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First Hispanic World Heavyweight Champ John Ruiz, former two-time WBA World Heavyweight champion, although he was born in Methuen, Massachusetts.
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Phone number, no way.I'm sure you can e-mail him through the WWE or his management company though.   There really is no way to contact him.   You can go to the www.wwe.com and then go to the superstars.   you could try emailing him over the wwe but i dont think he would have tim…
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The song that was played on the December 15th, 2003 episode of RAW was called " So Far Away " performed by Staind.
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The Other Undertaker About 5 months after the Undertaker " died " at the 1994 Royal Rumble Ted Dibiase began claiming on WWF television that he had the Undertaker. Paul Bearer came out weeks later and said he had the Undertaker and that Dibiase was lying. A match was signed for Summerslam 1994 for t…
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Answer No, he has never had the black hair you see when Kane wears a mask. He did have hair, but it was under his wig, and it was blonde. Answer Glen Jacobs, portraying Kane since 1997, hasn't been paid to cut his hair. It was his personal choice as Molly Holly did in 2004. When you look at …
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Brock Lesnar was never retired. In 2004 Lesnar departed from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to pursue a career in the National Football League (NFL). After the NFL, Lesnar pursued a career in mixed martial arts. In 2008, reached a deal to fight with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In 2012…
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Various answers on the Rock's return: According to Wrestleview.com, The Rock's only match was at WM XX. He will not comeback to the WWE until 2005 due to his amazing Hollywood schedule.He has come back on occasion, for example to help Eugene. He does have a tight movie schedule, but wrestling is h…
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Answer Yes on wwe.com Answer Exactly on WWE.com. If you don't already know, SmackDown! is taped. After 11:00 p.m.ET on Tuesday, check wwe.com on the SmackDown! portion and there you go!
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I think that if you want to do so, buy a wrestling magazine and write to them. Because I am not too sure if you can contact Jim Ross or Vince McMahon. Even wrestlers are hard to reach. Most times when a wrestler answers a question, it is not him but some guy in charge of the scenarios who answers yo…
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Benoit's special was the Crippler Cross Face in which he would get his arms and locks them in front of your face and pulls as hard as he can so you can tap out. His second special was the Diving Headbutt, whose name was originally called "The Swan Dive". Diving Headbutt is where he would jump off t…
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The Million Dollar Man teamed up with Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) to form the tag team of Money Inc. The team debuted on February 7th, 1992 and disbanded on August 30, 1993.
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Zach gowen had a short contract he had a part being rivals with vince McMahon and being partners with Hulk Hogan.Nows hes done. You have just a much of a chance as Zach Gowen to getting on tv   He's now doing various Indy bookings in the Mid West.   Not a lot of people liked him eno…
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Lita was NOT pregnant. It was a storyline.
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Well in WCW Scott Steiner and DDP were known for not following the planned match results.   In the old days, there were wrestling matches called "shoots" which were matches that were real. The guys would go out an kick each other's asses and then win for real.   The most famous one …
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In a recent interview with Wrestling Illustrated he said that he was out of it for good. He also had a bicycle crash where he hit his head against a curb and he wasn't wearing a helmet which resulted in a stroke.   Yes, he did have a crash. He got injured he lost feeling in his legs so he nee…
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ANSWER Honestly any of them are good, it just depends on what your goals are and where you live. At the end of the day, your skill is what's going to get you where you want to be. WWE probably watches OVW more closesly considering the number of people they've taken from that company since they mo…
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Try www.solie.orgIt's named after legendary announcer Gordon Solie, and mostly concentrates on old school wrestling and has lots of information on past decades.   You can read a funny article about professional wrestling, the WWE and guys like Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Carlito Cool and lots of o…
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No, he's on the card for a NWA Midwest event in a week No Zack Gowen didn't die, He just left the company   No, he just had to retire from wrestling because a serious injury to his wooden leg   He's in TNA chek the website www.tnawrestling.com hes on the roster   Everybod…
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Well in real I'm sure they are, but in WWE its like they are enemies and they still hate each other.   Yes, although the storyline is they hate each other. In real life they are good friends.   I believe that Shawn Michaels and HHH are friends in real life, but not in the WWE. I thi…
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Its currently available for download on iTunes.
