the + side battery cable. you have 2 14mm or 9/16 bolts on the bottom of the starter. i have found it almost impossible to reach the wires until you drop it down. then you just remove the wires and replace in reverse order. sometimes you have to shim the starter, but most of the time just...
Yes, but eventually your started will cease to work?
  == Answer ==     put on top dead center on number 1 cylinder(driver side front)and slip dist in hole slowly turning at bottom until it seats all the way down.Make sure rotor is pointing at number 1 not 6 plugwire, if it is raise up a couple inches and turn rotor 180 degrees and set...
  == Answer ==   Completely disassemble the engine, thoroughly clean the block and all components. If the cylinders show signs of wear (ANY measurable taper) bore the cylinders and replace the pistons. Recondition the rods! If the crankshaft has been damaged ALL OF the rods must be either...
ph-5 Driver's side at the rear of the block. Screw-on type.
If you are running the fuel injection....absolutely not. No mechanical pump will provide the fuel pressure needed to run it. I don't even know if the 93 still has the mechanical fuel pump mount. Even if it did, the camshaft wouldn't have the fuel pump eccentric to run the pump.
Between 190 and 290 depending upon compression and/or head configuration and cam size. There are many factors that determine hp. Stock w/q-jet is about 190 hp.
  == Answer ==   get the compression stroke up on the number 1 spark plug and look at the rotor inside the distributor cap to see if it points to the number 1 wire on the cap
Why 400 heads? They are notoriously bad flowing heads without much modification the engine would be about 360 cubic inches, but the heads have nothing to do with the size of the engine.
I measured mine 14102193. Result 68cc. You find 65.3cc from internet, I trust my measured result. I measured 4 cylinders , 2 from each head. Difference was between 68-70cc. -Tuomas
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i just bought similiar engine with that castingwas told it was 91. mine was out of a van
The 4.9L 6 cylinder will take six quarts of oil. The 5.8L 8  cylinder also takes six quarts, however the 7.3L 8 cylinder engine  takes 9.8 quarts.
You will get pinging if you advance it and you will loose gasmileage and power if you slow it.
They go into the sides of the block to seal the casting holes.
Answer . your best bet is to look into a chiltons or haynes manual that can be picked up at your local shop.
The cap and rotor are considered wear items and should be replaced. No repair options are practical.
Do you mean firing order? If so it is 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2.
  Improperly installed gasket, failed crankshaft seal, stripped bolt, warped timing chain cover, dirt or grit between the cover and the block... that's just a few ideas. I wish I could help more.
The diagram should be on the fan shroud. If it isn't, draw one before you take it off. It also is in the owners manual. Otherwise go to a used car lot and find a car with a like engine and draw your own schematic,./To change the belt (and if you have the original type belt tensioner) you need a...
A 383 Chevy is a 350 block with a 400 crank bored .030 over. If it's not bored oversize it's a 377 (Not the only way to make a 377). If it's .060 over, it's a 388.Most builders agree that you cannot safely bore a 350 block .090 over, but if you did the resulting engine would be about 394.
this is common with the vortec engines. pull the cap and rotor and replace them its common for moisture to build up in the vortec distributors. causing no spark or poor spark condition     A quick shot of wd40 inside the cap will help alot
  == Answer ==   http://www.edmunds.com/used/1995/chevrolet/camaro/13066/specs.html   Horsepower: 275 hp
12 ft/lbs but its better to use 1/4" torque wrench set at 144 in/lb so you don't over tighten.
Versa Transmission Fluid is a brand type of transmission fluid for  cars. The transmission fluid for a Nissan Versa is Matic D or Matic  S.
Answer . 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 Distributor rotates counterclockwise.
No, just automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions do not need to be cooled as they are just a gear box with heavy gear oil in them.
It depends on the year. For quite a while the points could be accessed through a little hole on the side of the distributor cap. The points were installed "close enough" to get the engine started then you would use a "dwell tach" to set the points through the little hole.   But for the record,...
== Answer ==   The 305 times just like any other Chevy V8. If it isn't pointing to number one on top dead center it is out of time and your power will just fade away   Same on most engines.
Right around 6 degrees advanced, with todays pump gas.
It would require the complete disassembly of the transmission because the tail shaft is the last part to come out of the transmission housing.
  I'd run a compression test, you could have a sticking or burned valve. Also, if that doesn't show any problems, check the timing and the ignition advance. When you pulled the plugs were any of them fouled or did any look different? The insulators should all be light tan in color, not bright...
Nothing that I know of, from the factory, anyway. Sounds like it might be a stroker motor. 383, maybe. You would need to know the bore, and stroke configuration, to figure the cubic inches.
Pump will fill the converter when started however running the pump dry may cause damage to the pump
You wouldn't want oil to be taking up part of your clearance and give a false reading with the plastigage.
The only time I have ever had water on my plugs in ANY motor is because of water in the cylinder.Check your oil for water and pray you don't have a bad head gasket.been there done that.
There was only one year the 700r4 turbo automatic came out. All  GMC's in 1969 came out with this 350 engine and this transmission.    The above answer was left unchanged to show why some people  shouldn't answer questions.    He's almost right about one thing; "there was only one year...
  == Answer ==   there should be a pitcock on bottom of radiator to drain it. or take the bottom radiator hose with motor cold of course .
In the context of computing and printing, headers are the areas of a document at the top, outside the normal printing area, where fixed data is printed. Things like the title or chapter of a book, the date, the page number, or something that is required on all pages are found there. They can be...
Yes.. However, you must remove the intake manifold, but, removing the head is not necessary. Make sure you have a complete "Intake Manifold Gasket Set".
  It's inside the oil pan, bolted to the fifth main bearing cap.   INSIDE the crankcase. You can get to it by dropping the oil pan.
This method works for hydraulic cams in small or big block Chevies with adjustable valvetrain. With the engine at #1 TDC you can adjust 1, 2, 5, & 7 intakes, 1, 3, 4, & 8 exhausts. Rotate the engine one revolution for #6 TDC and do the rest.To adjust: Start with the rocker nut loose enough...
Long shoe on back side, short shoe on front side, what else do you need to know?
WATER temp. senser will be on the drivers side head up front between the 1st 2 spark plugs. Oil sending unit will be screewed into the top rear of the engine block just behind the distributor to the right an inch or so.
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The intake valve is always bigger than the exhaust valve because there is more volume going in to the cylinder than coming out.
  No the diameter of the crank journals are different.
depends on the engine, most have one bolt holding it in place located near the exhaust manifold, take that out and it should wiggle out.
Chevy 350's can ussually hit around 6,000 rpms but that's pushing it, youd be better off sticking around 5,500
There is usually a cap on one of the valve covers. There is an oil filler cap, you are just overlooking it. Look closer.
In the racing world, both drag and circle track, as well as 4X4's, and boats, it is common practice to put a 350 crank, 6 inch connecting rod, and a special piston, into a 400 block, making a 383. The 400 crankshaft has too long of a stroke, for high performance.
  == Answer ==   Roller rocker arm. The rocker are in the head that transfers the camshaft action to the valve. Opens and closes the valves. On a roller rocker, there is a small roller on the lifter end of the rocker arm. Some small gain in performance due to lack of friction. Very...