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Home Equity and Refinancing

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Home equity is the ownership value accumulated in a property. A refi involves restructuring a debt, usually to take advantage of lower interest rates.
i am 65yrs + live Nevada consindering walking away from my mortgage .the house is way upside down and i connot retire and continue to make house payments. i have good credit and i am still working full time but soon working will have to end the credit i do not care what rating i but would not want a...
The mortgagee clause will give the lender notice of cancellation  but it will not protect the lender for actions or damages done by  the insured on the policy. All property policies specifically  exclude intentional acts by an insured.
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Yes, the price at which bonds sell are determined by the  interaction of stated rates of interest and market rates of  interest.
You will add money to the principal in your first payment. It will  be a small amount, but that is when you start. Your statement  should show how much the bank puts toward principal and how much  goes toward interest. Over time, more money will be applied to the  principal. You can also make an...
Yes you, can. When a house gets foreclosed, it is based on the house itself, not its personal furniture and items.
== Answer ==     Frist mortgage seasoning requirements would be determined by the terms of your loan documents. Some lenders allow loans with no restrictions, others have requirements that would limit your ability to obtain secondary financing or re-financing for a specific amount of time. ...
I am going to assume you mean "claim the repairs as a deduction on  your federal tax return." If so, the answer is generally "yes", but  the deduction could be limited in some way. Best to consult a CPA  on that issue. (Disclaimer: answer not intended as legal advice.)
Not necessary. He should draft a will and make his wishes known  that he wants the house be given to you. Probate Court could rule  differently. Like split the house between you and his parents or  siblings. Get him to an estate planning lawyer and draft a will.
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A Broker's License is required in each state where the business is  conducted.
No you cant as far as know because you are still owing the IRS  money witch could cause a conflict between you and the Banking  Agency, Other words know what's up before you do it.
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Just above the line that should either say your name or the word  "Grantor"
  Most states provide some form of homestead exemption against creditors for your primary residence. However, the amount protected varies by state. The inherited property may be vulnerable to your creditors. Your creditors may seek judgment liens in civil court and may be able to record those...
In order to get a loan for a US business when domiciled outside of the US, one has to either provide collateral or demonstrate that the business is providing enough cash flow to cover the debt in some period of time. Please be careful when evaluating loans - if someone offers one a cheap loan...
There is no payment due to the lender, so that part is easy. The borrower may choose to receive a monthly payment, or can get their reverse mortgage funds upfront or in the form of a line of credit. In cases where a monthly payment is chosen, the lender sets up the payment amount in a similar...
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Before repaying the borrowed home equity, you should make a proper  plan. Firstly, review final amount you have to pay before the end  of your draw period. Planning should be done at least a year before  the exact repayment date. Start accumulating the money to repay  from different income...
I believe your question is: Can you get a loan if you already own a home? The answer to your question is YES! You can still obtain a home loan even if you currently own a house. The key is that you will still have to qualify for the loan. That means that you have to show proof of income for the past...
Tax you pay with regards to the equity you own
If you were to take out a home equity loan and pay for the mortgage recording tax, it would be deductible and the IT-256 form must be used to claim it.
Generally, but there are limitations and qualifications. See the related article for more details.
Sure. Just like you can work for two different 7-11 stores as long  as you have separate hours for each. I take it in your question  that the Mortgage Broker and Title Agency are owned by the same  owner and in the same office. No big deal.
  == Answer ==   Compared to an active partner - NONE.
She can but will need your approval. You will need to approve the loan as well.
Answer . That is a tough one. If they are abusive you can involve the local authorities. If not you will have to settle that in court; which takes a while. I know of one couple who split and the husband moved into the basement and is still there; the divorse has been in the courts for over a...
It depends on when & how the real estate was obtained. (This is  a discussion beyond our capabilities here.) Typically the wife  would go through the probate process to transfer the deceased  husbands interest in the real estate to his heirs.
Not necessarily. Estate real estate is like any other - based on location, location, location, condition, etc. Unless the sale is a distress for some reason. If there is an executor or administrator, or trustee, all of them have fiduciary obligations to the estate to get the best price possible.
  Keyword here is "Co-applicant" ... Both of you are equally responsible and liable for the debt. If your name is not listed on the mortgage deed, then there would be little recourse in coming after you for the amount owed.
No. If the property was held as joint tenants with the right of survivorship then the decedent's interest automatically passed to his wife upon his death. That is the reason for creating a joint tenancy and she is the owner of the property.
A warranty deed. It must be done by deed if you want your daughter to become a co-owner.
Typically the trustee is the successor bank, but it does depend on  wording in the trust as well as potentially state and/or federal  banking laws.
You can do it either place. It is referred to as a life estate.  Most states automatically give a spouse a life estate in the  residence at the death of the other spouse.
