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A category for World Wrestling Entertainment, a famous professional Wrestling promoter in the United States.
yes, mountain beaver
  It is rumored that his house is in Silver Spring, MD.
no you can only do that if you create your own superstar you cant edit a character already made on the game e.g rey mysterio unless you want to change their costume in superstar threds but that's only the couler of the costume
Ruby named after his mother and one named Nera.
you can't because he isn't in that game.
Kofi Kingston signed his contract with WWE in September 2006 and was assigned to Deep South Wrestling, where he lost his first match against MVP. In March 2007, he was exposed the WWE Universe in a match on Raw against Charlie Haas whom he defeated. Late the year, he was moved to FCW, but only for a...
2014, 2013, 2011, 2008, 2006, 2005
john cena has been in fintees magzines and the wwe magzine
Edge, Natalya, Maryse
No, John Morrison does not have children.
Jon cenas brother is Sean cena.
Now he is 106.5  kg (234  lb)
are you gonna be my girl by jet
No he is not quitting
I don't think so. I think he just debuted in wwe like any other superstar rather than replacing someone if this is what you mean.
I think the next to leave will be big show
he is 231 pounds.
he is 227 pounds.
he is 225 pounds.
at sky sports channel
He generally throws them out to the crowd
no the 2010 royal rumble is edge
maybe.... or no because remember wrestling is fake
No they are not related, but have been friends since their training  day at OVW
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If you have cable, you have to call your provider unless you have something like Charter On Demand. If you have Charter On Demand you should be able to order with you remote. If you have DirecTV or Dish then all you have to do is go through the PPV channels and you should find it! Hope i helped =D
It has been announced that WWE's WrestleMania 27 will be held on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.
Leg and neck problems. He wanted to end the contract so they made  him lose
She tore her acl.
Jamaican food. I am sure he has a TON of steroids though.
its on ps3 and xbox dummy
She is not in it because she got another bad injury
torrie Wilson or torries Wilson
Neither....... Randy Orton will defat Sheamus and become WWE Champion and then he'll smash Mysterio taking his place and he'll win the world heavywieght championship againsdt the undertaker then he will go in the royal rumble match he will win and beat Chrisitan for the ECW championship at "Mania
He will have a new theme song called "Coming Home" by AlterBridge
They are friends nothing more
he began off with the dominator...he now uses the spear
The matches are not choreographed!!!! The only thing the wrestlers know is which one of them is going to win at the end of the match. The match itself the wrestlers talk over what moves they want to do in the ring, but once in the ring they call it as it goes. I no way are they choregraphed like...
Because he wanted it cut.
Follow them on a social network
No, Batista and Rey Mysterio are not related.
She lives in Atlanta, GA according to Wikipedia. If you want here  specific address you need a background check website.
The Royal Rumble Dance in Huntsville is simply listed as taking  place "Downtown." Check your local newspaper to get a more exact  location. When the time is right of course -- it seems the event  takes place in May.   ---------Raw
randy ortan case he mit cheat Cody will destrckt ref ted will get a chair and boom
Yes Its Under 'One Of A Kind By Breaking Point'
Probably. He just got a new daughter, and therefore he's taking a break. Maybe he will have a comeback with HBK? :)
Yes he already retire by Undertaker at wm26
EDGE?DEAD?naaa...he is coming in WWE Royal Rumble 2010 February.
yes in the video games u go to create mode and there it isideot
  It's called No More words
hell in a cell , wm 25 ,royal rumble , no way out , backlash ,survivoir series ,unforgiven ,judgment day , one night stand , night of champions , the bash , summerslam , no mercy ,cyber Sunday
If you are OK with it, you should probably just let him watch it, and tell him that John Cena is so big and strong cause he eats his veggies. Good eating habits work as well. Junk food in moderation If you dont want him to be a wrestler tell him it is fake(witch it is) Hope i helped.
The same thing that makes everyone different
  here is a link where you can choose and apply for a wwe job http://www.wwe-careers.com/wwe/jobboard/listjobs.aspx?__SVRTRID=9512FC26-9871-4E56-ABF6-8E9933DF5D6E .
The Rock vs. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18. Hollywood Hulk>>>>>>>>>>Hulk Hogan.
they all love him as a friend, Rey is married
only if theres a retierment match.
Well, it depends on what television/cable network you have. You  would just have to scroll through the guide and find it. Now if you  have the wwe network, it should be somewhere around the network!  Hope this helps you out a little! Also, a little tip, if your  television/cable provider has a...
She is 39 years old. when Victoria debut to the wwe she was only like 30 years old.
Many people believe that he'll make his comeback at SummerSlam 2010.
Check out http://www.wix.com/wrastlinstreams/home .... the site streams all WWE, TNA and UFC events...
He retired in 2000 but return to host monday night raw in janauary of 2010 after twleve years of leaving the wwe after the monteral screwjob but will return on monday 12/1/10 after john cena said that he diserved to return after what happen a few weeks ago when vince kicked him in the balls
he will come back running and break his toe at shiza house then he lose yassir abrar and john cena mysterio will win every match edge will fall of the edge r stands for rated rat superstar rey will beat the hell out of undertaker
Yes, as of late 2007 they have made up their differences
No he does not never has
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The end of every monday aduhhhh
noo, he wass actually prettyy weakk wen he was masked, it was cuz of his bro the undertaker he seemed stronng , hee iss muchh stronger noww thoo ANSWERED BY DX SUCK IT! =P