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Psychology is a broad subject that aims to understand behavior and mental processes. It tries to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior. Sigmund Freud is a prominent figure in this field.
yes and there are good people and there are bad people. the bad bad bad people love the Satan and the good good people love god and i am from the good people.
The Theory of cognitive development is the process of acquiring  intelligence and increasingly advanced thought and problem-solving  ability from infancy to adulthood.  
1.to reduce child morality 2.to eradicate poverty and hunger3.to promote gender equality4.to improve material health
by doing experiment the researches can be applied to find out the  new thing or law of nature.
yup the slavery can be resisted by men and women because the are  the two contents of a society which can be protest n bring change n  resist slavery....
 Sociology deals with large groups of people, their behavior as a  group. Social Psych deals with interactions among small groups of  people.       
There isn't an answer to that because it is an opinionated question  and cannot be answered scientifically
The best answer is to go to the restroom and just raise your hands  and shout,it really works.Please avoid pills.
There are many different ways a person can get hypnotized. It  usually involves going into a "dream-like" trance. Also, it would  help if you actually believe in hypnotism, too. During that trance,  the hypnotist uses the power of suggestion, which some scientists  says uses the conscious mind...
He got his ideas from Sigmund Freud.
As the question is a bit unclear it is difficult to say what this  relates to. I assume you are talking about a psychological/social  experiment of sorts. But I still think this is a Dad joke and the  subject is Australian fauna, more likely Kangaroos or Emus, which  cannot walk backwards or...
The study of measurable or observable behaviors.
They both are pieces of information about a certain population and  can both be used to study that population. Demographics are  quantifiable characteristics, such as age or gender. Psychographics  are not quantifiable stats, but instead are the opinions, beliefs,  or attitudes of the population...
The process of scientific theory construction and testing can be explained as and approach used to to gather information and ideas for a subject and then putting them into action. Testing these theories will show whether an idea or concept will work successfully or not.
Sigmund Freud B.F. Skinner Albert Bandura Jean Piaget Carl Rodgers William James Erik Erikson Ivan Pavlov Kurt Lewin There are many many more but these are the one's with some of the most influence in the field. Hope this helps!
Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Ivan Pavlov, B.F. Skinner
As you do not specify which cannibal group you are talking about,  it is difficult to tell. Usually ex-prisoners take either route: a)  they keep low and try to live a normal life or B) they resume in  criminal activity
Stockholm Syndrome describes the behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors. The name derives from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden. At the end of six days of captivity in a bank, several kidnap victims actually resisted rescue attempts, and afterwards...
A synonym for Cannibal is Anthropophagite, a person who eats  human flesh 
i can understand if ur not allowed on youtube. i used to not be allowed but everything worked out. ur parents are probably warning u bcuz some videos have adult content or fowl language. im not really a fan of youtube bcuz of "pop-up" videos. pop-up videos are videos that tell u to look closely at...
It can be very effective, especially in play therapy. If there has  been some type of trauma related incident, this can be a great  place for the child to express their emotions.
Most normal people have some narcissistic tendencies and those tendencies may come to the fore during times of personal stress. And I do believe that the prevalence of narcissism is higher than the 1 to 2 percent estimated by experts. Narcissism is a spectrum disorder with only a minority of the...
i think its because they don't have nobody or the person has a sick mind to do that really bad stuff and it hurts when you have a family member that got taken away.
1) Reciprocal Relations:  The members of a group are inter-related to each other. Simply,  a gathering of persons cannot form a group. Mutual relations are  considered essential for the formation of a social group.  2) Sense of Unity:  A sense of unity is essential for every group. Group...
Depends on what you mean by the "universe":   Physics will not change just with your sincere begging.   However, PEOPLE can provide things to you if you sincerely ask.
Yes there is but you usually have a chosen field within psychology i.e. health psychology
  No one can avoid stress. Its how one handles stress that makes the difference.
I think so. It should be though.
Yes. Dentists are normal human beings so it is possible for  dentists to have physical or emotional stress.
Because they smell like urine and cheap liquor. They ask for money and give you some bull story about needing it for food, when you know they're going to buy more liquor. If they wanted food, they'd go to one of the many local homeless shelters. And if you give in and try to give them a five spot,...
An intelligent person is one that thinks critically. Intelligence  isn't about how much you know. It's about how well you think.
you could hang out with your friends, watch tv, do stuff on the computer, or go exercise...find out what your hobbies are and do them. or maybe,...try reading~~
  == Answer ==   Just be yourself!  People can tell when you are being fake.  Being yourself is much more attractive.
One Contributors opinion    The Bible tells us to submit our minds to God, not to a hypnotist.  Hypnotism is an occult science and can lead to demon possession.  The Bible says "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ  Jesus:" in Philippians 2:5, and also, "Finally, brethren, ...
If you read Psycho Cybernetics it explains it is formed through life experience and how others have reacted to you specially during early childhood. good news is it can be changed through simple visualisation technics. Read Paul McKenna I can Change your Life or Psycho Cybernetics
  == Answer ==   Yes.     == Answer ==   Actually, IQ testing is not recommended for comparison between different age groups, since the scores must be adjusted for different maturity levels.     However, it's certainly possible for a 15-year old girl to have an above-average...
yes i do agree because if stress of studies can lead to face a positive challenge in employment opportunity
Yes. The power of deduction and reasoning are a necessary part of  every child's development.
