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Cyclone is the generic term for a low-pressure system with surface winds spinning in a circular motion. The six main types of cyclones are polar cyclones, polar lows, extratropical cyclones, subtropical cyclones, tropical cyclones, and mesocyclones. When the winds reach speeds of 74 miles per hour, a tropical cyclone might be called a hurricane or typhoon, depending on the region where it formed.
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Worst Hurricane to Hit England On Oct. 15/87 a BBC weatherman famously dismissed any rumours that a hurrican was on its way to souther England. Scientifically he was correct, but Souther England still suffered the worst storm since 1703 and 4th worst since records began. Such a storm is only predict…
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Something to try. I had a similar problem with a 98 mirage DE. I sprayed the linkage around my throttle cable. Another possibility Clean your throttle body, mine was really sluggish until I cleaned all of the carbon out of the throttle body.
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It does not appear that true hurricanes can hit England. The cold water would cause any hurricane to weaken and lose its tropical characteristics. However, England can get hit by powerful post-tropical cyclones, storms that were formerly hurricanes.
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Officially it is June 1 through November 30 each year in the Atlantic Basin, and May 15 to November 30 in the Eastern Pacific. However, these dates are not all-inclusive. It's still possible for hurricanes to occur before or after hurricane season is officially in progress. There have been hurricane…
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As with a hurricane on Earth the "Great Red Spot" is fed by heat, but unlike on Earth, the heat is generated internally on Jupiter. Since there is no land mass for the storms to pass over on Jupiter, the storms continue to churn away, fed heat continuously. It is unknown how long the Red Spot has pe…
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An swer Most hurricane deaths are from drowning. In Addition: Storm surge is what kills most people in a hurricane. The storm pushes water to the shore and causes a wave of 5 to 25 feet which inindates the shore and the inland. Tornadoes are an aftermath of the storm.
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Condensation of large amounts of water vapor. Tropical cyclones derive their energy from the release of latent heat that is the result of condensation. The warmer the water below the cyclone is, the more heat energy is available. To reach hurricane strength a tropical cyclone need to utilize a lot…
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A hurricane is a severe tropical cyclone. In order to be a hurricane, the wind speeds must reach at least 74 mph (119 km). Category 5 hurricanes reach winds 156+ mph (251+ km). They generate copious rain, which can cause flooding, and the possibility of tornadoes when they near landfall.Hurricanes o…
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God is not causing the earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, and volcanic eruptions that are so often in today's news. He is not using these to bring punishment on certain peoples. To a large extent, these are caused by natural forces that have been operating since the earth's creation. The Bib…
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Answer My 95 Firebird lost almost all of it's power one day and took it to the shop, turns out my mass aif flow sensor was bad and i had vacuum hose leaks and one had actually collapsed. So it's possible your engine isn't getting the air it needs.
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A storm surge is slight rise in the ocean associated with a tropical cyclone, which manifests itself as a large rise in water level at the shore as the storm hits. This can vary from a few feet to 20 feet or more. It is a consequence of both the low pressure at the center of the storm raising the oc…
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Hurricanes that hit the US are formed over the Atlantic Ocean by the warm water off the tropical west coast of Africa. The warm water warms the air above it. Hurricanes start as a low pressure area, then the circling winds pick up energy from the warm moist air. Warm air rises. The air cools as it …
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Typhoons start off as tropical thunderstorms. The strong winds pull in moisture from the oceans. The thunderstorms convert the moisture into heat. The heat causes more air to flow to the center of the storm which causes more evaporation. All the heat and air flow toward the eye creating the typhoon.
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Answer The dikes should have been built higher (people of New Orleans have complained about this for years including the mayor), but my own personal opinion is that no matter if it had been higher it still wouldn't have stopped the flooding because New Orleans is below sea level. Further inves…
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Tornadoes are considered bad because they damage or destroy the strutures and vegetation that they hit, sometimes killing or injuring those unlucky enough to be in their path.
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Storm TrackingRadar is the most useful tool these days. You can track position and rain intensity directly, and it can be usedto discern cloud top heights, which is another useful measure of overall storm intensity. Under some circumstancestornadoes can be detected by the shape of the echo, and Dopp…
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It may be time for a service. Change you spark plugs and coils. Answer Temperature is controlled by the thermostat. If it's getting too hot, replace the thermostat. 210 is a good temperature so don't worry about it. Quite a few different problems can cause an engine to die or loose power. If y…
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yes you can they have them that you can install your self, but i would put the 50 horse power on it that's all you would need more than that may cause damage to you motor
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Fuel efficency will drop and some power loss.Clean fliter is a must for good air intake,good exhaust emmissions.
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The Coriolis effect actually stops any hurricane or cyclone from crossing the equator. It's like a "Coriolis barrier", if you will. Hurricanes and typhoons are essentially "heat transfer" effects and almost continuously move AWAY from the equator, to the north or south.