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No,he is very happy with his role of being an actor and being in TNA.  Right now, he is to be in a last-man standing, triple threat match against DDP and Monty Brown; the winner gets to be #1 contender for the TNA Heavyweight title  he has a big role in TNA!  NO THE TRADER WENT TO …
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Rick Rude left because of the steroid charges that were brought against Vince. He was trying to distance himself from any accusations.   Yes the reason given above is quite so, he also left because he realized soon after being a pretty dominant Intercontinental champion that he was never goin…
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Paul Roma left the WWF(E) in 1991 to become a boxer. In 1993 he returned to wrestling. Wrestling on the independent circuit and eventually WCW (World Championship Wrestling).
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He is still thinking about running for governer of North Carolina.
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Wrestlers bleed like any normal people, through their veins. most times they cut themselves on purpose, for effect, an act known as "blading". the second most prevalent cause of wrestlers bleeding is called "juicing the hard way", ie. taking a screwdriver, barbed wire , etc, to the head for real and…
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It was revealed in late July 2005 that UPN had pressured WWE to keep Muhammad Hassan off of their network, effectively removing him from SmackDown! However, Hassan had been booked as the winner in his number one contender's match against the Undertaker at The Great American Bash, setting up a Batist…
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1. Undertaker2. Bret Hart3. Shawn Michaels4. Stone Cold Steve Austin5. Jeff Hardy
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He live in West Memphis Ar. Hunting,fishing, Playing on Soft ball Tournement teams and doing local shows did one 10/07 in Little Rock with Kevin Nash and a few other'sHe actually has wrestled since. http://www.syndicatewrestling.com/images/iwsshows/matchsummaries/iwsv/iwsv.HTML  Retired  …
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She might be because Kane is really protecting Lita. Well its basically a 50/50. take one side she was forced to marry Kane and on the other he saved her from snitsky breaking litas neck   Are you for real, she is not into Kane, edge is the man for her.   i think so because when …
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Gene Snitsky went from the WWE, to ECW to RAW to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to doing Walking Dead horror films.
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the wwe didn't have permission to release them due to what happened in the ppv   they are all out! ive got 2 of them on DVD(judgment day and vengeance) on DVD and my dad has dx 97 on video. YOU CAN GET THEM!   they were all out on home video but DX ppv has been deleted due to the WW…
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On his Shoot Interview he said it's very unlikely. No. At "Guru's" website it said that Bret Hart is done with wrestling.   I heard hes coming 2 wrestlemania 2   It is unlikely that he will come back. In 2000 while in WCW he suffered a concution that put him out of wrestling for …
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watch Monday night RAW, Triple H and Shawn michels has reformed D-generation x!If you watch raw you will see DX has reformed and are really anoying Vince Mcmahon and i love it its so funny  Triple H is still thereShawn Michaels is backX PAC is rumoured to be returning to RAWRoad Dogg is rumour…
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Best Wrestling Sites wwe.comewrestlingnews.comtnawrestling.comobsessedwithwrestling.comstampedewrestling.comvivekwwe.comrajah.comwwelive.netwrestlezone.com wrestlingnewsnetwork.com
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Yeah its definitely losing business because of this reason. I feel it too. WWE is now made up of jokers like hurricane, spike, eugene etc. You'd hardly find anyone well built. there just as good as everyone else though Definately. Wrestling is about large and built guys and not featherweights! Wre…
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15 Raw Superstars and 15 Smackdown Superstars.  
