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The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.
  Yes, we control the energy flow and are in majority top of the food chain.
Without water, your body wouldn't be able to get rid of toxins thatcan cause damage to your cells and organs. Water is also needed formaintenance of body temperature, digestion, absorption of food, andcirculation of blood.
People in times before clocks were in common usage used the sun as  a basis for timekeeping. Sun dials were common in city squares and  at churches.
Strengths - provides explanations for the smooth running of society. looks closely at the role of each institution.Weakness - does not address areas of conflict in society
genus, then species (homo=the genus, sapiens=the species)
the wargles from morrgarath because he needed miners to build a secret bridge he was working on for a long time
It depends on your religion, after all "It was always burning Since  the worlds been turning!" So really it depends on who you think  made the world turn first!
Patricians lived in luxurious villas.
the disappearance of an indian tribe in the amazon jungle might be  studied in which branch of anthropology
Moka is used in peace making between the tribes and it is also used by the "big men" in status achieving with the method of giving pigs and money to the other tribes.
The ancestors of today's chimps were ape like creatures that roamed  the Earth millions of years ago. Chimps and humans evolved from  these creatures.
he sees tao almost get killed and tries to save him..he chases tao  for the clan but pretends he cant find him
There are quite a few major races in the world. In generic terms,  they are Caucasians, Africans, Native peoples, Asians, and  Hispanics.
small population, moving from place to place
We have discovered remains of human civilization in and around  Afghanistan that dates to roughly 90,000 years ago. As a result, we  do not have names for these particular people.
Archaeology tells us about people in the past - what they looked like, what they ate, what types of houses they lived in, the types of work they did and the dieseases they suffered from. Archaeology can tell us about the objects they valued and those they didn't. Archaeology provides evidence for...
The two types of anthropology are following: 1: Physical and Biological anthropology. 2: Socio and cultural anthropology.
Physical and cultural anthropology
Horses and humans share three groups in Taxonomy, they are as  follows: Kingdom: Mammalia, Phylum: Chordata, and Class: Mammalia.  The remaining 5 groups: Order, Family, Tribe, Genus, and Species,  are completely different.
Margaret Mead's claim to fame is that she is the most well known  anthropologist in the world, even after her death. Her most famous  work is Coming of Age in Samoa.
They died out 27,000 years ago.
Darwin's theory has little to do with criminology. Were you thinking of the study of evolution or perhaps forensic anthropology? The last one is very important because when a body is not found a long time after that person's death, more information can be gained about the person's identity and cause...
by carving and carving stones,bones.
The HOMO of butadiene is the Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital, which happens to be sp 2 hybridized orbitals. see http://www.bluffton.edu/~bergerd/classes/CEM311/examples/2p2trans.html for some really descriptive photo representations and explanations on structure.
all near parts of egypt
Homo habilis did not draw anything. They had no representational art at all. The earliest evidence for the brain development required for symbolic thinking is not until much later.
 The Celts of Britain and Ireland are descended from a population who expanded out of northern Spain after the last Ice Age (See R1b on Wiki). The DNA doesn't show any connection with Berbers. They are the source of dark hair and eyes among the Celts; they are not dark-skinned however.   ...
No. We are not descended from Neanderthals, but they are related to us.
Shorter and stockier than modern humans. Bigger muscles. Expanded ribcage with larger lungs.
they mostly all live in shacks or tents they don't really have houses.
Neanderthals were shorter and stockier. Weak chin, prominent brow ridge, pale skin, probably red hair.
Most people believe it will be the members of the hominids in descending order of likelihood: . Chimpanzees . Bonobos . Gorillas . Orangutans . Gibbons After them then the monkeys. However, according to Terry Bisson it will be Bears.
chromium monoxide
The following is only a brief explanation void of any cited peer reviewed sources short of my own knowledge gained through higher educational training in the area of interest, anthropology, as pertaining to the question at hand. In the following answer I will address only one area of economic...
They didn't go extinct. Cro-Magnons were early modern humans.
It didn't. Humans never WERE apes.
Because it can be.
The Indians were nomadic.
No. They were shorter and stockier.
Egyptian noblemen lived in grand townhouses in wealthy  neighborhoods.
It is possible to identify whether a skeleton is male or female. A  female skeleton will have wider hips than the skeleton of a male.
They roasted it on the fire or spit roasted it and sometimes boiled it or even dried it.