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Answer A low pressure center is a region of rising air. The rising air cools by isentropic expansion, which causes the water vapor to condense, forming clouds. The latent heat release from the condensing water vapor strengthens the vertical motion, lowering the surface pressure, drawing more mois…
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They really don't affect the atmosphere, unless you really get into how they change the dynamics in the region e.g. heat and moisture transport, erosion of upper level ridges, etc.
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At least 1,836 people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina and in the subsequent floods, making it the deadliest US hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane. It should be noted that officially, 1464 of these deaths took place within New Orleans. Deaths by state: Alabama: 2 Florida: 14 Geo…
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A Hurricanes Path Hurricanes travel from west Africa to U.S.(sometimes) along the tradewinds from 5-20 degrees North latitude. Whether they curve into the Gulf of Mexico or along the east coast is based on the size and location of the Bermuda High, a high pressure system that sits above the Atlantic…
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Cyclone Tracy contributed to $837 million worth of damage and destroyed native animals habitats trees and coastlines
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1 June to 30 November
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Floods are caused by heavy rains that pour to much in rivers or waterways.
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The typical diameter of a hurricane (or typhoon) is 300 miles, although they can be considerably larger. This means that hurricane strength winds (74 miles per hour or greater) typically extend out to a radius of 50 miles from the storm center.
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Hurricanes are the most awesome, violent storms on Earth. They form near the equator, typically between 5 to 15 degrees latitude north and south of the equator. Hurricanes only form over really warm ocean water of 80°F or warmer. The atmosphere (the air) cools off very quickly the higher you go. Al…
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I have a Geo Storm and my fuse box is under my hood on the left side upper corner.There is also a fuse box by the drivers left foot on the side wall under an easily removable cover (no tools needed). That is the location of the "Cigar lighter" fuse.
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Answer You get hurricanes when you have a tropical storm that the winds reaches 74 mph.
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See the related link to Coriolis EffectHurricanes rotate due to the Coriolis Effect, a product of earth's spin. in the northern hemisphere wind moving toward the Hurricane from the north will be deflected to the west, while wind coming in from the south will be deflected to the east. It is differen…
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It Started When 2 Green Funnel Clouds Formed 18 KM South Of The City.
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Hey there, Most hurricanes are formed in three major areas of the Earth, the North West Pacific Ocean, the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the Mid Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes tend to be seasonal. They usually have peak times during particular months of the year, depending on where y…
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On coastal areas, since it forms in oceans
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The term "hurricane" is just another word for a tropical cyclone which forms in the Atlantic Ocean or the eastern Pacific Ocean north of the equator. Tropical cyclones (including typhoons and hurricanes) are caused by warm tropical moisture bearing clouds developing in open oceans or seas. Tropica…
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The eye of a hurricane is a calm, rain free, and sometimes cloud free area at the center of a hurricane, surrounded by the storm's strongest winds.
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The storm is approaching and take precautions.
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Home depot or stores like it can meet some of your hurricane supply needs. A grocery store can cover the rest. The key is to get to the store early so you can get everything you need. The later you show up the less likely you will get everything you need. A disaster kit essential to have. The link …
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Answer The original F-scale developed and introduced by Dr. T. Theodore Fujita was a damage scale for winds, including tornadoes, which was supposed to relate the degree of damage to the intensity of the wind. This scale was the result. The original F-scale should not be used anymore, because it ha…
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Global warming is adding heat to the atmosphere and oceans. Heat is energy, so this energy is used to power bigger and stronger "weather events"! The following are opinions on the affect of global warming on hurricanes: Global Warming Causes More Hurricanes It could be that the tropical oceans…
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Stratus clouds begin when a warm, moist airmass is forced over a cold air mass, essentially a cold front. This forms the cloud. Eventually, it starts precipitating, which drops all the moisture onto the earth. Then, there's no more cloud afterwards.
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A tornado which affected El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013 was at one point 2.6miles (4 km) wide at the ground
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A typhoon is a strong, organized tropical storm with a closed circulation, convection, and sustained winds of at least 74 mph that occurs in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator and between 180 degrees and 140 degrees east longitude.
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Most happen around the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes happen in hotter countries like Miami.
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Doesn't Appear To Have Been I do not believe so. The name list is repeated every 6 years and the names on those six lists are just used over and over again unless the hurricane causes a significant impact on human lives. The name in that case is then retired. Elizabeth is not on any of the six re…
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List of Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names Agnes 1972 Florida, Northeast USAAlicia 1983 North TexasAllison 2001 TexasAllen 1980 Antilles, Mexico, south TexasAndrew 1992 Bahamas, south Florida, LouisianaAnita 1977 MexicoAudrey 1957 Louisiana, north TexasBetsy 1965 Bahamas, southeast Florida, southeast…
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Hurricane Galveston of 1900
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It is a normal phenomena. Food is digested in the bowels and during this process food is broken down by the enzymes. This produces some gas as a by product which is passed out. Certain foods are responsible like pulses, peas and beans which can cause excessive gas.