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You haven't mentioned the tenancy on your deed and that is an important detail. . If you and your brother owned as joint tenants with the right of survivorship then you became the sole owner when your brother died. You would not need a deed from his widow. If you owned as tenants in common then...
It doesn't matter whether it's Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value. You can do whatever you want with the money. Just don't expect a cent more.
The first note belongs to the mortgage lender and the second to HUD. By doing this, other loan companies are prevented from attaching a 2nd lien to the home, because the secondary lien position is occupied by HUD. Visit the related link for more reverse mortgage information.
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  == Answer ==   Just from the information you have provided, I would not think so. If there are 2 more years to go on the original rate, and you are planning on selling by the time it is scheduled to increase, what advantage would you have?    The lowest interest rates on fixed loans...
I have seen this many times before even though I am only 15. Don't worry, there are ways of getting braces even thought you may not have the necessary funds to pay for them. Here's what you do: if you have a Medical card, and if your teeth are as bad as you said they are, then you may qualify for...
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If you put gasoline in my ferrari would you own half of it?Unfortunately NO! One of the main reasons being how would you prove your paying towards the mortgage? and not just paying him rent?
Assuming no Will, if community property, then all goes to wife. If  separate property, then divided between wife & kids.
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Not really, but the effect on ownership of the property is the  same. Also a gift, if large enough, could have a tax impact.
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Yes. That issue should be discussed with an attorney before filing a bankruptcy.
Yes, land owned by tenants in common can be sold by a court decree through a partition proceeding in a court of equity. However, the costs will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale before they are equally divided between the co-owners. A partition proceeding can be costly. The issue should be...
They'll probably, eventually, foreclosure.(second response)The first lien holder will pay the second lien holder to prevent them from foreclosing on the property. A second lien would never get away with this, but if they did, boy would they be in the money.Imagine if you took a home equity loan out...
If they have a bill of sale providing proof of ownership, the  answer is yes they can purchase insurance on the mobilehome. If  there is some kind of contention that they do not legally own the  home, it may require more proof to satisfy the company.
Wilshire Credit Corp. (a mort. servicer) has said that they have transferred our mort. to BAC Home Loans Servicing the number that Wilshire gave to me is 1-800-669-6607 My advice is to be sure that this is a correct # for such company. The mortgage servicing and transfers are a joke!
This probably depends on where you live. Your absolute best  recourse is to call Chase mortgage and ask them. Sure you can ask  someone else, guess at the address, but none of this will help you  if it's not correct. Just call them or look in your payment book,  or on their website.
Typically a will must be filed -- usually in court. Whether you need to actually open a probate estate, however, depends on the size of the estate and who the heir is. For example if the estate is very small and the heir is an adult, the state may have a procedure that simplifies the process. If the...
  == Answer ==     No. The court would not allow the transfer of a deed when bankruptcy procedures have been initiated. The laws defining fraudulent conveyance, an action in which a debtor attempts to keep assets from creditors, are defined by state and/or federal bankruptcy statutes....
The state of Alabama does not require a title for a 1990 pop up  camper. A title for a pop up camper that is more than 20 model  years old does not need a title. If it is newer than a title is  required.
  ==Answer==   Usually this information is in your agreement (the "Note"). Typically if you close in May, your first payment will be in July. You can call your mortgage company for the information, or check in with the bank or broker where you got your loan.
Answer . \nIF your credit is good enough to qualify for the loan, you and the other person will meet with the LENDER and do the paperwork. Not much different from getting your own loan. Main advantage is you may "know" the condition of the car better and possibly get a better price duw to someones...
If you have been making more than the required payments, then that surplus should have been applied to the principal balance of you mortgage. If you sell the home, you will receive a check for the difference between the purchase price and the principal balance minus fees.
A wire transfer is where money is sent to someone else at another location,a   transfer is when money is taken from one account you hold and put into   another account you hold. It's a different process. A transfer is usually much quicker than a wire. I don't know how helpful this was, but...
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See, when you talk about foreclosed home, then let me tell you that  there are 3 categories in which foreclosed home  process generally falls 1.Pre-foreclosure 2.Auction  3.Bank Owned    Hence, it certainly depends upon the category in which the  foreclosed home process is falling, that how...
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  == amount to be paid to Banks under settled ==   the value of mortgaged property does not matter, bank has to stick to its acceptance of the value.
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Agency simply means that the loan is backed by either Fannie Mae of Freddie Mac. These loans typically have lower interest rates than non-Agency loan programs, but are more difficult to qualify for.
(Owner's Equity [beginning] + Owner's Equity [end])/2 (/2 means divided by two)
If you mean floating vs "locked"... Locking in the interest rate is what your loan officer does when you are applying for a loan. Once you're rate is locked, that day's pricing is what you'll get. Before locking, your rate is floating with the market, as interest rate change daily and often...