It's a fictional energy field invented by novelty vendor Alchemy Gothic. They sell a line of steam-punk items, including a ring called a "Feromonic Field Detector". The field is claimed to be generated by iron in blood, and it's further claimed that one's sex can accurately be discerned by the...
Archaeologists study cultures from the past so that we canunderstand more how people lived back then.
There are 10 aspects of culture. They are: (not in specific order)1. Food2. Language3. Religion4. Entertainment5. Clothing6. Ethnic7. Tradition8. Standard of Living9. Government10. Education
A patriarchal society is a society where men are the decision-makers and hold positions of power and prestige; they play the dominate role in the society. For example western European culture was ran in this way in the sixteenth century.  
It probably wasn't very different. They were both stone age hunter/gatherers, who lived in caves and rock shelters. They both hunted large animals, such as bison, horse, mammoth, etc.
The Itzas, credited with being wizards, flourished during the classic period from 300 AD to 900 AD.
Approximately calculation is shows off 2320644660 people are single(not married and not in a relationship) in our world (kids&babies including)
Ans: The reasons why nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another are as follows -(1) The nomadic tribes had no regular fields of their own from where they could get fodder for their cattle. So, they needed to move from one place to another in search of pastures.(2) They lived with their...
As animalistic behaviour of humans reduced.he started thinking about to live in a particular place(instead of searching food and keep on moving) uptill his death.but stay in a place for a very long time is boring it's the human behavior.so to overcome this he start adapting some cultural activities...
Generally speaking, the more sexual dimorphism you see in a species, the more competition for mates you tend to find. Such high degrees of competition for mates generally implies hierarchical societies founded on the principle of a 'Dominant' leader who gets ready access to mates (and other...
People that say "People is skinny" are semi-literate people.
They made their clothes out of animal skin.
They died out 27,000 years ago.
They both developed lighter skin as they migrated into Europe and Asia.
Homo Sapiens are the modern man (like me and you). They were the next and last in line during evolution and were created after the first Ice Age (not the film, the real thing). Neanderthals were one step before them in the line of evolution.
An artifact or artefact is any object made or modified by a human. tools could be called an artifacts and that is precisly what they are.
what is the differences between social anthropology with other social sciences
They exhibit Hominin presence in the Plio-Pleistocene age in Tanzania.
No, cave man did not ride dinosaurs instead they walked everywhere, dinosaurs were not on earth at this time.
Various methods of dating are available to date organic remains. Probably the most well known of these is carbon dating.
Not so much solve as study. Anthropologists study human interaction with their environment and interaction with one another. Mostly, it's a lot study, research, field work, writing, etc. I'm sure it's not impossible for an anthropologist to solve a social issue, but that is not their field of...
Sila ang mga nagdidiskubre sa mga labing nakahanay sa mga kweba tulad ng kweba ng tabon sa palawan
  == Answer ==   yes if a baby was very deformed for one or more reasons but it is very unlikely   == Answer ==   yes if a baby was very deformed for one or more reasons but it is very unlikely
From the Neander Valley in Germany, where the first fossils were discovered.
They live in rectangular homes
No more than the basic competence expected of a bright high school graduate.
the first human or more correctly the ''modern man'' (the actual translation from Latin is ''wise man''). An archaic form of homo sapiens is dated 800.000 years ago and a more modern form is dated 200.000 to 100.000 years before and is sometimes called ''homo sapiens sapiens''.
Nomads wear that stuff that looks really hot but,it isn't. You see they wear it to keep sand from blowing into their face and the rest of their body.
No. Artifacts are strictly things that have been modified by human action.
The Scientific name Australopithecus Afarensis was given to the earliest know humans. Remains were found in eastern Africa, dating back 3.6-3.9million years ago.
An ancestral trait is a trait shared by a group of organisms as a result of descent from a common ancestor in history.
plenty of other animals stay with their offspring after full development. almost all of the primate species have this family bond, as well as dolphins and more.
It seductivly strokes a girls cheek, then leans in close to her ear and whispers "baby, be my girl..." then she dates it! easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  == Answer ==   Researchers have dated the oldest Neanderthal fossils to more than 200,000 years ago. But it is not just the Neanderthals that are changing the Church's position. Our own species, Homo sapiens has been dated to around 180,000 years ago, and this has now been confirmed by...