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%REPLIES% Answer NO!!! Answer June 2006 - go to wwe.com. Answer Probaly never. He's happy with Ultimate Fighting. Answer NO, HE JUST LOST A FIGHT IN THE UFC ON MONDAY RIGHT AFTER RAW. Answer Apparently he still has a couple more fights in his deal with…
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he was injured when he was tomstoned by taker   because Gangrel came back with viscera to anbush undertaker but the injury which Gangrel have wasn't in proper condition   Gangrel-over 200 lbs.Viscera-over500lbs.you do the math.   Because Gangrel could only ever be a midcarde…
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stone cold left because they wanted him to job to Brock lesnar at wm 20 so he said no and left
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he will stay 'till he can't physically wrestle anymore, then just do movies and he can't lose in his home town or Mass. March 8, 2009 No, that's not true. He can. He lost in Boston, Massachusetts at the Garden twice in the past few years. The first time was the summer SNME in 2006 where Edge cheated…
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   Torrie Wilson Fan Mail AddressTorrie Wilson Diverse Talent Group 1875 Century Park E. Suite 2250 Los Angeles, CA 90067 USAIf you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow. If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, the…
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Go Here: http://www.ashranch.com/ They have a new section dedicated to the movie. It is currently expected to be fininshed at the end of March 2005. it comes out Jan. 06 and now is called "see no evil" it said that a kaneskeeper.com   its never gonna come its September now
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Dustin Rhodes (aka Goldust) is currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). On December 7, it was reported that he had suffered a shoulder injury. He underwent surgery to repair the injury on December 10 and would as a result be out of action for five to six months.
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No...   Brock won't be back for sure, has he declined the proposal from wwe in August 2005   YEY WHEN B SHOW WINS HE WILL OR WHEN ANGLE COMES OUT.   No, he talked to Vince, about returning, then decided not to sign a contract. He's prsuing other options right now, and that doesn…
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It's just a storyline and his real name is nick dinsmore he wrestled in OVW Under his real name and he was the doink the clown gimmick 2 years ago taking on chris benoit on smackdown  No relationship just another storyline  He plays Eric Bischoff's lil stupid retarted nephew, and it is n…
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No, Al Wislon never died it is just an angle. He attended Torrie's & Billy Kidman's wedding later on that year.   I'm a friend of Al Wilson and he actually did die. I still miss him. And I'm the actual person who attended Torrie's and Billy's wedding. They divorced later that year.  …
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Ricky Steamboat. Answer undertaker Answer Rob Van Dam Answer Ricky" The Dragon" Steamboat Answer: Actually it was Ricky Steamboat who first used it in the mid 80's Rob Van Dam depending on what tights he wore with the whole yin/ying symbolism as well but ultimately it was Steamboat
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Yes, I saw it on KaZaA one day while I was downloading old wrestling videos. Cant remember what it was called, but it was pretty old, and it was HHH pedigreeing someone and completely botching the move. The guy landed almost piledriver like and HHH covered his lifeless body.  NO the pedigreee …
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Evolution will begin to fall at the Royal Rumble when Batista wins. He will win the World Heavy Weight title at Wrestlemania and that would lead to the fall of Evolution.   Randy Orton, of couse, at the Royal Rumble when he wins the world title.   There is a rumor that Batista will …
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No other wrestlers use other wrestlers moves all the time. Just as The Big Show was using the F-5 a while ago.Sting was going to come back a WrestleMania XIX and swing from the rafters and attack Stone Cold, but it never came to light. There was talk that he was coming to WWE for a lot of PPVs. &nb…
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Yes, the WWE website. You can also use a website called Playlist if you know the names of the songs.
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Yes, if you watched the Royal Rumble, then you would have seen when Teddy Long announced that there would be a barb wire steel cage match at No Way Out in February.   Barbed wire matches are totally real.Infact many staes in USA have banned them ,Pa being one of them where WWE NO WAY OUT is s…
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He is a former WWE (Formerly WWF) , WCW, and ECW. He now goes back to WWE once in a while. He now works at his own ranch in Texas called Broken Skull Ranch, acts in movies, and host Redneck Island on CMT.
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Everything is scripted in wrestling, the lines, the action, and the fights. Yet, that doesn't nessicarily mean it's fake, they put their bodies on the line doing that stuff. Especially ECW, they do some pretty hardcore stuff. They try to make it easier for them to not get hurt, or else there would b…
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It's water green food coloring and a balloon or glove that's bitten.They sometimes keep it in there mouth throw the match.They can also sneak it into there mouths while wrestling.