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no it was in 1987
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breaks down towns and stops electrisety flow people die!
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It would be difficult to quantify the number of people that were affected by Katrina and that could be said to have 'survived' Katrina. In general, everyone in the world that didn't die during Hurricane Katrina can be said to have survived it.
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Not in all of them like hurricanes or snow storms.
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Answer The origin of the name in Greek and it means "lover of horses."
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The deadliest hurricane to hit the United States was the Galveston, Texas hurricane of September 8, 1900. Between 8,000 and 12,000 people died. The technology for prediction of these storms did not exist, so the town was not evacuated. The deadliest anywhere in the Atlantic Basin was called "The Gr…
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Cumulonimbus clouds
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i dont know.The largest hurricane ever was Super Typhoon Tip, which had a diameter of 2,220km (1,380 mi), which is half as large as the continental United States. However, there is little doubt that a tropical cyclone larger than that will form sometime in the future.
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JamaicaThe Philippines tends to have the most hurricanes, with up to 20 per year. In general, countries in the Pacific Ocean are most at risk for hurricanes.
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General information. Nevada had thousands of earthquakes every year but most are too small to be felt, ones that are large enough to be felt are near a hundred. Faults can be found every part of Nevada especially at or around the base of nearly every mountain range. Nevada is ranked third in the n…
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Answer I have worked through many tropical storms and Hurricanes. If the threat shows the track going over the theme parks then they will close for safety reasons. If you are staying at their resorts they will compensate your stay some what but not much. They will try and keep amenities for food …
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It has been shown that the warming of the atmosphere warms the oceans and provides more energy to tropical systems, thereby causing some hurricanes to become more powerful. Whether they are becoming more frequent is still a matter of debate.
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A category 1 hurricane's wind speeds start at 75 mph. Category 1 (75-95mph), Category 2 (96-110mph), Category 3 (111-130mph), Category 4 (131-155mph), Category 5 (>155)
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Hurricanes form as a result of a large heat imbalance between Earth and it's atmosphere. During the Spring and Summer the Sun heats the upper portion of the ocean and a lot of heat energy builds up. The atmosphere tries to remove this large amount of heat energy through condensation. A hurricane is …
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with a pressure sensor
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Board up the windows, find a safe place or leave, depending on your situation. Have canned food and bottled water if you stay and hope for the best.Further information:Emergency Management Queensland's website offers the following advice for basic action before and during a cyclone:Have a list of em…
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yes,hurricane alice in december of 1954
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Largest hurricane in world records In the Pacific ocean, Super Typhoon Tip (1979) is the largest. In the Atlantic ocean, Hurricane Ike (2008) is the largest.
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maybe cause they use different tools
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in the south and north equator
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In total, the hurricane killed at least 4,078 people and caused around $100 million ($1 billion 2008 US dollars) in damages over the course of its path. (Wikipedia) For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly…
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I think it would either be Utah or Idaho. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/archive/tornadoes/st-trank.html
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Not really at all. Except through erosion from rainfall. Extensive rain and flooding may also cause landslides and mudslides, dislodging rocks.
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Hurricanes happen there because of the hot climate and the warm seas.
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12 days
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Type your answer here... I had the same problem with my 96 Tahoe.. Vortec 350.Problem was a blown intake gasket.
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It comes from the word jessica which mean God's grace
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Answer There is an excellent source for finding the current status of tropical weather. It uses Google map technology to precisely pinpoint activity. Please see the link at the left.
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The natural disasters that occurred in India between 2003 and 2005 were very deadly. In 2004 an earthquake caused a tsunami that killed 230,000 people. In 2005 an earthquake killed over 1,300 people.
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To some degree, yes. Factors such as ocean surface temperatures and wind shear are measured to determine the likelihood that a hurricane will develop, and to make predictions about its intensity if one does develop. Analysis of wind currents can be used to make predictions about the path of a hurric…
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I wonder if you ever found plans or guide on how to build Bahamian shutters
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Problems following a hurricane may include: Power outages Flooding Damage roads People left homeless Landslides (in steep terrain) Shortages of food, water, and medicine Not all of these problems occur with every hurricane. When problems arise depend on where a hurricane hits and how severe it i…
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Hurricane are large low pressure systems that form over warm water. They receive their energy from water vapor. Hurricane always head pole-ward in its path bringing the warm water and temps to the northern regions.
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"Hurricane" is the name given to a tropical system with winds greater than 74 mph that forms in the Atlantic or East Pacific Oceans. They can form over any part of the ocean provided the water is warm enough (at least 75-80 F) and at least a few degrees away from the equator.
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Answer The winds started becoming destructive at about 7.30am and by about 11.30am it was safe to go outside, maybe a little earlier. I was there, I was 8 years old and remember gusts of wind started breaking things about 5pm on 24/12/71 and the wind blew hard all night. We lost power for severa…
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The minimum sustained wind speed for a storm to be considered a hurricane is 74 mph. Sustained winds as high as 200 mph have been recorded.
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