No. He urged the Donner Party to take a shortcut which caused the party unnecessary hardship. If the Donner Party had not taken the shortcut, they would have made it to Sacramento before snow came to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
A Licensed Psychologist.
  Enter the question again and this time add the name of the drug.
Adolescence is defined as a line between childhood andadulthood. During adolescence they can handle life problems i.e.they can perform formal operations. Adolescence is the transitionalstage of physical growth and psychological development thatgenerally appears during the phase from puberty to...
Mature men don't. It's not a good way to treat someone that you care about. If your boyfriend is doing that, dump him. There isn't any way to know if he's just trying to annoy you or if he's "trolling". If it's your husband, let him know that you don't like it. If he keeps it up, both of you need to...
Some careers in psychology are psychologists, researcher, psychology teacher in high schools or colleges. Be a psychologist at schools, most schools have a school psychologists to help students. Researcher, would be a person who researches a certain area of psychology because there are many things...
EQ means equalizing or EQ'ing.   This is adjusting various frequencies to set the sound to how you  like it. This is done using an equalizer.
No, I didn't. But if you did, I wouldn't be too worried. It's just a dream.Dude, we might be linked, i dreamed i lost my left leg!!!!!
Smile, be friendly to people, say hi to customers and they will do  the same. by seeing the customers happy n a way it will make you  feel better about the environment you're in.
If the license was suspended, then whether harm was done or not, the license may well be revoked for the person having clients while on suspension.Can it be proved that the suspended doctor had clients while on suspension?Can it be proved that actual harm took place as a result of the therapy or...
A lot of psychology study is about interpreting statistics so I would, in general, say yes. If you are applying to do tertiary study in psychology then you would need to check the pre-requisites of the course.
Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a genetic condition that affects  many parts of the body. Infants with PWS have severe hypotonia (low  muscle tone), feeding difficulties, and slow growth. ... Rarely, a  genetic change responsible for PWS can be inherited.
yes. regardless of adapting to his own way of thinking
In general the word 'testing' is used to describe some process for finding out if something is as it is expected or thought to be. In terms of Computer Programming testing is the process of determining if a program does what it supposed to, or not. Several levels of testing are normally carried...
-the science of the mind or of mental states and processes.-the science of human and animal behavior
Noise interferes with the transmission of the message therefore  reducing the communication efficiency. It alters the message, which  has to pass from the receiver to a recipient through a medium.
While bipolar disorder is one of the most  heritable of the psychological disorders, there is growing evidence  that childhood trauma seems to increase the odds of developing  this. Especially if the trauma happened under the age of five. 
This depends if the guy is joking when he said it. Also if youdidn't like it when he called you this bad name, then you shouldtell him. He will not know he if you do not tell him. communicationis key! If you have told him and he does not stop after a couple oftime from that point. Then even if he...
Hypnotists don't actually do anything to you - rather they  facilitate a natural faculty within everyone to enter an altered  states where by the awareness of the clients creative imagination  is heightened.
In quasi-experimental designs, there can be no random assignment. An example would be asking hourly employees how they feel about upper management. There is a limited amount of randomization that can be done.   yuppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  If you are walking with them put them on a leash.
the PsychD degree is a degree designed for those wanting to go intotheir own practice. It is a counterpart to the traditional PhD inpsychology that focuses on research. The PsychD was formulated forthose wanting to practice. The MSW on the other hand is more forpeople who want to work for an...
Hearing acuity has nothing to do with intelligence. An acuity test  has to do with your senses, rather than your computational &  logical capacity.
  Online free iq test - take this 10 minute quiz and get your score and testing results automatically. www.intelligencetest.com/ - 15k   or check out   The average IQ is 100. Have you wondered what your IQ score is? Our original IQ Test will give you a fast, free and accurate iq score....
When ever a manager encounters a certain problem or situation, (motivating employees to increase the output ), a universal rule cannot be applied(hike in pay), because no two individuals are the same and different people posses different ideologies .Pay hike may work for some employees but in some...
The Chuck Norris species. It's impossible to tell unless you compare a specific boy to a specific girl, but I think boys are more aggressive on average.
Cognitive growth is the gradual development of the neural cognitive domain matrix within the brain that helps to assimilate,register in memory and recall concepts of discrete and abstract forms and information.
With very few exceptions, you can control it. Takes practice but it is possible. It may be hard to realize but we all choose how we feel or react to everything. Happy, sad, angry, depressed, any emotion, we choose it. Crude example. I hit you on the side of the head. You can get mad or figure I had...
The use of hypnosis in hypnotherapy have shown to be very effective  in improving someone's life whether it be to stop smoking, cure  phobias, ease pain, reduce stress, etc.
I'm honestly not the kind of person that goes outside with friends because I don't live near any of my friends, here is what I do: 1) Bake something 2) Pick up one of my old hobbies (knitting, caligraphy, sewing, etc.) 3) Surf the internet 4) Do some kind of art project 5) Chat with your friends on...
Consciousness, intelligence and emotion.
It was your job to get a legal representative not the workplace's. If you did not take your medication and there for did not function so you could do your job they had every right to fire you. Your race is irrelevant.
A Mind map something that tells you about an idea you want to know  with proper organize manner. So you could visualize your ideas and  thought. This simple yet powerful tool to arrange ideas so you can  easily get proper solution to your problem or new idea.
If you are asking Him something along the lines of "If you are  really God give me $100 dollars right now"