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Butch Miller of the Bushwhackers retired from the ring in 2001 due to illness. Luke Williams of the Bushwhackers still occasionally wrestles on the independent circuit. On March 28, 2015 they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by John Laurinaitis. Koko B. Ware is semi retired from wrestling. …
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The Band that performs Randy Orton's entrance theme is called " Rev Theory ". The song is entitled "Voices ". He previously has used: "Blasting" by Jim Johnston, it was used from April 2002 until February 2003. "Evolve" by Jim Johnston, it was used from February 2003 until June 2003. "Line in t…
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Shawn Michaels retired from wrestling in 2010. If he were still wrestling, it would be a possibility.
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%REPLIES% Answer All I know is that he used to be Mark Magnus in OVW. Answer Go to Obsessedwithwrestling.com/profiles/m/mark-magnus. Answer i went to a show in binghamton and howwerd said making his debute muhammed hassan and he lost to maven by the way the was in 04
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%REPLIES% Answer Who knows? Anybody who says yes or no is only speculating. Answer He is now mostly. Answer he possibly will because he hasn't been on Smackdown for the past few weeks. Answer I hope he will because he's my favorite wrestler.R.I.P. Answer Only if he grows h…
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Currently, Jessie James is wrestling in TNA as BG James who is part of the faction: 3 live kru. Billy Gunn was fired for smuggling Mary Jane on to an airplane and x-PAC said that he would never wrestle in the wwe again. i think they r all in TNA!   cute kip AKA billy gunn is not with tna…
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Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is 50 years old (birthdate April 26, 1967).
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Probaly not.  He might be back at Wrestlemania 21. That's what I heard.  Its heard that he might team up with Shawn Micheals who is goin against Muhmmad Hussan..  He will team up with HBK to face hasson and davarie at Backlash 05  yes, he figured why not i miss it so much I'l…
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Answer Jeff Hardy left the WWE because he lost his passion for the business. The working hours were too much for him, and he barely got time to visit home or his girlfriend. Also, he wished to do other things, like continue his music career. He arrived late for shows and generally didn't care. …
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heis working with the board of directors  NEXT WEEK ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW  at raw homecoming and gets stunned by stone cold Steve Austin
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No he is married to Samantha Speno-Orton and they have a daughter Alanna Marie Orton! And Trish is happily married to her high school sweetheart.
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of coruse he was it was his brother Well he was very sad. on raw one week later they had a momorial for Owen and Bret I could tell was really sad.   Obviosly, they were real brothers!   yes. becoz when he fell from that rope he might of bin sad.   Ummm....not quite a well…
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Answer Who knows? The best person to ask that is Vince McMahon. Anyone who tells you yes or no is only speculating. Answer yes at summerslam : vs john cena Answer No. Batista is the champ, and he got drafted to smackdown. HBK is still on Raw! Answer This is a hard question to answer. …
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If Eddie Guerrero were still alive, it would be possible for him to have became WWE Champion again.
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No, Canada will not ever forget the Surivor Series match as Bret was screwed out of his title. If Bret was not screwed then yes they might, but as it wasn't Shawn Michaels that screwed Bret, Vince is to blame.  They will when the new Bret Hart DVD is released where he spills the beans to all t…
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Muhammad Hassan's entrance song can be found on Youtube.
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you have to be at least 18
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%REPLIES% Answer I think the Undertaker should have a shot at that, that would be the best Wrestlmania ever, although, it could be either Randy Ortan, or Dave Batista Answer I know john Cean will win. Answer john cena will beat JBL FOR the WWE title and Batista will beat HHH for the …
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No, but maybe a reunion.
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Hello, From what I have heard they are adopted which would explain that they aren't of the same race. Bubba Ray and Spike are blood brothers, but D-von is a brother through marrage.   Yeah, the "Dudley Brothers-In-Law" just doesn't have the same ring to it.   of course not its ww…
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I went to a NWA Live Event not too long ago and La Parka was in a bayttle royal for the Lightweight Belt, he didn't win, though .. cause he is very stupid! he changed his name to LA Park. Yes...
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Yeah, John Cena has won the WWE title many times. He has won the WWE championship 10 times.
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Gangrel sustained a back injury in an Indy show a few months ago and will probably be out of wrestling for good. Just prior to his injury, there were talks of him signing back to the wwe, but I don't see that happening anymore.  Gangrel is signed to a contract and is currently(as of 5/03/05) i…
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%REPLIES% Answer in the movie business Answer Its hard to be a full time wrestler and a full time actor. Answer The Rock has been busy with his movie career. But now, his cantract with the WWE is up and in an interview he said he is done with the WWE for good. Check NODQ.COM. That's whe…
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No, but he can be stuburn at times. Source: WWE wrestlers (interviews).Edit (by: iMexican): Don't take it seriously and don't start to hate on a wrestler by what he does and says in WWE, Thei're all storylines and the wrestlers act according to their gimmick. Thei're mostly very good and awesome per…
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Its highly unlikely. He likes it in TNA and he doesn't like it in WWE  He may come come back to WWE when he is ready. They brought back Lita and they put her back with Matt for a bit. I think he'll be comin back soon to get her back from Kane and to get the Hardy Boyz back together!  Mat…
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Answer It is "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge. Answer It is "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge
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Jump (DJ Power Mix)" by Eskimo - NJPWBack In The Saddle by Aerosmith - ECWScattered - WCWReplica B" - WCWToo Much Information - WCWShooter -- Jim Johnston (WWF/E)Whatever -- Our Lady Peace (WWE)
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WWE has a drug wellness policy. So if a wrestler who works for this promotion is suspended or fired from the company until they are "clean". In the past, Wrestling federations allowed this substance to be used but ever since the death of Eddie Guerrero and the Chris Benoit incident, they have banned…
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You can see them at a WWE sponsored event (ie: Raw, Smackdown!, Pay Per Views, etc.)  As been mentioned you can watch them at WWE sponsored events. But Michaels is getting up there in age and has been in the business for 21 years and is seen less frequently anymore unless he's in a feud. In wh…
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: X-Pac is indeed back in the WWE. he came out with Shawn Micheal's for his Hall Of Fame (4/4/11) induction to the DX music with Kevin Nash, and apparently talks are in the works for triple hhh and him to reform DX but i don't know if that is confirmed as of yet. He may not wrestle but he should mak…
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The hat is actually a type of cowboy hat called a "Boss of the Plains" worn in the traditional manner (flat brim open crown). This is because the Undertaker's original character was modeled after an old western mortician.
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just worked out Alot   I'm pretty sure he's admitted to having used steroids.   From what I heard it was both. He did work out quite a bit and trained with Hogan even but I'm pretty sure steroids were in the picture as well. He did beef up quite quickly so the steroids would have helpe…
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Wrestling is just a great show like a never-ending soap opera on TV. But some things do really hurt and lots of the injuries are real, but normally hitting and kicking is just faked. It is a Show, but for sure a great one. But that doesn't at all mean it's not sports, cause a wrestler must train Hou…
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Yes. He is currently with independent circuits.
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His most recent appearance was as the godfather in the WWE back in the ninties. After that, he dissapeared.   Papa Shango is also Kama Mustafa from the Nation of Domination & The GODFATHER. He Recently appeared on a WWE pay per view with Viscera.
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It's doubtful. He didn't like the way they were treating him in the WWE so he went to TNA. He likes the feel of the ring and everything and he is passionate about wrestling again.   He will never return to the WWE because the WWE doesn't let anyone really use a ladder or have any of the cra…
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Kane (glen Jacobs) is the real Kane he was also dr evil in wwe the first diesel in wwe/wwf you can see pictures of him just type in glen Jacobs on Google he was a wrestler back in the 80s and one who wrestled with hbk and undertaker hogan back when he wasnt Kane Yes, Kane has always been the same …
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No, Randy Orton is not dating Stacy Keibler. Randy Orton is currently married to Samantha Speno.
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Yes, he is on Smackdown. batista ripping up smackdownn watch out angle batista will be back SOON  He is on smackdown.  IT BIT MY ASS!!HE IS ON SMACKDOWNNO, HE QUIT WWE , HE IS NOT ON ANY BRAND
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It was called Touche by Godsmack and Step up by Drowning Pool.
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Muhammed Hassan Maybe a Muslim but he was born in New York but his father is palastanian and his mother is Italian his real name is mark copani check out his life on wikipedia
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He should be.   He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Class of 2005 the night before, so he will almost certaintly be there. I am 99.9% sure.  
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